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(en) Czech, AFED: A3: Capitalism against the people [machine translation]

Date Sat, 20 Mar 2021 09:48:22 +0200

In connection with the epidemic, industrialists declared an open class war against the workers and the rest of society. Download, print and distribute the March issue of the A3 wall newspaper! ---- The current capitalist regime has kicked us off beautifully. Thirty years ago, socially pernicious normalization orders were replaced by equally pernicious ones. The government of party apparatchiks and benefactors was replaced by a gang of unscrupulous exploiters who got to their possessions at a dizzying speed, but not with honest work, which they like to smear around the bottom of the mouth as a step into the world of personal success and wealth. It is perhaps not surprising how many papals associated with the previous regime are fighting for the interests of the capitalist order today, starting with Prime Minister Babiš.

Just listen to all those heralds of social inequality and oppression in the context of the current coronavirus crisis as they defend the interests of industry at the expense of human lives and health. Jaroslav Hanák, a former member of the Communist Party and the current president of the Confederation of Industry and Transport, for example, said: "It is a terribly bad step, because if someone has 100 percent salary and can stay at home and do not have to go to work, it is an ideal paradise, it is communism. it is not a democratic society. Irresponsible. "An arrogant statement from a person who has no idea what it's like to get out of a salary that barely covers your most basic costs, forcing de facto sick employees to go to work, who simply can't afford 60% compensation for incapacity for work. A beast who sees not a man as a laborer, but a mere human resource, as the living entities are called in their predatory jargon. No wonder he recently spoke out against those who, against the interests of industry, protect nature and the climate from devastation, that they should get over it. Simply a nature common to both the Bolsheviks and the representative of the world of capital.

Another scandal without a little respect for the lives and health of workers is Vladimír Dlouhý, a former career communist who, together with Klaus and other "experts", directed the so-called economic transformation towards a few people having almost everything and the vast majority with almost nothing, and today he works as the head of the Chamber of Commerce defending such established orders. He first said that the home office is actually such a paid holiday, and showed that he knows the complete fuck of working from home, where no one will forgive you anything, and you are also sure that he will not even be reimbursed for any overtime. His statement: "Enough lockdown. Even if the situation does not improve, we should consider loosening. Even at the cost of more patients. "Dead? Sick? I don't care! So what interests Mr. Long? Profits! Profits! Profits!

And thirdly, the lucrative antisocial Pavel Jurícek, Member of Parliament for the Agrofert Political Division (ANO) and owner of the Brano Group. He, on the other hand, made it heard on the issue of limiting industry: "Entrepreneurs write to me that this is treason and genocide of their own nation. It is a complete disaster. People will not go to work. "If the homeland is defined by the capital that controls it, then the demand to limit unnecessary industry could be treason. We are happy to deal with that. However, the attitude of Babišovka Jurícek, who is willing to sacrifice people in order to preserve profits for the large business elite, smells of genocide.

There have been voices from experts, health professionals, trade unions and groups, such as the Stop Covid initiative together and fairly, to stop the industry for several weeks. But the industrial lobby, in front of which a large number of politicians are on their heels and on guard, has come together and said a clear no limitation on their interests and profits. And so, while contacts between friends and families or leisure activities are limited (the elites will not allow them to be so restricted, as we can see at any moment), industrial plants go on cheerfully. Anti-epidemic measures are deployed where it does not threaten large capital, in the event that it should affect his interests and profits, everything goes aside and the disease continues to spread in the workplace. The application of sanctions also fits in nicely - ordinary women who went shopping with a covid are in danger of eight years in a dungeon,

And so we can live the number of dead by the thousands, observe the congestion of healthcare and the unsustainable physical and mental strain on medical staff. We can see how the richest profit in times of crisis, while small entrepreneurs and ordinary people are not forgiven by rent or installments. We can observe the deteriorating living conditions of single women, the growing separation of seniors, as well as the continuing business with poverty and foreclosures.

Industry leaders openly declare a class war on the workers, which they have been waging against them for many years. They clearly tell us: "We are not in the least interested in your lives and current or long-term health, we need to have your hands and brains available every day - we are interested in that. We will not allow our profits to be limited in any way by ending the epidemic. "

Capitalism clearly shows that it is against the people. We must finally show that people are against capitalism!

A3 ( March 2021) can be downloaded HERE . http://www.afed.cz/A3/A3-2021-03.pdf

Download, print, distribute!

The A3 wall newspaper is published by the Anarchist Federation every month. They are intended mainly for dissemination through stickers in the streets or posting in workplaces and schools.

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