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Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee--General
Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Mexico, March 1996

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** Topic: IPS: HAITI-POLITICS: Terror Across the Border **
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*** 12-Mar-96 ***

Title: HAITI-POLITICS: Terror Across the Border

By Alejandro Kirk

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Mar 12 (IPS) -- No one, not even the prime
minister, dares predict the fate of the democratic process in
Haiti after U.N forces leave later this year.

Along the border with the Dominican Republic, thousands of
Tontons Macoute and former soldiers from the dissolved army wait
for the six month extension to the mandate of the forces to
expire, in the middle of the year.

Well-heeled and ambitious, they plot and wait, plot and wait, for
when the moment is right.

''It is a delicate situation because, although the dismantling of
the Haitian armed forces offers more possibilities for peace, the
new police force is not yet sufficiently well-trained to be able
to keep the situation under control,'' Prime Minister Rony Smarth
told IPS.

''The former Duvalierists have weapons and a great deal of
money,'' he added.

As President Rene Preval Tuesday began his official visit to
Haiti's neighbour, the presence of that army of instability is
among his main concerns. Preval wants to prevent Duvalierists
getting official support from Dominican president Joaquin

The Dominican leader is considered here to be an enemy of Haiti.

During a recent visit to Port Libete, a town on the border with
the Dominican Republic and east of Cap Haitien (Haiti's second
largest city), Preval encountered an angry crowd which asked him
for arms to defend themselves.

The fear -- as characteristic here as anger -- is that the
Macoutes would return from their present refuge in the
neighbouring Republic. The Tontons Macoute are the sordid
paramilitary force which used to support the dictatorial regimes
of Francois Duvalier and his son Jean Claude, and their military

Thousands of Macoutes and soldiers fled or were expelled to the
Dominican Republic when American troops invaded Haiti in
September 1994 and reinstalled as president Jean Bertrand
Aristide, an ex-priest who was elected president in 1990 and
overthrown in 1991.

Many former Haitian authorities have taken refuge in the
Dominican Republic, and there, with their fortunes intact, they
are plotting their return home.

''We have six months to strengthen the police and formulate a
correct and bold diplomatic policy towards the Dominican Republic
which will prevent it from being transformed into a rearguard of
the Duvalierists,'' Prime Minister Smarth told IPS in an
exclusive interview.

According to some sources, the former Macoutes (also known as
attaches) are only waiting for the U.N. Blue Helmets to withdraw
from Haiti before beginning their return, which can only be a
bloody one.

''I feel worried, but not afraid, for I believe the international
situation will help us, in one form or another, to control the
situation,'' declared Smarth.

The prime minister is a specialist in agrarian economics trained
in Haiti, Chile and Mexico. Since being sworn in on Wed., Mar. 6
has been having difficulty in getting his wide-ranging economic
and institutional development programme which will consolidate
democracy off the ground.

He admitted that the future of Haiti's independent democracy will
perforce have to be largely worked out in the United States and
will depend on who wins next November's elections there.

Robert Dole, virtually certain to be the Republican candidate for
the presidency of the United States, has already expressed his
disagreement with the aid being given Haiti by the Clinton
administration. He alleges that policemen loyal to Aristide have
assassinated representatives of the military dictatorship.

That accusation, though serious, pales before the massive crimes
attributed by judicial officials to dictatorial functionaries,
but this 'detail' forms no part of Dole's political equation.

If after the American elections ''Clinton does not win a second
term, the situation would be more delicate, but neither do I
believe that an administration led by Dole or any other
Republican would reach the point of invalidating the Haitian
elections and permit the return of a de facto military regime,''
emphasised Smarth.

He fears, however, that an eventual Republican government would
exercise economic and political pressure in favour of a different
choice than the present Lavalas Party, which clearly dominates
the present Haitian political panorama.

Lavalas is a broad alliance grouping political parties and
peasants, the supporters of Aristide and enemies of Duvalier, the
Tontons Macoute and the military.

Yet it would seem that the U.S. Republican Party would prefer
different people to be in power in Haiti, perhaps closer to the
former regimes and always ready to cooperate.

Yet the Preval-Smarth government has no proposals that would give
the Republicans anything to be afraid of. The idea of the new
Haitian government is to create in the medium term a free market
economy oriented to exports, which at the same time would
immediately begin to change the terrible consequences of the
absolute misery in which 80 out of every 100 Haitians have always
been forced to live.

In the prime minister's judgement, the danger of a return of the
Macoutes and the military hangs over a weak country which is
''socially atomised, and where there are no large ideological
currents, political parties or institutions''.

In Haiti ''there are thousands of organised atoms, which makes it
a difficult country to govern,'' he added.

The proof of this can be seen every day in Cite' Soleil, the slum
district of this capital, where mud, garbage and disease reign
supreme. It is this area that formed the axis of anti-dictatorial
resistance put up by Aristide and his followers.

In Cite' Soleil, the base of the government's support and a
political barometer, small rebellions occur almost daily. They
are always spontaneous, and almost always protesting against
whoever wants to impose their authority. (END/IPS/ak/TT/96)

Origin: Amsterdam/HAITI-POLITICS/

[c] 1996, InterPress Third World News Agency (IPS)
All rights reserved

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From: rnewton@rpms.ac.uk
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 96 15:46:32 GMT

YRE Conference

Saturday 30th March - ULU, Malet Street, London - Ring 0181 533
4533 for more details

9.30am Registration

10am Launch of YRE's national anti-racist education pack

11am Fighting racism now - introducing YRE's campagins for the
next year. Speakers include Paddy Hill and Bayo Omoyiola

11.30am Fighting Racism workshops :
* Asylum Bill - a stratergy to defeat this racist law
* Justice - campaigning against police racism, brutality and
frame ups
* Education - using the YRE education pack
* Football - the campaign against racism in football

12.30pm Fighting racism now - continued,

1.30pm BREAK

2.30pm Resistance rally - Speakers include Liverpool Dockers,
Hillingdon hospital workers, Newbury bypass protesters and other
young workers in struggle

3.30pm Stand up for your rughts - discussion on the YRE action
charter and launch of Young Socialist Action

4.15pm Action charter workshops:
* Environment
* Education
* Young workers rights
* Fighting Oppression


5.30pm Stand up for your rights - discussion continued

6.40pm International Rally - speakers from YRE Germany, Ireland
and France

7pm Finish

Who can come to the conference ?

Any YRE member, representives of affiliated organisations,
individuals and groups wanting to contribute to the charter and
the discussion on a new organisation.

How much will it cost ?

15. waged and delegates from other groups. 10 unwaged, low -
paid and visitors.

Y.R.E Launched

Because of the activities of Fascist Parties including the B. N.P
a number of anti Racists and Anti fascists came together to form
Youth Against Racism in Europe (Y.R.E). The Y.R.E was launched at
an international demonstration against racism and fascism of
40,000 in Brussels, Belgium, on the 24th October 1992.

The Y.R.E is now active in 15 European countries.

Y.R.E branches bring together young people to oppose racism
through demonstrations,activity, education and discussion. In
Britain we have become the most successful left-wing youth
organisation for years.

Y.R.E. played a leading role in the campaign to shut the British
National Party Headquarters in Welling, Kent. we co-organised the
two major national demonstrations for the closure of the B.N.P.'s
Nazi bunker, one of 8,000 on May 8 1993 and one of 50,000 on
October 16 1993. The huge campaign, which was waged locally and
nationally, by YRE and many other groups, has now resulted in an
order from the Department of the Environment for the B.N.P HQ to

In 1993 the Y.R.E produced a double album with tracks from Bjork,
Jamiroquai, Corner shop, Fun-da-mental, Credit to the Nation, The
Shamen, and 21 other artists. In August 1994 Y.R.E.,
Fun-da-mental and other artists launched Artists against Racism
in Europe (A.R.E). Many artists, including Ken Loach, have since
signed the A.R.E. charter. Our International Anti-Nazi camp in
Germany last year attracted over 1,500 people from 18 different

This year Y.R.E in the North East produced an Anti-Racist
Education Pack for schools, colleges and youth clubs. This has
been received with enthusiasm and sold out within 2 months of the
first print run. Newcastle Y.R.E. are reprinting it; and the
Y.R.E. are preparing another education pack to be used
nationally, which will be out by the end of the year.

We are organising an international anti-racist campaign during
the European National Championships next year. In the wake of the
riot organised by fascists at the Dublin match earlier this year,
we aim to build a united campaign of fans and players to kick
racism out of football. We are also campaigning against the
government's new immigration regulations, which aim to make large
numbers of public sector workers into immigration officials and
criminalise the black and Asian community further.

Where ever the Nazis try to organise, the local Y.R.E branch will
organise to stop them. We campaign against racial harassment and
racial attacks.

The Y.R.E are campaigning for justice for people like Oliver
Campbell, Winston Silcott and the M25 three who are all black
people imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

We will take up any issue related to racism and young people's
rights, in some areas Y.R.E branches have been involved in
campaigns for youth facilities, protecting special needs students
from being bullied, etc.

School students in particular have been very active in the Y.R.E,
both in campaigns outside their schools and combating racism
inside school. We regularly visit schools to speak with the
students about racism and fascism, and what can be done about

Y.R.E members are against all forms of discrimination. we believe
everyone has the right to be treated equally whether they are
Asian, black or white, male or female, gay or straight, disabled
or able-bodied, Jewish or Gentile; the list could go on.

Y.R.E believes that racism is something that people learn, and
therefore educating people about what racism means and how it is
used, is a large part of our work.

We believe that it is the economic system we live in that creates
poverty, unemployment and low wages. one of the slogans that we
use most often is "JOBS AND HOMES NOT RACISM" is designed to get
the idea across that racism can not help young people but united,
we can fight for a better future.

Y.R.E. is democratic and involves its members in the
decision-making and running of the organisation.

Young people of all races, Asian, black and white, must unite
against racism. We are the ones who have most to lose, and most
to gain. United we can defeat the racists.

JOIN Youth Against Racism in Europe (Y.R.E.) PO Box 858, London
E9 5HU Telephone: 0181 533 4533.

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WWW mirror page : http://ngwwmall.com/frontier/yre/



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Boston Globe AP on the Globe Online
The Boston Globe

Salvi's Jury Hears Final Arguments of Murder and Madness

By Associated Press, 03/15/96

AP Photos BX102-103


Associated Press Writer

DEDHAM, Mass. (AP) - Attorneys for John C. Salvi III
pleaded with a jury Friday to find their client ``a sick, sick
young man,'' innocent by reason of insanity in the killing of two
abortion clinic workers.

``In John's mind, we were coming to the end of the world,
we were coming to the end of the Catholic people and he had to do
something about it,'' defense attorney J.W. Carney Jr. said in
closing arguments.

Prosecutors countered that Salvi was sane and acted from
extreme anti-abortion views when he attacked the Planned
Parenthood and Preterm Health Services clinics in Brookline on
Dec. 30, 1994.

Two receptionists were killed and five other people were

Carney and co-defense attorney Janice Bassil argued that
Salvi suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and believed he was
fighting a worldwide, anti-Roman Catholic conspiracy led by
groups including the Freemasons and the Ku Klux Klan.

Prosecutor John P. Kivlan said Salvi only claimed insanity
and began talking of delusions after he saw there was no other
avenue of defense.

``Maybe he does believe in the persecution of Catholics,
but is this an excuse for murder?'' he said. ``Every terrorist in
this country we should excuse because they have strange

After summations, Judge Barbara Dortch-Okara instructed
jurors on the state's legal definition of insanity and sent them
to their hotel. She set deliberations to begin at 9:30 a.m.

If found guilty of first-degree murder, Salvi faces a
mandatory life sentence with no chance of parole. If acquitted by
reason of insanity, he will be committed to a prison mental
hospital and could be released if authorities determine he is
sane and no longer poses a danger to society.

AP-DS-03-15-96 1915EST


Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 19:49:36 -0800 (PST)
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Associated Press

SPRINGBORO, Pa. -- Two white brothers are accused of forcing a
black man to strip and jump off an 18-foot bridge into the cold

Carl Morton, 25, waded back to shore and was naked, dazed and
shivering when a bar owner found him stumbling down a dark road
in the 10-degree cold.

Timothy Braden, 29, and his brother Bradley, 35, were arrested
and charged with attempted homicide, kidnapping, ethnic
intimidation and other offenses, and were jailed on $60,000 bail
each in the March 7 incident.

The FBI said it is considering civil rights charges.

The incident surprised many residents because Morton and the
Bradens knew each other for years.

"They are the last two people I thought would do something to
Carl," said Judson McCleran, a friend of Morton's. He added:
"It's sad that they would do this to such a nice guy. And I
really do believe they left him for dead."

Morton was found by bar owner Donald Mugridge, who became
suspicious when he saw the Braden brothers follow Morton out of
Muggsy's North Star Tavern.

The bar owner speculated that the Bradens were still angry
over being thrown out of the bar last month for an argument with
Morton during which one of the brothers used a racial slur.

According to police, the Bradens abducted Morton in the
parking lot, then drove him down a seldom-traveled road to a
bridge over Conneaut Creek, where they forced him to strip.

State Trooper John Ochs said the brothers threatened to throw
Morton off if he didn't jump. Morton, who can't swim, jumped. He
told police about the incident three days later.

Mugridge described Morton as a shy man who tries to avoid

"I've called that kid `Buckwheat' before," said Mugridge,
adding that Morton sometimes jokingly calls white people

According to the 1990 census, only six of Springboro's 465
residents are black. The borough is about 25 miles southwest of

The defendants could get up 97 years in jail and $165,000 in


Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 20:16:33 -0800 (PST)
X-within-URL: http://www.usa.net/gtwork/today/nat051.html


Associated Press

NEW YORK -- As a gay man, Christopher Green took verbal
harassment for granted, but he was stunned when he was beaten and
kicked to the ground last summer by a group of men screaming

"It was very traumatic. I don't know how these kids were
raised that they would go out and beat someone up like that,"
said the 27-year-old paralegal, who suffered a bruised kidney and
fractured skull.

Green is one of thousands of gays and lesbians nationwide who
were the victims of hate crimes last year.

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs issued a
report Tuesday that said there were 2,212 such hate crimes in
1995, down 8 percent from 2,401 in 1994. But the coalition
predicted this year would be worse because politicians have been
pushing more anti-gay measures.

Documented gay-related murders fell to 25 from 29. Still, the
crimes in general were more violent, with a 10 percent increase
in assaults and rapes, the coalition said.

For the fifth year in a row, New York City led the nation with
625 hate crimes, followed by San Francisco with 324, Los Angeles
with 256 and Minneapolis-St. Paul with 218.

Using a new computer program to analyze the crimes, the
coalition said some of its finds were striking.

One is that the percentage of attackers under age 18 has
decreased nationally, from 25 percent in 1994 to 17 percent last
year. Matt Foreman, executive director of the New York City Gay
and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, said this could mean that more
open discussion is making young people more tolerant of

For the first time, repeated acts of violence by a person
against the same victim were documented last year. The coalition
found that 22 percent of all incidents -- 40 percent in New York
City -- fall into this category.

Only 707 of the cases documented by the coalition were
reported to police -- reflecting a lack of confidence in law
enforcement, the coalition says -- and only 16 percent of these
cases resulted in arrests, much lower than the national rate of
45 percent for violent crimes overall, the report said.

Green said the police who came to his rescue last June in the
East Village were very helpful, but that a case couldn't be made
because he couldn't identify his attackers.

The national peak in reported violence against gays and
lesbians was in 1992, when homosexuality was an issue at the
Republican National Convention, the issue of gays in the military
was being debated and gay-related initiatives were on the ballot
in Colorado and Oregon.

The coalition predicted that 1996 would be another high point
because of the presidential campaign and because 18 state
legislatures are debating the issue of same-sex marriages,
something the Christian Coalition has spoken loudly against.

"I feel confident that the Republican National Convention in
one way or another is going to be anti-gay," Foreman said. "It's
going to be a bad year for the gay and lesbian community."

* * * * *

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