(Eng)El Acratador #51 - part 3 (Cast)

Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 16:32:39 -0800


In this end of century and millenium we women are subject to new forms of
control on the part of the capitalist system. To the traditional ones
(family, marriage ...) we must add some new aspects that only try to
perpetuate that which already exists. An example of this is the new "woman's
image" that is being empowered. Woman executive and professional, working in
a high position, mother, who combines everything perfectly and is always
beautiful and all made up (like the PP girls).

According to Capitalism-Patriarchy these women are the symbol of the Welfare
State, of the acievements of democracy and the result of the struggle for

The media are not the ones that exploit this new feminine image the most.
Detergents are no longer advertised by a housewife but by a superexecutive
that's catching a plane, although for both of them the problem is the spots.

These types of women, together with the top-models are what the media
promote as reference femininity to young girls, in new attempts to stuff us
in a corset of perfect bodies or priviledged mentalities.

But our daily reality is very different, the increase in unemployment,
poverty, wars, continued attacks on our rights. This is our reference, a
universal vision of women, a vision created by ourselves the same way we
must create our means of struggle, debate and expression to share it with
women throughout the world.

But our struggle must not fall into victimisation nor bitterness, that
benefits the powers that be. Let's struggle then, struggle with rage and,
why not, with humor and happinness.


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