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(en) federacion anarquista de rosario[Argentina]: FAR Position - February 2021 (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

Date Mon, 1 Mar 2021 10:41:16 +0200

WITH FIGHT, WE COMBAT PRIVILEGES FOR THOSE ON TOP AND ADJUSTMENT FOR THOSE BELOW ---- The year 2021 begins strongly marked by the pandemic and its consequences. As we have been saying in the different analyzes we carried out over the past year, it is not so much about the causes of the pandemic, but about its effects. And these have been devastating for those below, mainly due to the fact that it takes place in a historical time marked by capitalist domination in its neoliberal aspect, which unceremoniously leaves important portions of the world population in total helplessness. Therefore, geopolitical and commercial disputes over vaccines, and the difference in access to them between poor and rich countries, was to be expected.
Argentina does not escape this general panorama. The social situation is truly dramatic with poverty rates above 50%, job loss, a drop in the purchasing power of wages (with an average decrease of 4% year-on-year), and the consolidation of job insecurity schemes and restriction of tools union. To complete this picture of extreme social inequality -which has been continuously deepening-, more and more people live in neighborhoods that do not have access to essential public services, the larger the sectors of the population are unemployed and with a increasingly restricted access to education (especially remotely).
The government has decided to follow exactly what the capitalist premise dictates, that is: the interests of the powerful do not touch While he has outlined patches like the IFE, he has not been able to even sustain it over time. At this point, we must include the "Solidarity and extraordinary contribution to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic" of some privileged people, who due to their uselessness and lukewarmness no one remembers, beyond the 15 days that the official media operation lasted. In this sense, the government has been skillful in executing distributional threats (such as the announcement of an increase in withholdings for agro-exporters) which, in the face of the resistance of this powerful sector, has used it to convey to its membership the message of a "correlation of unfavorable force ",
In fact, at the economic and social level, the only sectors "sacrificed" by the context of the pandemic have been the popular sectors and the working class, whose adjustment in wages and living conditions are paying the costs of the social crisis and the pandemic.
At the health level, the numbers of infected and dead have not been encouraging either, the country being very high on the world scales, with more than 2 million infected and more than 50,000 deaths. Which, together with the agonizing arrival of vaccines, projects a panorama where more infections and deaths are to be expected during the course of the year, especially if one takes into account that little has improved in the response capacity of the health system. In this sense, the buffer has been the workers on the front line against the pandemic, with work overload and in spaces where supplies and personnel are lacking to withstand another "wave" of infections. It is worth mentioning that this has been more pressing the further we get from the Federal Capital.
Currently, it seems that the prevention policy passes, on the one hand, by transferring to the population the absolute responsibility of the health policy (through campaigns such as the Caretakers or the exacerbated discourse against youth due to the new wave of infections), focusing exclusively on social encounters as a contagion factor, excluding the questionable criteria to define the essentiality of the jobs that in fact, implied that a large part of the working class could not make a proper quarantine. On the other hand, with social control measures, often selective, which has led to innumerable cases of police abuses, confinement and violation of rights that contribute to the consolidation of the repressive state policy.
But the greatest calamity of the health policy of the national State, became clear in the last hours, with the appearance of the "vaccinated VIP." The ruling party speaks of "traitors" and press operations. The reactionary opposition speaks of "swindling the Nation." However, this scandal clearly reveals a policy of privileged immunity for those at the top, which tries to put the political class and businessmen as the main beneficiaries of the vaccine, without distinction of political color or side of the crack. At this point, we know very well that corruption and privilege are inherent to the state and the capitalists,All this without any realistic policy to stop the contagions that the return to closed spaces will bring in autumn.
We must add here the demagogic position of the Ministry of Education enabling the opening of face-to-face classes without planning, prevention measures or adequate infrastructure in this context, in an approach that will need the firm resistance of the teacher unions genuinely concerned about the health situation , educational and social support of the educational community. In turn, it seems that the national government will use the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to pass the IMF program, which includes labor and fiscal reform, freezing of salaries and pensions, dollarization of utility rates, among others. Some of these items have already been executed even if you have signed the agreement. Inflation does not give truce and the year began with an increase in the vast majority of public services, social works, food and essential items such as gasoline, which accumulates eight increases in the months of January and February. A clear example of this is the pro-management position of the Ministry of Labor by delaying as much as possible the homologation of salary agreements - with recompositions above the average - of oil producers and banks.
Thus, with lukewarm rhetoric, and with the specter of the possible return of macrismo, the Frente de Todos finds a more fertile ground to adjust than a blatantly neoliberal government. The bureaucratic union leaderships and official social organizations subscribe to this, which have not lifted a finger to deal with this situation.
In an electoral year, recompositions and disputes are to be expected within the field of the system's politics. Distinctions are emerging within the governing coalition with the intention of detaching Cristina from possible scenarios of thunderous failures of the model. At the same time, we are witnessing the growth of an ultra-liberal right that takes advantage of the contradictions of progressivism to create a hate speech against the popular.
It is also to be expected that this government will continue to seek to contain any overflow that could be promoted from below due to the devastating conditions in which it is living. Just as a year ago he presented himself with the goal of a great social agreement, the president has been meeting with businessmen and bureaucratic union leaders under the same logic. May the growing inequality bleed silently as it has been shown by the increase in social violence that in our city has claimed more than one daily death, including children, dismemberment of corpses and shootings everywhere.
In this context of health uncertainty, social fragmentation, demobilization promoted from above, greater social control and violence; We must go beyond the margins of action that last year left us for those below. Community, union, and student action must be strengthened by redoubling our efforts to put a stop to the adjustment of those above.
It is essential that we continue to promote and support sector-specific measures of struggle in the union, such as those that managed to twist some employer advances, especially in terms of dismissals, suspensions and brutal salary adjustments. Here we highlight examples such as the historic strike led by the Oil Federation and the Grain Receivers, at the end of 2020 -which culminated in a deserved salary recomposition-. It will also be strategic for our militancy to continue fighting for safe working conditions and a massive vaccination that reaches all popular neighborhoods, rejecting any health privilege that the dominant sectors try to impose from above. Therefore, the strategy of organized anarchism in this context must bet on the construction of a Strong People,

For socialism and freedom!
Anarchist Federation of Rosario

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