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(en) anarkismo.net: Greece - Health threat or coup?

Date Fri, 28 May 2021 08:38:29 +0300

It is clear that the virus is not the cause, nor the cause, but the catalyst for the violent capitalist restructuring and, above all, for the imposition by the State and Capital, of a new reality, which requires full transparency through new technologies. and absolute control over our behavior, the activities of our daily lives, but also our own body. ---- For the last nine months we have been hearing from all sides in the public debate that we are facing a deadly pandemic. How in the face of the deadly pandemic the neo-liberal Greek government, but also all more or less similar governments in the EU, is reluctantly forced to take tough measures, but which it deems necessary. We hear that the main reason for the harsh measures is that the state can not withstand the popular pressure and anger from the millions of dead and the collapse of the health system and thus necessarily adopts the more or less correct advice of doctors.

But when did a state care about dead citizens?

Tens of thousands die every year in Greece from cancer. Most of them probably would have been saved if there had been unhindered and free access to treatments and medications. If hormones were not used in the production of meat, pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural production and the use of the car as a solution for transportation was not premiumed. As well as whether the burning of rubbish and petroleum products in industry was prohibited. Instead, they are passing laws in the midst of a pandemic, allowing waste incineration to be generated and establishing it as the basic method of waste management, filling the air with dioxins and poisons, and passing laws abolishing the protection of Natura 2000 sites. allowing the destruction of the environment in the name of voluntary investment projects and enhance by all means the use of cars while air pollution is deteriorating. Thousands of people are left to die each year in order to win 2-3 investor lobbies and government rodent gangs. We are talking about a state that will take ten years to repair a murderous road that kills dozens every year, until the right national or local contractor is found.

Measures against the pandemic

If the states really care to save their citizens, let's see what the Greek state has done from March until today. Under the pretext of the collapse of the health system and the threat that you will spread the virus in hospitals, it deprived its citizens from the beginning of the possibility of medical assistance. Are you sick? Stay home! It thus eliminated the possibility of access to the substandard existing free care, ie hospitals. This practically means that some people died from the virus or other diseases at home. Helpless. While others went to the hospital in an advanced condition with the only medical option being intubation and the huge mortality, regardless of the cause, that accompanies the intensive care units.

He made no recruitment of doctors, no investment in laboratories or health systems, he did not make the slightest move to improve hospitals. Despite calls from doctors, he did not even rent some hotels to isolate those discharged from hospitals, who continued to be contagious, turning homes into outbreaks. They were printed twice by the European Central Bank to deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the Greek government invested in the first thing it was the purchase of weapons, the recruitment of thousands of police officers, the financing of the propaganda mechanism, ie the media and the expected greed. like the big walk and the helix of the propeller shales. Even when the situation has recently gone beyond the reach of hospitals,

Is the government afraid that the health system will collapse?

Then why after nine months of pandemic has he done nothing about it? Admittedly, the hospitals in the first quarantine were virtually evacuated, they were more empty than ever. Even the coveted units, in Greece but also in most European countries, were operating at idle.

The NSS collapses every year, with or without cameras, with every government, but it continues to exist, because it cannot be done otherwise. Nobody cares about that. If one looks at articles two, three or more years ago, one gets the impression that they were written now. People were waiting in a ranch for serious operations, even injured. Dozens of patients were desperately waiting for an available bed at the ICU to save their lives. Every year no government ear sweats. After all, these people want a dissolved NSS, because in this way they actively promote private treatment. In essence, they are demagogically exploiting a situation for which they are responsible, in order to instill in the world a climate of fear and terrorism.

Shortly before the second quarantine, the NSS started screaming again with 120 people in the ICU. It was on its limits according to the media. Then with 180 on the verge of collapse. At 250, the same. 340 of our fellow citizens are intubated, we are still on the edge. 400, 550 and so on. Yes, the health system is now with 600 occupied ICUs, terribly stressed, but absolutely nothing was done to prevent it.

Indicative of the government's intentions was its management of refugee camps and prisons.

Despite the extremely miserable living conditions there, in the concentration camps of Lesvos, Chios or Ritsona, as well as in all the prisons in the country that are the definition of the "health bomb" for the regime narrative, the government does not he did absolutely nothing - he did not provide doctors, test facilities, care, adequate human living conditions. Instead, he sentenced them to death. The fact that he fortunately did not come is due both to the low average age, at least in the camps, and possibly to the low mortality of the virus in general. Especially with the data at the beginning of the epidemic, the manipulations of the Greek state were the only way to create hundreds of deaths and hospitalizations in the ICU, exactly what it supposedly tried to avoid.

What happened to the Greek management of refugees and prisoners, happened in the rest of Europe with nursing homes.

Unfortunately, with disastrous results. In contrast to the Balkan countries, in central Europe non-productive seniors very often end up spending the last years of their lives in an institution. So while these institutions were supposed to be the first places to be protected - which is also relatively easy for a fundamentally organized state - they quickly ended up in crematoria. Half of the deaths from the epidemic come from nursing homes. This is a huge number, an unthinkable death toll, for which states around the world not only did absolutely nothing to avoid it, but some even helped, sending HIV-positive elderly people from hospitals to nursing homes. Images of nursing homes in Canada, Spain or Australia with dehydrated, hungry elderly people on the floor, or full of impurities was beyond a punch in the stomach and fully indicative of how much states generally care about the lives of their citizens. It seems like most states have used the elderly as fertilizer for their terror campaign.

The clearly irrational and without epidemiological utility, manipulations of the Greek government are not a local peculiarity.

But it is worth mentioning some of them. The closure of the parks and the ban on access to the mountains in Athens and Thessaloniki makes absolutely no sense. Even in 1918, in the Spanish flu, they tried to save the patients by taking them out in the sun and in the fresh air every day. No doctor - not ruthlessly funded - is unaware of the key importance of vitamin D and clean, non-conditioned air in any respiratory virus epidemic. Swimming and fishing ban, March. Closing with railings of the beach, the only access to plenty of open space and sun in Thessaloniki. Imposing a mask everywhere, even when you drive alone on the road, even in Halkidiki in the August kiln. Prohibition of traffic and confinement of people indoors,

The Police is, in the pandemic, the NSS of our protection ¹ ¹

In a pandemic one would expect to see doctors and ambulances everywhere. Instead, we see a picture of militarized policing emerging from dictatorial regimes. Police and patrol cars on every street and neighborhood. Under the pretext of protecting public health, the state has been declared a state of emergency and is governed by decrees, acts of legislative content. Although several states have used "terrorism" or the economy to manipulate their citizens into accepting the necessity of urgent decrees, this time the Western states, as if competing with each other for the degree of authoritarianism, have even abolished the very principle of separation between the executive and the legislature that defines the formal framework of bourgeois democracies.

The Greek government, with the consent of the opposition, with great ease and for "public health reasons" formally abolished the parliament in the spring of 2020, while, inconsistent with the generally tougher measures of the autumn, it chose not to suspend its operation, something showing an intention to normalize the state of emergency. Under the seemingly innocent political slogan of "salvation of every life", the Greek government made the constitution a scrap of paper, defining as pointless any movement that is not subject to the 6 numbers we must choose before going out, that is not subject to the disciplined mobility defined by needs of the state and capital and imposing any junta-inspired restrictions on individual and social freedoms, such as

Through a belligerent logic that militarizes human relations by reducing them to contagious agents, citizenship has been lined up behind state power and the priesthood of the panel of experts, laying the foundations for a political order based on a ban and a set of prohibitions. individuals who have Fear as their only point of coherence between them. We do not possess any kind of legal or idealistic fetishism, dictated by the democratic language of rights, but what we experience in our skin is a historically unimaginable restriction of freedom of movement, that is, the most basic and archetypal condition of human freedom as an ontological condition.

To leave our house for any reason we must give a signed report on the daily waste paper or send sms about where we are going and what we will do. We are essentially living in illegality, playing hide and seek with fines and police violence, even to see a friend. We are allowed to go out only to work and buy the necessities to survive, as if we are doomed to forced labor. Gatherings and marches have been banned. The virus spreads in the squares but not by tourists, it does not spread to factories, buses, subways and schools but it does spread to family gatherings and parties at homes with friends. The low incidence rates in a city are a success of state planning, while for the crowded ICUs in Thessaloniki we are told that the lack of "individual responsibility" and the disorder in the measures are to blame. Theirs... By imposing and internalizing the doctrine of individual responsibility that contributes to the moralization of public discourse, as well as opinions of the type where no reason falls, they try to make irrationality, reasoning, suppressing instinctive reactions and .

And as if all this were not enough, ruffianiliki was added to the frost. Complaints about gatherings in houses and about "crowding" in squares, dosing without a hood, is part of our daily lives. Recently in Evangelistria, after a complaint, children were bullied because they were playing ball and reacted to the police control. In the first quarantine, even "progressives" smuggled and targeted egocentric social networks, with photos from the balcony, of Christian families communing in the zula at the back door of the church. Alternative cultural leaflets of the middle class compete with information sites, harassing young people sitting in Navarino Square without masks.

The Greek state, like the vast majority of European governments, invests in the media, policing, the army and repression, hiring cops instead of doctors, making our lives lifeless and unhealthy in a crescendo of propaganda and censorship.

The lethality of a virus. The virus of the media

In the media, journalists, doctors and government officials bombard us daily with images of war, threats and investigations into the killing of the virus and therefore the necessity of the police measures they impose on us. Images of Bergamo with coffins stacked in an army escort, Imperial College's initial estimates of 40 million deaths worldwide, as well as those of the WHO for a 3.4% mortality rate, live necrophiliac transmissions from inside ICUs and the tombs under construction in the cemeteries of Thermi, haunted our days and nights, aiming to convince us that locks and prohibitions are necessary. The agenda of the first quarantine was dominated by death rates, in the summer the cases, now the safety of the long-awaited vaccines. The handkerchiefs,

As the sweet-spoken Mr. Tsiodras admitted in the first quarantine, Greece consciously over-recorded deaths from coronavirus.2 It is now known that inflating deaths was not a patent of the Greek state, but a practice followed by most European countries with its blessings. WHO.3 From the statements of Belgian officials, who record those who have died with symptoms similar to Covind, without confirming that they are positive for the virus, to the English public health service which was forced to remove 5,377 dead that it had charged to the coronavirus. It turned out - following complaints from researchers - that it recorded those who died two or three months after being treated for the virus, due to other causes, such as heart attack or car accident. What is the reason for doing such a thing? Apart from falsifying the statistical image, what is the reason in a pandemic to terrorize your citizens by any means? Recruit all journalists and experts to instill fear and panic in people, while it is proven that this practice in emergencies leads with mathematical precision to increase mortality and disaster?

Any scientist who challenges the measures imposed by the "one and only rational approach" of the scientific state priesthood or deviates from the instructions of the major pharmacist WHO, is insulted, slandered and finally his opinion disappears through the censorship of the fact checkers. But the ground had already been prepared and even early. One and a half months before the WHO declared the new coronavirus disease a pandemic, he had already spoken (since February 2) about "infodemia" (information dementia), ie "epidemic of misinformation". Two days later, facebook, twitter and google and soon amazon, started working with WHO,

It is a coordinated propaganda campaign where the over-promotion of far-right and irrational theories or interpretations as the only contradictions in the dominant narrative of coron-terrorism, plays the role of obscuring and preventing censorship of any truly critical question of the deepest need of the situation. In this context, going through the so-called "2nd wave of the pandemic", it should come as no surprise that the WHO itself - through statements by its executives and through the bulletins it publishes - considers infodemics as dangerous as the the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps even more dangerous, with the thought that it cultivates "distrust of governments, public health authorities and science". In mid-December and the 3rd online conference of the WHO on infodemia has already been organized, with invited BBC journalists and the subject of "correcting" and "preparing" the media response to the infodemia "and" seeking an opinion that will help shape the future of journalism during the next pandemic "! At the same time, other supranational organizations, such as the EU, are aligning themselves with the "struggle for the correct presentation of events", in an effort to tighten the criteria for participation in a "healthy" public sphere, which will be hostile to arguments not covered by the umbrella of dominant rationality.

In such a crescendo of propaganda and censorship, whoever dares to challenge the regime's narrative of the "health crisis" and make political criticism, whoever questions the correctness and prestige of the regime's medicine, the WHO and therefore the big pharmaceutical companies he is automatically accused of being a conspiracy theorist, far-right or sprayed and faces the risk of being prosecuted for inciting disobedience.4 That is, his challenge is treated as an act that endangers collective security and therefore becomes criminally infernal. Marches and rallies of thousands of people against the ban in Berlin, London, Spain and Italy are either hidden or, when this is not possible, slandered as rallies of negative, far-right and flattering people.

Is that why the first move made by the Greek government in the spring was to fund the media with some millions instead of the health system? Is it why, since the beginning of the summer, the media and journalists have come out in such a fierce attack on those who question the murder or the police measures against the pandemic? Does the threat of persecution, stigma and fines need experts to convince people that a virus is so dangerous and deadly? Do you need to double the fine to convince someone that they must follow the "sanitary measures" to protect their lives? Despite the terror and constant hints that the media has been making for months, a large portion of the world, for intuitive, religious, political or other reasons, continues to challenge the regime narrative about the coronavirus and pandemic. And apparently they are not alone - the virus is so deadly that both the prime minister and his wife risk their lives to ride a mountain bike and be photographed next to 4-5 other athletes, without any protection...

Is the virus really deadly?

The last hundred years are the first time that the threat of an epidemic has led to the hostage-taking of millions of people. It is the first time they have been imprisoned in their homes healthy, under the threat of high fines from the government and terror from the media. For months now, research by many epidemiologists has shown that the virus causes serious side effects, mainly in people over the age of 70 and in younger people with serious health problems. Mortality rates are similar, with the vast majority, 80% of carriers of the virus, not going to show any serious symptoms. Despite the inflation observed and acknowledged by civil servants, the general mortality in most European countries so far, except for England, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain, shows that it has not exceeded the average of recent years. Can she overcome him in the future? Maybe. Is the new coronavirus much more contagious than seasonal flu? Yes it is. And that's the danger. So yes, we need to take care and find ways to protect the elderly and vulnerable groups in general. But it does not in any way justify the imposition of coups, the leveling of individual rights and freedoms.

The 1957 Asian flu pandemic was estimated to have killed between 1 and 4 million people. The same as that of 1968-69, which was then called the Hong Kong flu. If we consider the double population that lives on earth today, the number could be much higher. However, we have never heard of these pandemics. Tons of books have been written about the "year of the global explosion" and we have not read any reports. Woodstock gathered 400,000 people and transmitted to each other anything that could be transmitted. In France alone, 31,000 people died in two months. Testimonies of doctors in Nice hospitals say they did not have time to remove the bodies. They were stacked in the back room of the ICU. They say people arrived at hospitals in stretchers in despair. How people of all ages died, 20s, 30s, 40s, as well as older from pulmonary hemorrhage. No front pages in the newspapers of the time, no government measures, no scandals, not even a medical alarm. Is the difference with today that governments' sensitivity to death has changed? Or that the state is not going to withstand the popular pressure and anger from the millions of dead and the collapse of the health system? Absolutely not. Only government officials, high-paid pharmaceutical executives and IT investors could claim this without risking self-loathing. no government action, no scandal, not even a medical alarm. Is the difference with today that governments' sensitivity to death has changed? Or that the state is not going to withstand the popular pressure and anger from the millions of dead and the collapse of the health system? Absolutely not. Only government officials, high-paid pharmaceutical executives and IT investors could claim this without risking self-loathing. no government measures, no scandal, not even a medical alarm. Is the difference with today that governments' sensitivity to death has changed? Or that the state is not going to withstand the popular pressure and anger from the millions of dead and the collapse of the health system? Absolutely not. Only government officials, high-paid pharmaceutical executives and IT investors could claim this without risking self-loathing.

The failure of the lockdowns

The countries that made the hardest lockdowns also had the biggest losses in human lives. In Greece, while we have been in the second quarantine for seven weeks, even harsher than the first, with a total traffic ban after 9 and the imposition of a mask everywhere, they announce about a hundred deaths every day in the last month. In Thessaloniki and Kozani, while they put masks on us and "closed" us before the second nationwide quarantine, the cases are constantly increasing and the hospitals are still in the red, in a lasting crash. Which means people are catching the virus and transmitting it normally and in quarantine. Yes, but what if we did not have quarantine? How many dead would we have? How will we protect the NSS?

First of all, the NSS exists to protect us and not us the NSS. Many doctors and scientists continue to argue that, in the face of destructive locks, the solution lies in upgrading primary care. How in the vast majority of cases, preventive and curative treatment of the disease can be taken home under the supervision of a family doctor. In other words, people do not need to die at home helpless, nor do they have to "burden" hospitals by spreading the virus and catching deadly super-resistant hospital germs.

Secondly, regarding the cost to human lives, it would be good to consider before asking this question the total victims that will arise, now but also in the long run, from all the causes together and not only from the coronavirus for which bans are responsible. Consider the mortality and morbidity that will result from the banning of 80% of scheduled surgeries, the abolition and conversion of all departments of hospitals. As well as the mortality, morbidity, social and psychological costs that will result from our forced confinement in the concrete cages we call homes, alone or with people we may not have chosen, from domestic violence, unemployment, perversion turning our home into a workplace and entertainment at the same time,

It is clear that the government does not see the virus as a threat that it wants to address. That the cause of the harsh measures that states impose on their citizens is not health. That the dilemma, either with health or with the economy, is essentially a dilemma of empty content, a pseudo-dilemma.

They are trying to convince us that they are sacrificing the economy for the sake of health

Production and consumption, however, did not stop working. Industries and factories continue to produce and operate, supermarkets and grocery stores are full of people, service and training companies work from home. Big online stores are doing a golden job, while coroner terrorism and lockdowns have boosted financial performance in the IT, health and private security sectors.

The new "economic crisis" has its own winners and losers in the intra-capitalist competition. The closure of the leisure industry, the freezing of the tourism and cultural industry, the closure of the food industry, the lockout of hundreds of small and medium-sized shops and the benefits to the new army of unemployed that will result from the mandatory application of new information technologies necessary components for the implementation of the basic guaranteed income policy. In other words, the necessary yeast to carry out the new looting by the people of capital and companies, with the devaluation of labor, the imposition of new laws against employees and finally the devaluation of people's daily lives.

Indeed, particularly profitable sections of capitalism are subject to serious losses. But did this not happen with every "creative disaster" of a war, with every industrial revolution? The financial market clergy themselves have expressed growing concern about an inflated economy that has not gone away in recent years. No one mentions the horse farms or the factories and locomotives of the locomotives, which were destroyed by the black gold. With data mining being the black gold of the 21st century, 5g technology and the internet of things associated with it being an industrial revolution in their own right, capitalism will not sacrifice a minute of its frantic course to mourn airbnb, or the culture and food sector with their existing operation so far.

The virus is the perfect narrative, a "natural disaster", a tsunami, which is presented as the cause of the "greatest economic recession of the 21st century", which we must all turn our backs on to overcome...

It is clear that the virus is not the cause, nor the cause, but the catalyst for the violent capitalist restructuring and, above all, for the imposition by the State and Capital, of a new reality, which requires full transparency through new technologies. and absolute control over our behavior, the activities of our daily lives, but also our own body. The ground was already paved. The instrumentalization of the virus and the terror against it is the catalyst for the coup of the digital world in the name of "public health protection", for the sharp rise of digital mediation and the violent acceleration of the change in the way we perceive other people, the social relations and ultimately life itself.

In this new regularity we are called to wear a mask and keep the necessary distance from others, to use cards instead of money, to work and consume from our home computer, to communicate and socialize through mobile, portable or home devices us. Teleworking, teleconsumption, distance learning and teleconferencing seem to have come to stay, as the absence of direct contact and physical distances offers an unprecedented increase in business productivity and a huge data pool for universal and personalized control. social relations, morals, behaviors and therefore the profit produced by them. The conference industry was one of the first to "adapt",

The issue of compulsory vaccination, indirect or legal, and the discussion of the digital "health passport", in addition to the reasonable questions of vaccine safety and bioethics that they raise, focus on the emergence of a new totalitarianism. The extortionate demand of the State and Capital for the full transparency of its citizens, in order to get rid of the shackles of the prohibitions of the sanitary measures, brings to the focus a universal digital file in the name of "health security". In other words, we should provide at all times, in addition to data on our social relationships and behaviors, which some people unfortunately already do without much thought, and detailed information about our own body, what vaccinations we have done and why not, what diseases we have gone through and what medicines we are taking. We will have to show the digital health passport to a new medical police (who does not need to wear blue uniforms) so that we can travel. We may see very soon, that its use will be required in order to be able to enter our workplace, stay in a hotel or attend a concert.

The new reality is settling at a frantic pace and is full of monoculture of food, entertainment and information, full of companies, biogenetic control, surveillance and many - and enduring - diseases.

Statement of the Minister of Civil Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, 17 November 2020
"... we made another exaggeration Anyone who died from or with covid was recorded as dying from covid. I remember, for example, a cerebral hemorrhage Having covid does not necessarily mean dying from covid. We record it as if you were dying of covid. That is, we put it in the common tank. "
Information of the Ministry Health 4 May 2020
see World Health Organization, (2020) "International guidelines for certification and classification (coding) of COVID -19 as cause of death: Based on ICD, International Statistical Classification of Diseases", 16 April 2020
On 4 August, the Minister of Citizen Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, instructed the Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate to send to the Athens Prosecutor's Office material on the internet for information and criminal evaluation, in order to investigate whether criminal acts have been committed such as spreading false news and spreading false news.

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