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(en) ait russia: Anarchist and Social Movement in Ukraine (August 2021) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 7 Sep 2021 08:49:44 +0300

The last month of summer turned out to be rich in protest actions in Ukraine. Anarchists held an ecological camp. As before, the protests of workers demanding the payment of wage arrears did not subside: doctors and miners were especially active. Residents in various parts of the country protested against the effects of neoliberal reforms: extortion from gas companies, environmental destruction, school closings, etc. ---- ANARCHIST ACTIVITIES ---- From 19 to 22 August, an anarchist ecological camp was held on the territory of one of the national parks in the Carpathians. It was organized by the Lviv Ecoplatform. The event, which brought together activists from various regions of Ukraine, made it possible not only to live in a healthy natural environment, but also to strengthen contacts and conduct intensive discussions on social ecology and anarchism for several hours.

More information about the camp - in the story of its participant and participant:

" If you peer into the gap between the trees in the park for a long time, it begins to seem that you are asleep. More precisely, that everything you have seen so far is in fact a dream, and you are just now beginning to realize it. At such moments it seems that it is worth only delaying a little. attention to the glare of the sun - and you rise up, fly with the ease of a dream ... The line between reality and sleep becomes ghostly.

The feeling that everything around is dreaming sometimes arises on the Carpathian slopes. It appears now almost imperceptibly, sometimes capturing headlong into its surreal whirlpool, full of fantastic colors and amazing pictures. And then everything appears with a slight tinge of waking dream. Time in this dream flows according to different laws. It's hard to say what happened two days ago and what happened on the first day of the trip. The thread of time is lost, and only records link events to dates. The alarm clock is forgotten, instead of it - the internal time of the body, tied to solar cycles. You wake up with the first ray, and when it gets dark, you just stop and settle down for the night. It doesn't matter at all how long you are on the road and how much time is left before returning to the stuffy embrace of the urban world.

But nevertheless, in prisons there are different regimes of detention. Both Kharkiv and Lvov claim to be "progressive" and "intellectual" regional centers by Ukrainian standards. Both here and there it is paid for at the expense of the periphery, being sucked out at the minimum cost. Although it is a little more difficult to go to a European gentleman on a bus from Gagarin Avenue than from Stryiskaya Street - if this happens in Kharkiv, it often ends up. Meanwhile, the land of wild spaces or former enterprises, torn apart by metal fences, here and there is gradually becoming office and residential boxes.like bamboo shoots that slowly cut into the body of the executed. Is there a greater monument to the regulation and destruction of conquered territories and lives than a city under capitalism, even if the fruits of exploitation mostly settle somewhere behind the shade of the sun - after wood from mountain forests?

To discuss possible harmonious alternatives to this order of things, when some in human society eat others, and all together - squeeze the juices from nature, two dozen girlfriends and friends of the planet gathered at an eco-anarcho-camp organized by the Lviv Ecoplatform in one of the national natural parks ... To take back at least a few days from August 19 to 22 as a catalyst for collective and personal doubts, as a starting point for building and strengthening our ties and solidarity. For all those hands that support us, for all those eyes that follow us!

After a few days, most of those present will already return to their usual routine work for someone or for themselves . But all this will come later. In the meantime - the joy of meeting, getting used to the new environment, arranging tents and so on that is needed to build a short-term freedom from everything oppressive and oppressive, from the Internet to alcohol.

And so, the main topic of conversation of the public is vegan grubs, clothes, concerts. For lectures, presentations or seminars on non-everyday topics, there were no cumulatively even several hours, despite the fact that meetings were convened twice specifically to determine the time for them. "In theory, such events are held to exchange experiences and opinions on theory, ideology, strategy of activism and actionism. Up to the creation of new cells of movement and coordination of joint actions. Nobody needs it here. In the same way, it was possible to get out with the guys from the area and have a drink on the lake. Weekend club ", - one comrade says wearily through clenched teeth, returning with us after another trip to the mountains. Such is the paradox: people far from anarchism can perfectly self-organize when they have a common goal and interests,

Still, there were half a dozen willing to debate about social ecology in its entirety, breaking spears among themselves several times a day until the throat dries up. And sometimes, during many hours of conversations, my head began to spin - either from the acrid pine smoke, or from the number of facts and inferences presented, or from the grandeur of our aspirations and dreams ...

"The proletariat must become the wall that will stop the expansion of industrial imperialism," wrote Emilio López Arango, the ideologue of the Argentine Regional Workers' Federation, one of the largest anarchist movements in world history , at the beginning of the last century . "Only in this way, by creating ethical values capable of developing an understanding of social problems in the proletariat, regardless of bourgeois civilization, can one come to create the inviolable foundations of an anti-capitalist and anti-Marxist revolution that will destroy the regime of large industry and financial, industrial and commercial trusts."

Where will this wall come from when it, sometimes reviving in some separate quarter , collapses as quickly and unexpectedly as it appeared? Live communication is interrupted again, the flow of communication disintegrates and is exhausted. There remains a minority from a minority , a passionate handful that still have the strength and desire to continue. Maybe everything will change or will begin to change after the sale of agricultural land, when the flow of landless pilgrims of globalization knocks at the doors of key Ukrainian cities at work? Only time will make it possible to understand this.

... Yes, we always have to look at the clock. Time flows through your fingers much better than sand. We feel the sand by touch. Time passes silently, like a skillful thief. We can only see and evaluate the consequences of its course. And while everyone is busy at best with this, our everyday life will further become ruins, and new wild and relatively wild territories - gray corpses.
In addition to the ecological camp, the anarchists of Ukraine were engaged in quite "everyday" affairs. Activists of the "Black Flag" in Lviv waged a wall campaign against liberalism, fascism and for a healthy lifestyle. Lviv anarchists have raised funds to help an activist of the ecological movement "Friday for the Future" of Ukraine, who suffered during the attack on him by the ultra-right in Kiev on June 5. On the anniversary of Ukraine's political independence on August 24, the "Black Flag" distributed leaflets in Kiev with a text summarizing the sad outcome of the 30th anniversary of neoliberal reforms in the country


Dnipropetrovsk region

At the end of July, the labor collective of the hospital No. 8 voted for a strike if the wage arrears were not paid. They had not received any money for the second month. Officially, the delay was due to the forthcoming reorganization of the hospital.

Donetsk region

On August 16, doctors in Slavyansk held a rally near the City Clinical Hospital, demanding the payment of wage arrears from June. Having not received a positive answer, doctors blocked the highway on August 23 .

Zaporozhye region

On August 19, a rally of workers and drivers of the ambulance took place in Zaporozhye . They protested against the beggarly salaries and the collapse of the industry, adopting an appeal to the President of Ukraine.

Lviv region

On August 4, hundreds of miners held a rally in front of the regional administration building, demanding payment of wage arrears in the amount of about UAH 300 million. Knocking helmets on the asphalt, the protesters chanted "Shame!" The action was organized by the Independent Trade Union of Miners. The representative of the administration who came out said that the government of the country should decide the issue.

On August 12, 18 employees of the Sosnovka city hospital in the Chervonogradsky district went on a hunger strike . Wage arrears in the hospital have been accumulating since April this year. Doctors are starving in the workplace, while the hospital continues to operate. The protesters demand payment of wage arrears through July 2021 inclusive, in addition, they demand "covid" additional payments, as well as health benefits for the current year, recalculation of salaries for 2020 and compensation for the loss of part of the salary in connection with the violation of the terms of its payment.

Ternopil region

On August 5, about 50 employees of the Monastery Hospital held a protest at the surgical department and blocked the road. They pushed for July wages, sick leave payments, and a general wage increase.

Kharkov region

According to the independent website Assembly, on August 11, workers at the Electrotyazhmash plant, which has long suffered from the curtailment of production, tried to remove the trade union bureaucracy.that does nothing to defend their interests. The initiator of a series of rallies and strikes at the enterprise, Anton Tolokov, called on union members at a meeting to remove the local union boss and elect a new leadership. However, some workers expressed doubts about the possibility of turning the pocket union of the administration into a real labor union, since the salaries of the union bosses are still paid by the management. The meeting, unfortunately, ended in failure: an insignificant number of employees came and even the administration did not ask questions about paying off the wage arrears. Meanwhile, from 23 August, the working day at the plant has been cut by an hour.

According to the same website "Assembly", Kavobar, MaxBeer and the meat-packing plant "Myasnoy" dismissed from Kharkov enterprises are calling for their boycott.

On August 29, in Kupyansk, near the Oskol restaurant, a protest action by employees of the Kupyansk Territorial Medical Association took place. The participants blocked the carriageway for some time. The protesters raised the issues of paying off wage arrears and bonuses, raising salaries, providing the institution with medicines and updating the material and technical base. Local authorities said that the money had already been allocated to the doctors, but had not yet reached them due to technical problems.


Dnipropetrovsk region

On August 25, a rally "Against gas arbitrariness" was held on the square near the city council of Marganets . Residents are outraged by the city's gas supply policy. The company cuts off the gas supply to entire entrances and houses, allegedly referring to a gas leak, and then forces them to pay extra for a new connection.

Zaporozhye region

On July 25 and August 1, hundreds of Orekhov residents rallied on Pokrovskaya Square, protesting against the shutdown of the gas supply. The company turns off the gas, citing technical work, but in fact is trying to impose new onerous contracts on consumers. The protesters threatened to block the highway. Since the gas was cut off the next day, the protesters closed the highway, announcing that the action would be open-ended.

Ivano-Frankivsk region

On August 30, about 50 residents of the village of Yavorov blocked the Tatarov - Kamenets-Podolsky road , protesting against the closure of one of the buildings of the gymnasium in the village of Bezulka. They allowed only special vehicles and cars with children to pass.


On Independence Day, two teenagers, 12 years old, set fire to the national flag .

On August 26, guided by unidentified motives, a man threw a "Molotov cocktail" into the building of the secretariat of the Human Rights Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The doors of the room are damaged. None of the employees and visitors were injured. The assailant was detained. Other explosives were found with him.

Poltava region

On August 10, residents blocked the Kiev-Kharkov highway , protesting against the extraction of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of sand. The production is carried out by firms within the framework of the presidential program "Big Construction"

Kherson region

On August 10, residents of the village of Tavricheskoye blocked the Kherson-Nikolaev highway , protesting against the closure of a local school. They demanded to cancel the corresponding decision of the Belozersk village council. The protesters threatened to picket the council, as well as to regularly block the highway every 5 days.

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