(Eng)El Acratador #51 - part 2 (Cast)

Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 16:01:13 -0800


Starting with the definition of peace as that reality where the affirmation
of life and autodetermination take place, we can find a connection between
Feminism and peace, inasmuch as both are critical of and opposed to
domination as the basis for the relationship between individuals and groups.

In a patriarchal structure the masculine gets a higher status as opposed to
that which is identified as feminine. The best example of how a dominant
culture manifests said domination may be found in the attitudes toward war.
In war it is women and children who suffer the most harm. For instance, in
Bosnia-Herzegovina a terrorizing number of women and children were raped and

Men violate women during war because it is considered an act proper of the
victors. In traditional societies, such as Bosnia, women have always been
considered property. Thus rape is a way for the winners to show who controls
that property. Many women's groups and organizations against war are
constantly protesting because nothing is done for the victims of sexual
violence, which is seen as a logical consequence of any war. Bosnia is but
one more example in history. Rape and murder of unarmed women is shown as a
natural part of war.

On the other hand, most feminist critique of war is also centered in
language. Authoritarian, belligerant, sexist language. In that language
women are described as: cows, foxes, bitches, etc. Nature is feminized and
sexualized. Nature is also raped, dominated, mined, conquered ... This
speciest-sexist language swings over to military concepts. Thus failed
conscripts are identified with the same and called girls, queers, pussies etc.

As we can see the set of beliefs, values and attitudes of Patriarchy give
rise to behavior harmful for the human species, particularly for women and
the planet. For example, in the USA actual estimates say that three out of
four women will be raped by someone they know. Sinister perpetuation of a
type of violence considered "natural" because it's so common place.

"Militarism and war are characteristic of patriarchal society because they
reflect patriarchal values and satisfy the needs of such system".
Darlene Spretuak



During the months of January and February nazi attacks in Zaragoza have
experienced a considerable decrease, which is always a good sign, although
we must not lower our guard, since one of the attacks has been pretty serious.

Among those we have on record is the attempted attack on a group of
christians in Heroismo St. who were able to escape from a herd of nazis and
the attempted attack on a member of Ruda by the famous monkey Baeta, who
was beaten up again a while later. A hair saloon managed by africans
suffered another attack that ended with a broken glass window. This hair
saloon was already assaulted in October.

At dawn on February 25th, a member of CAMPI was assaulted in San Juan de la
Cruz St. without serious injuries.

The night of February 26 a 17 year old youth was attacked by four nazis in
Parque de la Aljaferia and was stabbed in the abdomen, who had to be
urgently hospitalized and operated, given how dangerous his wound was. This
is not the first stabbing in Zaragoza. We only need to recall the attack
against several young people that served in the military in October 1995,
which ended with one stabbing and another youth suffering a broken arm.


Rafael Rincon Rodriguez, a young man from Prat de Llobregat died in Mataro
of knife wounds inflicted by a nazi allegedly member of Boixos Nois during a
fight on February 18. In that fight, a friend of the victim also suffered
knife wounds. The murder went almost unnoticed by the media, with the
exception of a sensationalist program in Antena 3 TV which was busy talking
about the assassination of Tomas y Valiente. Is the life of a citizen from
Mataro worth less than that of an ex-judge of the Constitutional Tribunal?


Jesus Figueira, homeless person from Madrid, was stabbed several times in
the thorax, back and leg by three nazi members of Bases Autonomas who left
him seriously wounded in the Vicalvaro District, on February 18th. The
unlucky man was able to defend himself and wounded one of the nazis and the
neighbors, seeing the way the fight was going, called the police who
arrested the three nazis who have been jailed.


Five nazis should have been tried in Valladolid for the attack on a member
of SHARP in 1994 during the fair at Laguna del Duero. The trial was
suspended a second time due to witnesses not showing up, although the
prosecution was asking for a very large sentence (12 years).

Nazi attacks in Valladolid have increased considerably in these last few
years and some time ago a well known nazi was sentenced to six months in
jail, he was also involved in this trial.


The largest trial against anti-fascists in the history of the German Federal
Republic will begin in Lueneburg on August 14. 17 antifascists stand accused
of creating a criminal organization (Autonome Antifa). This group would be a
serious "threat to public security and order" for organizing demonstrations
and actions against neofascists.

This trial is a rehearsal. If the State wins, any leftist group (including
Greenpeace) will be liable of being considered a criminal organization. In
this case the repression has reached unthinkable heights: 13,929 phone calls
were eavesdropped in only 7 months, 143 people were under surveillance as
potential members of Autonome Antifa, some of them were followed 24 hours a
day, in July 1994 the homes and workplaces of 17 people were searched,
confiscating files, computers, money ... with hopes of destroying AA's


On January 30 an intentional fire killed four members of a gypsy family that
lived in a block of apartments in the center of the city of Brno (Czech
Republic). This is the most serious racist attack in the Czech Republic in
the last few years and is evidence of the rising fascism in a state where
several ethnic groups have been living together for centuries.


* On February 3rd 600 people demonstrated against fascist attacks in
Fuenlabrada (Madrid) called by the Coordinadora Antifascista Madrid-Sur.

* An Antifascist Platform is being formed in Huesca, although there aren't
nazis in the city, there are plenty among the catalonian recruits.

* On February 17 the german police arrested 22 people linked to the nazi
party (FAP). Two trucks full of weapons, flags and uniforms were confiscated.

* On February 15 Centro Social La Torre, in Padova (Italy), was set on fire
by some unknown people who forced their entry through a window. Damages were
slight thanks to the quick response of those present.



After a demonstration against evictions in Valencia, this past September 22,
10 people were arrested and now face the prosecution's petition of one year
for five of them and two months for the rest, besides court costs and fines
may add up to 500,000 ptas. A campaign of support has started with the sale
of tickets, concerts, etc.

On the other hand, on January 11th a young man who was painting graffitti
against the eviction of Saudi Park house in Valencia was arrested and beaten
at the police station, in addition to being charged.

For now Kasal Popular (see previous issues) has not been evicted, although a
gathering has been organized for the day of the eviction at 19 hrs.


(UPA) As usual Madrid is pretty busy in the okupa theme. Thus we've received
news of an okupation in Ventas neighborhood of an industrial 4 story
building, empty for six years, for multiple activities, mainly concerts,
given the scarcity of this kind of premises in Madrid.
Likewise, Asociacion Cultural La Kasa, self-managed center that has been
operational since 1978 is in danger of being vacated by the Comunidad de
Madrid, from whom they received notice informing about the inminent eviction
from the premises.


Casa Libertaria Los Ban~os celebrated its first year of okupation in Cordoba
and the Kolectivo Kordoba Okupa its three years. They celebrated with
several acts from February 12 to 18. For now they're not in danger of
eviction and they invite you to drop by.


The rector of the University of Santiago de Compostela is trying to
expropriate some land where there are some okupied houses. On January 27th
the police showed up with two cranes warning of the eviction and inmediate
demolition. The people began to remove housewares and they tried to
negotiate for more time. Right away the police entered the house and very
rudely evicted 10 people that were inside. There were charges against 80
people gathered outside. Eight okupas were arrested, one of them when he
went to the police station to ask about his comrades.


In February forty people okupied Sase, an abandoned village in the area of
La Solana (Huesca). Many of the okupas had prior experience in Primoutz
(Leon) or Bergua (Huesca), among them several families who are attempting a
repopulation project that has been presented to the DGA. Contact: Asociacion
Colores. Sase. Lista de Correos 22.373 Fiscal (Huesca).

days about collectives and rural okupation.


On February 5th the anarchist Centro Cultural La Pecora Nera, and the homes
of two anarchists of Verona (Italy) were searched, with the confiscation of
a lot of material. Looks like the search is due to the accusations of
catholic groups from Verona.

*** BRIEF NEWS ***


* The Ateneo Anarquista of Albacete needs all kinds of material for a show
about okupation that they're doing. You can send it to Ateneo Anarquista, c/
Blasco Iban~ez 58, 02004 Albacete.

* A new antifascist collective has been organized, Kolectivo Antifascista
Hortaleza Libre. The address is Aptdo. 47062 // 28080 Madrid.

* From March 19 to the 24th libertarian festival "Segovia Resiste 96" will
take place in Segovia. For more information Aptdo. 324 // 40080 Segovia.

* The FIJL of Castello wants to publish two books about animal liberation
for which they ask for materials. Aptdo. 560 // 12080 Castello.


The police burst into an art show in solidarity with Cuba in Cadiz, where
several paintings and ceramic by GRAPO political prisoner Sanchez Casas were
stolen with the excuse that they made the apology of terrorism.

The press spread its poison around in particular against Ateneo Libertario
Germinal who declared that they only want to be faithful to freedom of
expression and solidarity with all prisoners.


The Sevilla Court has decided to keep the sentences against three of the
four people sentenced for the incidents at the inaguration of Expo 92 to one
year in jail and a fine of almost 150,000 ptas. The fourth person has
finally been acquitted.

The Asamblea de Afectad@s by the Expo-Repression denounces that at no time
have the defendant's arguments been heard and that the sentence is totally
unjust while the cops that fired upon the people wounding three have not
been sentenced yet. It is significant that, from the begining, out of the
dozens of people arrested only a small minority has been prosecuted, besides
the flimsy basis for the sentence.


The hunger strike initiated in January by the PCE(r) and GRAPO prisoners was
suspended on February 1st. As there was an agreement with the Prisons
Directive where they compromised to let out two seriously ill prisoners and
those prisoners in isolation in modules within the same prison could be
placed in pairs and to "study" the freedom of those prisoners that have
served 3/4 of their sentence (as the law says). Although they didn't achieve
reunification, the strikers considered the agreement positive.

But the administration has again defaulted in the agreement and the
prisoners have restarted an indefinite hunger strike on February 18.

The Comandos de Resistencia Antifascista have claimed responsibility for 42
acts of sabotage in different districts in Madrid against telephone booths,
banks, centers of electoral propaganda, real estate offices, leather goods
and jewelry stores in support of the hunger strike.

The answer to this strike has been absolute silence by the official
communications media. Likewise the strike by basque political prisoners has
also been silenced. It took place in Zaragoza during January and part of
February. Precisely in Torrero Asun Sierra is still prisoner, seriously ill
and recently denied release by the court and on top she was moved hundreds
of kms to our city.


The UGT of Palencia has ceded the locals they have in the AISS building,
belonging to the Union's Heritage, to private enterprises in which "by
coincidence" UGT owns a good number of shares and that have received
subsidies in the millions for projects that have never taken place.


Anarchist prisoner Marco Camenisch carried out a hunger strike since January
3rd demanding minimum rights at the Novara jail, where he is a prisoner.
We've also received news of the unbelievable sentence against 6 libertarians
who were accused of robbing two banks the same afternoon. These sentences,
based on the thoroughly manipulated testimony of an allegedly "sorry
person", are between 5 and 6 years in prison for all the accused, although
they have been acquitted of several charges, they come after a repressive
proccess during which dozens of homes of anarchist militants were searched
and with allegations that span from armed robbery, homicide, possession of
explosives ... Allegations that later have been proven baseless, when the
harm was already done. The press staged a campaign of lies well instructed
by the Direccion de Seguridad which later they didn't correct.


Federal authorities are trying once more to close Free Berkeley Radio,
illegal radio station from California. They already tried in January 1995,
losing the case. Now they allege that the signal may interfere with other
radio stations though the truth is that they want to silence groups such as
Food Not Bombs that use this service. They presently broadcast from the
Berkeley hills carrying the equipment in a backpack, and have recently
increased their hours of broadcasting.


The Unemployed Movement of Acerra (Naples, Italy) okupied the kathedral on
February 17, demanding their right to receive professional classes that will
allow them to obtain employment. The police evicted them violently.

Meanwhile the Palencia CNT has been, since 1983, demanding a local in that
same building that is accumulated heritage that belongs to all workers,
without success to date.

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