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(en) Brazil, CAB, Bandeira Negra: Report and photos of the VIII Soiree First of May (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Thu, 19 May 2022 09:27:49 +0300

In its eighth edition, we held another Soirée 1º de Maio. This year, the date fell on a sunny Sunday, which brought together dozens of people within the Association of Residents and Friends of the Itinga Neighborhood (Amorabi) and warmed our hearts and bodies that danced to popular culture. ---- This year, we remember the importance of the arts for our experiences and rebellions, that we are cultural beings, despite the bourgeoisie seeing us only as pieces of machinery that only produces. On another 1st of May we said no, we resisted the daily life of the capital that crushes our dreams, our leisure and our art, we were strong, united and we played on the 1st of May.
It is important, however, to remember the lives that were gone, victims of a genocidal State, which seeks profit instead of life. For the companions who departed, we keep their memories alive. From the Chicago martyrs to the family and friends killed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

United, in memory of comrades, and celebrating life among our peers, we sing with the presentation of Eu Also Sou Zé, we vibrate with the Palhaça Tulipa, we celebrate with the Poems Lagunáticos, we dance with the Baque Mulher, we play the Integrative Capoeira and we share food and emotions.

Below, we leave some photographic records of this Soiree that warmed our hearts and brought us together in class solidarity. Further down, we also share our opening letter and the Lagoon Poetry recited in the activity.

We continue in the day to day struggle. LONG LIVE ANARCHISM! FIGHT, CREATE, POPULAR POWER!

The photos are by @cassi.reis.olhares.

Opening Letter of the VIII Soiree First of May
Hello, good afternoon to all the fellow people present.

It is with a joy intoxicated by love and rebellion that we, from CABN, COLETIVO ANARQUISTA BANDEIRA NEGRA, member of CAB, COORDINAÇÃO ANARQUISTA BRASILEIRA, idealized, and now happens, the EIGHTH SARAU FIRST OF MAY.

This is our day, of those who care daily in different places of residence, work, education and leisure, in urban and rural areas. This is not a day to celebrate work, but it is a time to cross our arms and look at our stories of struggles, defeats and victories against the entire ruling class, which imposes a cruel world with its different forms of oppression and exploitation.

This is the time to remember our sisters and brothers who died during the pandemic managed by genocides, such as Bolsonaro, Johnson, Putin, Trump, Biden, Moises and Adriano. These are the faces and voices of the time to rule according to the political and economic interests of a richer minority that continues to profit from the pandemic, leaving more than six hundred and sixty thousand dead, in Brazil alone.

Now, please, to the people present, we ask for a moment of silence for the bodies that have become absent in the context of the pandemic, but that are still present in our memories and hearts.

The First of May is the day to turn mourning into struggle, but not the struggle proposed by those above, with their profitable wars that pit the people against the people. It is the day to stand against the war machine and organize to sabotage it, whether that of the Russian State, NATO or the Military Police.

It is the day when we face the challenge of intensifying even more the work in our bases, putting forward the fight against hunger and precariousness that has been hitting increasingly hard on the impoverished people, in peripheral regions, occupations, schools, neighborhoods, in the fields and in the forests. This is a day to put ourselves in the mobilization for the urgent exit of Bolsonaro and his cronies and, regardless of the results of the polls, compose the trenches that build local struggles, ensuring victories through self-organization.

CABN seeks to contribute to the construction of a rebellious identity, making use of the memories and histories of the oppressed classes from places near and far from here. Since 2015, we have chosen to build a public space for the organization to involve each and every member of the militancy, anarchists or not, but who are committed to popular struggle and organization. We want to socialize the different expressions of art and culture that we make, but that capitalism forbids us to make public. After all, for the capitalist system we are just parts of a gear that produces.

The name of the space is SARAU PRIMEIRO DE MAIO. The day's choice is to bring to our eyes, ears, minds and hearts how today's date is a key milestone for the working class. As the chronicler Carlos de Oliveira wrote:

"May 1st is the day to remember and give importance to all workers in the world. A day to dedicate and honor the Chicago Martyrs. Eight people who were killed by the government and bosses.
Everyone who, today, still needs to devote his efforts to enriching a few, should dedicate at least one afternoon a year to Albert Parsons, Louis Lingg, Adolph Fischer, George Engel, August Spies, Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden and Oscar Neebe."

And from our martyrs in Chigado we set out to add to the streets taken by barricades from the Paris Commune of 1871, to the various Brazilian cities with the resistance and workers' organizations of 1917. We took part in the intense days and nights of the Social Revolution in Spain of 1936 , to the worker and student uprisings in Prague, Paris, Mexico and São Paulo in 1968. Against high prices and the increase in the cost of living, for those on the front lines for health and those fighting for a decent life.

This year, after two digital editions broadcast on YouTube, on the channel of the Brazilian Anarchist Coordination, we again held the soiree in person, at Amorabi and we bring as the theme for this eighth edition the "ART AND POPULAR ORGANIZATION OF REBELDIAS".

In the day-to-day rush of the capital that crushes us, we end up prevented from thinking about our rebellious practices. And yet, when the topic comes up in our debates, it is usually in a tone of condemnation of rebellion. In the speeches of the ruling classes, when they realize that they can't against our rebellious acts, they try to erase our voice, which is only summoned to print advertising pieces in the name of profit and a bourgeois democracy. But behind the scenes of life, they continue to disrespect our rights to health, food and leisure.

We are anarchists! We do not believe in a society based on hierarchy and exploitation in the name of the bourgeois class with its racism, machismo, LGBTQIphobia, colonialism and all forms of oppression. We feed our imaginations already looking for a future in which all oppressed people can, together with their community, create a new world, in which the State is overcome by self-management, freedom and equality. Our rebellious actions are like a farmer, who, in his trade, when removing seeds from the little shabby packet, looks at the handful, already imagining the countryside in abundance of food for all the peoples of the world.

Between the act of producing in the countryside and in the cities, many of us, in secret, or in a discreet way, create rebellions. We are like the caboclo population of a little over a hundred years ago, which occupied the soil of what is conventionally called the border between Paraná and Santa Catarina, but which our memory of struggle calls Contestado. A population abandoned by the republican State, exploited by large imperialist companies and welcomed by a popular hope of a paradise, gathered its forces to, in solidarity, work in the neighboring fields. And at the end of the collective journey of hope, the songs were created by popular artists with weather-hardened hands and shovels, hoes and machetes. Right there, they made their dance, their music and their art.

When we look more closely at our surroundings, from the past to the present, it is possible to understand that art is not separate from other instances of life. It moves us, and with love and rebellion, it nourishes who we are today to achieve, with careful and firm steps, the society we want tomorrow.

That's why, after two years of doing the soiree virtually, we return with great joy to this face-to-face edition of the soiree 1º de Maio. In recent years, especially, much has been denied us, and in many moments our rebellion has been suffocated by mourning, isolation and economic difficulties imposed by those above. Even so, we do not fail to mark and claim on this important date. The Soirees of 2020 and 2021, despite being virtual, brought flashes of hope, love and rebellion in the face of the harshness of everyday life.

It is symbolic that our face-to-face return is made at AMORABI, a space for popular struggle that has resisted in the last two years carrying out actions of mutual support and solidarity. We want to thank AMORABI, not only for welcoming us to this space, but for having, in these difficult times, kept the flame of popular struggle lit. Whether in welcoming the most basic needs, in popular education projects or in art.

With this soiree, we want to feed this flame and ignite the hearts of those who fight with love and rebellion. While the institutional left hammers home that the only way out is to take away the voter registration card, we believe that the way out is in the popular struggle. Organizing in unions, popular movements, residents' associations, schools and territories. No, it is not enough for us to change who is at the helm of the power structure, we want much more. We want a strong people, organized from below and on the left. We want the end of capital, the State and all structures of oppression and exploitation. We want a new world, where all worlds fit. It is with these goals in mind that we declare the beginning of the eighth soirée 1º de Maio!




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