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(en) [Germany]anika: Speech for the rally of the action alliance against war Karlsruhe on March 27th, 2022 (ca, de, it, pt)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 9 Apr 2022 09:39:18 +0300

On March 27th, 2022, the second rally of the action alliance against war Karlsruhe took place. Some people from the anarchist network Anika took part with a speech, which we will document below in German and English. ---- On 27.03.2022 the second rally of the Aktionsbündnis gegen Krieg Karlsruhe took place. Some people of the anarchist network Anika participated among other things with a speech, which we document in the following in German and English. ---- When we deal with the war of aggression on Ukraine and the situation in Russia, we inevitably encounter the voices of the mothers of Russian soldiers.

The voices of the mothers of Russian soldiers, some of them have not heard from their children for weeks.

They often do not even know where their children are. They have organized themselves as the Committee of Soldiers Mothers, a human rights organization that has set itself the task of to get to the bottom of grievances in the Russian army. They are currently being contacted by parents who are desperately trying to find out where their children are and if they are still alive.

Many of them are part of the National Guard, a new force, created a few years ago by merging various units. The official purpose of the National Guard is to "protect public order".

It is deployed, for example, when protests critical of the Kremlin are to be crushed. What is particularly exciting about this is, that the National Guard reports solely to the president alone. But that's not all: with 400,000 soldiers, this private army of Putin is even stronger than the official armed forces. And like them, the National Guard is not only deployed at home but also abroad.

For example, at the beginning of the year in Kazakhstan when riots there. Or just now in Ukraine.

If you are irritated by the use of the term "soldiers" (german maskulin word), when for the most part it is men who are involved in the fighting, you should know that this is not the case.

I can understand that only too well. Because war and military are deeply patriarchal. This is not only evident in reports of sexual assaults as we know them from practically all armies of the world but also and above all in the sometimes drastically different experiences that males and non-males have in war.

One aspect of this is the issue of conscription. For in Ukraine, not only members of the National Guard and the army, i.e. people who have voluntarily decided to become soldiers. According to the Committee of Soldiers Mothers, in the last few weeks there have been more and more reports of Russian conscripts who are forced to sign contracts as temporarly soldiers.

The reason for this is simple: they can only be deployed in Ukraine as regular soldiers. The Soldiers Mothers reports of cases where conscripts are presented with pre-filled contracts in large numbers and the young men were forced to sign them. Thus, not only mothers of soldiers for their children, but all those whose children are male and between the ages of 18 and 27 years old.

Because in Russia all these men have to do military service for 12 months. Although there is the possibility to do a civilian service for 6 months longer, but the application for this has to be submitted 6 months before the actual conscription. Because of this deadline, most applications are rejected in practice. Another hurdle: Once you are part of the military - be it as a or conscript - no longer has the option of refusing military service. For them up to 2 years in prison for evasion of military service. For desertion up to 7 years and in the case of an 10 years in the case of armed conflict.

And the situation is not different in Belarus. There, military service is even 18 months long. The possibility to do alternative service - that is three years long - is only available to people who refuse military service for religious reasons. All others have to do military service whether they want to or not. Also there people who are already members of the military have no possibility to refuse military service. And there, too, draft evasion and desertion are punished with up to 7 years in prison.

But in Ukraine, unfortunately, the situation is no different, because here, too, all men have to do a military service of 18 months. There is a way out here not only exclusively for religious reasons, but only for a list of ten denominations - Orthodox Christians, who are the largest denomination in Ukraine, are not among them and therefore have no possibility of refusing to serve in the armed forces. And also in Ukraine there is a 6-month time limit and no possibility of refusal for military personnel.

In addition, men of military age are currently no longer allowed to leave Ukraine - a situation that is not only violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, but also the European Convention on Human Rights. These men have no possibility to escape the war. They are stopped at the border, separated from their families and all those who have completed military service - which the vast majority have - can be forced to serve at arms, as in Russia and Belarus.

For many of us, this is a situation that is difficult to imagine, because the right conscientious objection has been enshrined in the Basic Law here in Germany since 1949, and compulsory conscription has been suspended for over ten years. But within the framework of the rearmament government, the reintroduction of compulsory military service is suddenly becoming acceptable again.

For this reason it is important to position ourselves clearly against it.

We do not want conscription - neither here nor anywhere else! Nobody may be forced to shoot at other people! Because the right to conscientious objection is a human right!

Our solidarity must be with all those who are facing repression just because they don't want to be part of this war. Neither they don`t want to shoot at others nor to be shot themselves.

However, we think it is important to emphasize that the situation in Russia and Belarus, despite similar regulations on consthey cription, is not comparable with the current situation on the Ukrainian side.

Because one side has decided to invade another country, the other is being invaded by an authoritarian state.

Of course, at the moment, the best thing would be for everyone there to lay down their weapons. But that's what both sides have to do, and it doesn't look like the Russian army has the slightest interest in doing so. Therefore, from our point of not particularly surprising that a lot of people in Ukraine are volunteering to fight in this war. People are volunteering to defend themselves and others against this invasion. And also to them our solidarity must apply, because it is not our decision whether Ukraine should surrender to the Russian invasion, but it is the decision of the Ukrainians. And if they decide to take up arms rather than allow a Russian takeover of Ukraine, then we have to support them.

We have to accept that, whether it fits into our world view or not.

Because it is the people in Ukraine who will have to live with the consequences of a capitulation and thus a Russian puppet government and not us.

For this reason we say: Solidarity with all people who are affected by the war. With those who are fleeing from the war, with those who have to fear for their lives every day, with those who are desperately trying to maintain humanitarian supplies and also with those who are actively defend themselves against the Russian invasion.

Finally, I would like to point out a few positive perspectives, because there are more facets than to take a weapon in the hand and to shoot at people.

In the last few days we have received several reports of sabotage in Russia and Belarus. In Belarus, for example, railroad lines were sabotaged in order to cut off the supply Russian troops, and in Russia an army recruiting center was recently set on fire.

This gives us hope, because the growing resistance in Russia and Belarus could bring not only an end to the war in Ukraine, but also an end to the authoritarian Putin and Lukashenko regimes.

Therefore, let us also support the activists in Russia and Belarus.

Let us raise our voices together:

For resistance against authoritarian regimes and their wars of aggression!

For the resistance against armament and militarization!

And for peace!

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