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(en) Czech, AFED: Winter is over, spring is coming: Russian protests against Putin and the war (ca, de, it, pt)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 19 Mar 2022 11:28:02 +0200

Russians and Russians are protesting against the imperialist campaign in Ukraine and are facing harsh repression. ---- Russia, dragged by Vladimir Putin's regime into a war of conquest against Ukraine, is experiencing massive peaceful protests in the second week. In many cities, anarchists are taking part in anti-war activities: last Sunday, they took to the streets through a decisive challenge, the translation of which we present at the end of the article. The state is reacting more and more brutally, thousands of people have been arrested.
There are also protests in other countries under Putin's sphere of influence. Both Kazakhstan, where the government with the support of the Kremlin recently suppressed a popular uprising, and Belarus, where the bullies of dictator Alexander Lukashenko have been harshly pursuing every protest for years.

In Russia, the protests have been protesting almost constantly since the beginning of the war - sometimes only individually or in small groups, other times, as on the last Sunday, en masse. Peaceful demonstrations affected at least sixty cities, and in many places really large crowds were seen on footage from social networks. The Russian Interior Ministry claimed that 5,200 demonstrators gathered, which is clearly underestimated. However, due to censorship, it is practically impossible to communicate real numbers.

Demonstrations are accompanied by harsh repression. Russia's OVD repression monitoring platform says police detained about 5,300 people in 74 cities in March 6 alone. However, the overall balance has been much higher since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine, after Sunday it probably exceeded thirteen thousand in almost 150 cities. Hundreds of protesters were detained for a number of days in a row, for example, 2,855 newly persecuted were registered on the previous Sunday, February 27.

Dozens of people face criminal charges, including "vandalism" or alleged police attacks. There are also popular paragraphs against "extremism" or a novelty, the spread of "false information" - in practice, the possibility of prosecuting anyone who publicly tells the facts about the war in Ukraine. Some cases are even surreal: as a person fined for an inscription in the snow or children detained for an anti-war picket.

During the arrests and on the offices, the bastards committed the beatings and various abuse of the protesters. OVD registers dozens of cases, in reality, violence will be much more frequent. Beatings, digging, dragging hair, spraying disinfectants on the face, being forced to stand for hours and illegal actions such as pressure on detainees to reveal the numbers of people who also disagree with the war are described.

Putin is not Russia

In Czech discussions on social networks, it has become customary to call on the Russians to finally overthrow Putin, or to wonder why they have not done so yet. But it is either a manifestation of ignorance, perhaps naivety. First, as we have described, many Russians would like to overthrow Putin, or at least oppose the current war in Ukraine. Their share will not be small, but it is difficult to estimate specific percentages from the available information.

For many years, the Russian Federation has been a strongly authoritarian state, gaining even totalitarian elements with the war. Russians and Russians face constant propaganda. Independent media were suppressed - practically one hundred percent after the last week - foreign social networks were blocked. Access to alternative information thus requires activity and technical skills or applications (Telegram), which many people do not have.

The opportunity to speak out in public is minimal and dangerous: taking to the streets - not only for a demonstration, but also with a picket - means exposing yourself to a high risk of arrest, fierce police violence and potentially crescent prisons. The secret services sometimes "warm up" the monstrous trials against anti-fascists, when innocent people are forced by torture to "confess" and crack down on friends, and they leave the courts with many years of punishment for nothing.

It is arrogant to argue that the people have not overthrown Putin in such an environment. Many Russians and Russians do everything in their power and deserve recognition and support, not instruction. We therefore call for the respect and support of the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) Moscow, which seeks to help those persecuted.

You can contribute to the coffers in several related companies - with the total amount collected divided evenly between the Moscow ABC and the Ukrainian anti-fascists - or try to send the contribution directly to Russia. Details can be found HERE .

Please note that ABC Moscow expects to use PayPal, which both takes a percentage for the money transfer and recently announced that it is leaving Russia. We will find out the details and we will inform them as soon as possible. In any case, you won't spoil anything by contributing to the money boxes.

Winter is over, spring is coming: Russia's Autonomous Action call for protests

The Russian army invaded Ukraine. Putin has gone mad and his army is now bombing cities, shooting at peaceful populations, killing children. More than a million people have fled Ukraine to save themselves from Putin's "liberators."

We refuse to submit to Russian war censorship and say openly and clearly: this is war. Conquest war led by the army of the Russian Federation. The Ukrainians are successfully defending themselves against the occupiers, and we, who are now in Russia, cannot just stand idly by. We must show ourselves and the world that we are against the war, that only Putin and his gang need this war. Being against the war is now the real anti-fascism.

The joint day of anti-war actions in Russia will be the next Sunday, March 6. Go out to the main square of your cities. Decide on time and organize events independently, especially in the streets.

The Russian government is now panicking. They have already realized that they are losing the war. That is why they hysterically threaten participants in anti-war actions - expulsion from school, dismissal from work, immediate recruitment into the army, imprisonment. Don't be afraid of them. Ukrainians are protesting against the occupiers in their cities with their bare hands. Against armed soldiers. Against tanks. After all this, can we really be afraid of the Russian police machinery?

We demand an immediate end to the war. We demand the immediate and unconditional departure of Russian troops from Ukraine. It is the main condition of anything else - the aggression of the Russian Federation must end. We must stop people dying. Putin didn't ask us when he was making plans for an invasion, but we didn't stop him in time. At least we have to do it now.

Our main goal is to stop the war in Ukraine. But we must also fight for Russia's future. The crazy dictator doesn't have much time left: a small victorious war is not going according to plan, and now its overthrow is only a matter of time and concrete means. But what's next, after Putin?

The countries that have joined the "Russian Federation" are now at a historic crossroads. The collapse of the Putin regime can trigger liberation processes. Of course, they will not immediately lead to an anarchist ideal, but at least Russia will no longer be at war with the whole world and its own population. The wave of change may bring a chance for a real change in the political system towards great decentralization, such as the abolition of the presidency and the transition to a parliamentary republic.

However, there is another variant of "what will happen after Putin": an even greater squeak of the regime, the airtight closure of all borders and the severance of international contacts. The current blocking of half of the Internet in Russia is only the first swallow. There will be no force for conquest wars, but it will not make life easier for people: they will find themselves in a state similar to North Korea. There is no anarchist movement.

We all have a unique opportunity in the coming days and weeks. Putin's authoritarian regime has made a fatal mistake and is losing its balance. If the Kremlin psychopath doesn't push the nuclear button, he won't be here for a long time. Everything now depends on us, the people of Russia. When we remain silent, the challenges are quickly taken up by the isolationists and conservatives, of whom there are most among the power elites. But if we are active, we will win. All you have to do is push the rusted leviathan - and it will fall to dust.

Take to the streets on March 6. If you can't just this day, go another time. If you can't at all, protest the war in other ways: spread leaflets, put up stickers, write "No wars" on the veils, hang posters from the balconies. Talk to people. It's more important now than school, work, than everything else. Now the fate of Ukraine, but also of Russia, is being decided. It is about our future - and only we will be responsible for what it will be like.

Winter is over. The spring is coming.

Source: https://avtonom.org/news/nastupaet-vesna-vyhodite-na-ulicy-protiv-voyny https://ovd.news/news/2022/03/02/russian-protests-against-war- _ ukraine-chronicle-events https://ovd.news/news/2022/03/06/spiski-zaderzhannyh-v-svyazi-s-akciyami-protiv-voyny-s-ukrainoy-6-marta-2022-goda https: //www.voxpot.cz/dopis-z-moskvy-odsud-to-nemuzeme-zastavit/ https://a2larm.cz/2022/03/proc-v-rusku-nejsou-statisicove-demonstrace-proti-valce- explains-sociologist-grigorij-judin / https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/more-than-64-people-detained-anti-war-protests-russia-protest-monitor-2022-03-06/

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