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||| **** Volume 1, Number 5 ***** March 7, 1996 **** |||


Communism as the ultimate evil has always been the specter
haunting property owners, as it threatens the very root of
their class position and superior status. The Soviet,
Chinese, and Cuban revolutions were traumas to Western
elites, and the on-going conflicts and the well-publicized
abuses of Communist states have contributed to elevating
opposition to communism to a first principle of Western
ideology and politics. This ideology helps mobilize the
populace against an enemy, and because the concept is fuzzy
it can be used against anybody advocating policies that
threaten property interests or support accommodation with
Communist states or radicalism. It therefore helps fragment
the left and labor movements and serves as a political-
control mechanism. If the triumph of communism is the worst
imaginable result, the support of fascism abroad is
justified as a lesser evil.

-- Edward S. Herman & Noam Chomsky

Larry Pratt, the Council for Inter-American Security
and International Fascist Networks

by Tom Burghardt
Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights


Recent allegations of anti-Semitism and racism levelled
against Larry Pratt, a national co-chairman of the Buchanan for
President campaign committee, is an intriguing example of media
obfuscation and "truth" on the half-shell. That Pratt addressed
the 1992 "Christian Men's Meeting," organized by notorious
Christian Identity racist, Pete Peters, is an established fact.
That Pratt shared the platform with Aryan Nations _fuhrer_,
Richard Butler and "former" Klan "Grand Dragon," Louis Beam, the
neo-Nazi architect of "leaderless resistance," is incontestable.
That he gave a speech at the 1993 Jubilation Conference in
Sacramento, California, an annual gathering of far-rightists'
sponsored by the anti-Semitic publisher of _Jubilee_, the
flagship tabloid of the Christian Identity movement, is true and
has been accurately reported by the bourgeois press.

What should be of equal concern to the media is information
about Mr. Pratt which is far more damaging -- his close
collaboration over a 20 year period with an international network
of war criminals, neo-Nazi terrorists, and the organizers of
Asian, European and Latin American death squads. But because
such activities advanced the geopolitical and military goals of
the United States, Pratt's actual record is passed over in
_silence_; a facet of media self-censorship that has been well-
documented elsewhere.[1]

At the outset of this report I will emphasize, Pratt is a
reactionary whose political orientation can aptly be described as
clerical-fascist. On numerous occasions, he has expressed
disdain for democracy and the economic, political and social
rights of the oppressed. His ideological and personal links to
the theocratic wing of the Christian Right, the anti-abortion
movement and "Patriot" militias, though of interest, will be
explored in another report currently in preparation.

This edition of AFIB however, will explore at some length,
the dimensions of Larry Pratt's ties to the national security
state. I will demonstrate that Pratt, Buchanan and a host of
other "respectable conservatives," far from being "outsiders" or
"populists" are active agents and apologists for the global
crimes of U.S. imperialism.

Intellectuals in the Service of Global Terror

The Council for Inter-American Security (CIS) is a rightist
outfit that played a pivotal role formulating Washington's
program for counter-revolutionary war and mass murder in Central
America during the 1980s. Larry Pratt, was a central figure
within the CIS hierarchy as was Patrick Buchanan; Pratt was
secretary to the group while Buchanan functioned as an
organizational director (see Appendix for complete list of board
members and principle players).

But CIS was more than a New Right think-tank researching and
formulating foreign policy for the Reagan administration. The
group functioned in a dual-capacity; as an alarmist "public
policy institute" and as a domestic spy ring, a "privatized"
version of the FBI's infamous COINTELPRO operations. Having
staked-out Latin America as their geopolitical niche, CIS
targeted Central America solidarity activists, progressive
clergy, and the Salvadoran exile community. The group gathered
intelligence and disseminated disinformation, funneling data on
foreign policy opponents to the FBI and the intelligence service
of the Salvadoran death squad state.

The domestic side to illegal CIA-Contra operations were
aided by a broad spectrum of domestic and international
reactionaries. Many of the state-sanctioned criminals who sought
to subvert democratic processes in the U.S. and overseas were
connected to a network which included, among others: the John
Birch Society (JBS); the World Anti-Communist League (WACL);
Christian fundamentalist and Catholic theocrats; anti-Castro
terrorists grouped in Alpha 66/Brigade 2506; the LaRouche
organization and the Unification Movement of South Korean
fascist, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.[2]

While such groups operated secretly, they did so with the
knowledge, financial backing and encouragement of powerful
American corporate and political interests. According to
journalist Ross Gelbspan:

A...private group which flourished during the Reagan era was
the Washington-based Council for Inter-American Security.
The group disseminated reams of material during the 1980s
purporting to prove linkages between a Soviet-inspired
global terror network and liberal and left-wing American
groups opposed to US foreign policies. CIS also expended
considerable effort to improve the public image of the
reputed Salvadoran death squad leader Roberto D'Aubuisson.
When the FBI's CISPES files were pried open in 1988 by a
lawsuit brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights they
were found to contain several reports written by J. Michael
Waller, a researcher whose work has been sponsored by the
nongovernmental Council for Inter-American Security. But
Waller's work to connect American political dissenters to an
international communist-terrorist plot was part of a public-
private partnership.[3]

By 1984, FBI "active measures" against CISPES and the
Sanctuary Movement were in full-swing. Fifteen Bureau field
offices, dozens of agents and hundreds of "private" right-wing
intelligence "assets" were involved in these illegal operations.
More than 200 incidents of harassment and intimidation against
activists were documented. Many incidents involved church and
office break-ins, theft of files and the infiltration of local
CISPES chapters by Bureau informants. Peaceful public rallies
and demonstrations were disrupted by goons affiliated with Rev.
Moon's Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles

One case that had particularly ominous implications was that
of Yanira Corea, a 24 year old Salvadoran exile active in the Los
Angeles CISPES chapter. In June 1987, the young woman was
kidnapped, sexually assaulted, tortured and threatened with death
if her "subversive" activities didn't stop. Corea's brother was
a union activist in El Salvador. Prior to her abduction she
received a threatening letter containing dried flower petals a
photo of her three year old son and the notation -- "Flowers in
the desert die," a traditional warning of the death squads.[4]

Though Bureau informants could not produce a shred of
evidence linking these groups to "terrorism," the FBI actually
_increased_ the level of their attacks. According to the logic
of Bureau red hunters, the _lack_ of criminal activity in and of
itself was demonstrable _evidence_ of a broad "conspiracy"
hatched by shrewd agents linked to the KGB. This was an illusion
that the Council for Inter-American Security helped to create.

Throughout the period, the FBI were fed reports alleging
that CISPES was a "terrorist" organization. Waller, a research
director and editor of the CIS journal, _West Watch_, wrote a
text with the fanciful title, "CISPES: A Terrorist Propaganda
Network," that was given wide play by the media.[5] However,
because Mr. Waller's services produced the desired _propaganda
effect_ intended by his handlers, he secured several generous
grants from the State Department's Latin American Office of
Public Diplomacy (OPD).[6] Recent American history is replete
with examples of the profitability of lying in order to advance
State interests; Elliot Abrams and Oliver North are but the tip
of the iceberg in this regard.

Prior to Reagan's 1980 election, CIS was the principle
organization leading the charge for an "activist" foreign policy
to "defeat communism" in Central America. In 1980, they
published the influential, _A New Inter-American Policy for the
Eighties_, generally known as the "Santa Fe Document."

Lewis Tambs, "Sante Fe's" principle editor, would be
appointed by Reagan as ambassador, first to Columbia and then to
Costa Rica, the launching pad for Contra attacks into Nicaragua
along the "Southern front."[7] Other Committee of Sante Fe
members included Roger Fontaine, a National Security Council
(NSC) adviser on Latin American affairs; retired Lt. General
Gordon Sumner, who became a special assistant to the Secretary of
State for Latin American affairs; and Lynn Francis Bouchey, an
active organizer for the Unification Church's CAUSA operations in
Central and South America.[8]

Bouchey, the co-author of _The Strategy of Terror_ (written
with Stefan Possony), was a former member of the Young Americans
for Freedom employed by the American-Chilean Council, a front for
the murderous Pinochet regime.[9] Possony, a Senior Fellow at
the Hoover Institute, long-time WACL operative and board member
of Lyndon LaRouche's, Fusion Energy Foundation, was a founding
member of the Council, as was Dr. Anthony Bouscaren, a right-wing
operative who had worked for the racist Pioneer Fund (see

The Committee of Sante Fe alleged among other things, that
the U.S. "must seize the initiative or perish. World War III is
almost over." CIS viewed the Soviet Union as an "aggressor" that
was "strangling the Western industrialized nations."[11]

Central America was described as "the soft underbelly of the
United States." The authors called for the "restoration" of the
Monroe Doctrine as the linchpin of U.S. regional strategy. In
other words, the United States was free to pursue its regional
interests unhindered. Bluntly, this meant that the internal
politics of the Central American states were subject to "review"
by the U.S.: "correctives" -- dictated from Washington -- would
be applied as needed.

As a practical necessity, such "correctives" included the
destruction of the Cuban, Grenadian and Nicaraguan Revolutions
and the maintenance of "the fundamental order of things" in
Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The Committee wrote:

America is everywhere in retreat. The impending loss of the
petroleum of the Middle East and potential interdiction of
sea routes spanning the Indian Ocean, along with the Soviet
satellization of the mineral zone of Southern Africa,
foreshadow the Findlandization of Western Europe and the
alienation of Japan.

Even the Caribbean, America's maritime crossroad and
petroleum refining center is becoming a Marxist-Leninist
lake. Never before has the Republic been in such jeopardy
from its exposed southern flank. Never before has American
foreign policy abused, abandoned and betrayed its allies to
the south in Latin America.

...It is time to sound a clarion call for freedom, dignity
and national self-interest which will echo the spirit of the
American people. Either a _Pax Sovietica_ or a world-wide
counter-projection of American power is in the offing. The
hour of decision can no longer be postponed.[12]

Though the authors freely employed alarmist rhetoric with
little regard to the actual history of U.S. regional domination,
"Sante Fe" was not the production of marginal right-wing "kooks"
obsessed by the "red menace." According to the Interhemispheric
Resource Center,

In the early years of the Reagan administration, the
organization was one of the more influential think tanks of
the New Right, providing both policy and policymakers to the
new administration. In the heyday of its influence, one
observer noted, top officials of CIS "shuttle[d] to and from
key policy-making and advisory roles in the
administration...." Among those tapped for administration
positions were Patrick Buchanan, who became President
Reagan's communications director...[13]

Today, Buchanan markets himself as an "outsider" standing up
for the "workin' man," against a godless, secular humanist cabal
of multinational corporations, abortionists, feminists,
homosexuals, immigrants and socialistic "one-worlders" intent on
imposing a New World Order on the American people. His project
has been assisted by the media who have tossed his actual record
down the Orwellian memory-hole.

As noted above, CIS was engaged in a covert war against U.S.
leftists, progressive clergy and the Salvadoran exile community,
channeling information gleaned by its operatives, to the FBI and
the Salvadoran national security apparatus. This too, has a long
history in the United States.[14]

Col. Samuel Dickens, a former intelligence officer and CIS
board member, was the executive director for inter-hemispheric
affairs for the American Security Council (ASC), an outfit
founded by ex-FBI agents. ASC was an instrumental group which
targeted leftists during the 1950s, the period of the McCarthyite
witch-hunts. Founded in 1955, ASC funding has been provided by
Motorola, Lockheed, Boeing and General Dynamics, among
others.[15] The information they collected, much of it bogus,
was then sold to ASC's dues-paying corporate members. At the
height of their domestic operations ASC red hunters, including
the sinister Roy Cohn, Senator McCarthy's chief inquisitor, were
gathering the names of alleged "subversives" at the staggering
rate of 20,000 _per month_.[16] One analyst has said that the
ASC is "not just the representative of the military-industrial
complex, it is the personification of the military-industrial

Another significant source of support for the Council and a
host of other "conservative" organizations, was Rev. Moon's
Unification Church. Bouchey helped organize two conferences for
CAUSA, led by another retired general, E. David Woellner.[18] He
was also a board member of the United States Global Strategy
Council, identified by researchers, Louis Wolf and Frederick
Clarkson as "another CAUSA operation."[19] In 1981, Bouchey was
"specially commissioned" by Moon's World Media Institute to
prepare and present a "content analysis" of media coverage of
U.S. policy in El Salvador.[20]

Active chapters of Moon's organization existed throughout
the region; the largest affiliates were centered in Argentina,
Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. In Brazil, the director of CAUSA
said, "we are forming the future base for a large political
party, though at present we are still apolitical...we want to
form a movement like Le Pen's in France." Needless to say,
French fascist, Jean Le Pen, has done just that with the National
Front, with significant financial backing from the Moon

But Moon's extensive Latin American operations had a dual-
purpose: the construction of an anti-communist "armed church"
and as a "unofficial" link among CIA intelligence assets and the
leaders of the death-squad states.

In Bolivia, Thomas Ward was a liaison between the CIA, Nazi
war criminal Klaus Barbie, Barbie's organization, the "Fiances of
Death" and the regime of "cocaine general" Luiz Garcia Meza,
prior to Bolivia's bloody 1980 putsch. Ward and Barbie "were
often seen together;" the introspective Ward was described as an
individual "who always seemed to be absorbed in prayer."
According to Col. Bo Hi Pak, Moon's chief lieutenant: "God has
chosen the Bolivian people in the heart of South America as the