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(en) Bulgaria, FACB [Ukraine]: Reply to a letter - News from abroad (ca, de, it, pt)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 19 Mar 2022 11:27:37 +0200

Dear collaborators. ---- I read your declaration " FACB Position on the War in Ukraine " as well as your Appeal to the People of the World. I am sending you the article I wrote with a proposal to publish it in the newspaper. ---- Dear friends, this is my personal opinion and the responsibility is mine alone. ---- How can we put the attacker and the one who is attacked on the same level? How can we talk about two imperialisms that are at war with each other? What to do when a foreign army is at your door? What is the outcome?
It is good that during the Second World War, people did not ask themselves such questions. Then the only enemy was Hitler, should we have been against this war? We can, of course, regret that in Germany the working masses did not rise up against Hitler, but sometimes the class struggle is not accepted.

Did you know that without illusions about the chiefs, during World War II the Spanish Republicans, the majority of whom were anarchists, fought under the leadership of the second armored division of French General Leclerc? The name of the team is NUEVE, in Spanish: NUEVE. This detachment was the first to reach the Hotel de Ville in French: the Hotel de Ville, the main town hall of Paris, to liberate the capital. Today, in front of the garden gates near the Hotel de Ville, a memorial plaque is placed in honor of this detachment, whose commander was the anarchist Raymond Drone.

Today, when the Ukrainian people are fighting heroically for the right to organize according to their will, for the right to self-government, to choose for themselves, like any other European country, with whom to cooperate, is it right to urge these people to shoot against their own your army, which consists of volunteers, brothers, fathers and, more recently, women? Ukrainians are fighting for their houses, homes, for their homeland, this is a patriotic war. The whole nation is united in the fight against the barbarism of Putin, who, as a worthy son of the Bolsheviks, offers only one choice: obedience or death. A call for desertion can only be made to the invader, the tyrant. This was done yesterday by Russian protesters in Paris, who joined the demonstration in support of Ukraine.

If it's not legible, here's what they wrote: "Russian soldiers do not shoot! This is not your war. "
President Zelenski is on the side of his people, as in the past President Dubcek and General Svoboda in Czechoslovakia, and President Nagy in Hungary. Blessed are the nations that have such presidents, brave, worthy!

I know, maybe for an anarchist, I shouldn't praise presidents, but there are good people among them.

Death to Putin!
Glory to the Ukrainian people!
Glory to the Russian protesters against Putin in Russia!

Elena Trendafilova Marulevska.

This is the unchanged text of a letter we received on the occasion of the published "FACB Position on the War in Ukraine". The theses in this letter and its position are in fact quite widespread and shared by many people in the anarchist and leftist circles in general. Also, within the anarchist movement itself, we see the division of more or less two conflicting camps. (Of course, there are many nuances in the opinions and arguments). Let's try to generalize the positions:

Against the war. Calling on all soldiers, both Ukrainian and Russian, to lay down their arms to refuse to fight. For a class war against the capitalist class, whether they are authoritarian capitalists in Russia or liberal capitalists in Ukraine and around the world.
Against the war of Putin's Russia and full solidarity with the suffering and struggle of the Ukrainian people. United in common efforts to repel the Russian dictator!
You ask us how we can put the attacker and the attacker on the same level...

But let's go back in history first! The author of the letter does just that, offering us a parallel with World War II. Good parallel, but conveniently incomplete. The author apparently sided with the allies against dictator Hitler and chose the lesser evil in their face. However, this gives a moral justification for the actions of his opponents. He justifies dictator Stalin and his friends Churchill and Roosevelt sharing the world . He justifies Stalin's persecutions, purges and camps, slaughtered prisoners of war. Justifies the anti-communist hysteria of the McCarthy era on the other side of the Iron Barrier. It justifies the many local wars and conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iran, Iraq and many more. It justifies the apparent growth of Western Europe at the expense of the complete destruction and depletion of resources in Africa and Asia. It justifies the fact that the world has been on the brink of nuclear destruction several times, and yet it was this threat that prevented another world war, bloody like the previous one. And all this because evil is less. In general, how much less is this evil? I do not proclaim a world united under the banner with the broken cross. But are we sure that the atrocities of the last century are less? How did we recognize the lesser evil?

And one more step back in history. Kropotkin supported the lesser evil of the First World War in his Manifesto of the Sixteen. This then puts him in conflict with the general anarchist public. How did it happen? Was the evil less? The Russian Empire and the army are literally falling apart, and, of course, the price is paid by the ordinary soldier and inhabitant of the empire, Russian or other nationality, not the nobles and landowners.

And so let's go back again this time to the Franco-Prussian War and Bakunin's position. Which, here I will quote it translated into today's language:

On both sides of the front lines, brothers from the "lower" classes are fighting and dying for the interests of their "own" rulers and oligarchs. The real enemy is them, inside each of the warring states. In this bloodshed and destruction, we are for revolutionary defeat and for turning the war into a civil one and the war into a social revolution.

This can only be the true principled position of the anarchists.
Before determining who is the attacker and who is the attacker, remember that borders do not divide nations and do not serve them. They divide the states and serve their masters to turn the country's territory into a giant prison for its population. And before they counter me with the apparent freedom of the so-called European Union, just to remind you that only the rich are free to travel there, the poor simply cannot afford it. Life in pro-Western Ukraine has gotten worse with each passing year under the rule of pro-Western liberals, backed by the institutionalized violence of neo-fascist groups openly marching through the streets and beating down any opposition. What kind of freedom of self-determination in Ukraine are you talking about?

One third of the country's population identifies as Russians. Some of them support Russia's intervention. What part, I will not argue, depends on whose propaganda we are listening to. But this one-third of the population lost their right to self-determination and mother tongue with the coming to power of the current junta, and with them all the other minorities in the country.

And before it becomes too pro-Russian, not Russia is no less evil. The Russian army is not there to save the Russian minority from nationalist atrocities. The Russian army is there to seize resources. Strategic Crimea and the coal and gas-rich regions of Donbass are important to Russia's oligarchs. And the rest of the population, Russian, Ukrainian or otherwise, dogs ate it.

And in conclusion, we support the demonstrations in Russia against the war!

But we are also opposed to NATO's disgusting policies, particularly in Britain and the United States, which are laying down arms in the conflict and closing the borders to refugees to cause a massacre.

Down with Putin!
Down with NATO!
Down with the Fascist Queen of England and her lackeys!
Down with national borders and nationalism!
Freedom and equality for the people!

Fedman Casad

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