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CONTENTS: Supplement 17

1. (CAQ) Militarizing The Mexico - US Border
2. (ALERT!) Ku Klux Klan Rally in Louisville -- April 13,
3. (EZLN) EZLN Communique On International Women's Day
4. (IPS) HAITI-POLITICS: Terror Across The Border
5. (YRE) Youth Against Racism in Europe: Conference
6. (AP) Salvi's Jury Hears Final Arguments Of Murder
And Madness
7. (AP) White Brothers Charged With Forcing Black Man
To Jump Off Bridge
8. (AP) Report: Anti-Gay `Hate Crimes' Fewer -- But
More Violent


** Topic: Militarizing Mexico-US Border **
** Written 12:30 PM Mar 5, 1996 by caq in cdp:covertaction **

by Jose Palafox



In a new tactic unveiled in San Diego's Operation Gatekeeper,
federal attorneys stepped up prosecutions of immigration- related
crimes, and of immigrants with criminal records. As a result,
there were 1,039 prosecutions for felonious entry into the United
States in 1995 alone, equaling the total for the previous nine
years. *34 But that may be just the beginning.

A Republican Congressional Task Force on Immigration Reform,
appointed by Newt Gingrich and chaired by Rep. Elton Gallegly
(R-Calif.), recently proposed a three strikes law for
undocumented border crossers. It would require the Border Patrol
to hold for prosecution any undocumented immigrant guilty of
violating the same immigration law more than once. Under current
law, undocumented persons are usually detained only until they
agree to voluntary

According to a San Diego Union-Tribune editorial which projected
the impact of the proposal, in the San Diego sector alone close
to 15,000 undocumented immigrants are apprehended each week. If
20 percent of those are repeaters, the three-strikes rule would
mean adding about 3,000 offenders a week to our already severely
overcrowded jails. *35

The Congress is taking steps to address these concerns.
Legislation now pending in the Senate, the Immigration in the
National Interest Act shepherded by Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.), would
allow closed military bases to be used as detention centers for
undocumented immigrants. *36

The Clinton administration has similarly addressed the looming
prisoner overflow and fears that Mexico's economic crisis would
wash north even more undocumented people. Last year, top
immigration policy-makers practiced an enhanced border control
plan, that includes using military bases as detention centers. In
joint exercises held in Orlando, Florida; Nogales, Arizona; and
McAllen, Texas, INS and military personnel set up holding areas
on military bases and practiced rounding up and detaining
prisoners (actually role-playing soldiers and agents). *37

This contingency plan is in effect an extension of Operation
Distant Shores, which directed the military-run camps used to
detain Cuban and Haitian refugees in Panama and Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba. Now, Mexico has been added to the list of Distant Shores'
potential source countries, and the military will take over
management of detention centers from the INS in the event of a
Mexican immigration emergency. *38

This is a prudent military plan to handle a mission already
placed on the military, which is to handle immigration when the
numbers overwhelm civil authorities, commented a US Army officer
involved in the exercise. *39

Immigration emergency or not, Border Czar Bersin has already
received Navy agreement to provide detention space for immigrant
inmates at the Miramar Naval Air Station outside San Diego. *40


US policymakers want it both ways. In their wholehearted embrace
of free trade, they have consistently followed economic policies
that both create the conditions for mass immigration and make the
illicit drug trade an economically attractive option for
dispossessed Mexicans. The NAFTA agreements and the Mexican
bailout are only the sharpest and most recent examples. Economic
dislocations from NAFTA are anticipated to generate significant
numbers of new migrants. And after the peso collapse, in return
for US dollars and loan guarantees, the US Treasury demanded that
Mexico enact harsh neoliberal austerity measures virtually
guaranteed to drive even more Mexicans across the border. *41

At the same time, the US wants open borders only for the flow of
capital and legitimate commerce. In a global economy in which
factories and capital flit across boundaries in the blink of an
eye, people seem to be the only factor of production undeserving
of free transit. Instead, immigration is to be limited and

Border Czar Bersin provides the official line: Our border is
intended to accomplish twin purposes: On the one hand, it is
intended to facilitate trade in order to bring our nation the
significant benefits of international commerce and industry. At
the same time, it is geared to constrain and regulate the free
movement of people and goods in order to block the entry of
illegal migrants and unlawful merchandise. *42

To blunt the contradictions inherent in these twin purposes, the
US must militarize the border to protect free trade Yankee style.
The consequences are both immediate and potentially far-reaching.
For immigrants from the south, and for Latinos in general, the
results are already manifest in an increasing hostility,
manufactured in part by officials eager to whip up support for
their solution to the problem.

Roberto Mart!nez, who has documented many abuses along the
border, points out that as the government continues to lump
together undocumented immigrants, drugs, crime, and terrorism to
justify increased enforcement and militarization, attitudes
toward immigrants will not only not change but will continue
translating into open hostility and violence. *43

More broadly, enlisting the military in law enforcement first
limited to drugs, now adding immigration, and next? is an
inauspicious omen. Faced with a self-inflicted rising tide of
disorder, and not just on the border, the only response the state
appears capable of shaping relies on a larger and
better-integrated military-police apparatus.


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Subject: Ku Klux Klan Rally
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 16:39:19 GMT
Organization: Stormfront BBS: 407-833-4986

From: kkk@iglou.com (Christopher Johnson)
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 11:39:19 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Ku Klux Klan Rally

Racialist Greetings and WHITE POWER!

I wanted to post this press release to all of our friends on
the Stormfront mailing list. If you wish to attend please
contact me at the Commonwealth's office or the National Office at
National Office P.O. Box 320, Waters, MI 49797

This rally should be a large one. The city of Louisville has not
had a KKK rally in a very long time. The media is very hyped
about this. I have done interviews with the local ABC and NBC
affiliate. The ABC interview was fair but the NBC interview
devoted twice the time to the opposition as they did me. Funny
how they would prefer an illiterate negro dressed in a jogging
suit (Rev. Louis Coleman) over a clean cut, well spoken, suit
wearing, Klansman.

Please feel free to distribute this press release. You may
publish it in any and all media outlets. Let's show the nation
that White people are not afraid to "hit the streets" in defense
of their racial heritage.

I would also like to thank the subscribers of this list for their
continued support of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The many
cards, letters, donations, and words of thanks just keep pouring
into the Commonwealth's Office. Keep it up and THANK YOU!!!!!

____________________________ CUT HERE____________________________

Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Commonwealth's Office
P.O. Box 43482
Louisville, KY 40253
National Hotline: (517) 731-1867

Christopher Johnson
Imperial Klaliff


Please be informed of the following scheduled Ku Klux Klan public
speaking forum. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will be hosting
a speaking forum on the south steps of the old County Courthouse
at 527 West Jefferson St. in Louisville KY. The date is
Saturday, April 13, 1996. The time will be from noon to 3 p.m.
The purpose of the forum is to exercise their constitutionally
guaranteed right of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly as
set forth in the bill of rights.

The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is the world's oldest, largest,
and most professional Whites' civil rights organization. They
seek to bring a positive message of hope to the Commonwealth
of Kentucky and to America.

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public key. To unsubscribe, send e-mail to
'listserv@stormfront.org' with the line 'unsubscribe
Stormfront-L' in the message BODY, not the subject.


** Topic: EZLN Communique on International Women's Day **
** Written 11:32 PM Mar 13, 1996 by moonlight in
cdp:reg.mexico **
Subject: EZLN Communique on International Women's Day

-------------- Enclosure number 1 ----------------
La Jornada, March 9, 1996

The EZLN celebrates the woman with dignity, the one who

Communique from the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine
Committee--General Command of the Zapatista Army of National

To the people of Mexico:
To the peoples and governments of the world:
To the national and international press:

Brothers and sisters:

Today, March 8, International Women's Day is celebrated. We, the
Zapatista men and women, celebrate the day of the woman who
struggles, of the woman with dignity. In the world in which we
are forced to live and die, there is no place for dignity. The
powerful want dignity to be kept in oblivion, in silence, in
jail, and in the tomb. In the long chain of humiliations that
the powerful construct to make itself powerful, the humiliation
of women is repeated in all parts of society.

Doubly humiliated, as women and as workers, the Mexican
indigenous women are also humiliated because of their color,
their language, their culture, their past. A triple nightmare
that forces the Zapatista women to take a weapon and add their
"Enough is Enough!" to those of their male companeros. A triple
nightmare that forces a triple rebellion.

Our companeras Zapatista soldiers, insurgents and militia
members, and our companeras in the base communities of the EZLN
have demonstrated that dignity has a special place among women.

But not only the women of the EZLN have given lessons on dignity.
Thousands of women in Mexico and the world say and say again
their "Enough is Enough"! to a system of domination that corners
them as things to be used and thrown away, that names them
according to their possessor, and which curtails in deeds what is
recognized as rights.

The women Zapatistas, soldiers and non-military members, struggle
for their own rights as women. They also confront the macho
culture that the Zapatista men act out in various ways. The
women Zapatistas are not free by the fact that they are
Zapatistas; they still have a lot for which to struggle and gain.
We understand that this struggle is not against men, but it is
also for the rights of women. We understand that this struggle
is not against the Ladinos nor the Mestizos, but it is also for
the rights of the indigenous women.

Today we want to salute our sisters who have fallen in the two
years of the military encirclement, to our dead.

Today we want to salute also all of the women who have helped us
so that our voice is heard.

Today we want to salute all of the women who have seen in the
Zapatistas a mirror of their own dignity and rebellion.

Today we want to salute all the women who struggle everywhere, so
that nowhere is being a woman a shame, a nightmare or an

Today we want to salute all women who have dignity and who

Health, women in struggle!
Health, women with dignity!