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We're sorry for the delay but we've had system problems. Thanks to all who
have sent news, as you'll see some of them haven't been posted because they
were old or we haven't been able to translate them yet.


According to a communique from Comandos de Resistencia Antifascista, on 2/16
and 17 there were 42 acts of sabotage, in several Madrid districts, in
solidarity with the hunger strike by the PCE(r) and GRAPO prisoners. The
targets were phone booths, banks and ATMs, electoral propaganda, luxury
stores, real estate offices, and the burning of a motorcycle "property of a
well known con artist and informant from Vallecas".

Asturies.Llar 2/27/96

On tuesday 2/27 the trial against three young people accused of taking part
in last year's Naval disturbances took place in Xixon. The prosecution asks
for 1 year and 1 day for each defendant. One was charged with insulting
(cabron) a cop during the disturbances. In a deal with the defense the
penalty was reduced to 6 months.

During the last Naval conflict the young people's solidary participation was
criminalized by the police and by the government delegation accussing them
of being jarrai's cousins, of receiving urban guerrilla training and other
stupidities. This attempt was dismantled by the defendants who called a
press conference in the open to explain the motives that drove them to
actively solidarize with the Naval. Naval Xixon's workers, who have always
supported youth participation in their mobilizations, celebrated a meeting
on monday the 26th at the shipyard and marched in demonstration to the
courthouse where they painted graffitti. There was also a gathering at the

Asturies.Llar 2/27/96

On friday 2/29, in Oviedo, the trial of a Hunosa foreman accused of death
threats against Primitivo Rodriguez, a miner recently released awaiting a
ruling by the constitutional tribunal. This foreman is the instigator and
the brain behind the frame-up that landed Primitivo in prison. He is one of
Fuerza Nueva founders in Nalon. The prosecution asks for 8 months and
100,000 ptas. fine. A meeting was called in front of the courthouse in
solidarity with Primitivo. It so happens that the judge is the same one who
sentenced Primitivo to prison, but this time the scientific police confirmed
that the foreman is the author of the anonimous threats.

Eguzki Irratia.2/22/96

In spite of this project's approval at the last spanish-moroccan summit, the
Plataforma Contra el Cable of Tarifa continues the camping they have been
doing for over a year and a half, and they reaffirm their opposition to this
project by means of which they want to sell european nuclear energy to
Morocco. This platform is oppossed for many years now to the government's
plans to built a submarine high voltage transmission line to sell nuclear
energy to Morocco. A year and a half ago they started camping at the work
site, which came to a standstill thanks to Tarifa's people. In April last
year the government decided to sent a company of guardia civil antiriots to
enable the start of the works. For several days there were clashes with many
arrests and wounded, one of them lost an eye by a rubber bullet. Seven
thousand people (out of a population of 8,000) surrounded the guardia civil
and forced them to retreat from the job site that since then has been
paralized. At the last spanish-moroccan summit the talked about this project
and they loudly announced the construction of the submarine line, which is
very harmful to the ocean.

Madrid.UPA 2/26/96

On February 14, the day of the attempt against Francisco Tomas y Valiente by
ETA, clases were stopped at UCM's School of Law. When four students were
about to exit by a side door they were attacked by two fascist members of
BBAA with kicks, shoves and insults. Nothing more happened because the
victims were 4 and they 2.

In reply, more than 30 antifascists came in the morning of the 26 to the
School's hall to distribute leaflets denouncing this attack and the
blessings the deans have bestowed upon their cultural associations (Neptuno,
Tornasol, Teoria y Praxis) giving them subsidies and premises. In addition
the two fascists took part in the attack suffered by the ADN Recalcitrante
association a few years ago that left several people wounded, and they are
still at large. Besides leafletting the took down some posters by fascist
associations and they were burnt at the door. They also displayed a banner
with the slogan "Fascists out of the University".

Madrid.UPA 2/23/96

On February 23, on the 15th anniversary of the coup, The Coordinadora
Antifascista de Madrid called a gathering in front of Moncloa's Municipal
Junta to protest the inpunity fascist attacks enojoy. At 20:00 hours about
300 people showed up for the event. They sang slogans and displayed a banner
with the slogan "Enough impunity, facism advances if you don't fight it".
There was an attempt to march but the police didn't allow it. Later on an
spontaneous demonstration came out of Tribunal and went looking for fascists
at their habitual bars, but there weren't any encounters.

Sevilla.UPA 2/12/96

This past January 24th, before the start of the Sevilla-Albacete football
game, in Sevilla, there was a confrontation between nazi fans of Sevilla and
members of the group "Biris" well known antifascists, also fans of the same
team, in a bar near the stadium. The nazis left in a rout, although two of
them had to go to the hospital. A few minutes later the nazis regrouped and
returned, running into three people from "Biris". At that moment Jesus
Elias, well know head of the Sevilla "ultras" and a BBAA coordinator,
wielded a knife against the "Biris" who answered by pulling out their own
knife and stabbing the nazi several times. The result was serious wounds to
Elias who was hospitalized and where he remains in serious condition.A few
days later three members of "Biris" were arrested and interned in Sevilla II
prison, one of them charged with the attack at the bar, another one charged
with the stabbing and the third one for making 'apology of violence' as
responsible for the fanzine "Biris Al-Andalus".

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