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Periodically, AFIB will post updates on topical events of
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CONTENTS: Supplement 14

1. (AFDC) A Victory For One Is A Victory For All!
Message From Kiernan Knutson
2. (ATS) Statement From The Irish Republican Army
3. (NT) Daishowa Inc. Gags Lubicon Supporters
4. (CIABASE) The CIA's Phoenix Rises
5. (REUTER) Army Punishes Soldiers Targeted In Skinhead
6. (AP) Serious Race Problems In Military
7. (PARCER) Pelican Bay Slammed By UN
8. (REUTER) Danish Neo-Nazi Radio Launched With Rock And


Date: Fri, 1 Mar 1996 12:32:55 CST6CDT
Subject: message from Kieran Knutson


Dear Family, Friends, & Comrades,

On Sunday, January 28th, a jury unanimously found me not guilty
of any crime for defending myself against a neo-nazi at an
anti-racist demonstration back in October of 1993.

It was a huge victory for all of us. The prosecutors thought they
could harass and intimidate the anti-racist/anti-fascist
movement, and imprison one of its activists. Instead it is the
state that feels humiliated, thanks to the strong support of my
family and friends, the work of the Anti-Fascist Defense
Committee, and the long hours put in by Keith Ellison of the
Legal Rights Center.

There is no doubt that this was a political prosecution. From the
circumstances of the charges, through the closing prosecutors
arguments - it was an active, effective militant anti-racist
movement that was on trial. But while they were able to prosecute
me for being an anti-racist activist, they were unable to
convince a jury that fighting racism was a crime.

More than two years ago a small group of people came together to
build support for my defense. Members of the Anti-Fascist Defense
Committee devoted a good chunk of their lives to organizing
protests and phone zaps, writing pamphlets and opinion pieces,
reaching out to allies locally, across the country and
internationally, holding fundraisers and forums, ensuring that
every day of court was packed with supporters, and just trying to
keep all of our chins up. I have a lot of love and respect for
all those who were involved in all aspects of the campaign and
all those who supported it by donating money, writing letters,
and spreading the word.

During the course of the campaign, the Anti-Fascist Defense
Committee also helped rejuvenate Anti-Racist Action, a youth
based anti-racist, direct action organization that is part of a
national network. ARA continues to work against police brutality
and white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan and Northern
Hammer Skinheads.

The Anti-Fascist Defense Committee will probably continue in some
form. As the growing anti-racist/anti-fascist movement will
undoubtedly face similar circumstances in the future. (Already in
Columbus, Ohio, some anti-racists face felony charges from
counter-demonstrating against the KKK.)

The Legal Rights Center and its director Keith Ellison deserve
special thanks. Keith, who always works for free, was not
expecting a two-year long battle, complete with visits to the
State Court of Appeals, when he volunteered to take my case on.
But his own commitment to activism and real justice ensured
consistently excellent legal representation.

I want to also thank my mom April, my dad Jim , my sister
Katrina, and Justine (my closest comrade) for their active
support over the last two years. I love them alot and think they
are way cool. Our movement doesn't often get big victories, so
it's important to celebrate them, to gather energy and
inspiration for the struggles ahead.


Kieran Frazier Knutson

{Editor's Note: The Anti-Fascist Defense Committee incurred a
large debt as a result of State attacks on Kiernan and the anti-
racist movement. Donations can be directed to the address below.
Fighting racism is not a crime!}

Anti-Fascist Defense Committee
P.O. BOX 7075
Minneapolis, MN 55407


Date: Sat, 2 Mar 96 11:19:16 -0800
From: Arm The Spirit <>
Subject: Statement From The Irish Republican Army

IRA Statement

The IRA released a statement in Dublin today, 29 February.

The IRA statement said there had been a detailed and open
exchange of views [between the IRA Army Council
and the leaders of Sinn Fein and the SDLP].

``We listened attentively to the case presented by both leaders
and noted their shared commitment to restoring the peace

It went on:

``For our part we restated our absolute commitment to our
republican objectives which include the free exercise by the
Irish people of our inalienable right to national
self-determination. We also took the opportunity to reiterate
what we said on February 9th, stressing that a resolution of the
conflict in our country demands justice and an inclusive
negotiated settlement without preconditions.

``We pointed out to Mr Hume and Mr Adams that the failure of
by the British government to put in place inclusive
negotiations free from preconditions, the abuse of the peace
process by the British over 18 months and the absence of an
effective and democratic aproach capable of providing an
irrevocable momentum towards a just and lasting peace in
Ireland, were the critical elements which led to the
failure, thus far, of the Irish peace process. We repeat
that we are prepared to face up to our responsibilities;
others need to do likewise.''

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Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist collective based
in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide variety of
material, including political prisoners, national liberation
struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism, the fight
against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our writings,
research, and translation materials in our magazine and bulletins
called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

Arm The Spirit
P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1P7 Canada

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** Topic: Canada: Daishowa Inc. Gags Lubicon Supporters **
** Written 12:28 PM Feb 28, 1996 by in cdp:misc.activism. **
Originally published in the Nanaimo Times
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Tuesday, February 27, 1996, page A5

All rights reserved by author
Kim Goldberg:

A Right to Profit
Money, a court rules, is worth more than human life

(c) Kim Goldberg, 1996

Daishowa Inc., the Toronto-based subsidiary to the
Japanese pulp and paper giant, has decided to celebrate
Canada's Freedom to Read Week (Feb. 26-March 3) by ensuring
that you cannot read the following information:

"Until a few years ago, the Lubicon (Cree of northern
Alberta) were a self-reliant people who lived off the land.
(In the late 1970s) government-supported oil and gas
development...devasted the traditional economy and lifestyle
of the Lubicon by ruining the environment and driving away
wildlife. Unbridled resource exploitation has forced 90
percent of the people onto welfare and is destroying the
community... Chief Bernard Ominayak (of Lubicon Lake Band) has
stated: 'If we allow (Daishowa) to clearcut, we may as well
sign our death certificates.'"

The preceding text, taken from a leaflet used by the
Friends of the Lubicon in their consumer boycott campaign
against Daishowa, was outlawed last month by an Ontario
appellate court that believes a corporation's right to turn a
tidy profit supercedes your constitutional right to free

The appeal court ruled that the entire boycott campaign
was illegal because its primary intent was to cause economic
damage to Daishowa.

This anti-democratic, Charter-busting verdict is
essentially a pre-emptive veto against all future consumer
boycotts in the province of Ontario and beyond, since all
successful boycotts by definition will have an economic impact
on the company targetted. That's the point, eh.

Unless the Jan. 23 ruling is overturned on higher appeal,
Friends of the Lubicon can no longer distribute factually
correct information to Daishowa's corporate customers or to
citizens on the street who are about to patronize a retailer
using Daishowa products.

Daishowa's involvement in the ongoing cultural genocide of
the Lubicon Cree began in 1989 when the Alberta government
granted Daishowa logging rights to 10,000 square kilometres of
unceded Lubicon territory.

In 1990 Daishowa opened its gigantic bleached kraft pulp
mill on the Peace River (the company's biggest overseas
investment ever), requiring some 11,000 trees daily. That
same year Daishowa began logging the Lubicon's ancestral

At the request of the Lubicon Nation, the Toronto-based
Friends of the Lubicon launched a consumer boycott campaign
against Daishowa in 1991. The Friends state that 47
companies, comprising 4,300 retail outlets across Canada, have
now joined the campaign and have chosen alternative paper

Daishowa claims the boycott has cost it $8 million to
date. The company lost the first court battle to muzzle its
critics last May. Unfortunately for Daishowa, the case was
heard by a judge who was acquainted with the Charter of Rights
and Freedoms.

But Daishowa lucked out on appeal, which demonstrates that
if you throw enough money at a problem for long enough, the
problem will disappear (along with democracy in this case).

According to Friends of the Lubicon, all Daishowa needed
to do to legitimately end the boycott campaign and win back
lost customers was issue a public statement guaranteeing the
company would not log or buy wood cut on unceded Lubicon
territory until a land rights settlement is reached with both
levels of government and a timber harvesting agreement has
been negotiatied with the Lubicon which respects Lubicon
wildlife and environmental concerns.

Daishowa's response? "The Friends of the Lubicon think
the livelihood of a hundred families is worth sacrificing for
giving some Indians some land rights," said Tom Cochrane,
Daishowa's director of corporate development, according to the
Feb. 8 edition of Toronto Varsity News.

At last the truth comes out: The adverse impact of our
rapacious activity is ultimately irrelvant, Daishowa is
essentially telling us, because the victims whose land and
livelihood we are destroying are just "some Indians."

Prior to 1980 less than ten percent of the Lubicon were on
welfare. Today that figure tops 95 percent. One third of the
population has contracted tuberculosis. Alcoholism, suicides
and still births are soaring.

The Lubicon are witnessing their own extermination. But
thanks to the Ontario Divisional Court and the bottomless
pockets of Daishowa, you can't be told.

Friends of the Lubicon can be contacted at 485 Ridelle
Ave., Toronto, Ont. M6B 1K6, ph: 416-763-7500, fax: 416-603-

Kim Goldberg is a Nanaimo Times columnist & freelance
journalist. Her latest article about political activism on
the Internet (complete with video clips of the Shuswap
Sundancers at Gustafsen Lake last summer) can be browsed at:

** End of text from cdp:misc.activism. **


** Topic: The CIA's Phoenix Rises **
** Written 8:31 AM Mar 2, 1996 by rmcgehee in **

The CIA's Phoenix Rises

I am no longer surprised by the CIA's ability to arise anew
like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of its own disasters.
The release of the report of the Commission on the Roles and
Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community and the
earlier release of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) report,
"Making Intelligence Smarter," graphically demonstrates this

The CIA arises anew and strengthened after each disaster
because it is the covert action arm of corporate America, not an
intelligence Agency. The Multinationals since World War Two have
been building a world order and use the CIA as a tool for
maintaining the hegemony of the United States and the
transnational elite. This is its purpose and its "intelligence"
is only an excuse for its covert operations.

Now comes the two investigations of the CIA and the
conclusions of both -- ignoring the numerous massive problems of
the CIA -- argue for expanding the power of the Agency. Could we
expect anything different?

I do not yet have the complete "Roles" report but newspaper
articles say it recommends: maintaining the capacity to conduct
covert operations; striping the Pentagon of its authority to
recruit spies and transferring it to the CIA; and, giving DCI
Deutch more power. The earlier CFR report called for allowing the
CIA to use the media, clergy and the Peace Corps for cover and to
re-empower the Agency to conduct operations that might involve
assassinations of foreign leaders.

The United States is in a unique position of power in the
political realities of the day and has three main weapons for