Rebel Worker Magazine March96 Contents of Free email edition

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Wed, 20 Mar 1996 12:32:11 +1100

Following is a contents page for Rebel Worker Magazine, a publication of the
Sydney, Australia Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation. March 1996 edition.

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Rabelais Prosecution (article on shoplifting) 2
Australian Transport News 3
Working at General Motors Holden 4
BHP Port Kembla Steel Workers Sellout 6
Czech Anarchist News 7
British News:
Rail Strikes against Syndicalist Sackings 11

Book Review: I couldn't paint Golden Angels by Albert Meltzer 14
The Relevance of Bakunin & Malatesta Today 17
News & Notes: Charlie Sato; Conferences; NSW buses 19
Publishing Appeal: After the Revolution Santillan 20

From: Libertarian Labour Review
Split in the Unione Sindicale Italiana? 12
Book Review: Man and Nature by Elisee Reclus 16

From: iww-news
Canada: Union Unity 8

From: a-infos
ANTI-FA Kieran Knutson's Victory 18

regards, dizzie