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From "AFA Stockholm" <afastockholm@hotmail.com>
Date Tue, 31 Aug 1999 07:11:51 -0400

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Nordland is the leading Swedish white power-record company and music
oriented white-power magazine, printed in a glossy four-colour format.
its start in 1994 they have established a network of both nazi record
boutiques and

1998 was a year of setbacks for Nordland. Since 1996, Nordland has had
three different groups, one in Stockholm, Linköping and Göteborg.
During the winter of 1997/1998 the Göteborg group, centred around
Per-Anders "Pajen" Johansson and Midgård decided to go their own way.
Nordland's postal-order business moved from Göteborg to Linköping. On
the 3rd of January 1998, the police disrupted a Nordland concert in
the Stockholm suburb of Brottby and arrested the entire circa 300
concert-goers. All these names are now within the public domain,
including the identities of the Canadian band members and their
roadies. Large nazi concerts were Nordland's trademark have with this
occurrence become a thing of the past. One of Nordland's most popular
bands, Vit Aggression (White Agression), broke up as a result of the
Brottby incident. A short while after Brottby, it was revealed in the
media that Nordland had their magazine printed at a state-owned
printing plant in Estonia. Soon after Nordland's postal-order business
moved to Linköping, SÄPO (the Swedish Security Police) raided three
addresses in Linköping, a former boutique space, a warehouse and the
apartment of the local leader, Matti Sundquist.

In January and March 1998, two concerts arranged by groups who are
closely linked to Nordland were cancelled. Instead of large concerts,
Nordland arranged smaller troubadour evenings during the summer and
autumn of 1998, one of which featured the lead singer from Max Resist.
The different events have gathered between 50 and 100 participants.

Nordland has not only had problems with printing plants, but even with
their CD record-pressings. Many of the new records advertised in the
pages of their magazine have been delayed. During the autumn, Nordland
started a special "support fund" to get their business back on it's
feet! Despite all this, Nordland was during the course of 1998, still
able to produce four issues of their magazine, as well as a
four-colour pamphlet describing their version of that which happened
in Brottby. They've also been advertising an English-language version
of their magazine, but none has yet been produced.

Behind the scenes of Nordland in Stockholm and Linköping is a small
handful of activists who have become more and more distanced from the
nazi movement in the streets. Many of them have begun to live a quiet
family-life, which has negatively effected their political work.

One area in which Nordland was first, was using the Internet. During
1997 they established their own domain and started publishing a weekly
newsletter, Frihetsbrevet (The Letter of Freedom). This newsletter
became one of their most important channels of information. In the
spring of 1998 there was an incident that received large media
publicity. Nordland "spammed" all of the Swedish Internet provider
Algonets' customers with an electronic letter of propaganda. This
resulted in many providers establishing a block against Nordland's
Frihetsbrevet. During the autumn of 1998, Nordland's domain
disappeared from the Internet and their newsletter ceased it's
distribution. This is a result of the fact that the leading figure
behind Nordlands Internet activities was from Gothenburg, who at the
same point in time began working with Midgård's Internet work.
Frihetsbrevet has returned, but it is now nothing more than a sporadic
sales-letter containing information about Nordland's products. In this
way, Nordland lost one of it's most important information channels. In
December of 1998, Matti Sundqvist was charged by one of Sweden's
highest judicial courts for his activities in the Internet
distribution of a video film of a nazi-lecture held earlier the same
year at the University of Umeå.

Östgöta NS and Smålands SA
There is a group of younger activists gathered around Nordland's
Linköping group that call themselves Östgöta NS. With financial
support from Nordland, they publish the magazine "Gripen" in the small
village of Åtvidaberg. Nazis from these two towns have participated in
physical confrontations with anti-fascists in the village of
Västervik. In the towns of Kalmar and Nybro, there is a similar group
called Smålands SA. They have close ties with both NSF and the nazis
in Östgöta NS, as well as the magazine Gripen. Smålands SA's magazine
"Stormpress" has been taken over by Kim Blomqvist who is responsible
(Vice-Minister of Propaganda!) for NSF propaganda.

Blod & Ära (Blood & Honour)
In 1997, younger activists in the circles around Nordland started
Blod & Ära (which is not the same thing as Blood & Honour
Scandinavia). There has been two functioning groups during 1998, one
in Södertälje (south of Stockholm) and one in he University town of

The group in Södertälje is based around the Nordland band Germania.
Towards the end of January 1998, they attempted to arrange a larger
white-power concert along with the English band Brutal Attack. The
police stopped Brutal Attack at Stockholm's airport, Arlanda, and sent
back to England.

The group in Uppsala consists of former Riksfronten and SD members and
the Englishman Richard Fawcus was their leader. The Uppsala group
attempted to arrange a concert in March of 1998, however, it was also
stopped by the local police. Both of these concerts were enormous
financial setbacks for Blod & Ära. During the summer of 1998, Fawcus
moved back to England and began working with the BNP, British National
Party. Through Fawcus' financial support, Blod & Ära, along with the
Norwegian Boot Boys, were able to record and produce a compilation
record. In return, Blod & Ära gave a large portion of their profits to
the BNP. During the winter of 1998/1999, nazis in Uppsala have started
an Internet-based magazine, Uppsala Nationella Tidning (The National
Magazine of Uppsala).

Since Nordland's financial strong-man, Per-Anders "Pajen" Johansson,
left the sinking ship (like the rat he is) his own nazi boutique
Midgård has experienced enormous growth. Pajen has started a lucrative
postal-order business, established an Internet domain, started
publishing and distributing his own four-colour magazine/product
catalogue and released a number of new nazi/white-power records.
Together with Mark Parland from Finland, Midgård has even started
their own video-magazine. Midgård even collaborates with Ultime Thule
and thier Attitude Records.

In order to launch Midgård with a "bang" during the summer of 1998,
Pajen released a number of mini-CD's. The records have different
names, but they all contain the same musicians. A number of those who
work in the boutique Midgård, also have their own Internet project on
the side, Alternativ Media as well as the magazine Framtid .

Alternativ Media (Alternative Media), Framtid (Future)
Daniel Friberg is the person who is behind both Alternativ Media and
Framtid. Framtid contains no swastikas and never uses the term
"national socialism". Friberg has quite simply removed everything that
is unlawful according to Swedish law. Actually, Framtid is a rather
dry production that mostly contains re-written articles from the
larger Swedish daily newspapers.

During the spring of 1998, Framtid made a serious attempt to establish
themselves as "the" Swedish magazine. 7000 free copies were printed of
the second issue and they were distributed to, principally, all the
"national" addresses they could find. It is claimed that the third
issue was printed in 21000 copies. It is purported to have been
distributed free in a number of high schools in Göteborg, but it
doesn't seem as if these efforts resulted in many new subscribers.

The Internet domain Alternativ Media contains, in many respects, a
content similar  to that of the magazine. During the spring of 1998,
Alternativ Media distributed a newsletter by the name of
Pilgrimsfalken (the Pilgrim Falcon). However, Alternativ Media has had
one successful campaign in their flyer-distribution work under the
title of "Operation Nordisk Kvinnofrid" (The Nordic Women's
Operation). This flyer-campaign attempts to establish ties between the
increase of rapes ("of our white women") with immigration. According
to Alternativ Media, 200 000 copies of this flyer has been printed and
distributed, in areas where many rapes have occurred. Friberg has
distributed this flyer to a slew of different nazi groups across the
country who have then distributed them direct in post boxes. It has
been described as one of the first nazi propaganda campaigns that has
received a positive response from "normal" citizens.

Nationell Ungdom, NU/Folktribunen (National Youth/The Peoples Court)
Nationell Ungdom is different from other fascist groups in at they
have never had a background within the skinhead movement. They were
founded in 1995 as a youth group to Sverigedemokraterna, but soon went
their own way. Many members have gone to school together.

NU has based their work largely around outdoor activities. They've
organised survival courses, paint-ball games, track and field events
as well as educational activities. Since they all look "normal" in
their appearance, they've specialised in doing "inside-jobs". They've
attended open, anti-racist conferences, debates of whether or not
homosexuals should have the right to adopt children and even
interviewed concentration camp survivor Emrich Roth. The leaders
within NU are Martin Linde and Johan Hartman. In the beginning of
1997, they established contact with "older" nazis in Stockholm and
began to lay the plans for a magazine - Folktribunen. Folktribunen
published three issues within sex months during the autumn of 1997 to
the spring of 1998.

The second issue launched the organisation Svenska Motståndsrörelsen
(The Swedish Resistance Movement). Svenska Motståndsrörelsen is
another in a long line of "mass organisations" which never really
meets the dreams of it's creators. The plans were laid by NU together
with the former VAM activist Klas Lund, former Riksfronten member Erik
Hägglund and former Nationella Alliansen member Björn
Lindberg-Hernlund. Svenska Motståndsrörelsen is nothing more than a
"boyhood dream" - an organisation created entirely on paper with no
basis in reality.

Both Svenska Motståndsrörelsen and NU are different from other nazi
organisations in both their use of symbols and rhetoric, but the
theory, practice and "militancy" are the same. The rhetoric and ideas
of the "racial holy war", a world-wide Jewish conspiracy (ZOG) and the
blind obedience to a strong leader-gestalt are all there. The nazi
jargon is removed and instead we find a rhetoric based upon
nationalism, "Swedishness" and "traitors". At the same time however,
they propagate for a nazi militancy, a hierarchical fascist society
and they openly disdain the reformism and parliamentarism of

On the 30th of May 1998, Klas Lund travelled to Karlskrona in an
attempt to convince NSF to join Svenska Motståndsrörelsen. NSF did not
want to part with their uniforms and Hitler-worship, so there was no
hope of collaboration.

The only political action that NU perpetrated during 1998 was to
destroy the art exhibition "Soft Core" at Sweden's Historical Museum.
The exhibition contained child-pornography and the action was somewhat
well-received by the citizenship in general. NU and Svenska
Motståndsrörelsen co-operate closely with Alternativ Media, and they
together produce the Internet newsletter Nationell Information
(National Information). During the autumn of 1998 and winter 1999
posters for Svenska Motståndsrörelsen have appeared in areas of

NU activities went into hibernation during the autumn of 1998 as many
of the leading figures within the group began their military service.
Since none of them have ever been sentenced for nazi-activities, the
Ministry of Defence has found it "impossible" to remove them. Because
of this interlude in the military, NU, Svenska Motståndsrörelsen and
Folktribunen have all been on ice. During the winter of 1998/1999 The
Ministry of Justice decided to try Erik Hägglund, as the responsible
publisher of Folktribunen, according to the Swedish law against racial

Note: During the summer of 1999 an anti-fascist journalist in
Stockholm was the victim of a car bomb in which he and his
eight-year-old son were gravely injured. It is widely suspected that
NU members, if not the actual culprits, instigated the bombing.

The Strängnäs weapons robbery
In September 1998 some old nazi ghosts were reawakened at the large
military installation P10, in the small south-central Swedish village
of Strängnäs. A weapons robbery occurred, perpetrated by the then
military guard Stefan Lans with the support of his masked comrade,
Erling Guldbrandsen. Guldbrandsen threatened the other guards with a
drawn weapon and chained the fast in a shower. The two then left the
premises in a military vehicle with twelve AK-5's, bullet-proof vests
and ammunition. During the course of a week, the two hid themselves in
the Stockholm area. After receiving tips from their parents and
neighbours, several hidden depots of clothing and provisions were
found in the Nacka nature reservation. After a week of surviellance,
both robbers were arrested. In the police interrogation documents
(public documents according to Swedish law) several old nazi names pop
up and it is thereby proven that both robbers are active nazis. Stefan
Lans was active with Nationella Alliansen during 1996. Guldbrandsen
received help in placing the provisions and clothing from Daniel
Sehlsted, who was also a member of NA. The months before the robbery,
Lans, Sehlstad and Guldbrandsen often meet former VAM member
Christopher Rangne and his companion Linda Ringblom, both driving
forces within NA. Rangne's fingerprints were found on a police scanner
found in one of the hidden provision depots. Linda Ringblom
participated in all the court room hearings and sent several letters
to the prisoners. Guldbrandsen remained silent during his
interrogations, but Lans revealed one weapons cache with four of the
AK-5's. Eight weapons are still "missing". Found together with the
four retrieved weapons, was a list of names of EU-politicians,
politicians involved in a local scandal as well as the names of
several police chiefs.

Two of the leading members within Nationell Ungdom performed the
military service at P10 in Strängnäs at the same time as the robbery

The above document was compiled by AntiFascistisk Aktion-Stockholm and
is meant to be a brief summarisation. It is to be taken as an
exhaustion of our knowledge of the nazi movement in Sweden or of the
individuals involved. If you would like more information concerning a
specific subject, please fell free to contact us.
For security's sake, please use PGP if at all possible.

AntiFascistisk Aktion-Stockholm
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100 64 Stockholm
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