Re: <eng> OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty)

James Oak (
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 20:14:17 -0500

I am not even sure who I am replying to, but...

I signed up to the Anarchives mail-list, and, predictably, the first posting I get is
from OCAP whining about the cut to Ontario welfare payments (making them only
the second most generous in the country rather than the first).

I thought anarchy was about BREAKING DOWN the institutions that collect like
garbage in the civil service....or as the dictionary states, anarchy is a theory "that
regards the the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal
and proposes that the cooperative and VOLUNTARY association of individualsand
groups as the principal mode of organized society."

The LAST thing I want to hear about is the OPSEU strikers, who , as the
beneficiaries a corrupt system, are removed from reality has faced average
Ontarians for the last decade. WAKE UP! We are in an era of declining

It will probably take a civil war or revolution until the government and civil service
in Western society wakes up. But by not accepting reality, the public service is
only ensuring that the inevitable destruction of theit feifdom will be all the more
bloody. Remember that term PUBLIC SERVICE...the public elected Mike HArris,
and he has an obligation in a democracy to fulfill his promise. This is something
our federal party has no concept of. Unfortunately, Canadians are so stupid and
brainwashed by the government-sponsored media that they ignore the
obvious insult.

If this so-called Anarchist message is about power to the corrupt unions & civil
service that have helped to make it almost impossible to make a decent living
based on merit, than count me out.