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Three announcement from OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty)

(1) OCAP ON TRIAL.... Tsbouchi Subpoena

Press conference for the Loblaw's Five.
Wed. 26 March, 11:00 pm Hepburn Block at Queen's Park
(assuming that the OPSEU strike is settled!)
Otherwise it will be somewhere else.....!

Mon 1 April, 8:00 am Bay & Queen, if front of Old City Hall

Mon 1 April, 9:00 am, courtroom N, Old City Hall

OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) goes on trial April 1.
Five of us are charged with tresspassing.

OCAP has been granted a subpoena which would require the Hon.
David Tsbouchi, Minister of Community and Social Services, to
appear as a witness for the defense. We are not aware that the
subpoena has been served yet.

The Minister was asked, in the legislature, what are people
supposed to do when their welfare benefits are cut 21.6%.
He said, "They should haggle with their grocer!"

We went to Loblaws and tried to haggle for better grocery prices.
Five of us were charged with tresspassing.

We shall argue.........

1. That the Minister's advice constitutes "officially induced error"

2. Loblaws calling the police can be seen as "hard bargaining".

3. Defense of necessity. When your below poverty level income
is cut 21.6%, it becomes necessary to take unusual measures
to defend your familly.

OCAP shall call expert witnesses, including persons affected by the
cuts, and staff from foodbanks and agencies that serve the poor.

Peter Rosenthal shall be acting for the defense.

The trial will be held in courtroom "N" at Old City Hall, Toronto.
The day long trial begins at 9:00 am, on Monday April 1.

We invite you to come at 8:00 am on Mon April 1 to a brief rally
where we will explain our case to our supporters before entering
the court.

For more info call OCAP at 416-925-6939 or
send an email message to bob.olsen@westonia.com




The Tory government promised that it would not cut benefits to
disabled persons. However, they did cut benefits to families on
welfare that have disabled children.

A number of these families have come to OCAP for help. They are
unable to provide for the needs of their disabled children on current
welfare benefits.

On Wednesday, March 28, 11:00 am, OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against
Poverty) will be having a rally at Allan Gardens, corner of Gerrard
St E and Sherbourne St and then march to the office of the Hon. David
Tsbouchi in support of these families.

For more information, call OCAP at 416-925-6939

(3) MARCH AGAINST POVERTY..... May 23 - June 8, 1996

OCAP..... Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

Will be marching from Ottawa, North Bay and Windsor
to Queen's Park in Toronto. The whole of Ontario will
be watching!

The 16 day march starts on May 23 and ends with a rally
at Queen's Park on June 8.

A number of unions, including CAW (Canadian Auto Workers)
in Windor and Oshawa, OPSEU (Ontario Public Service
Employees Union) locals, as well as local social justice
coalitions and anti-poverty groups are participating in
or supporting this march.

We are looking for persons who would be able to participate
in any of the three 16 day marches from Ottawa, North Bay
and Windsor.

We are looking for groups to provide local support along the
route of the 3 marches.

We are looking for groups to stage local events in support of
the marches and to bring poverty issues to the attention of
local media.

Finally, we ask you to join the rally at Queen's Park on June 8.

Participate...! Ontario will be watching......!

For more information, call OCAP at 416-925-6939

Or post Email to bob.olsen@westonia.com

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