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(en) nuclear disarmament, Environmental and peace groups, actions in praparations.

From Ilan Shalif <gshalif@netvision.net.il>
Date Sat, 21 Feb 1998 13:03:24 +0200

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From: Shundahai Network <shundahai@radix.net> sue Department of Energy
(DOE) Motion Filed to Jail Pena, Gain Review of DOE Cleanup Plans
Abolition 2000, international  movement NIX MOX International Action
Day March 16, 1998
         Western Communities Against Nuclear Transportation (WCANT)
organizes 1998
                "Stop Mobile Chernobyl's" Mock Nuclear Waste Cask Tour

         Stop the U.S. war against the people of Iraq, February 28

Motion Filed to Jail Pena, Gain Review of DOE Cleanup Plans

by Bob Schaeffer, Marylia Kelley and Sally Light
from Tri-Valley CAREs' February newsletter, Citizen's Watch

Last October, federal district court Judge Stanley Sporkin invited a
coalition of 39 environmental and peace groups, including Tri-Valley
to file a motion to hold the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) in contempt
for its
failure to honor its commitment to complete a thorough analysis of the
nuclear weapons clean-up program.  Judge Sporkin encouraged the
to name a specific DOE official who could then be subject to
if the contempt motion were granted. Simultaneously, Judge Sporkin
the parties to seek a negotiated settlement.

The contempt motion, filed on January 23, seeks imprisonment of DOE
Secretary Federico Pena and two top deputies until DOE produces a
schedule for preparing and issuing a Programmatic Environmental Impact

Statement (PEIS) on the agency's Environmental Restoration and Waste
Management program. DOE had agreed to complete the PEIS in a court
called a stipulation, signed by Judge Sporkin in October 1990, to
settle a
lawsuit brought by many of the same coalition groups.

Further, for DOE's "neglect, failure, and willful refusal to comply
and obey the 1990 stipulation," the coalition is seeking more than $5
million dollars in punitive fines and a penalty of $5,000 per day if
PEIS is not completed within one year, as well as compensatory damages
cover their costs and attorneys fees for bringing the contempt action.
fines and penalties would fund public monitoring of DOE environmental

The coalition is also asking the federal court to order DOE to
withdraw its
recent decisions concerning the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New
along with DOE policies for treating and storing transuranic wastes
they are not based on a complete analysis of environmental impacts and


For the past three months, the coalition attempted to get senior DOE
officials to agree to fulfill their legal obligations. Tri-Valley
CAREs and
several other plaintiff organizations, each at its own expense,
twice to Washington, DC to participate in mediated settlement
along with our attorney from the Natural Resources Defense Council.
after telling us we were very close on a number of issues, the DOE
the door on further discussions.

DOE broke off all negotiation even though they knew of the clear and
unambiguous 1990 court order. (After all, they also signed it.) So
however, DOE has willfully failed to comply with the provisions of
order, a position Department leaders maintain to this day.

Without approval of the court or plaintiffs, DOE decided to pursue an
evaluation of its waste management activities alone. No review of the
agency's plans to clean up the legacy of nuclear weapons production,
to be one of the largest environmental projects in U.S. history with
estimated total cost of more than $250 billion, was ever conducted.

Thus, the contempt motion is designed to force DOE to obey the court's

order to analyze the impacts of and alternatives to the nation's most
expensive cleanup program.

For those of us living downwind and downstream of these polluted DOE
facilities, like Livermore Lab, it is evident that the agency has
on its fundamental legal commitment to look at various cleanup
options. We
cannot, therefore, blindly trust that the DOE will, in the years and
decades to come, make good on its obligation to actually clean up the
and radioactive mess at its sites. We must act.

ABOLITION 2000 is an international network of organizations,
and activists calling for an international convention on complete
disarmament within a time bound framework to be convened by the year


  -- > Go to: http://www.wagingpeace.org/abolition2000.html

2. SEND A VALENTINE'S GREETING CARD to President Clinton and other
of nuclear weapons states and urge them to sign a treaty banning
weapons -- when they love this Earth.  Following are some e-mails:
     United States: mail to:president@whitehouse.gov
     United Kingdom: mail to:tony.blair@geo2.poptel.org.uk
     Israel: mail to:likud1@likud.org.il

For a complete list of these and other leaders, contact the Nuclear
Peace Foundation, or go to

Abolition 2000 International Petition calling for ending the nuclear
threat, signing a treaty banning nuclear weapons, and reallocating
resources from military purposes to meeting human needs.  A copy of
petition is available from Abolition 2000, c/o Nuclear Age Peace
or on the web at http://www.wagingpeace.org/intlpetition.html .

4. HELP ORGANIZE efforts to have your municipality pass a resolution
support of achieving the abolition of nuclear weapons.  Ask us for a
resolution or go to: http://www.wagingpeace.org/ab2000city.html

NIX MOX International Action Day, March 16, 1998
>From Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Citizens across the world will take actions March 16, 1998 to stop the

formation of a military-industrial-utility complex and to stop the use
MOX fuel in nuclear reactors. MOX = plutonium, and it must be isolated
the environment, not transported over roadways, railways and the high

Russian groups picked the date, and they promise actions in several
including a major one in Moscow. We are supporting them, and urge
across the U.S. and Canada--and other MOX nations--to participate by
actions and other activities to spread the word that MOX is

Some suggested activities:

* Hold a picket line at a utility office, or a nuclear reactor gate,
or the
office of one of the potential MOX contractors (Westinghouse, Siemens,
Bechtel...the list goes on).

* Sit in at one of these offices, or maybe visit your local

* Hang NIX MOX banners over key bridges for morning and/or evening
rush hours.

* Leaflet campuses; hold a forum at the student union; bring MOX up in
polysci class. * Hold a community event: a potluck dinner with
speakers or a
public meeting at the local library. Invite the media.

* Set up a letter-writing, petition-signing table at a public venue.
the letters and petitions to your local utility. Tell them upcoming
utility restructuring means you won't buy their electricity if they
use MOX.
Send copies of the letters to your Public Service Commission and state
federal legislators.

* Your idea here.....

NIRS can provide you with NIX MOX brochures and other materials. We
provide you with information about activities in Russia and elsewhere
you to release to your local media. The U.S. Department of Energy
bases much
of its justification for MOX on the grounds that the U.S. needs to use
because Russia wants to. So the people of Russia are taking the lead;
if we
act together, we can stop MOX everywhere. Please let us know what you
planning so we can inform other groups in U.S. and elsewhere, provide
with new materials, etc. Organizations in other nations are encouraged
make this a truly international action. We hope everyone will

For more information, contact Mary Olson at the Nuclear Information
Resource Service, 1424 16th Street NW, #404, Washington, DC 20036,
202-328-0002; fax: 202-462-2183; e-mail: maryo@igc.org

Western Communities Against Nuclear Transportation (WCANT) organizes
"Stop Mobile Chernobyl's" Mock Nuclear Waste Cask Tour

WCANT is a multi state alliance of citizen, labor, tribal,
and peace organizations opposed to the Department of Energy's plan to
foreign spent fuel through California, Nevada, Utah and Idaho. WCANT
supports a consistent nuclear nonproliferation policy which seeks
reasonable alternatives to the transport of radioactive waste and
materials, a nuclear repository at Yucca Mountain, and which seeks
ultimately to halt the spread of commercial and weapons related
technologies. We demand a policy that respects the environment and
humanity. We support the abolition of Nuclear Weapons.

The Department of Energy (DOE) plans:
In June of 1998, the DOE plans to begin shipping high-level nuclear
from U.S. supplied foreign research reactors through California,
Utah and Idaho for temporary storage at the Idaho National Engineering
Environmental Laboratory (INEEL). 38 casks of spent fuel rods will
the Concord Naval Weapons Station over the next 13 years.

Transportation is Dangerous:
Spent nuclear fuel is highly radioactive and extremely dangerous. It
most susceptible to accidents during transportation. This deadly cargo
enter the San Francisco Bay by ship and then move among vessels
millions of tons of petroleum and chemicals through narrow a narrow
lined with oil refineries. It will be off loaded at the Concord Navel
Weapons Station, (Where Brian Wilson was run over by a weapons and
ammunition train bound for war torn Central America in 1987) near an
earthquake fault and transferred to trains or trucks to shipment to
Anticipated routes include the Feather River Canyon in California
trains have derailed 28 times in 16 years.

There is no permanent repository:
No permanent repository site exists for high-level nuclear waste.
Significant geological flaws exists at the Yucca Mountain site, the
one that is currently being studied by the DOE. Yucca Mountain is on
Western Shoshone land; and it's proposed desecration represents
assault on the original inhabitants of this country.

Speak Out!
Join WCANT and local groups where you live. Let your elected official
you want the U.S. government to stop transporting nuclear waste
your neighborhoods.

WCANT's "Stop Mobile Chernobyl's" 1998 Tour schedule

Feb 16: Oakland, Jerry Browns "We the People" 2pm
Feb 18: Pleasant hill, Diablo Valley College, 11:30 - 1:30pm
Feb 19: Martinez, Union Pacific Train Station 11am-1pm
Feb 20: Sacramento, State Capitol, West Steps, noon-1pm
Feb 21: Davis, Farmers Market, 8am-1pm
Feb 22-25: Colfax
Feb 26: Grass Valley, K-Mart parking lot
Feb 27: Oroville, Municipal Auditorium parking lot 1am-noon
                Chico City Park, Main St. 1:30-3:30pm

March 1: Sparks, Victorian Square, Ralley and Parade 11am-1pm
March 2: Pyramid Lake Reservation
March 3: Fernley High School 9-10am
                Lovelock Community Center 5:30-7pm
March 4: Winnemucca Public Lybrary, 6:30-8:30pm
March 5: Battle Mountain Tribal Center, noon
                Crescent Valley, potluck, evening
March 6: Elko, Great Basin Community College, 3-5pm
                Elko Convention Center, 6:30-8pm
March 7: Wells, noon
March 8: Wendover, noon

March 10: Salt Lake City, State Capitol
March 11: Ogden, Weber State College
March 12: Skull Valley Gsohute Reservation

Tour culminates at the Nuclear Free Newe Sogobia Gathering, Nevada
March 27-29

For more information call:
Citizen Alert, Lee Daisy (702) 827-4299 or email ldazey@igc.apc.org

National Emergency Coalition to Stop the War Against Iraq
39 W. 14th St., Suite 206, New York, NY 10011, (212) 633-6646 Fax
(212) 633-2889
Thousands will Demonstrate on February 28 in
First National Protests Opposing New U.S. War on Iraq

The newly formed National Emergency Coalition to Stop the U.S. War
Against Iraq has set two national anti-war protests on February 28,
1998, for New York City and San Francisco. The Coalition includes over

two hundred groups and prominent individuals from anti-war, civil
rights, labor union's, women's, student, lesbian, gay, bi and trans,
veterans, and religious organizations.

"The people of this country will take to the streets again to protest
a U.S. bombing war against the people of Iraq that will likely kill
thousands of civilians, further crippling Iraq's water, sanitation and

electrical system, and all that is necessary to sustain civilian
life," stated Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General. "A new U.S.
bombing is illegal, a violation of international law and constitutes
another war crime against the Iraqi people," Clark continued.

The New York City demonstration on February 28 will include a mass
march from Times Square to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. The

Times Square rally will begin at noon. Demonstrators in San Francisco
will assemble at Dolores Park at 11:00 AM.

"The whole world opposes a new act of military aggression against
Iraq," stated Sara Flounders, a representative of the International
Action Center and one of the spokespersons for the new anti-war
coalition. "The U.S. is provoking this crisis not because of some
dreaded imminent biological or chemical weapon attack from Iraq, but
because the U.S. government wants to overthrow the current Iraqi
government and replace it with a puppet regime. The government wants
Exxon, Texaco, Mobil, Citibank and Chase Manhattan to control and
profit from this region where two-thirds of the world's oil supply is
located," Flounders asserted.

The National Emergency Coalition is sponsoring local protests in more
than 50 cities between February 17-24 prior to the mass demonstrations

on February 28. The Coalition is sponsoring a February 17 protest at 5

pm at Times Square in New York. The group will also rally at Times
Square on February 21, 1998.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has introduced legislation, HR 3298, to
President Clinton from initiating a military attack against Iraq.
Paul stated in his press release of February 12th: "There is
absolutely no
moral or constitutional reason to go to war with Iraq at this time.
founding fathers made it very, very clear that the power to send our
into battle is reserved to Congress, and that acts of war should be
contemplated only when national security is immediately threatened."

The Paul legislation would:

"prohibit the use of funds appropriated to the Department of
Defense from being used for the conduct of offensive operations by
United States Armed Forces against the Republic of Iraq for the
purpose of obtaining compliance by Iraq with United Nations
Security Council resolutions relating to inspection and destruction
of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq by the United Nations,
unless such operations are specifically authorized by law."

The bill also requires passage of new legislation approving an
attack against Iraq before any such action be taken.

Inform your Representatives of this legislation and urge them to
and support it.

This message was forwarded to you on 02/20/98 by

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