(eng)Would you do Mother Earth a favor?

The Anarchives (tao@lglobal.com)
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 16:36:17 +0000 (GMT)

Could you do Earth a favor for Earth Day?

The favor: Please help Earth and its people recover from the abusive
effects of Western Civilization by doing, teaching and networking this
activity and message to others:

(If you receive this short message more than once, it means that others are
doing Earth this favor, too)

For Earth Day, April 22, 1996

LET EARTH SPEAK: The Earth Day Activity for Use Year-Round

Learn how to scientifically create moments that let Earth touch you and
teach you peace.

Celebrate Earth Day by learning a secret 10-minute way to make a
communicative contact with Earth. It will provide new knowledge and new
reason for hope.

Once you have experienced a natural communication with Earth, you may
choose to share it with other people. You may share it by posting it to
our special Internet Media Message Board. At that site, you may also read
and respond to the personal Earth messages received and posted by others
all across the globe.

When you learn this activity, you own it and can teach it to others of any
age. We invite you to help sponsor this program as a volunteer or

Full details are available if you:

Send an e-mail with no message in it to earthday-activity@igc.apc.org


Visit: Let Earth Speak -The Earth Day Activity Page at


Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below:

LET EARTH SPEAK: The Earth Day Activity
P.O. Box 1605 Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Sponsored by
Global Education - Project NatureConnect
A United Nations Non-Governmental Organization
(360) 378-6313 E-mail nature@pacificrim.net

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