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conference list - in chronological order (by the starting date of the event).

This list contains information on upcoming political conferences,
gatherings, and demonstrations, as well as information on music festivals
and some tattoo conventions. Please email me at angel+@osu.edu or reply to
this message to contribute information to this list. This message will be
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If you would like to receive it regularly through email please contact me.
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* I need information for any organzing around the Republican National
Convention, an animal rights thing in DC, and rumored gatherings/fests in
San Diego, BC, Winnipeg, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis.

March 28-30 : New York City: Independent Music Fest
March 29-30 : Cleveland Ohio : Hardcore Fest
March 30 : San Francisco : Anarchist BOok Fair
April 27- March 2 : Houston TX : Freedmenstown Squatter Festival
*May 1st: University of Maryland: Anarchist/anti govt ralley
*May3-5: Arcata, CA: Free Arcata Fest
May 23-29: Wilmington NC : WE Festival
May 24-25 : Philadelphia Punk Fest
June 9 1996 : Greenport NY : Poetry Fest 96
June 19-24: Earth First! Gathering (tentative dates)
June 20-23 : San Francisco : Queercore Festival
June 26-30 : Eugene, Oregon : Punk gathering/ fest
June 28-29 : Minneapolis MN : Nedfest (music)
July 3-5: Long Beach CA: SoCal Peace Fest
July 5-7 : Seattle : Girl Convention
July 5-7 : Columbus OH : Hardcore Fest
July 18th-Aug. 4th : Atlanta, Georgia :
Olympics / Food Not Bombs int'l gathering
August 9-10 : Cleveland Ohio : Hardcore Fest
August 21-31: chicago IL : Active Resistance/
Democratic National Convention
October 25-27: Pittsburgh PA : Meeting of the Marked Tattoo Convention
where to get more information / announcements

* New information
March 28 - 30 1996
New York City

5th Annual Independent Music Fest

The IMF is a music conference modeled after CMJ and South by
Southwest, but is 100% devoted to unsigned bands and bands on independent
labels. The IMF presents daytime panel discussions, exhibition booths from
a wide variety of music-oriented groups, listening sessions where bands can
get their demo tapes listened to and critiqued by actual living label
staff, and a keynote speech by a respected member of the independent music
community. To top it all off, the IMF also presents showcases in fifteen
clubs around the Greenwich Village area in the heart of New York City. With
over 150 bands, you can't go wrong.
All you need to participate in the IMF is a badge. Since the IMF is
run by college students, we don't like to charge too much, so badge prices
are $35 for general public and $15 for students. An IMF badge allows you
unlimited acces to all daytime events as well as FREE admission to all
participating venues.
The IMF is an excellent opportunity for you to listen to and learn
about some of the best independent music around. Forget the other music
conventions. Why would you want to pay so much money to see music you can
hear on the radio every day?

.The only music fest that knows what music is all about.

Independent Music Fest
NYU Program Board
566 LaGuardia Pl room 103
New York NY 10012



Friday Mar29 & Saturday Mar30 1996
Cleveland, Ohio

The 1996 Underground Music Festival
Located at the willoughby armory : 4180 Grove Ave/Willoughby/Ohio
info: call shauna 216-255-9823


Guest Speakers: Forbes Home, Rob Pennington

>From the EAST:
take 90 west to 44 norht to rt 2 west. get off at the vine st east exit...

>From the WEST:
90 east thru cleveland. 90 and 2 will merge. when they split, take rt.2
until the vine st. east exit

>From the south: take 71 or 77 to cleveland. 71 and 77 will turn into 90,
>which will merge with rt. 2. when they split, take rt.2 to the vine st
>east exit...

follow vine st, go thru 2 lights and under the rr tracks. make a right
onto Skiff, then right at Second Street, left on grove. armory will be on
the right.

knights inn rt 306 and 90 216-953-8835
super 8 rt 306 and rt 2 216.951.8558
Saturday Mar 30
Bound Together Anarchist Bookfair
San Francisco CA

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Bound Together Bookstore
Collective presents the first Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair.

The collective intends to do acknowledge 20 years of doing what they
do by doing what they do best . . . and that's providing the
materials and space for people to discover, display or distribute the
alternative, the anarchic, the provocative and the elsewhere

The Book Fair will be held in the San Francisco County Fair Building
in Golden Gate Park near Ninth Avenue and Lincoln Way. The time and
date: Saturday, March 30, 1996, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Admission
is free.

Approximately 30-to-40 anarchist and alternative book, magazine, and
publishing people will be present at tables selling and distributing
materials and examples of their work.

The plans for this even also include spoken word performances, visual
displays, entertainment, a cafe and daycare. Keynote speakers so far
committed to the date are: satirist and trickster Robert Anton
Wilson, author of The Illuminati Triology; sex-positive educator,
author and radical feminist Susie Bright; alive-and-well Dead Kennedy
Jello Biafra; and cutting edge lesbian author, Kathy Acker.

Further features are still being booked, and other cultural events
are being planned in conjunction with Bound Together#s 20 year mark.

For more information, please write: Book Fair, c/o Bound Together
Bookstore, 1369 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

or email

April 27th-May 2nd

The Freedmenstown Squatter Festival

A breif history of Freedmens Town,TX
Freedmens Town was founded in 1886 just after the sighning of the
Emanicipation ProclaimationThe land that was alotted to the former
slaves was a large tract of "worthless"swamp land near the Buffalo Bayou
in what is now Houston.
In an ironic twist of fate that same land is worth an estimated $65
million dollars and now the White man is trying to take it back!!!
Freedmenstown is sanwhiched in between Downtown Houston,the exclusive
River Oaks and Memorial Areas,the Heights,and the newly gentrified
Montrose Nieborhood.Greedy developers on all sides of the area are
drooling over the prospects of leveling the historic district and
replacing it with the specter of highrise office buildings,upscale shops
and overpriced condos.
Most of the resistence to the sharks encrouchment into the oldest
African American community in East Texas has come from The Allen Parkway
Residents Council(APVRC).Allen Parkway Village is a large Federally
funded housing project,which after years of neglect is the first area
slated to succumb to the bulldozers.
For the past 15 years the APVRC and its supporters have been able to
keep the bulldozers out of the nieborhood,but the powers that be are
once again attempting to level APV.
Local activist belive that if APV is razed it would effectively silence
any opposition to the demolition of the rest of Freedmens Town,and would
put an end to the resident endorsed "community campus plan",which would
serve as a model for public housing of the future.(for more info on the
campus plan please contact the APVRC at the address below)
The newest Demolition application was steamed rolled past the Houstom
Housing Authority,and quickly rubber stamped by Hud ,leading some
activist to belive that the developers want to begin demolition before
promised to sue the city,HATCH,and HUD in abid to buy more time,untill
the festivival when we'll have enough people to oppose the plan .
The Freedmenstown Squatter Festival will be held April 27th-May 2nd
and will feature A massive housing takeover/occupation of Allen Parkway
Village,workshops,live music,IWW/FNB/EF! direct actions against
corporate assholes who seek to profit of the suffering of the people and
the earth,guerilla theater,Anarchy Ale,FM micro Radio,self
determination,and whateverelese we collectively decide to do!!!!
APV has hundreds of empty apartment units available for squatting,and
large open spaces for massive "tent cities".
We also have access to the community center(which has a large concert
space,several smaller metting rooms,and a kitchen)We've also secured the
use of the mini amphitheater(perfect for out door concerts and improv
theater ect.
Several cool local bands have allready agreed to play at the festival
and concert collective is being formed and The local Food Not Bombs
group has begun to secure food for the people
We the makings for a really cool festival,but to make it happen we're
gonna need your help!!So in the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid
heres some ideas to get you started
@ Come to Freedmens Town to vollunteer/participate
@ Come early (and stay late) to help us organize
@ Propose a workshop and/or action
@ help raise $$ for material aid
@Tell efveryone you know about the festival!!!!!!
@or send a contribution in the form a stamps or well concelled cash to
Houston Food Not Bombs pobox 981101Hou,TX 77098.For more info on the APV
community campus plan or to get involve write to Lynwood Johnson pobox
21371Hou,Tx 77226 or call him at (713)951-9188

Nicky Richards


May 1st 1996
Anarchist / Anti Government Rally
University of Maryland (what city??)

May 1st, 1996 at the University of Maryland an anarchist
anti-government rally featuring speakers Bill White, Public Relations
Coordinator, Utopian Anarchist Party, Kim Meyer, Miss Teen Florida 1995,
and Tad Kepley, editor, Anarchy! A Journal of Desire Armed will be held.
The time and exact location of the rally, to be entitled "May Day on the
Front Line" are still to be announced, though the date and the speakers
have been set.
Note that none of the speakers necessarily endorse the views,
opinions, or actions of the others.

More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.
info from: nrkybill@wam.umd.edu


May 3-5- FREE ARCATA FESTIVAL-Arcata, Ca. Not too sure what exactly this
is gonna be, but it will probably have a bunch of FNB actions, music and
perhaps some workshops or something. Write Free Arcata Fest, POB 4733,
Arcata, Ca 95518-4733 for mo' info
WE Festival
May 23 - 29, 1996
Wilmington NC
"Come Wreck Our Town"

Join an eclectic gathering of people who do cool stuff at the
WE Festival in Wilmington, NC, Thursday, May 23 - Wednesday, May
29. It's a seven day smorgasbord of cool stuff: over 50 bands
from around the world, a plethora of independent / underground
films, tons of zines, and an unhealthy dose of microbrewed beer,
will be featured during this seven day romp through our own
private wonderland.

The Wilmington Exchange is a cooperative organization that
encourages independent thought and creativity. The purpose of the
WE Festival is to present an environment where people can come
together, interact, and be inspired; promoting a sense of
community by nurturing artists' careers, rather than exploiting
them. Helping them find the tools to do the work they love
without compromise.

WE Festival attendees will get in to all participating venues
and receive a We Guide(to help them navigate the new frontier).
Plus, they'll receive access to the Wilmington Exchange Center,
where they can bring a bigass bag and fill it with whatever they
desire, since tons of free swag will be theirs for the taking.
The cost to attend the week-long WE Festival is only $15.00. The
cost for anyone attending as a representative of any corporate
conglomerate is $1500.00(that is not a joke).

If you have any questions, email us at WEFestival@aol.com, call
Rick at (910) 256-7867 or Kenyata at (910) 256-3791. Web pages coming soon

Send submissions to WE Fest, P.O. Box 2071, Wilmington, NC
28402-2071 USA.

Memorial Day Weekend - May 24-5

Philly Punk Fest in the works. more details later..

June 9 1996

Poetry Fest 96

Greenport, NY June 9 all day and night - hundreds of poets and publishers

This is the first national Poetry Fest and anyone in the poetry scene, either
as a poet or a small press/litmag publisher, is encouraged to attend. This will
be publicized throughout the New York Metro area and southern New England and
will attract hundreds of those interested in buying/swapping zines.

What I'm arranging for is guest speakers and topics will include
self-publishing, free speech, e-zines and e-poetry, the value of the zine to
the poet, what is modern poetry? the future of poetry and the art of the zine.
Also, there will be tons of readings, so bring some poems.

Tables, $30. Half-table, $18. (You should easily make this money back)

Too, my wife manages a motel in Greenport (a one block walk from the
festivities). She can arrange for double occupancy rooms for $55. That's
$27.50 if you're willing to split it with someone else.

Please publish the facts of this release in your zine as soon as possible. All
zine and literary publishers are welcome to Poetry Fest 96, whether you publish
poetry or not.

Darren Johnson
PO Box 672
Water Mill, NY 11976

Tentative Dates: June 19-24
Earth First Gathering
No location Yet

From: Earth First <actionupdate@gn.apc.org>

What is it Robin? Can it be true?

Well holy tree stumps Batman, they want to have an Earth First!

But how can that be? Surely they aren't able to organise one without a
large office and international financing? And any way, they're not wearing
tights. How can they save the world without tights?

I can't believe it Batman - it looks like they're going to try and ask for help.
This is too much. If people start taking control of their own lives they'll
stop leaving it up to us to fight the bad guys. Then what'll happen?
It'll be anarchy - the death of super heroes as we know them!

..... we interrupt this program to bring you an announcement. A lone
individual by the name of Luke is proposing that there is an Earth First!
gathering over the Summer Solstice and would like to hear your
opinions. We are now going live to his house for this exclusive interview.

"Hello my name's Luke and I help put the Earth First! Action Update
together. I'm sending this message to a few people I thought might be
interested and you are one of them! As most of you will know, Earth First!
has 'national' gatherings about every 6 months. Normally about 80 people
turn up and there are talks by different campaign groups, discussions on
a range of issues and generally a good party where we all chill out
together. At the last gathering in Lancashire I agreed, along with
2 others to sort out the next one for Easter. However, Easter is rapidly
approaching and the other 2 are rapped up at Newbury. Having talked to
a few other people about this we arrived at the decision that maybe
we should put on a really sorted summer gathering rather than a
half sorted Easter one. South Somerset EF! proposed holding the
gathering over the summer solstice. They proposed that the site
should be the single most important priority and that it should be in
a beautiful area, away from development and preferably with a
stone circle or hill fort. I've also talked the idea over with Reclaim
the Streets and A30 Action along with several other active people.

What I'd like to know is -What do you think? Would you like to
be involved and what do you think is needed? (Please note that
Earth First! is a doing word. It is not an exclusive club. All ideas
are welcome)

I propose that the gathering is much larger than normal and is
geared up not only as a meeting point for people in the
movement, but also as a good introduction and training for
people new to direct action campaigning. There could be:
presentations on ALL direct action campaigns (Roads, Shell, JSA);
a full training in all aspects of direct action campaigning (from
building tree houses to writing press releases); a debate/
speakers forum (covering any topics people wish to raise
from splits in the movement to life on mars!) ; and also a full
range of introductions to positive alternatives to mass
consumerism and generally staying chilled out in a hectic
world (yoga, permaculture, spiritualism etc). These 4 areas
could be placed in 4 separate marquees/large benders
and be running continuously over the length of the gathering.
We could also have a lot of drummers, theatre groups,
entertainers for the evenings to ensure it's one hell of a party!

I'm basically looking for ideas from people and offers of help.
There are a lot of things that could be done with this gathering,
especially as it is not until June. However, I won't keep
ranting on about all the ideas I've got as for it to work really
well it needs to be thought about be a lot of people (get that
morphic resonance going!) - we could get someone to give
a talk on that as well.

Firstly I need to know whether people think it is a good idea.
How about the 19th to the 24th of June?If people are into
it, the second area needing to be sorted is a site. We need
a friendly land owner who will let around 300 people camp
on her/his land for 5 days. We'll also need running water
and the site needs to be at least football pitch size with
space for vehicles to park away from the tents/tepees
etc. Does anyone know the owner of the site for the Big
Green Gathering? That has a stone circle as well. Or maybe
someone knows the owner of Glastonbury and we could
get a field there? Do you know of anywhere we could
have? What area of the country should it be in?

If I get a positive response to this mailing then I'll put a
flier out about it with the next Earth First! Action Update,
giving a clearer idea of the options and what help will be
required to get it off the ground. As with most Earth First!
events it will probably be put together in a weird sort of
organised chaos sort of way - but when they come
together they're the best (witness the Whatley Quarry Action).
Like I said, if people think it is a good idea and a few
people start offering to help out then I'll set a meeting
for early March and those interested can then start thrashing
out how to get it sorted.

All comments / offers of help to Luke on 01222 383363
or email 'actionupdate@gn.apc.org' or write to PO BOX 7,
Cardiff CF2 4XX. Please note that I'm not 'in charge' of
the gathering, although I'm prepared to put a lot of work
into ensuring it happens. If the gathering idea gets a good
response then I'll ensure we get a team of people
together to make sure it happens. Anyone is welcome
to be part of that team. Enthusiasm is much more important
than experience. Burnt out experts should help out on a
consultation basis only!"

We now return you to your regularly scheduled viewing...


June 20-23
Dirtybird: A Queercore Festival
San Francsico

People can countact Matt Outpunk at
Box 170501 SF CA 94117 -- though there isn't really any info to
send yet. They should probably send an SASE. We'll also have an info
phone number soon.

June 26-30
Eugene, Oregon

Resist and Exist

Our gathering is scheduled for June 26-30 and will be held either in
downtown eugene or on land just outside of town. There are already 20
bands confirmed to play and 20-ish workshops on things like FNB, Earth
First!, silkscreening and stuff like that. We are still looking for more
bands(esp. emo, sXe, and skaterock bands to add some diversity to our
somewhat homogenous bill)and a couple more people to do workshops.

"intended to be a large, eclectic gathering of punks from all different
'scenes' and walks of life. the focus of this event is on unifying the
punk communicty for positive change through music, cooperation, and

the antipathy collective
pob 11703,
eugene, OR 97440

June 28-29
Minneapolis MN

NEDFEST is going to be the weekend of the 28-29 of june. in the mpls.
area. hopefully at the new club (all ages, all punk DIY, all collective run) or
a specific venue just for that weekend.
so far, it seems as though the majority of bands being contacted are
straightedge hardcore genre-oriented. flex and i are working on others such as
aus rotten, los crudos, our friends back east (your and mine) in the albany
area, drop dead, any other bands of this nature, though not strictly confined
to it.other than this there are no solid details yet. we just need bands
who can
deinately play to make up guidelines and times and how long the thing will
last, etc.
if anyone needs a voice to talk to about this or wants a
show before this or after they can call me at 612-641-0450.

SoCal Peace fest-July 3-5 1996. This is a gathering set up by some of the
legendary OC PEACE PUNX. There should be lots of bands(including Active
Minds and the Varukers), workshops, protests and other fun stuff. Frank
from AGC is setting it up. Write him c/o AGC @POB 90084, Long Beach, Ca
90809-0084 or give him a ring at (310) 692-0266

July 5-7

Columbus Hardcore Fest in the works. Call for more info:
Cliff (614) 688-1038.
July 5-7, 1996

Girl Convention
Seattle WA

hi, a few other girls and I are planning a girl convention for next
summer. It is going to be in Seattle on July 5/6/7 that's a
friday/saturday/sunday and it will be a kicking blast so every girl in
the whole entire world should come. There will be radical workshops
where you can learn how to silkscreen (oooohhhh!!!), how to fix yr leaky
faucet so so you don't have to hire some buttrock guy who charges you a
bajillion bucks, self-defense, etc., discussions about classism, sexism,
racism, otherisms and there will be good rock shows too
with all your favorite girl rockers and zine trading and an art show and
if we can figure it out, there might be a skating party, too, so don't
forget your roller skates or your skateboard! It will be really fun. And
two weeks beforehand there will be a similar thing in Santa Barbara and
one week beforehand there will be a similar thing in Portland so you could
turn it into a big adventure and go to all 3. And if you or anyone you
know wants to lead a workshop or discussion or something, that would be rad.

byelove, ann

my address is -- Ann McNally/Xavier Hall/1110 E. Spring/Seattle, WA 98122
and my phone number is 206-220-8592 but e-mail is easiest. And you can
tell everyone about this!

july 18th-aug. 4th
Atlanta, Georgia

fnb international gathering
"building an alternative to transnational corporate greed"

770 ormewood ave.
atlanta, GA 30312 -

For olympics information:

Sara Zia Ebrahimi: sazF95@hamp.hampshire.edu

If you'd prefer to snail her, that's Hampshire Coll Box 0429, PO Box
5001, Amherst, MA 01002.


August 9-10 1996
Cleveland Ohio

Hardcore Fest

Contact Randy Thatcher: 216.321.4071 or rht3@po.cwru.edu
if your band is interested in playing.

Possibly at chenga world/n. ridgeville.


AUGUST 21-31, 1996

ACTIVE RESISTANCE is both a convention and a gathering, bringing together
individuals and collectives to create sustainable communities of
resistance. This union will engage intensive work on long term goals,
high spirited activism, as well as share in the challenge and fun
involved in putting this all together. We hope to accomplish a
great deal. And we know we'll have fun. The Counter-Convention
is scheduled to take place in Chicago for 10 days -- before, during,
and after the 1996 Democratic National Convention. For more information
email the AUtonomous Zone at ugwiller@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu or
1573 N Milwaukee #420
Chicago IL 60622


October 25, 26, 27th, 1996
Meeting of the Marked Tattoo Convention
Pittsburgh, PA

Meeting of the Marked is the Tri-State Areas premiere tattoo event. Now in
it's fourth year, this celebration of tattoo arts includes 40 booths with
artists, piercers and vendors from across the US and around the globe.
Attendance usually averages over 3,000 for the three day event. Ten different
contest categories, no entry fee for contests, hand crafted trophies for 1st
place in each category (made by Rob Billings, Booty Metals, Chicago, IL).
Lot's of tattoo photography and tattoo related exhibits. Coverage by national
tattoo magazines (see March Issue of Skin & Ink)!

Al Monzo's Palace Inn
24 Hour Info- 412-531-5319
or e-mail tim at Amazinger@aol.com


Other information :

ADVANCE, a Comprehensive listing of animal rights, animal welfare,
vegetarian & environmental events. Meetings, protests, expos, dinners,
lectures, symposia, conventions, rallies, demonstrations, & lots more.
Published & updated monthly. For free sample, send mailing address (snail
mail) to: mkoplow@ix.netcom.com or visit web site:

>From Eugene fols:
Hey, we are working on organizing a car pool type thing here on the West
Coast to get from event to event. If you or anyone you know is interested,
please e-mail us or call (541) 302-1838.
We are also looking for a few more people to do workshops at Resist
and Exist 1996 here in Eugene. Call, write, or e-mail if you can help.

mike POB 11703 eugene, or 97440 / tac@efn.org