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(en) Greece, protaanka Announcements: INITIATIVE OF ANARCHY SAINTS ANARGYRON-KAMATEROS - Will you vote for them again? [machine translation]

Date Fri, 11 Jun 2021 08:09:35 +0300

Text shared in neighborhoods of the western suburbs ---- Will you vote for them again? ---- In the last one year continuously witnessing one with large state fiasco. The catastrophic failure to manage the pandemic is a reality that can not be disputed by any statistics and no government argument. It is reflected in all levels of social life. The government's triumphs during the "first wave of the crown" collapsed a few months later with the dissolution of the NSS, the thousands of deaths and the prolonged lockdown. But this is not an "erroneous epidemiological calculation" because of the really changing and unknown data, but a clear state crime.
Everyone will remember the official state a figisi to launch the first lockdown.It was nothing more than a "time market" to strengthen the national health system, launch the required recruitment of health staff and expand the ICU. Nothing was done. The "priorities" were very different. Instead of directing government spending to powering the health system, they ended up with armaments programs and the establishment of new police forces, set up to attack just popular anger. At the same time, the new memorandum state budget that was voted in the parliament included cuts in health (!) Despite the spread of the pandemic, a fact that can only be assessed as a challenge. If this is not a strong presumption to turn their backs on them and call them murderers, then what is?

Opposition politicians, on the other hand, are equally criminally complicit. The shortcomings of the established state health system did not arise in the midst of a pandemic. They pre-existed and were supported by all previous governments. During the 4.5 years of SYRIZA's rule, there has been no improvement of the NSS. On the contrary, we all remember the "first time left", its anti-insurance policies and the crimes in the pension. We all remember the political offer of the "memorandum eater" Polakis and the "communist" Katrougalos: a beer offer rather than the big capital and the "lenders" with parallel "crowns" of populism to hide their anti-social role. SYRIZA's opposition voices are tantamount to a huge popular mockery.

All of them are not incompetent. They know how to do their job just fine. The question is, what do we as a people do? We, who are overwhelmingly more than the parasitic minority that has economic and political power? We who produce all the wealth they suck from us. Will we respect any "national unity" with our oppressors? Will we crawl to the polls again? Will we enlist behind fraudulent "ethnosaviors" or will we finally take matters into our own hands? And everything that belongs to us?

What we are experiencing during the last decade of the great capitalist crisis is not due to the "incompetence" of the political staff. Therefore, the solution does not lie in the rotation of persons and the replacement of one government by another. It is a matter of economic, political and state system. And the crisis of this system is so deep that it is not going to end by "peaceful means". Theories about the "internal change" of the system, the theories about its reform into something more "human" are hollow and end up confirming its dominance. All these theories have clashed with systemic reality in recent years. Neither "debt write-off" nor "exit from the memoranda" by any progressive government took place, nor could it take place. Those who were told fairy tales by these delusions should look for the reasons that fell victims and not new and old "SYRIZA". Debt relief and exit from the memoranda and the crisis, means exit from the capitalist system and the state. It means revolution. Any other perspective strengthens the existing system. A system in crisis that we have a unique opportunity to throw the gratuitous shot.

We have no other choice. In the next period we will experience the peak of the social effects of the crisis if we do not reverse them and they will be sweeping. The economic crisis is a global phenomenon, it is a structural crisis and it is the biggest in modern capitalist history. Its manifestation in Greece in 2010 in the form of the debt crisis and the loan agreements (the well-known memoranda) is an integral part of it. And it is a condition that has not ended despite the myths of a "post-historical transition".

The Great Depression of Global GDP as a result of the productive short circuit due to lockdowns brought to the fore a new great recession that surpassed in dynamics the recession of 1929. But the recessionary trajectory of the economy was something that had already begun to take place regardless of the pandemic. . The crisis management policies of the past years were not a mechanism of repression but a mechanism of its expansion: they overloaded the public and private debt, created new bubbles and deposited a larger outbreak of the crisis in the near future.

The pandemic simply accelerated a new episode of the crisis that we had predicted and that we talk about in detail in the publications we publish and in many of our texts. The coronation was not the cause of a "new crisis" but an accelerator of developments, a catalyst for the "new episode" that would have manifested anyway. In fact, in Greece, the outbreak of the pandemic extended the new memorandum that would come due to the government's failure to meet the "targets" for high surpluses that would undoubtedly be accompanied by tombstone bills. But the "fiscal settlement" is not long in coming. Soon the new memorandum will be just around the corner. Which government will implement it will be the dilemma of the next elections and what will actually be called to vote those who go to the polls, whenever they are set up.And what to do?

The proposals of world anarchism are more relevant than ever. They are the only realistic proposals to get rid of all the troubles: destruction of the state and popular management of social affairs, workers' self-management of the means of production, social ownership of all goods and services, distribution of all according to social needs. In three words: freedom, equality, solidarity.

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