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(en) The Internet Anti-Fascist: Wed, 22 April 98--#2:23 (#100)

From Paul Kneisel <tallpaul@nyct.net>
Date Thu, 23 Apr 1998 00:06:31 -0400

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

           The Internet Anti-Fascist: Wednesday, 22 April 98
                       Vol. 2, Number 23 (#100)

I think for the hundredth issue we should look at a different form of
anti-fascism. --  tallpaul


An old folk saying maintains that when you're ass deep in alligators
it's difficult to remember that you set out to drain the swamp. We've
seen an number of anti-fascist victories over the past year, but
they've involved hard-nosed politics and organizing. It is easy to
forget -- or worse, ignore -- another side of anti-fascism, conducted
on a day-to-day, everyday basis in one's personal life and against
forces who wish to disrupt that life.

That's one reason you should look at Allen and Angel Steadham's
"Interrace Haven" web site and "Love Sees No Color [Web] Ring" at:

Allen writes that he "created this site to be a source of information,
resources, and ultimately support for people who:

   * Are in an INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP (People of at least two
     different races who are married or dating/engaged)

   * Are BIRACIAL(an individual whose parents are of two different
     races) or MULTIRACIAL (an individual who has at least one biracial
     parent or more than two races in their genetic history).

   * Are the parent(s) of a biracial or multiracial individual(s)

   * Are the grandparent(s) of a biracial or multiracial individual(s)

   * Are interested in being supportive to the one or all of the

We must remember that the Steadham's interracial relationship, that
their family, and their love for each other all constitute a massive
affront to the forces of bigotry and intolerance. Their efforts to make
love a little more possible and similar relationships a little bit
easier are also a form of anti-fascism too lacking in today's world.

For similar reasons you might want to visit the web site of "Men of All
Colors Together" from San Francisco and look at some links, at:

"Men of All Colors Together/San Francisco Bay Area (MACT/SFBA -- just
say 'Mak-Tee') is a gay/bisexual multiracial and multicultural
organization committed to fostering supportive environments wherein
racial and cultural barriers can be overcome. MACT/SFBA engages in
educational, political, cultural, and social activities as means of
dealing with the racism, homophobia, and other inequities in our
communities and in our lives."

The anti-fascism of TINAF has been of the "hard" variety. It has, of
necessity, focused on opposing fascist actions. This is required in the
short run. Web sites and groups like Interrace Haven and MACT have a
"softer" anti-fascism. We need to remember that in the long run their
actions are far more important.

"Hard" anti-fascism merely opposes the forces of bigotry and
intolerance; Interrace Haven and MACT point us to the world we want to
create where these hate-oriented actions do not exist.



Today especially one thinks of the "unfolding dynamic of history" as a
trite phrase or cant best left to obsolete Soviet-style speeches. Yet
this dynamic has a way of creeping past (through, over, around)
political victories from different areas of the spectrum. Cypherpunks -
- a libertarian-oriented group not normally linked to anything "Soviet"
-- refer to national borders as "speed bumps on the global information
superhighway." The uneven and combined development of the techno-
political nexus has even produced a Internet-based "post-
internationalism" at the same time that long-obsolete national and pre-
national[2] conflicts give rise to new state structures as they have in
the former Yugoslavia. I write "post-internationalism" or "globalism"
for even the older notion of a true internationalism still posits the
importance of nations that are now transcended. For many on the net,
such nations are little more than the "dot two-letter" suffixes on e-
mail addresses.[3]

The same uneven and combined development can be found in one area of
multi-culturalism. In many areas of thought and human behavior today,
the term seems somewhat oxymoronic. One does not have a real
multiculturalism that enriches everyone's life; instead one has a
series of individual sub-cultures existing in a too-frequent
narcissistic universe. Aspects or factions in different sub-cultures
remain isolated, sometimes out of choice ("auto ghettoization") with
hate and distrust flourishing.

Food increasingly develops as one aspect of a true enriching multi-
culturalism. This may appear a trivial issue; indeed the very
triviality demonstrates the importance of the issue. This area of
multiculturalism is so established that it no longer causes any concern
even among bigots. Once racists referred to the Chinese workers who
built the railroads as "rat eaters" and were horrified at the idea of
tasting the cuisine; today the K.K.K. sends for Chinese takeout for
their planning meetings.

This form of multi-culturalism triumphs, not with the clash of weapons
in the streets, but with an enticing odor from the kitchen.

Jeff Smith's cookbook, taken as ethnography, clearly demonstrates the
political fallacy of today's anti-immigration hysteria. We are not just
the proverbial "nation of immigrants;" as a nation we are nothing
without past immigration.

His lists of recipes are not very deep but his choice of cuisines is
quite broad. You would expect to see Ireland, Italy, Germans, Norway,
Poland, Rumanian, Scotland, Sweden, and Wales represented. Smith also
covers not merely the Chinese and various ethnicities of the Indian
sub-continent, but cooking by the Burmese, Japanese, and Vietnamese as
well as the different immigrant cultures based in the various Pacific

I've found that Smith's book makes my life a little more enjoyable.

At one point my choice of hacker chow was pizza (via Italy), ramen
noodles (via Japan), or florescent-orange crunchy puffy treats (via
DuPont's "better living through chemistry"). I've now added Vietnamese
Rare Beef with Lime, a delectable combination of thin sliced raw beef,
oyster sauce, hot peppers, and lime juice. I like to eat it at the
computer on Dominican soda crackers.

I also have near-eastern lentils and spinach rolled inside tortillas
with a schmear of lime pickle from India. Jamaican jerked pork with
ginger pickle makes a similarly-tasty snack. Next to my computer I have
"Ting Ting Jahe Ginger Candy" from Indonesia and candied tamarind from

And if I get sick I have a nice pot of chicken soup cooking on the

                               * * * * *

[1] Jeff Smith, (William Morrow & Co., New York: 1990), 539 pp., h.c.,
$US 19.95

[2] "Greater Macedonia will rise again!"

[3] Even these increasingly disappear from the addresses as Internet
Service Providers go multi-national.


  We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.  
      (No permission required for noncommercial reproduction)

                               - - - - -

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