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(en) Czech, AFED: Kill and lie [machine translation]

Date Thu, 1 Jul 2021 08:57:02 +0300

The practice of the Police of the Czech Republic is disgusting, but it is not surprising. It is all the more necessary to loudly condemn the police killing of Stanislav Tomáš in Teplice. ---- Death of a man ---- What happened? On Saturday, June 19, three members of the Czech Police intervened against Roma Stanislav Tomáš in Teplice. In the video, which was filmed by one of the onlookers of the house before which the operation took place, we can see how three physicists process Tomas. She rolls him on his stomach, twists his hands behind his back, puts on handcuffs. Subsequently, one of them kneels on his legs and the other kneels with full weight with his knee on his neck. After three minutes, the fizl rises from the lying feet and, together with the fizar standing, they pull metal telescopic batons on the sidewalk. The remaining fizz still crushes Tomáš's neck with his knee, while at first glance it is at least 40 kilos heavier than Tomáš. Even though Tomáš is obviously immobile, the girl who stood most of the time kneels on one leg and pushes him to the ground with both hands. Tomas no longer shouts and does not move in any way. The police knee is about five and a half minutes long. The video ends. Let's add that it was tropical heat that day, in Teplice it was 33 degrees in the shade.

A2larm's report explains what happened next: "People are reproaching us for not intervening," says one of the house's residents. That we should have done something, stood up for him and not let the policeman keep kneeling on his neck, but I was afraid I didn't want to die. If I stood up for him, they could also knock me to the ground and kneel. An intervention unit then arrived, 'says an eyewitness, adding that a police officer and a rescuer had taken the helpless body to the ambulance. "And in that ambulance, the policeman took off his handcuffs, we saw that before they closed it and left. Why would he do that if he was alive? ' asks a witness who, like the other neighbors around him, is convinced that he has seen a man die on the street. "

We do not believe that the fiddle in question would want to kill someone intentionally. But it is clear to us that a man died on Saturday due to a brutal policeman, he was 46 years old and his name was Stanislav Tomáš. You can read more about him in the above report . Honor his memory.

Defestation of the victim and intimidation

It was clear to the police themselves that police street killings were not yet common folklore in this country, as they immediately began to defend their "intervention". They brag about the slain man taking drugs. They have taken a clear line of dishonesty of the victims of the intervention and hope for the sympathy of the local white racist majority because they killed Roma, in a country where the president recently gave a medal for bravery to a Nazi from northern Bohemia who went to beat a Romani woman.

The Fizls did not wait for anything and immediately issued a report that the man had died in an ambulance because he had overdosed. According to them, the police intervention had no effect on that. Such a quick conclusion will immediately raise considerable doubts. On Monday, they hurried with a video, where Tomáš is probably behaving quite wildly and then pounding his hand into the car. From later photographs of the car, which was still standing in the same place, it is clear that there was no damage at all. This does not prevent a police spokesman from writing that two men in Dubská Street were supposed to attack each other and "at the same time damage foreign cars".

The Fizls didn't hesitate to intimidate witnesses to the event. As described in the A2larm report: "The residents of the house before which the intervention took place do not want to speak. He is scared. "They told us that we could go to jail for up to three years, when we talked about it with someone, we had to sign such a paper," they explain. The general secrecy was supposed to be signed on paper, the information about the three years in prison was supposed to be given orally by the police. Daniel Vítek, a police spokesman for Teplice, declined to comment on whether these allegations were true, stating that "the police officers have initiated criminal proceedings in the matter and are proceeding strictly according to the Criminal Procedure Code as part of the investigation." from your profile.

On Monday, a police spokesman published a report: "A court autopsy of the deceased ruled out a connection with the operation that preceded the arrest of the suspect. According to a preliminary autopsy report, the man was suspected of being affected by a foreign substance in the amphetamine line, and the autopsy revealed pathological changes in the coronary arteries of the heart. " with a sick heart on your neck, you are acting appropriately and you certainly can't hurt him in any way.

Politicians without respect for life

The Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamácek, immediately had the need to express himself as a beast, as we are somehow used to by him. He expressed his full support to the police chokes without thinking. Mj. he wrote: "If someone under the influence of addictive substances violates the law, they must reckon with the police intervening. Mainly thanks to the work of police officers, we are in the top ten safest countries in the world. "

What does it actually tell us? That if you take something (or the fizl judges), or you commit something (or the fizl thinks that you have done something), then you have to reckon with the fact that someone will kneel on your neck for a few minutes and maybe you will execute. Hamácek believes in an argument based on the local stigmatization of drug addicts here, as if it were a disease other than alcoholism. And is he even aware that he is a member of a government that the administrative court has ruled has broken the law about twenty times this year? And if even what she had been through were examined, would the minister have them kneeled with a hundred-pound fennel until there was anarchy?

Hamácek demonstrated the complete absence of any empathy and respect for human life. Mainly to support repressive forces, the support of the state and the interests of elites. He leads the Social Democracy from nine to five, and perhaps it is good that he will finally bury it in the electoral cemetery. It is surprising how socially interior ministers have always stood up for the perpetrators of police violence and scandalized its victims. Let us mention, for example, Gross during the IMF-World Bank summit in Prague in 2000 or Bublan after the bloody police cut at Czechtek in 2005.

Another government moron who somehow overlooked the fact that human life was ruined when he hurried to support the hard progress of the Fizals is Prime Minister Babiš, who is paradoxically also the chairman of the Government Council for Roma Minority Affairs. He spoke: "If someone destroys cars, they are aggressive and even tempt one police officer, so they cannot expect to be treated with gloves. In addition, the forensic autopsy clearly showed that he did not die due to police intervention. It's sad, but a normal decent person can hardly get into a similar situation. Thank you to the Teplice police for their work, they didn't have it easy. "Babiš has his own presentation of reality, as we know from other cases. And so he doesn't care that it was an intervention that ended in death, that the autopsy showed only that Tomáš had a sick heart, or that there was no destroyed car. But when someone sneaks into the pockets of millions, for them a street peeling is just a half, whose life is not worth mentioning. And killing a person in this way is really not easy, just the long minutes you have to kneel on his neck.


Some, especially the Roma, liken the death of Stanislav Tomas to the death of African-American George Floyd. Fizl and politicians reject such an analogy. Why? Apparently because a racist approach is such a norm in police action that it is taken for granted. All you have to do is take a small test and watch the police patrol when it annoys people. And bet on what you want most annoyed and controlled to be darker skin tones. And we find another similarity with Floyd, and the police tried to describe it in the darkest possible colors, in order to divert attention from their murderous practice, which, fortunately, they did not succeed.

There is no doubt about the racism with which this sad case is charged. If a drunken white woman were rolling on the ground, would the "hit" look the same? And if so, would all Fizles, including their minister, agree in a flash that a psychopath in uniform had justifiably killed her? So far, the Police only brags on their website about cases where the Fizals, on the contrary, provided first aid to an injured girl. She was "only" drunk and she was a white Czech. Just like in the United States, if you are not white, it is much more likely that you will become the object of interest to the physicians and that you may end up in a morgue after their operation. It is also not the first time that a Roma has died at the hands of the police.

Police dementia

The case of the police murder of George Floyd has fueled a debate around the world about kneeling, that is, kneeling on the neck of a lying person, who repeatedly becomes the cause of death, especially if the intervening son-in-law is so eager to kneel on a person with excessive force for an unreasonably long time. In the United States, France and Hong Kong, several cases have been documented in which the kneeling of a throat with a spear contributed to the death of a detainee. In France, after the death of George Floyd, the police stopped applying this method of detention, at least officially, and taught at the police academies there. In addition, a number of American police districts banned the technique after anti-war protests in the 1960s. Not so with us. The Phizls seem to be unquestionable here, no matter what they practice. True, elsewhere they are not better at knowing.

It is also beautiful to see a double meter when it comes to fizals or civilians, in addition to other skin colors. When Tomáš crushed his neck much harder with a sick heart, police dementia (hard to use the word logic) says that nothing can happen to him. But let us recall the peaceful blockade of the nationalist demonstration on July 1, 2015, by an anti-racist during a completely inadequate intervention by the philosophers, who did not forgive themselves for racist tales, fell to the ground, broke his tooth and knelt him. His girlfriend objected, touching one of the nipples. He immediately ran out of disability and the 50-kilo girl was exemplary tried for assault and injury to a police officer. While the Phizles are fragile creatures, their victims must endure everything. But some, as was seen in Teplice, will not last.

Police violence, victimization of victims, impunity of perpetrators and their coverage by (not only) government politicians. We anarchists know this scenario - police brutality, torture, abuse of power and power - and then lying, scolding and, for the most part, no, in a small percentage, very ridiculous punishments. Velká Pardubická, Abyss Club, Global Street Party, IMF Summit, Czechtek 2005, countless anarchist demonstrations... How many times have we experienced it in the last thirty years, fortunately without casualties.

We have not the slightest reason to trust the gang, what the Police of the Czech Republic calls itself. A repressive body that deployed agents provocateurs to us to artificially create a threat of domestic terrorism and to take action against the anarchist movement. Although the Fizals were on fire with their fabricated case, none of them had to bear the consequences of long months of detention for people who had intended to be imprisoned for many years just to be able to report. Let us remind you on the sidelines that the circus was commanded by Šlachta, who today is celebrated in the pre-election race as an uncorrupt police officer. The nobility, who wrote false personnel reviews, would like to return the judiciary to the 1950s and say flatly that it will flood the Roma in particular if it comes to power.

The voice of resistance

On Monday, June 21, Roma activists Štefan Pongo and Jozef Miker established a place of reverence at the scene, where people gradually came to light candles. There was also a bouquet with a ribbon "It depends on Roma lives". On Tuesday, hundreds of others took turns here, especially Roma men and women. Some also came from abroad. The police monitored the spontaneous act of reverence instead of recommending it somewhere where it would not be seen. A larger reverential memory will take place on Saturday, June 26, in Dubská Street in Teplice, from 2 p.m. However, it is definitely worth supporting this demonstration .

At the same time, on Monday evening, a group of anti-fascists passed through the center of Prague chanting the slogans "It was a murder in Teplice", "Police murderers" or "Solidarity is our weapon". You can watch the video from the event on our FB page (https://www.facebook.com/afed.cz/videos/1179813122445118/).

The civic members of the Government Council for the Affairs of the Roma Minority, of which both papals are and Babiš is even chairman , sharply distanced themselves from the statements of Prime Minister Babiš and Minister Hamácek . Politicians say they undermine confidence in the impartiality of the investigation into the whole incident. Likewise, the Council of Europe was not satisfied with the pre-determined outcome of politicians and the police, and instead called for a thorough and independent investigation into Tomáš's death. Amnesty International points out that the neck compression technique used by the police during the arrest was reckless, unnecessary, disproportionate and therefore illegal. It demands that such practices be unacceptable in the future.

We wrote about the true nature of the police in the anarchist magazine Existence on the topic of " Defenders of Order ", and we certainly have no illusions that its PR motto "help and protect" is aimed at ordinary people, let alone traditionally discriminated minorities. Its essence is to help elites and protectcapital, to keep society and the public sphere under repressive supervision. The death of Stanislav Tomáš is no surprise. But that doesn't mean in the slightest that we should just go over it. On the contrary, we demand justice for him! We don't care if he was sober at the time or not, if he did something or not. He certainly did not deserve death. And if the fins, with the support of politicians, pass this time, they will pass next time. No sorry for the cops! And as long as this hated institution, the instrument of the system's violence against people, is here.

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