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(en) Daily Bleed: 8/30 Mary Shelley, Liu Shih-p'ei, Kotoku, Ho chen

From BleedMeister <recall@eskimo.com>
Date Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:32:41 -0400

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

British anarchist, & daughter, wife, & mother of anarchists.
 Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley, author of
Frankenstein, is born in London, the daughter of anarchist
philosopher William Godwin & feminist Mary Wollstonecraft (10
September, her mother dies of "childbed fever".)

The story of Frankenstein started on summer in 1816 when Mary
joined with Percy Shelley & Claire Clairmont near Geneva Lord
Byron. She took a challenge set by Byron & Shelley to write the
most frightening ghost story. The idea came to her in a dream.

The first edition of the book had an unsigned preface by Percy
Shelley. Many thought it was his novel, not believing a 19-year-
old woman could write such horror. Published in 1818, it became a
huge success. http://iq.orst.edu/phil302/wollstonecraft.html

Looking back on Frankenstein... Mary Shelley said, "I have
affection for it, for it was the offspring of happy days, when
death & grief were but words which found no true echo in my
heart." The Gothic attitude in general, because it used images of
death & ghostly survival toward no more responsible end than
special effects & cheap thrills, was judged not Serious enough &
confined to its own part of town.

--Thomas Pychon, “Is It O.K. to Be a Luddite?”

1800 - Coachman Gabriel Prosser's plans for a slave revolt in
Richmond, Va., are betrayed by a pair of house slaves attempting
to save their master. Prosser's plan, which involved over 1,00
slaves, would have resulted in the death of all slave-owning
white, sparing only Quakers, Frenchmen, elderly women, & children.

1819 - The Kickapoo cede their territory, which spans central
Illinois, & move to Missouri.

In 1670, the Kickapoo lived in what would become Wisconsin. They
moved to Illinois & Indiana in 1765. The nation gave up some 3
million acres in 1809, when Indiana's Beloved & Respected Comrade
Leader territorial governor, William Henry Harrison, bribed &
intimidated the older & more moderate tribal leaders.

1907 - Japan: First meeting of the Society for the Study of
Socialism is held by Chinese anarchists, in Tokyo. About 90
people attend, with  speeches by Liu Shih-p'ei, & Kotoku. Liu
announced the purpose of the society was not merely the study of
socialism, but the practice of anarchism.
Chang Chi made a few remarks, &  a lengthy speech by Kotoku, the
Japanese anarchist leader, followed. Kotoku was probably the most
brilliant Japanese radical of his generation & his involvement &
familiarity with Western anarchists made Japan a transmission
belt conveying Westernism in all its facets to young Chinese
A short talk by Ho Chen, Liu's wife & editor of “T'ien-i Pao”,
ended the meeting. She suggested the Russian situation, in its
three stages of development, offered a guide for China: speech &
discussion, followed by a state of political activity, & climaxed
by a period of assassination. Many of the Chinese & Japanese
present at this meeting were to have their lives profoundly
affected by the attempt to follow these words.
In a few years, Kotoku & a number of his students would be dead,
executed on charges of a plot against the Emperor. In Chinese
revolutionary circles Ho Chen herself  evidently was involved in
an assassination attempt.
See John Crump’s
Anarchist Movement in Japan & “The Chinese Anarchist Movement”,
by R. Scalapino & G. T. Yu (1961),

1918 - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik revolution
& first head of Soviet Russia, is shot & wounded by Fanya Kaplan
after speaking at a factory in Moscow.

Kaplan & her accomplice sister, Dora, are thought to be members
of the Social Revolutionary Party, a political party in
opposition to Lenin's Bolshevik revolutionaries.

1920 - USSR: Henry Alsberg is arrested traveling from Kiev to
Odessa with the museum expedition; authorities claim he is
traveling without permission. Alexander Berkman & Emma Goldman
protest the arrest, immediately sending telegrams to Lenin &
Chicherin; no response received by the anarchists. Alsberg is
temporarily detained while the expedition travels on.

1942 - General strike in response to German "annexation," Luxembourg.

1959 - Elections held in South Vietnam give parties loyal to
Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Diem unanimous
control of the National Assembly, when all opposition candidates
are forbidden to take their seats. CIA will later ok his
assassination when he forgets who bought the elections & who owns him.

1964 - Democratic Party convention refuses to seat black protest
delegation in place of all-white delegation from state of
Mississippi.  Outside, 200 protesters rally to oppose Vietnam
War. Atlantic City, New Jersey.

1971 - Ten empty school busses are blown up in Pontiac, Michigan
only eight days before the daily bussing of 8,700 children to
achieve racial balance in the city's schools was scheduled to
begin.  http://www.roadtripamerica.com/

What if cyberspace itself is by definition a mode of separation &
a manifestation of "machine logic"? What if the disembodiment
inherent in any appearance within cyberspace amounts to an
alienation from precisely that sphere of everyday life which
extropianism hopes to transform & purge of its miseries? If this
were so, the results might very well resemble the dystopian
situations envisioned by Philip K. Dick & William Gibson;  --
turned inward, this violent sense of contradiction would evoke
the kind of futility & melancholia these writers depict. Directed
outward, the violence would conjure up other science fiction
models such as those
nlein or Herbert, which equate "freedom" with the culture of a
technological elite.

— Hakim Bey, “Primitives & Extropians”

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tersely define thus: no opinion a law -- no opinion a crime."

       ---Alexander Berkman

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