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(en) Zaginflatch #16, newsletter of the Zagreb Anarchist Movement

From "marko" <marko@zamir.net>
Date Sat, 27 Mar 1999 16:20:03 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Dear friends,
info on Zaginflatch in available on request.
Basically, with this newsletter we want to inform the international
community (this is you) on how antiauthoritarians in Yugoslavia and
ex-Yugoslavia feel in these moments. Also, as people who have experienced
air raids and general alerts, we want to support our friends in Yugoslavia
who are experiencing this today. This is our act of solidarity.
We don't want to prejudice any political solutions to Kosovo and other ex-yu
problems, we just want to help our friends, and support them in this way.
All opinions published in Zaginflatch will be just personal ones. There is
no joint platform.
Zaginflatch will bring you hardly any news in the way mainstream media does
it. For this kind of info we suggest you try cnn, bbc or some other
services. They are available to you anyway.. This is meant to come from
inside... Also, if you're into alternative news sources, we suggest you try
at www.b92.net ...

Zagreb Anarchist Movement (ZAP)

what follows are translated extracts from mails posted to
ex-yu-a-lista@zamir.net which is a mailing list for ex-yu anarchists, and
from private emails..


from: kontra@zamir.net, kraljevo

HI there,

It is hard for me to concentrate and write after few hours of sleeping, but
I will try to give you some nfo. After two days of NATO airstrikes it is
funny to see that people don't get tensed - they just continue with their
every day lives. Even during the bombing you can see people on the streets.
Last night I saw from my window (from where I was watching airsrike on
military airport Ladjevci - 15-20 km's away from center of town) several
guys hanging around and laughing in the streets. Also I saw some woman
walking down the street as it is just another day in her life. This morning
you can hear children playing on the streets. I think that this is good
because that means that people are able to stay cool and situation of panics
can be avoided. But, I must say that some people do panic and most of them
who do so go to shelters which turns out to be place that affect peoples
behavior pretty bad. For example, I know the look on face of my mother
before and after she went to shelter. Before, she managed more or less to
stay calmed, but when she returned with her ears full of stories of how
"they are going to burn us all" and blah blah, blah, she was pretty much
disturbed and with look in her eyes that clearly said that she is captured
by paranoia & panics. National TV said that last night 3 NATO airplanes were
downed and more than dozen of missiles. At the moment I don't have official
information, but I was informed by a friend of mine from another town that
several bombs hit central part of town called Leskovac in south-east part of
Serbia. He said to me that there must be dead and wounded as it is civilian
part of the town. But, I can tell you that during the first airstrike on
Ladjevci airport NATO bombs hit 2 family houses directly and destroyed them
completely. Speaking about military targets and "smart" weapons, huh? I
believe that during this day we'll have more rapport's on civilian
victims/targets. Fresh news say that NATO airplanes are droping radio
locators (to guide missiles) on Yugoslavia. Some of them were found this
morning in town where I live - Kraljevo. Two days ago national TV said that
verificators of OBSCE placed a numer of radio loactors all over Kosovo.
Acording to them that explains prcise shoots of nato bombers. I just heared
some terrible news. Albanian stores all over Kraljevo are crushed. In
Mataruska Banja - 6-8 km's away from Kraljevo, Albanian store is crushed -
baker according to one source beaten badly and now laying in the hospial,
and to another he and his son are slaughtered to death! I'm really
frightened of this kind of revenge against peacefull citizens of Albanian
(and other) nationalities. Who knows, it could expand to political oponents.
In Macedonia some nato soldiers are stoned and beaten when they tried to set
their unit in one village. Pesants said that they are not welcome.  Hm, I
believe that from the first day of NATO aggression Serbian forces are trying
to wipe out KLA. There are some raports that some of NATO bombs
dropped in Albanian villages in Kosovo. That could turn them agains them, or
at least make them heeps for slaughter. I believe that in next few days
aggressors will face the fact that with this attack they  managed to achieve
all thet they didn'y want to happen. Milosevic will be stronger then ever,
he will be able to shut down all independent media (as he did already with
Radio B92 and Radio 021), Albanians can be slaugtered during war time and
who knows what else could happen to all those who oppose his politics.

(Aco Popadic, Rada Vilotijevica 1/6, 36000 Kraljevo, Yugoslavia)


from: Stefan Buzharovski, http://zap.to/stefan, skopje

Dear friends;

I am sorry I have not been able to inform you and react promptly on the
rapidly unfolding developments here. As missiles and bombs rain ruthlessly
on the people and infrastructure of Yugoslavia, only 15  kilometres north
from where I live in Skopje (the capital of Macedonia), shocking news are
coming in by the minute.
 You might have heard in the headlines that the biggest and most violent
protests against NATO involvement in Yugoslavia so far, took place in Skopje
about 5 hours ago. An outraged mass of demonstrators, mostly young, carrying
Macedonian and Yugoslav flags (along with some very
witty transparents and symbols:) stormed the US Embassy and set several
private cars and adjoining objects in the courtyard on fire. Afterwards they
ransacked some vehicles parked by the nearby hotel where a lot of foreign
journalists and representatives are based. During this occasion, the
reporter of CNN, Matthew Chance, who by the way has been constantly
incorrectly informing about the events here, had to run for his life in
panic right in the middle of a live broadcast. Afterwards the  demonstrators
stormed the German and British Consulates, but were attacked by the special
police, who up to that moment were only observing the situation.
Consecutively, 60 of them have been arrested.

On almost all the major world newscasts this evening, a transparent with the
words 'Enough, Pinocchio!' portraying Clinton with a long nose and a
swastika on his forehead (in reaction to the blatant lies he used to justify
the criminal attack) was shown. I am proud to inform you that this
transparent was created and carried by three activists of the Ecologists'
Movement of Macedonia - Youth (DEM-Youth) - Daniela Stojanova, Emil
Krstanovski and myself (btw, I assume full responsibility for the poor art
on the slogan and the swastika ;-)). Unfortunately I was not present during
most of the demonstrations, but I have just heard that Daniela, the
co-ordinator of DEM-Youth, was in the front lines facing the special police,
while Emil, among other heroic involvements, has been known to have made a
precise hit on an US Embassy Representative with an egg.
 We are shocked and deeply distressed to see that green movements across
Europe are silent to this criminal act, the complete end and destruction of
international law and peace. The arguments used to justify it are false and
immoral: instead of averting a 'humanitarian catastrophe,' the intervention
will and is already creating one: as innocent people throughout the Yugoslav
cities are suffering casualties and unimaginable psychological stress,
refugees from Kosovo continue to storm Macedonia in fear of retaliation from
the Yugoslav Army. We have come to a situation where world leaders speak
straight-faced in front of their nations, with statements implying that
bombs and missiles are delivered to innocent civilians as humanitarian aid.
The situation here in Macedonia is also very tense and psychotic, as we are
very close to the border and our country is also ethnically mixed. In
addition to NATO heavy machinery on city streets, rapidly increasing demand
for certain products in stores and gas lines, now we can hear the whipping
sound of invisible warplanes flying right above us. I am on the phone
non-stop with concerned friends/relatives, I cannot sleep for nights trying
to tap all the media reports I can get .... but still it is hard to imagine
the horrifying situation in which the citizens of Yugoslavia have been
placed without their will.

I stand firmly in their support, in the name of justice and peace. During
the next day I will be drafting a declaration against the strikes that I
will propose to the Federation of the Young European Greens for
adoption. It's high time that we took some action on this. Please send
emails of support to me personally, to DEM (bimadem@lotus.mpt.com.mk) or to
MARS (mars@rsc.com.mk) if you agree with such an idea. I will then regularly
inform you about the progress made.

Together with my colleagues we have been thinking of initiating an email
campaign as well. More on this tomorrow. Please inform us of any mailing
lists on the issue that you might know of on the issue.

Stefan Buzharovski,
Vice Chairperson of the Federation of Young European Greens


from: Man in the Shadow, music band from Slovenia;
description: leaflet to be spread on their concert, on 27th March.

I woke because military jets flew over my head. Even though i didn't see
them i have felt them. Not through tv which'd broadcast the essence of the
events. The war is close. The whole world is at war. Peace for everybody or
for nobody. Why bombing of Serbia can't be a justified war? Can such
violence, organized by the most powerfull machine in the world, save masses?
There are more questions than answers.
The bombings were meant to force Yugoslavia to accept a peace agreement
which'd bring international peacekeeping forces to Kosovo. Yugoslav
government won't allow that as that'd mean the breaking of their territorial
soveregnity. The experiences from Iraq teach us that such bombings only give
more power to the present regime. Democratic opposition in Serbia will be
practically destroyed after bombing. Independant media is allready
practically disabled. The only thing which'll stay is regime media, and
their task is to keep up the fighting morale. People can chooze between
kvasi democracy inforced with bombs and fascist rule which protects them
from the same bombs. Even those who fought against Milosevic will now have
to support him. Can we blame them? Serbian nationalism will come out
stronger and will be able fight against antinationalist elements with even
more power. USA desperately needs enemies, so they can justify their role of
the global policeman. Human rights of Albanians in Kosovo were constantly
violeted for the past 10 years, but nobody was particularly disturbed with
that. Just like nobody is disturbed with the destiny of Kurdish population
oppressed by the Turkey. Turkey is even a member of NATO. They buy arms from
other NATO members. Isn't that a good proof of the real nature of this pact?
Tey can be a peace keeping force only in an eye of a child. Milosevic's sin
is not his oppression of Albanians in Kosovo, but his failure to become an
Americal strategic ally. Serbia is traditionaly linked with Russia, and USA
wants to go against them so they can then decide about the whole world's
destiny. So they do that. The attack on Yugoslavia was launched without UN
Security Council's approval, which is a dangerous presedan. This means that
thay may act like this in future as well. We can forget about the principle
of national soveregnity of states. There is not one reason to cry after
states, prisons of freedom, but there is a reason to fear from the total
rule of capitalism, whose strongest tower is the USA. There are milions of
exploited people in the world every day, and nobody even notices them. Now
they want to persuade us that this is a humanitarian action. First class
cynicism! The fight in Kosovo is fought for the world domination. The
victory'd mean free market for capital.
It is a fact that Albanians' basic rights in Kosovo were violated for
decades. This resulted in a strong, nonviolent resistance movement. The West
wasn't moved. Then it was an internal affair of the state. The failiure of
nonviolent resistance empovered more extreeme Albanian nationalists, so they
have organized Kosova Liberation Army.

The role of Slovenia in this war.The policy of Slovenia is the policy of it'
s economic and political elite, and not pf it's citizens. Forreign policy
follows US foreign policy wothout any objections. Internal affairs are
created on the requests of European Union. In that sense, Slovenia allowed
NATO to use it's sky to attack Yugoslavia. Just like in the case of Iraq,
all responsibility for the war is put on Serbs. Slovenian politics is
pragmatic. They want foreign capital and investments more than anything.
They present us NATO as a peace keeping force, through the media, and it
influences the public opinion. 52% of Slovenians are supporting attacks on
Yugoslavia. Ten years ago, most of Slovenian population was in favor of
comlete demilitarization of the country. But, 10 years of brainwash has done
it's job.


from: Viktor Todorovic, olorin@Eunet.yu, belgrade
ICQ: 30654211

i just saw 5-6 huge explosions from the direction of general headquarters
and beogradjanka building. My building shaked, there weren't any sirens, the
windows are shaking. I don't know where did they hit, the flames over the
institute for statistics were very high. I assume this was close....
i apologize fot the disinformation about the headquarters. unfortunately (of
fortunately) i don't have any war experience so my judments of distances
were wrong. i went to see the headquarters building, ministry, some main
streets. nothing is damaged.
Some bad news. Chemical factory with toxic material was hit. People, get
yourselves some masks. They hit Grmec.
no matter which information is correct it is evident that NATO had some
casualties. what worries me is that before this action i thought that after
they looze 2-3 plains they will stop attacking because of the public
opinion. but, since CNN and SKY and others are just like our television, and
since NATO contiues to attack no matter how high are their loses,i fear that
itcould be much worse that it is now. maybe even infantry attacks....


from: Misa, belgrade

It's 23.15.More than 20 detonations in Belgrade during last half an hour.
Mostly military targets but
(taken from a reply from Misa (Serbian in Belgrade) to Nica (Albanian in
Kosovo), mb)

Dear Nita
thank you for your wondefull words but i must say that they don't give a
good picture about you. I understand you, but i have to say that if you
expect to talk only to the Serbs which perceive Albanians as pure little
angels suffering from Serbian repression, you won't find many of those.
My nation is fucked up because we have a dictator directly supported by the
USA and our greatest misery is that this person grabbed all the power in the
country and leads us to a disaster. But this is only an aditional fact in
the general problem called war and hate between your and mine nation.
Unfortunately this will last untill these two nations manage to somehow
distance from each other, or (which is less likely to happen, especially
now) learn how to live together.
The problem is that USA and Milosevic play a fucking strategical game in
which us here, and you on Kosovo are just small figures. This is how i see


from: dule, sombor <dnvvejn@EUnet.yu>

there was no bombing tonight. just like yesterday. ehat i called nato bombs
yesterday was in fact a hand granate somebody threw into an albanian owned
bakery near my house. as far as i know, the albanian owner fled to Kosovo,
local radical nationalists found that out, so they threw this granate. don't
you just love sombor?


From: Aleksandar Bozovic <abozovic@EUnet.yu>, belgrade

I went to the shelter tonight. It seems that shelters are the only true NATO
weapon. Because in the shelters you can find only old people and parrents
with children. The atmosphere is unbeleavably tense, they all speak how
tonight it will be their end. They have all heard how some vilages in Kosovo
and some cities in Serbia were burned to the ground, but nobody had any real
arguments to justify that sentence. I realized very quickly that i can't
stand that atmosphere much longer, as it was driving me crazy. So I went
out. I was a flash in the distance, probbalby the explosion. You could see
jets' marks on the sky. Can you imagine my dissapointment when I realized
that a classical bar fight just broke out near me? Some people can't control
their ego even in situations like this. Deeply dissapointed I moved on. The
city was empty. People were hiding in shelters, as I have heard that they
were well capatisized. I haven't met anyone in the street. Just some people
with dogs, in the park. For the first time in my life I saw Knez Mihajlova
street completely empty.

Rasha Pesimista.

P.S. I just spoke to my grandfather and he said that this is the well known
fact even from the WWII. Shelters are the strongest psihological weapon. So,
don't go to shelters, Stay reasonable.

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