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(en) Spaine: Periodico CNT nº 430 - January to March 2022 - Dossier: Against all repression - CULTURE ON THE COVER (de, en, it, pt, tr)[automatic translation]

Date Wed, 13 Apr 2022 07:11:07 +0300

Being aware of how we are repressed, how we repress those around us, and how we repress ourselves is a fundamental step in yearning for a transformation of the world, and modeling alternatives, which will necessarily have to follow anti-authoritarian, anti-militarist, and anti-patriarchal paths.
In this number:
Against fear and repression
The struggle of home help
It's up to the cleaners to clean up bad practices
Health and Mutual: incompatible letters
For those who preceded us in the fight and will succeed us
Discrimination at the Hotel Avenida de Canarias
The civil Guard. The repression perpetrated in Galiza
Self-censorship: Today the most effective repression
De Rositas: Don't give up, resist!
Paideia's free educational project
Non-Canon: Internal Models
Prison: Injustice, violence and repression
When silence is repression
Inauguration of the Iruña Library
Tribute to Durruti
Of Garcia Oliver and his story
Twisted ramblings of a confused
The reality of CNT... and its political alternative
Anarcho-syndicalism, economic and social justice
Remembering Neira
Private property on the bench
Lumbar Zone: Let the air run


Against fear and repression
Fear and repression, repression and
fear, they go hand in hand. Sometimes
one is a father and the other is a daughter, other
many, one is a mother and the other
your son. But they always feed off each other and are accompanied by
diverse and intricate shapes.
They are the substance and essence of the State and its powers: the threat
it is its most illustrious modus operandi and the use of institutional violence, legitimized in armies, judges, security forces and prisons, is its resource. It is
the fear of those who hold power and privileges feeds the repressive machine of the State and capitalism. The
Europes and Spains of the 20th century suffered bloodily with the
Nazism, fascism, Stalinism and Francoism. The tens of thousands of people who migrate to the United States and Europe suffer daily, and die at their maritime borders
and terrestrial. Women have suffered centuries of violence and
repression of the entrenched patriarchy in the State form and its
powers. Their objective is always the same: to win the class struggle against the exploited and oppressed masses, that the majorities
dispossessed to accommodate and normalize the existing order: the
injustices, inequalities and the privileges of the very few.
But repression and its fears are insidious, fluid, psychological and labyrinthine. The threat it represents is internalized
socially and turns into self-control, self-censorship and measured modulation of rebellion. It is present transversely
all social complexity: in personal, emotional and sexual relationships, in friendship groups, in interactions
everyday social life, in informal organizations and in any other structured organization. The capitalist economy is
holds precisely on two basic repressive springs: in the
salarization and monetization of their exchange relations
of goods and services, resulting in a working class
slave of a labor market always regulated and regulated
in favor of employer and financial interests. exploitation is
definitely repression.
All repression, subtle or open, algorithmic or violent, cultural or mercantile, never wants to be called as such, it pretends
always present themselves under other words and scaffolding: security, homeland, common good, rule of law, private property,
constitutional, legal, legitimate, even freedom. The rhetoric of
political elites is full of great contradictions, when
represses and they are not said to be repressive.
Be aware of how we are repressed, how we repress
who surrounds us, and how we repress ourselves is
a fundamental step to yearn for a transformation of the world, and model alternatives, which will necessarily have to follow anti-authoritarian, anti-militarist and anti-patriarchal paths.
That is to say: paths that cannot be other than libertarian. Then
what is always repressed for the sake of the safety of the rich and
its benefits is the individual, material and collective freedom of
the majorities. The libertarian is nothing more than the autonomy of each
which, of the capacities to decide from below, of individual and collective self-management of life and care. There is not
another: in the face of the authoritarianism of any repression, more and more
self management.
Self-management, however, is not built only with ideas;
if not, mainly, through people who organize themselves
confronting the prevailing order. And, they organize and move; and, they organize and decide jointly; and, they organize and
they support each other; they organize and learn from their successes
and of their mistakes; and, they organize themselves and think how to turn the current
world that we consume and degrade, and that consomme and
degrades us.
The CNT tries to build a self-management with which
social transformation from below, of women and men
that we work, that we suffer and suffer poverty wages,
with reduced social, cultural, environmental and health rights. This is the most important thing the CNT offers against all
repression: solidarity in self-organization.

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