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(en) A-Infos NL Issue #25 (1-98)

From Ainfos@DDS.nl (A-Infos NL)
Date Thu, 23 Jul 1998 22:24:41 GMT

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


Issue #25
November-December 1997 & January-February-March-April 1998)

Information bulletin of Anarchism in The Netherlands
Postbus 61523, 2506 AM Den Haag, Nederland,
E-mail: Ainfos@DDS.nl
URL: http://huizen.dds.nl/~ainfos/

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01: Swedish Telecm Tele 2 is offering  privates and companies lower
prices and no subscription as PTT Telecom(NL).

05: The French Gov't (government) put JC Trichet to the front as rival
for Duisenberg (NL) to become first time president of the new Europ.
Central Bank.

12: End of breedprohibition of pigs which existed  on account of the
pigpestplague. Transport prohibition remains. On nov.10 farm nr.422
got infected.

15: Gov't wants 25% reduction of pigs in pigsstables.

17: SHELL did made a strategic agreement with the largest gascompany
of the world Gazprom in Russia. Part is a SHELL investments of $1

26: Secr. of State of Social affairs wants better medical examination
of ex-foreign workers back in Marocco and Turkye. They get there their
Labor inability payment. Also it wishes more rigid tackling of the
burocrats overthere who accept bribes. Perhaps Dutch doctors are going
to do the examination, possible? Often non-existing children are

27: Third quarter of 1997 saw an economic growth of 2.9% compared with
the same period in 1996.

29: The Foundation Max Havelaar (for better social-ecological-labor
production  conditions in the 3rd world) sold since nov'88 100 million
packets of coffee with the MH hall-mark. The totall  Dutch coffee
market  is 120 million packets. MH has 2.6%.

29: The aviation  may grow  but has to accept more severe
environmental demands.


05: Minister in debat with parliament about improving (financial)
positions of volunteer workers. He is for economic reasons against
plan to lower right on minimum salary from 23 to 21, but he is willing
to be more flexible towards single (mothers mostly) parentship
concerning the duty when their chlidren are over 5 year to applicate
for a job.

18: KLM is going to cooperate with Alitalia (aviation).

19: The pigpestplague did cost 9.610.346 pigs their lives. Since the
pest outbreak 650.000 were taken from infected farms, 1.000.000 for
preventive reasons and 8.000.000 for the livery-stables became
overcrowded. This day we still have about 12.650.000 pigs. Normally
there is place for 15.000.000.

31: Rotterdam Container port was in '97 supersuccesfull with 307.3
million ton., coal +18%, petrolproducts +37.9%, roll on/off 19.3%, ore


06: Airport Schiphol/Amsterdam got in 1997 31.4 million passengers, it
is a growth of 13.2%, cargo grew with 7.7% to 1.1 million ton,
airflight (up/down) grew with 8.6%.

20: The 11.300 workers in the banksection get per july.1.'98 for 9
months a 3% increase of salary, which is the same as the asked 3.75%
for 12 months + minor cost increase agreements. So this CBA is of no
big problem for employers.


09: Vendex (with VD) buys KBB/Bijenkorf (with Hema) for 1.7 milliard.
Together they'll have a sale of 13 milliard and 64.000 workers in 6

10: Unilever made a netto profit of 10.9 milliard in '97, sale was
with a growth of 17% 94.6 milliard.

12: SHELL profit went down with 17.3% to 15.7 milliard; Philips in
1996 dramatic down now in 1997 with a 5.7 milliard nettoprofit.

23: AKZO/Nobel nettoprofit has been repaired partlky due to more sale
of anti-conception pill and chemics with 23% to 1.61 milliard. The
fibre division is still a problem.

24: The 'State' pays this year for the 497 subsidies arrangements
16.59 milliard.

25: Everywhere? growth in economy, the average is 3.3%. In 1997 6.4
million people had a paid job, mainly women succeeded in getting jobs.
Inflation was 2.2%.


05: The cattlenumber went down in 1997 from 4.4 to 4.3 million (cows,
oxes, calves).

06: Hoogovens (steal, aluminium) had a nettoprofit with +53% to 498
million, sale grew to nearly 10 milliard (effects of good national
economy and dollar rate).

13: Under the knowledge of burocrats of ministery of agriculture over
1 1/2 year fraude with the export of Dutch cattle meat to Russia has
been done. The fraude is the falsification of documents aned

14: Philips got in the last 16 years  about 3 milliard from the State,
mostly used for research and developments of new products. The actual
president commmisar said it  did give much concrete results...  Such
money also has been given the last 15 years to RSV (shipyards), DAF
(cars/trucks) and later to NedCar.

17: ECT (Europe Combined Terminals) Containers Rotterdam goes further
international. It signed a contract for 30 years with (the harbour of)
Triest/Italy:Molo VII container terminal. Important is the petrol,
going via Triest to Austria.


07: Flexible workforce and cleaning company Vedior made a profit of
38% to 181 million. The sale rose till 7.4 milliard. It bought in '97
the French company Bis. Vedior is also in NL as VediorASB and Dactylo.
It has in NL 10% of the flexible workforce workers. Randstad is first
with 35%, and Start second. Vedior, Start and labor provision offices
do exchange clients information....

20: AKZO/Nobel buys for 6.3 milliard the British paint and fibre
products company Courtaulds. Together they have 30 milliard sale and
86.000 workers. In 1993 AKZO bought Swedish Nobel for 3.3 milliard.

21: Supermarket concern Ahold (supermarketshops  as AH) goes on with
activities in Poland, together with German rival Metro (90 milliard

24: In the 4th quarter of '97 the Dutch economy grew with 3.0% , for
the entire '97 it means 3.4%. Not much inluence from the

30: Nearly no decrease in the number of people getting a social
minimum payment. In 1996 655.000 householdings, nearly as in 1990, so
it touches 1.3 million people. Long (over 4 years) during social
minimum receivers is stabile as well, 30% of the 1.3 million.




05: Parliament agrees with subsidies for cleaningwork to get longtime
joblesspeople a regular job. It means that cleaningcompanies will get
annually f 19.000 when it was able to give one a fixed job.

06: FNV Traffic Union have internal troubles about future harbour
jobpools (SHB), also due to problems between SHB Rotterdam and
Amsterdam an d about an fusion. The 'radical small' union federation
OVB via its industrial union (LBV) is involved. In the Rotterdam SHB
concern council LBV is strong in the top represented, also in actions.

08: End of 5 days strike of French truckdrivers; many here were

11: Since Nov.7.  do drivers and store workers of Douwe Egberts
(DE)(coffee, tabacco, tea) strike. Via court decision to-day end of
strike. DE(incl. Van Nelle,KG) has 70% of Dutch coffee market. Strike
reason: DE gives no clarity before april about boarding out of 'parts
of a distribution branch of the concern'.

12: Proposition for a new law on flex. work and flex jobs buros (per
july.1.98).Anyone may start such a buro and labour with a max of 6
month, after 3 years a fixed contract,also when that period has a
break of less than 3 months. Easier for employers to sack employees,
but for employees more sureness.

15: The harbourpool SHB of Amsterdam bankrupt. All 300 workers into
jobless payment. They may get parttime work+ schooling and find a job
within a year. A new pool was not possible, not enough work. About 70
workers will get same job in other construction.


08: The main unions and management of Roterdam SHB agree in a
surviving plan for the company. The over 900 workers go work with an
average of 4 1/2 day per week, and accept decrease of 7.5% of basic


14: On febr.1. 4 FNV unions will go together in one organisator called
Bondgenoten (Allies). The 4 are: Services, Industry, Transport, Food
unions FNV.

15: Yesterday a strike by loaders and workers of towing services
hindered a mere of 650 Dutch passengers, 2000 foreigners, thos headed
for Paris got a ticket for the train. For KLM it all gave a large
damage. KLM has 4500 ground personnel but wants to do it with 800
less. KLM gives  a job guarantee but it is the non-quality that the
workers not accept.

16: A strike  of 2 days by 700 out of 3500 Rotterdam municipality
jobpoolworkers, the municipality do not want to pay higher salaries.
It is part of a strike wave which started Jan.5. in Amsterdam.

20: The last quarter of '97 saw 100.000 less jobless persons as in the
same period of '96.

20: Workers who have a risque to become jobless got the duty to
applicate (sollicitate) from such moment. Those with a jobless payment
(payment after  a job) have to applicate once a week.

30: The FNV created internal rumours by saying that working people get
priority above non-working people in hospitals and other care centres.
Later on a FNV meeting with the coming Allies FNV the FNV president
said he understood the warning.

31: Growing unrest in Rotterdam harbour, due to a plan to reorganize
the SHB, but refused by FNV Traffic a.o. SHB makes losses and wants
the sacking of 200 persons, shorter laborweek and much  flex
availability of the workers.


02: End of teachers strike. Next year less classroom lessons hours,
from 28 to 26 (is it an average or a maximum?). Of influence was the
extra 40 million from the gov't.

26: The Railway 'traffic' leaders of the regions Zeeland and West
Brabant  did not make a work interruption of two hours.

31: 'Bully becomes legal boss'. Most women come under pressure or
misleading to Netherlands (NL). Here they get new identity papers
(false ones). Near future: when there is no brothel prohibition than
the police has no reason to controll the 'working women'. It will
become the job of f.e. firemen and Constructing+ Housing burocrats to
see if 'everything' is correct. The bully is entrepreneur.


01: Workers in (large) metall industry get coming 27 months salary
rises till a totall of 7.5%. This year 3.25% structurel. In Nov. an
unique payment of 1% of salary. This is the CBA between FME/AVM
(employers federation) and main trade unions. Mainly CBA's as with
Unilever, Heineken, Banks, Akzo/Nobel saw a salary rise of 3-3 1/2%.
The 180.000 workers in large metall will get in 1999 less as in 1998.
Students of higher and Middle Technic Schools and Techn. Univ.'s will
get a bonus of f 2000,-when they sign a labor contract during the

08: Workers of Philips/NL will get in coming two years a salary rise
of 6% and a better pension arrangement. The idea from Philips of an
achievement pay shall go to the next CBA deliberations.

23: Employers in healthcare refuse to deliberate with trade unions
about a new CBA. First they want more money from the gov't. About
23.000 nurses and caretakers did demonstrate in Den Haag, in the
congress events building a 15.000 were manifestating, 8.000 did so in
a football stadium. Only the academic hospitals reached  a new CBA: 6
1/2% rise of salary in 28 months.

24: Probably a way out to arrange a new CBA for the Rotterdam SHB
(till march 31.2001) between SHB and FNV/CNVtraffic.

30: Ongoing action in healthcare/nurses workers. May 8 will bring new
deliberations. From april 4 till may 6 (parliamentary elections day)
no actions.




18: Official number of registrated jobless people in the period
nov'97-'98 was an average of 340.000. It is 100.000 as one year ago.
Many are under 25 of age (without job or with a job of less than 12
hours weekly and registrated at the job centre and direct available.

21: Minister of Social Affairs wants to give those with a job, named
after him (Melkert job), higher salaries. Now it is 120% of minimum
salary, 40.000 do have such jobs (f.e., municip. cleaning, childcare,
healthcare, street inviligation. Usually they get less than those
working on a normal contract for the same job.

25: Gov't wants one booking office (window) for social services,
social benefit payments, controll and job centres. It will mean more
pressure  on social services.

27: Now agreement for the 23.000 jobpoolers and 28.000 youth with a
job as part of the youthwork guarantee plan. The first will get 120%
of minimum, but first year minimum and than in 8 years to 120%, and a
better pension arrangement. The municip. of Leiden arranged 140%.


13: People living/registrated in Amsterdam of over 57,5 of age may
stay abroad during 3 months from march.1.'98, before it was 6 weeks.

19: Soon the jobless and flex.work seeker will be put in one
registration system. The flex workers companies Start and Vedior
already  get such client details from the job/labor centres. Other
flex worker companies do want the same access. Where is the privaty of
cliens of job/labor centres?

27: In the near future (21st century) the social security payment
system will be further privatised, but the 'State' remains the
deciding authority about who has the right to get a payment. Minister
hopes it will mean more competition amongst the companies and thus
less jobless and thus cheaper  for the state.




11: The Public Prosecuter via Min.of Justice does research whether
neonazi's can be prosecuted for holding  an meeting in a room of a
calvinistic religious group in Rotterdam (Bethelchurch in Charlois)
where about 60 persons commemmorated the failed coupe by Hitler on
Nov.9.'23. Police did not do anything for it seemed to be a private
gathering. They did if it was an ex-Bosnia fighters meeting. After
that meeting  Green Left Party member T.Oeday Ray Singh Varma  have
been threatened by telephone.

19: Dutch women, used in "Indonesia/Netherlands India' during the
Japanese occupation, forced to prostitution with japanese militaries,
may expect in the near future an indemnification of about 33.000. It
is an agreement by the Foundation Japanese Debt of Honour with Asian
Women Fund (in which the Japan State is involved. In totall over
100.000 women had to do such job.

19: Ministery of Justice + PP wants now prohibition of CP'86. The High
Court condemned the CP'86 board of being member of a criminal
organisation. Problem is the liquidation of CP"86/Own People First,
and they founded NVP/CP'86.

21: Min.of External Affairs gives Secret Police (BVD) order to give
extra attendance to political extremism in the Turkish community,
partly because of a book about the Turkish 'Grey Wolves' and the
Turkish Federation Netherland and as an extention piece of MHP

21: The gov't wants new measurements to contact new asylumseekers, via
refusing those without documents or false documents.


16: The in 1978 as forbidden declared party by a court , refounded the
Neth.Peoples Union (NVU), aimed to give propaganda/ info about
people's nationalism.

16: The new local political party 'Livable Utrecht' puts Neth.Block
before the court, for the NB uses the slogan "Vote for a livable

21: Viewing the registration of polit.parties for the municip.
elections in March 8.,the extreme righist  parties are much less
presented. In 1994 in 45, now in 20 municip., due to a shortage of
good candidates. CP'86 in 1994 in 17, now in 5 municip. VVN in 5, NB
in 1, NVU in 2. To-day was  the last day for registration.

26: Yesterday about 1500 persons did take part in the annual Auschwitz
commemoration in Amsterdam.


03: Chairman of CP'86 S.Mordaunt must go to the law-court for a speech
held in nov.'96 at a members meeting in South Rotterdam. The Public
Prosecutor said, he incited hatred and disctrimination to foreigners.
There too Mordaunt and Freling took over the leadrole of CP'86

04: The Anthroposophic Club in Neth. said that  in the collected works
of founder R.Steiner  (1861-1921) twelve phrases are according to the
antidiscrimination law punishable. But conclusion is that he did not
write a race doctrine, as what he wrote was not meant as insultation.

05: In the law court between the local party Livable Utrecht and Neth.
Block, the decision was that NB is allowed to use the slogan "Vote for
a livable utrecht".

10: The municip.of Rotterdam paid hommage to the 2500th youth job
pooler of the munic.project. But he (24) is an ex activist of CP'86.

20: On order by municip.Velsen posters of CD has bee taken from the
election propaganda places. When with full=full etc they are


16: AFA(anti fasc.action) started a large campaign to avoid/hinder
participation of CD etc to take part in nat. elections for parliament.
AFA sent letters to about 700 persons who once put a signature for CD
support. Polit.parties do need per elect. disrtict 30 of such
signatures to registrate participation.

25: VVD candidate and election campaign leader van H.v.Baalen has been
from '81-'83 chairman of student org. Pro Patria. And sung the Horst
Wessel/NSDAP song. Now under pressure of mates information he

25: Three members of CD tried to buy vote declaration via 25,-or
heroine. They were held up by the police.


03:The (council) communist M.v.d.Lubbe from Leiden while on the road
to Peking did set in 1933 the Reichstag (parliament building) in
Berlin in fire, will get in home town Leiden a serious monument on
April 3.'99. The fire was a protest against fascism/nationalist
socialism and against the lazyness of politicians. From sept'98 onward
the foundation MvdLubbe start the fund for a grave and than a tour
with films/theatre/debats. In Leipzig were he now still lies anonymus
he will get a commemory stone and perhaps such stone in the rebuilded
new Reichstag in Berlin.

08: J.Glimmerveen, 'leader' of NVU got 4 months jail. The Public
rosecutor  said he incited hatred, discrimination and insult.

09: The PvdA party is going to put an accusation against CD 'leader'
Janmaat for treatment. He did sent a letter to active PvdA members in
which Janmaat accused PvdA of supporting AFA. It warned them to be
carefull otherwise something you never know will happen.

30: The Postbank and others  refuses an account by (a member of)
CP'86. It is not against the Law Equal Treatment for it is not about
political opinions but due to continious maltreatment, intimidations
and other punishable affaires causing a bad name to the Postbank.




17: Fifty of the being at the end of procedures yuppie army refusers
(economic arguments) have to go  the usual 7 months. Their lawyer has
no more possibilities. Four years ago 4 lawyers started this with 900
of such refusers. 700 'remained' free. Fifty have been condemned, 150
are still waiting. Perhaps the 7 months are to be changed into one
month + 240 hours 'rendering' of service.

29: The organisator of the annually international AFCEA weapon fair
will be moved from Brussels (Belgium) to Den Haag (NL, here it has
been in 1993. The municip.council said it may be held as long as there
is no illegal material showed and such business done. In Belgium it
became  stppoed by minister of developments, and he advised his Dutch
colleque. The place, the Congress Centre said it is just a symposium.


06:The AFCEA will not be hold in Den Haag due to pressure from groups
and the Lord Mayor was afraid for trouble, as in Brussels in '97.
AFCEA has been founded in 1946. It moved to BVV Exhibition Centre in
Brno (Czech.Rep.) and being  on 28-30 Oct'98.


23: NL ordered 210 milit.armoured cars from  European Consortium lead
by the german Krauss Maffei company (including the italian Giat,
british GTN, and so it follows Germany, France and Gr.Britain. Price
is 5.6 milliard. It is a project running till 2017.

23: NL is going to support the Albanian army with material and
education and military participation in a possible NATO force at the
Albanian/Kosova border.So the Minister said after visiting Albania.




06: Airport Schiphol/Amsterdam will have in 1998 10% less flights
(arrivals/departure) as in 1997. In 1998 360.000, last year 353.000
but airport did hope on 400.000 in '98.

12: Yesterday, actionship Sirius of Greenpeace did blockade the
cereals concern ADM in Rotterdam harbour to prevent that cargoship
Istanbul cannot unload the first loads of new soya harvest from USA.
It is manipulated soya. It wishes separations of manip. and
traditional soya.

28: Greenpeace NL after a court decision asked for by Nucleair Working
up Factory (British) Sellafield and the Dutch Nucleair Central
Doodewaard. is not permitted to do during half a year any action
against nucleair transport or it will get 100.000 a day to pay as
penal sum.


02: Only socalled fresh paddos (mushrooms with halicunatic effect) may
be sold, not the manufactured one.

03: The producing of one kilogram copper results in 100 kg waste,
usually the waste is put in reservoirs or in a sea or river. Reason
for Milieu Defence to do actions at the terrain of Netherlands Cable
Factory (NKF) in Delft.

03: Police expelled the last 20 activists (against the creating of
Afrika port in Amsterdam West harbour area in a wildered area) from
their 'fortress'.

27: Article about Paul Watson, once Greenpeace and Sea Shephards, for
he should have done actions against a Norwegian whalership; effect: it
sunk, and he has been arrested in NL. He says: we never bring persons
in danger. The Dutch court did not accept the Norwegian request of


07: Today actiongroup  Red Cock who claimed this week attacks on nine
freightcars in Barneveld (an area/ village of cocks/ chickens/ eggs)
should already in 1993 have put fire in freightcars of region north of
Netherl. Homing Pigeons organisations.


06: Many workers (ca 1500) in the cicil aviation came to demonstrate
at  parliament. Slogan "Do you touch Schiphol airport than you touch
my job". Also leading aviation people were present. KLM (the oldest,
main) aviation company wants a minimum of 400.000 flight annually. The
gov't compromise is 380.000. At the other side do environmental groups
put press on the gov't and airport to stop the growth.

14: Till 2010 the NS (Neth. Railways) keeps the exclusive  rights to
do the intercity trains, but perhaps it will loose the regional lines.
Minister wants more competition.

27: The minister prohibits the Leiden Biotechnical company Pharming
the continuation of cloning of cows/ calves. Ten days ago Holly and
Belle saw daylight from copied cells. Pharming works together with the
university of Liege/Belgium. Aim of such genetic manipulated animals
was their production of milk from which human albumen could be


07: Anti conceptiva prices. Anti conc.pill per month 10.-, condome per
piece 1.50, womencondome 3.50, pessarium (for 3 years) 45.-, spiral
(for 5 years) 65.-, Mirena (capsule in uterus) 280.-, sterilisation
(not in clinic, no pay back by health fund) 400.- _700.-. The pill is
used by ca 1.5 million women in NL, 48 out of 10.000 male do
sterilisation and women 26. Persona , for hormon controll, in urine is
175.- (to know when save for sex).


04: The now military airbase in Germany Laarbach near Dutch border may
become in near future a civil airbase. Part of the extension of the
new coming Betuwe traincargo line (from Rotterdam via Nijmegen to
Germany),for cargo to Germany). Will there be more noise than now from
nightflights? Now 12.000 than 49.000?

10: Laminudine 31c, a medicine against aids virus HIV infection, works
too against Hepatitis B virus, causing chronic liver infection.

10: The violet carnation (anjer) moondust, in 1996 in production in
Melbourne/Autralia is now in NL via the bilateral company Florigene.
It is the first genetic manipulated flower on the european market. In
the to three of cutflowers (chrysant, rose, anjer) is no one blue. The
blue gen of the Petunia with a bacteria into the rose and anjer as
test. Rose was a failure, anjer not. Also the hormon ethylene has been
put in to keep the flower longer 'fresh'.

16: Min.of Traffic is not now in for accelerated  construction of the
fifth runway of Airport Schiphol. Too much resistence in parliament
against an urgency law to make such acceleration possible.

20: Min. of Environment etc prefers no expansion of Airport Schiphol
but a new airport in the coming second Maas river estuarium/ extreme
western part of Rotterdam harbour. Other areas get more  objections
(Flevoland, offshore in North Sea, exp. of Airport Schiphol).

24: Min. of Agriculture wants a prohibition in certain areas of pigs
industry via the Ecological Mainstructure (in which there is no place
for existing farms companies to expand. He wants ca 10 cluster areas,
and to reach the number of 11 (and not the now 14 million pigs in




18: The Public Prosecutor  does not prosecute the 380 on june 15th
arrested (Eurotop '97) persons at squat Vrankrijk in Amsterdam. Lack
of prove via the used art 140 (codex of criminal law) of participation
in a criminal organisation, the same for the 142 arrested on june 17th
near Hotel Europe Amsterdam. The commander of Mobile Unity  forces had
to give 3x warnings, based on local police regulations, they did not.
Also the sending back of 200 Italians arrived at Amsterdam Central
Station, was not right. So said a commission about complaints towards
the police. A compensation will follow.


02: Experiment as said the Amsterdam municip. council 'partly' has
(been) failed. Experiment? The camp for town nomads (belonging to but
living at the outskirts in by themselves regulated places) started in
1995 and managed by Aid for Those Without Housing (HVO). Too
irregular, chaotic,????

03: In this gov't period there will be no forming of the town
provinces Rotterdam and Eindhoven. No chance in the Senat.

05:The Dutch Police Union (NPB) is not going to give the jewish
community excuses for the commitment of poliucemen during deportation
of jewish people from in NL in World War II. The NPB president said
that such does no good for those policemenn who did refuse
collaboration. In NL after WWII have been police purifications. The
mass deportations are now and than still reason for astonishment and
reflexions  on realities.

05: Military Intelligence Service archive material is for 75%
destroyed, including material to get rid of Bouterse as milit. leader
of Suriname.

08: NL is nr.4 in the world with 22.000 asylum applies (USA 194.000,
GB/UK 35.000, Canada 26.000)?? In 1987 NL gave 13% of applicators a
refugee status and in 1996 60%, in France, UK, Germany it is ca 20%.

11: An important burocrat of the Social Benefit Service of Den Haag
took 100.000 via the salary administration. The alderman accepted that
he resigned, but no punishment, and what about any 'fraude' by clients
who always get punishment for...

18: A special Dutch unity of marine and special troops did arrest in
the Bosnian town of Vitez 2 of milit. crime suspected Bosnian Croats.

18: Appeal to a higher court for asylumseekers is since 1994 again
possible, but not for getting a better status with more rights.

23: The Social Benefit Service payments for asylumseekers in '98 will
be cut. Now a family with 4 children may get 1700.- (no rent payment).
For such an 'ordinary' family it is about 1900.- (still has to pay
rent, etc.) Now it will be 1016.- per 4 weeks, depending of cooking
for the family outdoors. For family with 2 children it will be 816.-


10: Increase of controll at state borders (too the airports and
harbours). The gov't decided to remain 'alert' with relation to the
flow of Kurdish refugees arriving in Italy    (long outside borders of
E.U). Hysteria?

20: New mass outbreak of pig pestplague in Germany makes Dutch
authorities and cattle farm organisations nervious. Those here
importing German pigs has been labelled as suppect. In the Eur.Union
has been agreed a non-vaccination policy, who does, get an export

21: During the celebration of the 60th birthday of Queen Beatrix in
certain parts of Amsterdam will be an emergy regulation. In june
arrest during the Euro Summit was done with art 140, now they will use
art 540 (disturbance of public order). Some of the civilians donot
want festivities as the queen do not want public festivities.

24: Start of very small demos/manifs, like a psdeudo folkloristic
dancing in front of the Palace (before Napoleonic occupation it was
townhall)by the Flapatistas, in Amsterdam.

24: Demo in Den Haag on the last (friday) prayerday of the Ramadan
(Islam fasting period).They did so with posters of Khomeimy and
Khamenei (Iranees religious state leaders) against Israel being in
Jeruzalem (recent years during such demos they screamed "Israel
=killers, Death to the West"). Which caused questioning in parliament
and municip.council. Last year they did it no so extreme.

26: Sellers of GSM (spec. wireless telephoning) subscriptions do set
up a common credit registration, a databank because GSM providers saw
the defaulting, fraude, swindling grow, many by international
operating organisations. They will shorten the period of reporting  by
foreign network managers.

29: After many years of preparations in Amsterdam will be opened mid
february 3 places where roofless drugs addicted persons quietly can
use heroine etc.; hope: to increase the number  of users on the
streets, assistences are present.

29: Between '59 and '90 the BVD (secret police) destroyed illegal
systematicly archive material, so said VVV (Association to Prevent
Destruction of Personal archive material, esp. those in leftist and
action groups in postwar period/ cold war). BVD proved to have
documents of 75% of the VVV members.

31: Crown prince Willem Alexander made the first coin of the special
50 guilder coin to commemorate 350 years Peace of Munster/1648, end of
80 years war with Spain. He saw a common line between Peace of Munster
and European Unification. It shall be the last coin before euro.

31: Boring queen birthday anniversary celebration of Beatrix. Boring
for pro and contra.


05: The national average of turn-up/participation for the local
elections yesterday was ca 60%. The lowest since the end of turn-up
duty in 1970. The lowest was amsterdam with 45.7%, Eindhoven 47.8%,
Tiel 48.3%, Rotterdam 48.4%. D'66 lost about halve of its voters
compared with  4 years ago. CDA little losses with 20.2% (was 21.4%).
PvdA 19.5% (was 17.3%). Local parties 19% (was 18.9%). VVD 17.9% (was
15.7%). The 3  small calvinist parties SGP/GPV/RPF 6.4% (5.7%). Green
Left 6.4% (5.7%). D'66 5.6% (was 11.2%). SP 3.4% (was 1.9%). Extreme
rightist parties CP'86/NVU-CD-NB 0.4% (was 2.0%). Parties for older
people 0.3% (was 1.2%). Related to parliamentary elections it would
mean in seats: PvdA 36 to 37, VVD 31-32, CDA 34-37, D'66 24-7, Green
Left 5-15, SP 2-6, Calvinist parties 7-11, olders 7- 5, CD 3-1.

11: The BVD (secret police) may secretly enter a house, restriction
is: it has to be done in cases of national security problems; and
minister said it is to avoid that foreign security services will
operate secretly here when BVD has to do its registration.

17: This morning the Amsterdam police started clearence of 3 large

20: Across the border with Germany in the nucleair waste depot in
Ahaus, along the transport traject oif Castor containers from
Grundremmingen (Bavaria) and Neckarwestheim (Baden Wurttemberg) where
it comes from, many activists (although the date of transport had been
accelerated) were present. The police (headed in the German state of
Lower Saxonia by a Green party man) used watercannons and 20.000
police men. Last year the transport to Gorleben costed 110 million DM,
mainly caused by protest activities.


01: All demonstrators  arrested during the '97 Euro summit in
Amsterdam will get compensation, too those arrested on june 16th near
the river Amstel and locked in for a night. Lord Mayor said that all
may put a claim.

02: A first of April joke (day for jokes): that night at the central
report room of all district police buros in Amsterdam was a (false)
call to hold ready a van with 5 police pertsons. The Palestinian
leader Arafat shouls stay one day longer. Effect: at a certain moment
there were no cars anymore available top pursue thieves, etc.

03: The NL does work together with the univ.of Munster (Germany) with
DNA research concerning family reunion of asylum seekers, esp. Iraqi
refugees and their families in Northern Iraq. It is to show the blood
relation, and most of them do not carry documents. Green Left has with
this 'big problems', PvdA is not unequivocal, VVD and CDA were pro.
The International Organisation for migration looks after the
feasibility of this project.

06: About 300 asylum seekers + symphatisants hold a silent protest
march through the city centre of Nijmegen. As commemory of the killing
/shooting by a policeman of the Algerian S.Laifa. Drunk depressive
caused by his situation that asylum man walked threateninmg around
with a small knife. Police called it a situation of emergency.

11: The Rotterdam harbour customers discovered in a Panamese seavessel
313kg of cocaine. That ship came from Colombia. The cocaine as usual
disappeared into the incinerator installations.

27: In the parl. elections on may 6th will see a participation of 22
polit. parties, 7 are new.

30: The gov't asks the KNVB (football assoc.)to recall the
footballgame against Nigeria, due to a '95 boycot decision towards
Nigeria. KNVB stated problems as it already made agreements with Nike
and the (new) Ajax football stadium 'ArenA.




15: To combat the computer millenium problem. The Millenium Platform
(state authorities and employers org.VNO/NCW) seeks aid by retired
(before pension age) workers, as they know the computer programming
language  of the 60ies and 70ies like COBOL.


13: From Jan.1.'98 homos/lesbians can registrate their partnership in
their municipality. In such law is included two weeks of publication
of the banns (the 2 weeks before the marriage). Some partnerships do
compete about which one  is the first such married couple. Adoption of
children is not permitted.

16: The Synod Board of the Calvinist Churches in the Netherlands
resigns. This as effect after the affaire Van Drimmelen, and the no
signs from churches. That calvinist theolog and church jurist at the
Free (calvinistic) University of Amsterdam wrote an article in which
he asked understanding for pedophilia and stated he himself is a
pedophile. Two days later he withdraw that text. He wrote it with a
friend who recently had been punished to 2 1/2 year jail for sexual
abuse of minors.

28: In 1997 increase by 17% of personal computer sale to 1.3 million
pc possessors.


14: In the city of Gouda a blind man walked into the water by trying
to cross a bridge. A passing man in an invalidcarriage stepped out of
it, laid down on his belly and while calling to the blind man got hold
of that man his hand. A crowd watching did nothing.

25: In 1997 the Netherlands grew with 93.000 persons. On Jan.1.'98 NL
had 15.650.000 inhabitants. 191.000 new born, emigration 63.000,
immigration 111.000.

26: The man who in 1995 stepped into the bed in which a woman was
asleep and fucked her, does not get any punishment stated the High
Court. Accusation was: rape. He had done as if he was her friend.
Later really awake "she saw the large shoes of her strange visitor".
Than she went to the police to accuse him of rape. The court of
Leeuwarden declared him free. The Public Prosecutor went to the High
Court. HC said that it is not susceptible. He got free as he had not
used force which is necessary to prove rape. Why not using 'situation
of faint/being unable'?

27: Railways, competition. Lovers Rail starts the Keukenhof (bulb
district-tulips etc) 'Express'train (it is painted with tulips,
tickets are obtainable in the train). Lovers Rail became in 1997 a
daughter of the french CGEA. It too wants to do commuter lines.


02: Local Social Services have too much administration work in
combatting fraude of clients. Informal they give the minister advise
to start a special Information Buro. The National Contact of Social
Recherchers/detectives said that it is necessary for 25% of clients
are making fraudes (they keep saying this.). One year ago  the
minister stopped such plan while involved in experiences with an
automatisation system.

03: Minister: the less people will get a social benefit, the more get
a job, the less will commit fraude.

16: A Belgium researcher discovered materials in archives about a 200
km long network of electricity wires to screen the Belgium/Netherland
border. As NL was neutral, many tried to flee into NL being afraid for
german occupation of Belgium and violent repraisals against civilians.
Between 1915 and 1918 ca 3.000 were victim of that electricity.

17:The northern town of Groningen is bycycle minded. As already in
Amsterdam and Utrecht the municipality start a finishing off workplace
in the new street/walk prostitution zone for cyclists, next to such
for cardrivers. It was a suggestion by the Green Left party. It is
usually situated outside the citycentre or in the real outskirts.

21: About the EL AL plane crash into 2 flats in the Amsterdam suburb
Bijlmermeer in'92. Now the Israelian minister of war said it has
available 'house airway bills' to give details of the cargo. 'There
was nothing special'. Others claimed militairy goods including
nucleair material. What did the group of people in white dress in that
chaos, who were they?

24: A fight in a western Amsterdam neighbourhood between 150 Morroccan
youth and 100 police men. Who started what. Police violence/aggresion
or a groups activity of Moroccans did cause a dustplace fire?

25: The Anthroposophic Club said at a general members meeting that
"just repeating R.Steiner etc" is out of this time, critique is
necessary. This concerning discriminatory texts by the founder of the
anthroposophic movement, R.Steiner."Now the anthroposophic 'ordinary'
men may deal themselves with the Steiner etc texts".

28: Mc Cain (largest producer of deep frozen frites in the world?
opened a new production line in Lelystad with 125.000 portions per
hour. It is the working up of 25 ton of potatoes.

28: Ministery of Health prohibites the dangerous laserpointers with a
certain power (they may result by bad use in remaining eye injuries).



Nov.12: Torch march against expulsion in Leuven.

Nov.19: 'Anarchist' 9Ex-parliament member and stock exchange
speculator) Van Rossem got 5 years jail, in Higher Appeal he became
accused of misleading and swindle. Nov.21: From now on 9 weeks work
and lecture group about radical ecology and green philosophy in

Dec.8: Info kitchen Anarchist Centre Leuven about the Situationist

Dec.15: Anarch.Centre Gent, anarchists and the masses.

Dec.20: Day of solidarity with people without documents, Leuven.

Jan.8: Stones through Anarchist Centre in Gent (they think in
direction of an extreme right group.

Febr.2:Street theater by activists about how to roll-up a criminal
network. One policeman reacted and later others followed. It ended in
a fight and arrests, body controll, after 6 hours free again, in

Febr.14: Squatting of a Socialist Mutuality, but soon evicted by

March 1: National demo against closed centres for asylum seekers, in

March 7: Demo in Brussels against joblessness and exclusion.

March 8: International Women Day in various towns.

March 22: National demo for equal rights, solidarity against racism
and discrimination.

March 22: Meetings about 30th anniversary of occupation of Nanterre
University Paris (Fr). Anarchists in Brussels and Wallon of movement
of 22 March (1968) do call up for a mass presentation of anarchists
in the mentioned national demo.

March 30: In the Anarch.Centre Gent about anarchism versus economy.

April 6: In the AC of Gent about MAI.

April 18/19: Gathering of european marchers against joblessness ana
expulsion in Brussels.

April 20: At Stock Exchange Brussels demo against MAI.

April 27: Info Centre Leuven about MAI.

April 27: AC Gent about political prisoners.



Green Front actions: March 30: destruction of an ram-installation as
workers  in a nature area were  beginning with builkding of villas.

April 7:Occupation of a 50 meter high installation  to protest of
doubling of motorway (A2) bridge across river Lek.

And they were active in the Amsterdam west harbour area to stop
construction of Afrika port.

Squatting in for example: Den Bosch, Groningen, Den Haag, Amsterdam,
Beverwijk, Maastricht, Utrecht. Evictions in f.e. Nijmegen, Utrecht,

Every first saturday in Amsterdam actions against Mc donald.

Prison Wakes (mainly because of asylum seekers/refugees in prison, in
Alphen a/d Rijn, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Ter Apel.

Bycyclist demos: first fridays in Amsterdam, Leiden, second fridays in
Breda and Utrecht, last fridays in Groningen.

Vrije Socialist (a small group in Amsterdam) holds every first
saturday a thematical meeting.

Here and there concerts (punk,etc), theatre , movies, and discussion
meetings (f.e. on environment, work, politics, etc.).


Other activities

Nov.1: World for vegans and ELF action night.

Nov.1: In Cavia Amsterdam the movie doc. about Makhno,and one about
the Reds.

Nov.9: Kristallnight (1939).

Nov.14: Eurodusnie Leiden anti WTO meeting, on Nov 15 about MAI.

Nov.29: International non-shopping day.

Dec 1: World AIDS day.

Dec 10: Internat. Day of Human Rights.

Jan 9/10: Eurodusnie Leiden, second anti- MAI meeting + action plans.

Jan. 16: Extra actions ,too from the side of police in the Groenoord
action camp to prevent construction of Afrika port (Amsterdam).

Jan.17: National anarcha feminist meeting in Utrecht.

Febr.2: starty of a national anti-MAI tour, start in Utrecht.

Febr.6:Picket at USA embassy for Leonard Peltier.

Febr.11. Short buro occupation of Ministery of Econ.Affaires by
anti-MAI activists in Den Haag.

Febr.19: Action by Milieu Defence by sitting on a Boeing 747 (a plane
ready for a flight to Atlanta/US ,the CNN man did not understand why
this plane).

Febr.20/22:Assata, the shop and info centre, in Nijmegen held a
weekend  on selfmanagement.(Debates, music, bookfair,
expositions,(f.e. the atom transport to Ahaus and anti-MAI).

Jan.14 till Febr.17, a hungerstrike by a Kurdish group in Groningen
against expulsion.

Febr.28: Demo in Utrecht 'Give racism no voice/vote'.

March 2: In Amsterdam 2 CD list leaders were spreading their leaflets,
a mere of 10 antifascists did  action against them. By taking all the
leaflets, give them headache and in one minute the 2 left.

March 8: Sway demo in front of prison of Zwolle in favour of the
Italian womean living here a couple of years (has a child), her name
is Paola LoVecchio.

March 21/22: Big damage in a chicken stable in Northern Limburg.

March 21: National anti racism demo + fair in Amsterdam.

March 21: International demo in Munster (Germany) against atom mafia
and the atomwaste transports.

March 24: Senat accepted Couplings Law to prevent further the illegals
from social etc provisions.

April 7: Anti-MAI people made noisy protest in parliament on public
tribune. (e-mail: lokabaal@dsl.nl; internet: www.stelling.nl/mai).

April 9-11: Animal Rightsgathering in Leiden.

April 13: Annual Eastern march from Breda to the airforce base in
Gilze-Rijen and than for a manifestation to Tilburg.

April 22: Anti-MAI action day.

Aprl 25: A digger machine destructed a part of the ADM squat in
Amsterdam, as the owner wish to see the squatters leave and go.

Vrije Bond with quarterly 'Buiten de Orde' held its quarterly

In many other places, towns, info centres,etc. meetings did take
place, actions have been done.


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