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Urgent Update: 3/20/96


The following is the text of the United States Parole Commission's
letter of denial to Leonard Peltier:

Leonard Peltier:

No change in continuing to a fifteen year reconsideration hearing,
December 2008. Reasons: The December 1995 hearing led to a
re-examination by the hearing examiner of the issues beyond the
normal scope of an interim hearing, including the previous findings
made by the Commission that you participated in the execution of
two FBI agents. The limited purpose of an interim hearing under 28
Code of Federal Regulations 2.4 is to determine whether
circumstances that have changed since the last hearing warrant a
different decision.

The Commission declines to reopen your case to re-examine your role
in the offense since there are no significant changes regarding
information on this issue from the information presented at your last
parole consideration. You have not given a factual, specific account
of your actions at the time of the offense that is consistent with the
jury's verdict of guilt. Considering either theory of your participation
in the crimes outlined by the government at the trial, the Commission
therefore has no reasonable basis to find an explanation of the facts
concerning the agents' execution other than the version presented by
the government. See 28 Code of Federal Regulations S2.19C. The
government has not changed its position that circumstantial evidence
presented at your trial established your complicity in the executions
of the agents. Their circumstantial evidence described in several of
the decisions of the Eighth Circuit rejecting your appeals supports the
previous findings that you participated in the executions. A full
consideration of your case will not be appropriate until your 15 year
reconsideration hearing. Appeal Procedures: The above decision is
not appealable.

3/18/96 National Commissioners, Document Number DNJ OJ Referral
pg 101

The above decision is a clear and blatant example of a complete
disregard for justice. The USPC states in this decision that regardless
of the information brought back to them from the Parole Officer
presiding at the December 11th hearing, and despite the favorable
recommendation that officer made following the government's distinct
concessions that no direct evidence exists against Peltier nor do they
have a clue as to who was culpable in the deaths of their agents, that
it is more convenient to keep an innocent man in prison than to deal
with the controversy and impropriety that may erupt regarding this
case. They even go as far as stating that Leonard has never given a
factual account "consistent with the jury's verdict of guilt". How can
an innocent man give a factual account of guilt when he is not
responsible?!? Rather than face the FACTS of Peltier's outrageous
incarceration, the USPC would rather scold its own employee for
overstepping his bounds where they should commend him for his
social conscience. Still a mystery: The Parole Officer who made the
favorable recommendation has since lost his position within the

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fax(202)456-2883, Legal Counsel to President fax (202)456 1647,
White House Comment Line at (202)456-1111 and Contact your
elected officials.


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