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Principle directors, associates and research analysts involved
with the Council for Inter-American Security. Compiled by the
Interhemispheric Resource Center, Group Watch Reports, Box 4506,
Albuquerque, NM 87196-4506. On PeaceNet, IRC's Group Watch
archive can be found on cdp:pra.reactionary; this excellent
archive is maintained by Political Research Associates.

L. Francis Bouchey, president; Lt. Gen. Gordon Sumner, Jr.
(USA-Ret.), chairman; Larry D. Pratt, secretary; Richard W.
Powell, treasurer; Michael Connelly, general counsel. Directors:
Robert W. Searby (Deputy Undersecretary for International
Affairs, Department of Labor), Patrick J. Buchanan (former
communications director for President Reagan); Michael Carricarte
(Carricarte Corp); Col. Samuel T. Dickens (American Security
Council); Ronald F. Docksai (president emeritus); Francis P.
Graves (Republican National Committee); Lewis A. Tambs (U.S.
Ambassador to Colombia, Costa Rica); Andy Messing (National
Defense Council); Robert Emmet Moffit (former senior Legislative
Assistant for Foreign Affairs). David Hirschmann, research
director; Max Primorac, research fellow; Clemens Michel, research
fellow; David Spencer, research fellow; Michael Caputo; John
Lenczowski, consultant. James Whelan, president of the
Inter-Security Educational Institute, co-publisher of West Watch.
Michael Waller, West Watch editor and former research director.
General John K. Singlaub (USA, Ret.); advisory board. Members of
the first Committee of Santa Fe: L. Francis Bouchey, Roger W.
Fontaine, David C. Jordan, Gordon Sumner, Lewis Tambs editor.
Members of the second Committee of Santa Fe: L. Francis Bouchey,
Roger Fontaine, David C. Jordan, Gordon Sumner. Inter-American
Security Educational Institute: Fr. Enrique T. Rueda, project


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[3] Gelbspan, op. cit., pp. 76-77. Currently J. Michael Waller
is a leading spokesperson for the Washington, D.C.-based,
American Foreign Policy Council; a rightist think-tank.

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Press, 1995, pp. 348-349 Marvin Liebman, a reactionary leader of
the "China Lobby" organized the American-Chilean Council with
funds supplied by "private Chilean contributions which were
transmitted to us by the Consejo Chileno Norteamericano."
According to Dr. Diamond, ACC founders included: Professor James
D. Atkinson, Murray Baron, Professor A.T. Bouscaren, Ralph de
Toledano, Lev Dobriansky, Ronald Docksai, Walter Judd, David
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GeoMilitech, founded by Singlaub and his partner, Barbara
Studley, procured $5.3 million in weapons which were transferred
to Contra leader, Adolfo Calero, in June 1985; a cozy
relationship all around.

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