HAH! Day 004 - The Hungerstrike Continues...

Hungstrike Against Harris! (hunger@lglobal.com)
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 17:30:27 -0500

HAH! - Day 004

Michele Leslie - International Women's Day participant in Hungerstrike
Against Harris - is conducting a live radio interview tonight in Toronto at
7pm on CKLN 88.1 FM. Tune in and check it out if you can (if you're in
Toronto, that is)!

Today's participant for the HAH! is David Hermolin of York University's CFS
and OPIRG. Phone calls of support can be sent to: (416)494-4725, fax:

If you know anybody who is seeking to participate or requires more
information, please have them get in touch with HAH! by phone, fax, or
email. My home number in Toronto is (416)536-7722, and at work during the
day is (416)588-8580.

It would be particularly useful if you could provide me with the names of
individuals willing to commit to fast on particular dates. Currently we
have openings on the 12th (tomorrow!), 13th, 15th, and 19th of March, along
with some dates in April. If any of these dates are convenient for you
please give me a shout ASAP (especially for the opening tomorrow). HAH! can
be contacted at: (416)760-3403, fax (416) 971-2292 or email <hunger@lglobal.com>

Thanks for your support!


The following are statements from this weekend's participants in HAH!:
March 10, 1996 Participant: Rev. Brian Burch
Contact #: (416) 651-4514 Toronto Action for Social Justice
"At this current time of the Lenten season it is common for Christians
to renounce some of our privileges. Fasting is an act of renunciation
and solidarity with those who are hungry not through their own choice
in our community and around the world".
March 9, 1996 Participant: Michele Leslie - West Toronto Green Communities
Contact #: (416) 392-1658
"I'm taking in the sprit of Ghandian ahimsa. I found my fast to be strangely
empowering given that I was attending the International Women's Day rally at the
University of Toronto's Convocation Hall. The energy was heavy because I'd
undertaken the fast out of protest. Becuase of that I felt in tune with the

HHH HHH A HHH HHH !!! March 8th marked nine months
HHH HHH A A HHH HHH !!! of irresponsible government
HHHHHHHHH AAAAA HHHHHHHHH !!! in Ontario beginning with the
HHH HHH AA AA HHH HHH June 8th, 1996 election of
HHH HHH AA AA HHH HHH !!! Mike Harris and the Tories.

This gestation period of cutbacks, destruction of the social safety net, and
caving in to the corporate agenda has caused devastating harm to women,
working people, people of colour, First Nations peoples, the unemployed, the
homeless, people on social assistance, the elderly, the disabled, youth,
students, the arts, and the ecology in Ontario. Utilizing the non-violent
tactics of Mahatma Gandhi and calling upon the spiritual traditions of
Ontario's multicultural and multifaith community, citizens across Ontario
have pledged to undertake a fast against fascism with Hungerstrike Against

HAH! was formed on February 10th 1996 by youth participants of the
'Responding to the Harris Agenda' citizens' forum in Waterloo, Ontario. The
goal of HAH! is to express protest against the tactics of the current
provincial government through a continuous series of rotational 24-hour fasts.

For more information about Hungerstrike Against Harris! or to sign up to
take part in the fast for a day, call (416)760-3403, fax (416) 971-2292 or
email <hunger@lglobal.com>. Please consult a physician if you are in doubt
about your ability to fast.