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ones to conquer communism." This during a period when Bolivian
narco-operations were greatly expanding -- with the knowledge of
the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.[22]

Other CIS board members or advisors who have had close ties
to the Moon organization:

Roger Fontaine: a former member of the National Security
Council. After leaving the NSC, Fontaine became a reporter and
political analyst for the _Washington Times_, a newspaper owned
by a subsidiary of the Moon network. Salvadoran death-squad
leader, Roberto D'Aubuisson bragged of his ties to the Reagan
administration, particularly Roger Fontaine, to the _New York
Times_ during a 1981 interview.[23]

Lt. General Gordon Sumner: a CIS director and advisor; Sumner
was also a board member of the International Security Council
(ISC), described by Herman and O'Sullivan as the "main U.S.
agency of the Moon system in the field of terrorism propaganda."
An international conference organized by ISC and CAUSA was held
in January 1986 in Tel Aviv; speakers included Bo Hi Pak and
Arnaud de Borchgrave, the publisher of the _Washington

These were neither incidental nor marginal connections. CIS
served both as an intelligence conduit from "private" sources
such as the American Security Council and CAUSA, and as an
informal employment agency which provided analysts to the Reagan
administration at the inception of Washington's murderous
counter-insurgency wars in Central America.

As CIS secretary, Larry Pratt was a well-placed "asset" in
his own right, serving as a link between the public
policy/research arms of the organization, the interventionist
wing of the theocratic Christian Right and as an "informal"
public relations spokesperson for Washington's Central American
agenda via Gun Owners of America and the CIS-affiliated, North-
South Institute.

But in order to fully appreciate the sinister nature of the
Council for Inter-American Security, Pratt's involvement and his
broader links to international fascist networks, there is another
organization, also little explored by "mainstream" media, which
deserves our attention, the World Anti-Communist League.

CIS AND WACL: A Marriage Made in Hell

The World Anti-Communist League was founded in 1966 by two
close Asian allies of the United States, Taiwan and South Korea,
and a third organization, the Nazi-dominated, Anti-Bolshevik
Block of Nations (ABN), led by the Ukrainian war criminal
Yaroslav Stetsko.[25] As we have seen above with CIS, Rev.
Moon's Unification network was an instrumental force operating
behind the scenes. Moon assets were closely linked to the Korean
Central Intelligence Agency and Japanese _yakuza_ crime
syndicates, many of whose leaders were convicted war criminals
let off the hook by U.S. occupation forces at the war's end.

ABN was a organizational bridge linking Eastern and Western
European fascists to the intelligence services of Britain and the
United States. Indeed, ABN was formed with U.S. funds and was a
model frequently employed by future anti-communist emigre groups.
Washington's unflagging commitment to the destruction of the
Soviet Union was a continuation of the Third Reich's "Operation
Barbarossa" -- by other means. Christopher Simpson's description
of the group provides a chilling glimpse into the _modus
operandi_ of "containment:"

The ABN was dominated by Ukrainian nationalist veterans of
the OUN/UPA (Organization of Ukrainian
Nationalists/Ukrainian Insurgent Army), and it included a
half dozen open Nazi collaborators on its executive board.
Its newspaper, _ABN Correspondence_, published praises of
wartime genocidalists such as Ustachi _Fuhrer_ Ante Pavelic
and Slovakian quisling Premier Monsignor Jozef Tiso.
Alfreds Berzins, whom the U.S. government once termed a
"fanatic Nazi" responsible for sending innocent people to
concentration camps, was the president of the ABN "People's
Council." Berzins was simultaneously a Latvian leader of
the Assembly of Captive European Nations. His vice-
president at the ABN was the Belorussian quisling Radislaw

If such anti-communist "patriots" were serviceable as
"democrats" abroad, why not at home? In the United States,
WACL's first chairman was Roger Pearson, a white supremacist,
eugenicist and neo-Nazi. Pearson was the editor of Willis
Carto's anti-Semitic rag, _Western Destiny_, the forerunner of
the Liberty Lobby's _Spotlight_ tabloid. By the mid 1970s,
Pearson served on the editorial boards of both the Heritage
Foundation and the American Security Council.[27]

Last Fall, Mr. Pratt addressed a Liberty Lobby testimonial
banquet in honor of the 20th anniversary of _Spotlight_. Though
Larry Pratt has stated publicly he "loathes" groups such as Aryan
Nations and other Nazis, it would appear his oft-quoted
protestations of "innocence" are less than credible given Mr.
Carto's documented history of bigotry and racism.

Pearson, who has described himself as a "mainstream
conservative," boasted to an associate about his alleged role in
hiding Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" who
directed Nazi "medical experiments" at the Auschwitz
extermination camp. With degrees in anthropology and economics,
Pearson is the author several books on eugenics. His most
"popular" are _Eugenics and Race_ and _Race and Civilization_.
He credits Professor Hans F. K. Gunther, a Nazi racial
theoretician, as the inspiration behind the latter volume.[28]

Under Pearson's tutelage, WACL added Western European
chapters that were drawn from the ranks of Nazi war criminals,
Third Reich collaborators, neo-Nazis and right-wing terrorists.
Western European affiliates included the racist British League of
Rights and Italy's Italian Social Movement (MSI). Pino Rauti,
the founder of the outlawed group, _Ordine Nuovo_ was a key WACL
Western European contact.[29] Rauti and countless other Italian
fascists including the war criminal, June Valerio "Black Prince"
Borghese, and key members of the Italian general staff, were
"rehabilitated" Nazi collaborators recruited by the CIA into
NATO's "stay behind" anti-communist terror network, also known as

An off-shoot of_Ordine Nuovo_ was the terrorist group, the
Armed Revolutionary Nuclei (ARN), responsible for the 1980
bombing of the Bologna train station which killed 85 people. The
notorious neo-fascist killer, Stefano delle Chiaie, the ARN
architect of the Bologna massacre, attended the pivotal 1980
conference of the WACL-affiliated, Latin American Anti-Communist
Confederation (CAL), held in Buenos Aires at the height of the
"dirty war" against the Argentine left.[31]

CAL was the organizational expression of a little-known
group of Mexican neo-Nazis, the Tecos or "owls," centered at the
Autonomous University of Guadalajara. Founded by Third Reich
collaborator, Carlos Cuesta Gallardo, the Tecos have created
several anti-communist front groups which include the Mexican
Anti-Communist Federation (FEMACO) and the Inter-American
Confederation of Continental Defense (IACCD). These "men of
action" were drawn from the ranks of the Mexican secret police,
military officers, wealthy landowners and industrialists.[32]

Tecos leader, Raimundo Guerrero, was recruited into the
organization by Gallardo. According to Anderson and Anderson,
the Tecos have close links with the remnants of the Romanian Iron
Guard fascists of Horia Sima in Spain. The group publishes the
anti-Semitic magazine, _Replica_. Serving as a liaison among
right-wing death squads throughout Latin America, the Tecos
joined WACL in 1972. But the Tecos are more than a collection of
aging Nazis; investigative journalist Manuel Buendia, was
assassinated in Mexico City after publishing a three-part series
exposing "Los Tecos" in 1984.[33]

The 1980 CAL conclave was hosted by members of the military
junta and the Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance (AAA) death
squad. Delle Chiaie journeyed to Buenos Aires from Bolivia where
he had forged a murder-for-hire and cocaine smuggling partnership
with CIA asset, Klaus Barbie.[34]

Others who attended the CAL conference included, John
Carbaugh, an aide to North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms and Mario
Sandoval Alarcon, the "godfather" of the Guatemalan death squads.
Sandoval brought along a protege to Buenos Aires, the cashiered
Salvadoran army major, Roberto D'Aubuisson. In 1981, Sandoval
was an invited guest at the Reagan inaugural ball.[35]

Another individual who was an honored guest at the Reagan
_fete_ was Adolpho Cuellar, the chairman of WACL's branch in El
Salvador; that is, until he was _permanently_ "removed from
service" by the FMLN. According to Holly Sklar, "Cuellar is
remembered by former Salvadoran army officers 'as a man who used
to appear at interrogation centers and beg permission to torture
the prisoners.'"[36]

Shortly after the CAL conference, 50 Argentine "military
advisors" and unconventional warfare "specialists" arrived in El
Salvador and began training the military junta in advanced
counter-insurgency "techniques," much as their Israeli
counterparts were doing in Guatemala and Honduras.[37] They were
joining CIA and U.S. Army Special Forces operatives already in
place. Massacres and "disappearances" escalated at an alarming

Such developments were greeted with enthusiasm by CIS and
their fellow-travellers. Board member, Andy Messing, a close
personal friend of Lt. Col. North and the president of the
National Defense Council said at the time, "going to war is [my]
favorite pastime."[39]

When Pearson became too hot to handle he was forced to
resign in 1980, temporarily replaced as WACL's North American
chairman by Elmer D. Greaves, an organizer of the segregationist
Citizens Council.[40] But did Pearson leave in disgrace,
discredited as a fascist, a racist and an apologist for the Nazi
Holocaust? Hardly. Hanging on the wall of Pearson's Washington,
D.C. office is a letter from then President, Ronald Reagan:

You are performing a valuable service in bringing to a wide
audience the work of leading scholars who are supportive of
a free enterprise economy, a firm and consistent foreign
policy and a strong national defense.

Your substantial contributions to promoting and upholding
those ideals and principles that we value at home and abroad
are greatly appreciated.[41]

With Pearson's departure, WACL was in crisis and in danger
of disbanding. It is during this period, that John K. Singlaub
came to the rescue, reorganizing WACL's American chapter.

Retired U.S. Army General and CIS board member, John K.
Singlaub, has a long, bloody history of involvement with the
formulation and execution of U.S. counter-insurgency strategy and
covert operations around the world. A member of the Office of
Strategic Services (OSS) at the end of World War II, Singlaub
moved up the ladder, becoming CIA desk officer for China in 1949
and deputy station chief in Korea during the war. During the
Vietnam war he commanded the Special Operations Group, which
implemented the CIA's Phoenix Operation, responsible for the
cold-blooded murder of some 40,000 Vietnamese and the
imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of other Vietnamese in
"strategic hamlets." Singlaub was appointed head of the U.S
command in South Korea in 1976, but was removed in 1978 when he
publicly disagreed with President Carter's plans to withdraw U.S.

A significant figure, within the national security apparatus
and the far-right, Singlaub was well-placed to serve as a contact
who could network neo-fascist killers, drug peddlers and state-
sanctioned terrorist "assets" employed by the national security
state itself. Herman and O'Sullivan write:

Singlaub was...close to the Reagan White House. From April
1983 until October 1984 he chaired an official Pentagon
panel established to design U.S. policies toward developing
countries. The panel also included Brigadier General Heine
Anderholt, a contributing editor to _Soldier of Fortune_,
and another half dozen extreme right-wing military officers
and academicians. In April 1984, Singlaub met with
President Reagan and National Security Advisor Robert
McFarlane and was named "the chief fund-raising contact" to
the contra army in Central America. With this choice, the
president plucked from the world of the paramilitary/neo-
Nazi fringe a man who had spent six years since his forced
retirement from the army in some of the most powerful and
dangerous organizations on the U.S. and international
extreme right, where his associates included former Nazis,
Nazi collaborators, anti-Semites, leaders of death squads,
and a motley crew of mercenaries. Reagan honored these with
a warm greeting to WACL at its 1984 gathering, asserting
that the organization was playing a "leadership role" in the
"gallant struggle being waged by the true freedom fighters
of our day." Within a year at Bitburg, Reagan would pay his
respects to the Waffen-SS.[43]

It is within this context as well, that Patrick Buchanan,
then Reagan's communications director, echoed calls issued by the
Nazi-linked, Captive Nations Committee (CNC), to abolish the
Justice Department's Office for Special Investigations (OSI),
responsible for prosecuting war criminals still at large. This
should not come as a shock to anyone, since many members of CNC
held dual membership in WACL.

Andy Messing, as well as Howard Phillips, chairman of The
Conservative Caucus and current leader of the United States
Taxpayers Party (USTP), were key figures within WACL's American
branch. Larry Pratt shares Phillips' ideological commitment to
the clerical-fascist doctrine of Christian Reconstructionism;
indeed, Pratt is a national committee member of Phillips' USTP.

Phillips and other American far-rightists, including Black
"pro-life" Republican Party presidential candidate, Alan Keyes,
were members of the South Africa lobby. The International
Freedom Foundation (IFF), an organization founded by
"conservative" activist, Jack Abramhoff, was recently exposed by
senior South African military personnel as a cut-out of the South
African military and Special Branch. IFF functioned as a
propaganda arm for South African STRATCOM (strategic
communications) counter-insurgency operations directed against
the African National Congress and the trade union

These are some of the individuals found within Mr. Pratt's
small circle of friends, but for "reasons of state," the
bourgeois media has tended to "forget" the invaluable services
rendered to imperialism by such "extremist" representatives of
the "radical religious right."


Fighting communism at home and abroad were not the only
missions undertaken by the Council for Inter-American Security
and their stalwart secretary, Larry Pratt. With the collapse of
the degenerated workers' states in the USSR and Eastern Europe,
crowned by the annexation of the German Democratic Republic by
West German Capital, new "enemies" appeared on the horizon --
both in Europe and the United States.

By 1990, the "Culture Wars," the assault on the basic rights
of people of color, the organized proletariat, immigrants, women,
queers and the left had come to replace the mythological
significance of the "Red Menace" for the far-right. Mr. Pratt,
this time in the guise of "defender" of "traditional family
values," and "America's Godly heritage," was equal to the task,
"protecting" white Christians from a "flood" of "illegal"
immigrants. Pratt would use his skills as a propagandist and his
position as president of Gun Owners of America, to launch a new
campaign -- to make English the official language of the United

Under the auspices of CIS, Pratt was the president of a
racist, anti-immigration outfit, English First. Officers of
Pratt's group are also leaders of the alarmist, United States
Border Control (USBC). The Denver-based, North-South Institute
(NSI) is a non-profit arm of the Council for Inter-American
Security. NSI vice president and director, Lt. General Gordon
Sumner, also a CIS director as we have seen, is an officer of
USBC and NSI.[45]

A close ally of Pratt's in this enterprise is Anthony
Bouscaren. A CIS advisor along with Singlaub and Sumner,
Bouscaren was a board member of WACL's American branch. During
the l960s, Bouscaren worked for Wycliffe Draper's Pioneer Fund, a
racist organization which has bankrolled pseudoscientific
"research" which allegedly proves that blacks are genetically
inferior to whites. The Pioneer Fund has been an instrumental
force behind the scenes, funding neo-eugenicist research such as
that of Phillipe Rushton, as well as many anti-immigration
groups, including the "mainstream" Federation for American
Immigration Reform, whose oxymoronic acronym is "FAIR."[46]

During the 1970s, Bouscaren was a board member of the
American-Chilean Council, a group which served as a public
relations arm of the Pinochet death squad state. There Bouscaren
worked with Ronald Docksai, the founder of the Council for Inter-
American Security and L. Francis Bouchey, who would lead the
organization during the 1980s.[47]

Well after his stint with the Pioneer Fund, Bouscaren