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Tom Burghardt (
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 18:32:06 +0100

dealing with recalcitrant regimes: the National Endowment for
Democracy (NED); the military; and, the CIA. NED operates fairly
openly after assuming the more benign political action operations
of the CIA in 1983. The Military is available for a supermarket
variety of interventions as outlined in the book by the CFR's
Richard N. Haass, "The Use of American Military Force in the
Post-Cold War World." And, of course, the covert operations of
the CIA.

Richard N. Haass was also project director for the CFR's
report on the future of U.S. Intelligence, as well as the author
of "Use Of American Military Force." The CFR is at the apex of
corporate, government, media and foundation power and has
tremendous influence on the direction of U.S. policy. After the
release of "Making Intelligence Smarter," Haass began a domestic
psyops campaign to sell its conclusions and appeared on
Frontline, testified before Congress, ran op-eds on the same day
in both the Washington Post and the Washington Times, and is
involved with the New York Times.

Why my protest. I was in the CIA for 25 years and saw the
terrible deficiencies of its intelligence. While we fought in
Vietnam the CIA dissembled and kept us in the war until the
evacuation from the roof of the U.S. Embassy. The Vietnam war is
only one of the major disasters inflicted on the U.S. and other
countries by the CIA.

Policymakers assume or feign to assume that Agency
intelligence "tells it like it is" but instead it serves to
promote policies it is charged with implementing. Occasionally
our leaders need valid intelligence only to discover the total
inadequacy of its information. What can we estimate about its
current intelligence on terrorism, drug trafficking, and the
proliferation of weapons of mass destruction? These targets are
mostly excuses and justifications for continuation of the covert
operations of the CIA.

We cannot blame the CIA's personnel for its problems. The CIA
recruits its officers because they are (psychologically tested)
to be extroverted, team players with rigid mentalities. This is
essential in order that they not be able to discern the truth
about their own organization. But this built-in inability impacts
on real intelligence needs. Even DCI John Deutch, commented on
this and said his operations officers were unable to provide
solutions for problems and were less flexible than the military.

The future sees the CIA, NED and the military involved around
the world. NED operates in over sixty countries and the CIA
undoubtedly piggybacks on many of those operations. Overthrowing
the Chinese government has been an obsession of the CIA since the
beginning. Operations to overthrow the Vietnam government been
conducted since the end of the war. NED is heavily involved in
Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union -- can the CIA or
military be far away? The Middle East presents many opportunities
for intervention, as does Latin America and Africa.

With the re-invigoration of the CIA, all three of these
weapons are ready for action. Watch out world.

Ralph McGehee

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Subject: Army Targets Racists
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 23:25:18 -0800 (PST)

Army Punishes Soldiers Targeted in Skinhead Probe

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) -- The U.S. Army said Friday that nine 82nd
Airborne Division soldiers face disciplinary proceedings and
could be kicked out of the military for alleged racist

Most of the other 13 soldiers Fort Bragg had identified as being
involved in the skinhead culture recieved lesser punishments such
as written reprimands and being barred from re-enlisting. Two
quit the Army, and one was being removed for unrelated

The punishments came after an intense probe into the skinhead
movement within the elite paratrooper division, prompted by the
racially motivated slayings of two black Fayetteville residents
in December. Active involvement in extremist groups by soldiers
is illegal.

"The initial investigation is over," said Maj. Rivers Johnson, an
82nd spokesman. "Now that the educational programs are in place,
they're on the lookout for any behavior that would indicate
extremist activities."

The 82nd Airborne said the nine soldiers facing hearings to
determine whether they should be removed are believed to be
racist skinheads.

Three of the nine also face first-degree murder or conspiracy
charges in civilian court in the Dec. 8 deaths of Jackie Burden
and Michael James. Police said the three were looking for black
people to harass when they picked out Burden and James at random
and shot them execution-style.

A fourth soldier identified as racist faces a court-martial
following an unrelated shooting with another paratrooper this
past April. The remaining five have seen their ranks reduced,
extra duty, or loss of pay, and could still be kicked out of the
Army, the 82nd said in a release.

AP-WS-02-23-96 2254EST


Date: Fri, 1 Mar 1996 12:29:50 -0800 (PST)

Serious race problems in military
Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A three-month state NAACP investigation of
soldiers and white supremacy has concluded that the military has
serious race-related problems.

The 18-page report being released today lists 12 recommendations,
such as establishing military-base liaisons to the NAACP and
requiring periodic diversity and sensitivity training for
military personnel.

The December killing of a black couple in Fayetteville, Michael
James and Jackie Burden, prompted the investigation of white
supremacy in the military by the North Carolina chapter of the
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

James Burmeister II and Malcolm Wright Jr., the two men charged
with the killings, are white Fort Bragg soldiers with ties to
neo-Nazi skinheads. Authorities said they were looking for blacks
to harass when they shot the couple as they walked down the

Maj. Rivers Johnson Jr., public affairs officer for the 82nd
Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, said the Army had been a leader
in providing equal opportunity. But ``racism is a part of every
aspect of American life. If they bring it here, they have no
future in the military,'' said Johnson, who is black.

He would not comment directly on the NAACP report, which gathered
information from five North Carolina towns with military bases --
Fayetteville, Cherry Point, Goldsboro, Elizabeth City and

Fort Bragg did not participate because the post conducted its own
study, Johnson said. That study found that 22 soldiers -- all
white men -- had ties to or sympathies toward extremist groups.

Five of the 22 have received military punishment for their
conduct. Four others face civilian or military trials.


Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 21:40:23 -0800
From: (Prison Activist Resource Center)
Subject: Pelican Bay slammed by UN

||| News and updates forwarded by the Prison Issues Desk |||

A United Nations report called Pelican Bay on torture, sort of...
Here's what the capitalist press had to say about it (thanks to
Ken Cheetham for culling this):

Wednesday, February 28, 1996 Page A15
c1996 San Francisco Chronicle

U.N. Report Criticizes Unit at Pelican Bay Prison
Conditions Described as `Inhuman'

Pelican Bay State Prison in Northern California is one of several
U.S. prisons sharply criticized for inhuman treatment in a United
Nations human rights report.

The recent report, by the organization's special investigator for
torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment,
describes conditions at certain high security prisons in the
United States as ``inhuman and degrading.''

U.N. special investigator Nigel Rodley singled out the Security
Housing Unit at Pelican Bay, a prison housing 3,500 men in
Crescent City, south of the Oregon border. Prisoners in
California's highest security prison can be locked up for 22 1/2
hours a day in windowless cells with bare white walls, either
alone or with one other prisoner.

"In recent litigation the federal district court concluded the
conditions `may press the outer bounds of what most humans can
psychologically tolerate,'" Rodley noted. "A substantial number
of prisoners in (the unit) were said to be suffering from mental
illness caused or exacerbated by their confinement in the unit."

Lieutenant Mike McDonald, a spokesman for the prison, said that
under a federal court order, almost 130 inmates have been moved
in recent months into a new psychiatric facility within the
prison -- most of them transferred out of the Security Housing

"We are working closely with the court in order to achieve total
success in complying with the court mandates," McDonald said,
referring to court orders stemming from an inmate class action
suit, Madrid vs. Gomez. "In the last several months, we have
filled about 120 positions at the prison -- social workers,
psychiatrists, psychologists and custody staff."

Pelican Bay critics have argued that placing mentally ill inmates
in isolated cells for long periods often causes their mental
problems to increase -- particularly when they are not receiving
needed counseling.

Rodley also cited problems at detention facilities in Texas,
Oklahoma and Tennessee.

The U.S. cases fell short of outright torture reported in some
countries such as Iraq, where amputations and brandings were
allegedly carried out without anesthetics, or Kenya, where
whippings, suspensions in contorted positions and genital abuse
were reportedly used ``systematically'' by police to obtain

Israel, Pakistan, Turkey, Chile, Columbia, Egypt and India were
other countries where some of the worst cruelty was meted out.

Ken Cheetham

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Date: Thu, 29 Feb 96 06:04:28 -0800
From: (Neighborhood Queen )
Subject: Danish neo-Nazi radio launched with rock and race

Danish neo-Nazi radio launched with rock and race


Danish neo-Nazi radio launched with rock and race
By Steve Weizman

GREVE, Denmark, Feb 29 (Reuter) - Nazi radio returned to
Danish airwaves for the first time in more than 50 years on
Wednesday night when the National Socialist Movement of Denmark
(DNSB) began broadcasting its message of racial purity.

Grudgingly granted a licence under Denmark's liberal freedom
of speech laws, the neo-Nazi Radio Oasis made a pilot
transmission from party headquarters in the blue-collar
community of Greve, 20 km (12 miles) south of Copenhagen.

Anti-racist groups did not demonstrate outside the DNSB's
fortified headquarters as some had expected and there was no
sign of a police watch on the building, which was guarded by
some chilly-looking youths in black shirts and peaked caps.

The 30-minute broadcast opened with the sombre sound of
Richard Strauss' 'Thus sprach Zarathustra' then an announcer
explained the legal restrictions placed upon the station by
community radio regulators.

``We must not incite hatred against others on the basis of
race, creed nor religion,'' he said.

But Danish law does allow the DNSB to preach the virtues of
the white race and express a hankering for a Denmark where
everyone is strong, sober and preferably blue-eyed.

After an account of the DNSB's year-long campaign to win its
licence, the station played some heavy-metal English-language
racist rock, a folksy 'Danish Soil for the Danes' by local
singer John Mogensen and a spine-tingling recording of the
national anthem by a boys' choir.

DNSB chairman Jonni Hansen told listeners it was healthier
for youngsters to listen to racist music than the hip-hop and
rap of the ghetto and promised plenty of uplifting recordings
during the next broadcast, scheduled for Sunday.

There was no trace of the most sinister elements of the
group's philosophy in Wednesday's programme, which was
punctuated by long silences and wild fluctuations in volume.

In interviews Hansen has advocated repatriating immigrants
-- fair-skinned northern Europeans excepted -- and stripping
some 9,000 Danish Jews of their citizenship before sending them
to Israel, by force if need be.

Beneath the swastika-draped portraits of Adolph Hitler and
other wartime Nazi leaders in the Greve house are imported
British and American magazines which revel in stories of bloody
street fights with supposed 'reds' and rant against Zionism and
big business in phrases borrowed from Nazi Germany.

Most Danes, many of whom who lived through German occupation
-- and Nazi-controlled radio -- from 1940 to 1945, find the
DNSB's message revolting but say today's suburban fascists are
no real threat.

With an estimated membership of around 200 that is probably
true and the radio broadcasts, scheduled to air for three hours
each Wednesday and Sunday, seemed unlikely to bring a flood of
new recruits.

Radio Oasis -- ``an oasis in the media desert,'' Hansen
calls it -- has a 30-watt transmitter and a reception area
limited to Greve and neighbouring districts, so few of Denmark's
five million people will ever hear it.

Reut19:33 02-28-96

Reuter N:Copyright 1996, Reuters News Service

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