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published numerous articles in Roger Pearson's _Journal for
Social, Political and Economic Studies_ -- that is, after Pearson
had been exposed as a Nazi by the _Washington Post_.[48]

Bouscaren signed the "Declaration of San Salvador," as a
proxy for John Singlaub. The declaration was the result of a
right-wing conference held in San Salvador in 1985; it included
many WACL members and focused on ways to involve civilians in
anti-communist efforts. The document announced the formation of
the Central American Anti-Communist Defense Accord, intended to
create a combat group known as the Central American Civilian
Military Alliance (CACMA).[49]

But CACMA was more than a WACL propaganda project. Drawing
on the experiences of Guatemala's notorious "Program of
Assistance to Areas in Conflict" (PAAC), inspired by the CIA's
Phoenix Operation in Vietnam, PAAC's "civic action" program
included forced relocation of Mayan peasants into "model
villages" and the creation of hated "civilian self-defense
patrols." WACL, CACMA and their CIA handlers viewed these
operations as a means of generalizing and standardizing the
"Guatemalan experience" throughout the region. In this near-
genocidal enterprise against the Mayan people, the death squad
regime was offered much assistance by Israeli as well as domestic
"assets" within the U.S. Christian Right, especially from the
clerical-fascist Reconstructionist wing of the movement.[50]

The counter-insurgency doctrine of "low-intensity conflict"
(LIC), became a significant factor on the home front. Beginning
in the early 1990s, veterans of CIA-Contra operations and their
intellectual architects, began propagandizing for a systematic
application of LIC methodology within the imperialist heartland
itself. The "war on drugs" and the Immigration and
Naturalization Service's brutal border sweeps, detention and
deportation of so-called "illegals," many of whom are political
refugees, are but the tip of the iceberg in this regard.

Echoing the xenophobic campaign already in full-swing within
the reunified Germany, CIS and English First issued a paper,
_Creating a Hispanic America: Nation Within a Nation?_ This
racist diatribe virtually equates bilingual education with
"terrorism." "Bilingual education has national security
implications," its authors inform us. Given CIS's role in
support of the CIA-Contra wars, their equation -- Latino =
Terrorist -- certainly comes as no surprise. According to anti-
racist researcher and activist, Michael Novick:

The paper compares the U.S. southwest to French-speaking
Quebec, with its potential for separatism. It sees the
Chicano and Spanish-speaking population as in themselves a
threat to U.S. national security and unity.

The paper also indulges in more blatant racism. It
describes the Indian ancestors of Latinos as "uncivilized
barbaric squatters" with "a penchant for grotesque human
sacrifices, cannibalism, and kidnapping women." This is the
ideology that guides English First leader Pratt in his fund-
raising appeals for the English Only cause. In one letter
soliciting potential donors, Pratt claimed, "many immigrants
these days are encouraged not to learn English. They remain
stuck in a linguistic...ghetto, living off welfare and
costing working Americans billions of tax dollars."[51]

Larry Pratt is a key leader of the reactionary U.S.
Taxpayers Party (USTP). As touched upon briefly, Pratt is a
national committee member of Howard Phillips' outfit, as well as
a national co-chairman of Patrick Buchanan's campaign committee.
A central plank of the USTP's platform is the requirement that
English become the "official" language of the United States. The
USTP is opposed both to bilingual education and the use of
multilingual ballots for U.S. elections.

But buried within the USTP's 1992 platform is the bland
phrase: the USTP "reject[s] the practice of bestowing U.S.
citizenship on children born to illegal alien parents while in
this country." This is an attack on the 13th and 14th amendments
to the U.S. Constitution. The 13th amendment abolished slavery,
while the 14th amendment granted full citizenship rights to
former slaves as well as to the children of non-citizen
immigrants born in the U.S., legal or otherwise. In fact, Pratt
and his cohorts within the "Patriot" movement seek to repeal
these amendments as part of their drive to create a "Christian

The origins of "Patriot" thinking regarding constitutional
"revisions" of citizenship rights, is the little known but
virulently racist, League of Pace Amendment Advocates. Daniel
Johnson, the author of the so-called Pace Amendment is a far-
rightist with close ties to many neo-Nazis, including Richard
Barrett's Mississippi-based Nationalist Movement and the Populist
Party, founded by arch anti-Semite, Willis Carto, the leader of
the Liberty Lobby.[52]

Mr. Pratt and his cohorts within the Council for Inter-
American Security have much to answer for in their service to
U.S. imperialism. Their role as active agents for murderous
policies designed to bring the Central American people "in line"
with the "rule of law" and the "civilized norms of the Western
democracies," have had very grave consequences indeed.

Their close collaboration with the FBI and the Salvadoran
intelligence service unquestionably resulted in the deaths of
_hundreds_ of refugees after their forced deportation to El
Salvador. According to the Political Asylum Project of the
American Civil Liberties Union, out of 154 refugees deported in
1983 and 1984, 42 returnees were killed, seven were arrested,
five were jailed, 47 were "disappeared" and an additional 43
others "disappeared" under violent circumstances. Certainly an
admirable record Mr. Pratt and his "Patriot" companions can
reminisce over during Bible study, perhaps.[53]


Far from being an innocent wrongly accused of anti-Semitism
and racism, Larry Pratt is an individual committed to a world-
view which begins and ends with global economic-political-
cultural-military domination by U.S. imperialism; this is the
context and ideology behind Patrick Buchanan's allegiance to
xenophobic "America First" nationalism.

Mr. Pratt's 1990 book, _Armed People Victorious_, touted by
the bourgeois press as a "passionate defense" of gun rights and
the militia movement, is a volume inspired by the anti-communist
death squads which operated so "efficiently" in Guatemala and the

Pratt's close working relationship with the Council for
Inter-American Security and the World Anti-Communist League
provided him both with the theoretical and practical knowledge
necessary to forge effective links among a host of individuals
and organizations who actively sympathized with U.S.-sponsored
terror and mass murder in Central America.

It should come as no surprise, least of all to a mendacious
press that remained silent while imperialism implemented a policy
of _extermination_, that fascists such as Pratt would recommend
the creation of the domestic equivalent of Central American
_death squads_ in the United States to deal with troublesome
enemies of today's "Culture Wars."

What is significant is _not_ that individuals such as Mr.
Pratt are "extremists" or the "enemies" of a supposedly
"pluralist democracy." Of far greater significance is that this
"public-private partnership" among a host of reactionary
organizations and the national security state, is the _norm_; an
enduring legacy of settler-colonialism grounded in white
supremacist ideologies -- and ideologues -- who are hell-bent on
maintaining imperialism's global domination _by any means


Principle directors, associates and research analysts involved
with the Council for Inter-American Security. Compiled by the
Interhemispheric Resource Center, Group Watch Reports, Box 4506,
Albuquerque, NM 87196-4506. On PeaceNet, IRC's Group Watch
archive can be found on cdp:pra.reactionary; this excellent
archive is maintained by Political Research Associates.

L. Francis Bouchey, president; Lt. Gen. Gordon Sumner, Jr.
(USA-Ret.), chairman; Larry D. Pratt, secretary; Richard W.
Powell, treasurer; Michael Connelly, general counsel. Directors:
Robert W. Searby (Deputy Undersecretary for International
Affairs, Department of Labor), Patrick J. Buchanan (former
communications director for President Reagan); Michael Carricarte
(Carricarte Corp); Col. Samuel T. Dickens (American Security
Council); Ronald F. Docksai (president emeritus); Francis P.
Graves (Republican National Committee); Lewis A. Tambs (U.S.
Ambassador to Colombia, Costa Rica); Andy Messing (National
Defense Council); Robert Emmet Moffit (former senior Legislative
Assistant for Foreign Affairs). David Hirschmann, research
director; Max Primorac, research fellow; Clemens Michel, research
fellow; David Spencer, research fellow; Michael Caputo; John
Lenczowski, consultant. James Whelan, president of the
Inter-Security Educational Institute, co-publisher of West Watch.
Michael Waller, West Watch editor and former research director.
General John K. Singlaub (USA, Ret.); advisory board. Members of
the first Committee of Santa Fe: L. Francis Bouchey, Roger W.
Fontaine, David C. Jordan, Gordon Sumner, Lewis Tambs editor.
Members of the second Committee of Santa Fe: L. Francis Bouchey,
Roger Fontaine, David C. Jordan, Gordon Sumner. Inter-American
Security Educational Institute: Fr. Enrique T. Rueda, project


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