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(en) Greece, vogliamo tutto: Solidarity interventions with the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontina [machine translation]

Date Sun, 24 Jan 2021 09:30:25 +0200

As a sign of solidarity with the hunger striker, from January 8, Dimitris Koufontina, we placed banners in central parts of the neighborhoods of Petralona, Koukaki, Neos Kosmos and Nea Smyrni. At the same time, posters are being hung for the solidarity gathering on Tuesday, January 19, at the Propylaea at 17:30, as part of the nationwide day of action and solidarity with the hunger striker. ---- To stand by the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas and fight for the overthrow of state and capitalist barbarism ---- Solidarity with the hunger striker from January 8, Dimitris Koufontinas ---- The passion for freedom is stronger than all cells ---- In the midst of a pandemic, where the rulers are talking about human lives and public health, prisons, like migrant concentration camps, reflect the true face of power. They highlight the murderous nature of the state and the fact that it is only interested in maintaining the privileges and profits of the political and economic elites. The only thing that "ensures" in the majority of society is incarceration, repression, class health care, poverty and death. The situation in prisons demonstrates in the most emphatic way all of the above.

At present, about 12,000 prisoners are crowded in Greek prisons, while their capacity does not exceed 10,000. Medical care is from inadequate to non-existent. Hundreds of detainees get covid-19. In the Diavata prison, 3 prisoners have already lost their lives, while in any prison where cases occur, the Ministry and the Directorate with the complicity of EODY apply a single measure, that of isolating the prisoners in wards, where they are stacked on top of each other. and without any health care and basic precautions.

The Greek state, through the head of the General Secretariat for Anti-Crime Policy, Sofia Nikolaou, instead of taking measures, even partial decongestion of prisons, chose to suspend visits and permits, ban food and clothing for inmates / the brutal suppression of any outbreak of reaction and protest (beating of women detainees in Thebes by MAT, retaliatory transfers of detainees), continuous raids on cells accompanied by humiliating treatment, beatings, breaks and destruction of prisoners' personal belongings. All this is not accidental, nor is it an exception, it is the new everyday life that is being tried to be imposed in Greek prisons. And of course the protection of prisoners from the pandemic is not an object of concern.

They are a continuation and consequence of the transfer of the prison administration to the responsibility of the Ministry of Civil Protection, which signals that the police no longer have responsibility only for the arrest of someone, but will also determine the ways, times and places of construction of the sentence.They are added to the establishment of "disciplinary prisons for terrorists and unruly prisoners" (Domokou prisons) and to the effort to eradicate prisoners away from the eyes of the rest of society, building prisons in isolated and remote places. It is part of the new penitentiary code which tightens the detention regime, abolishing even the basic rights of detainees. Rights won through struggles. After battles fought by prisoners and detainees against the inhuman condition of incarceration and revenge. By barricading their own bodies and raising their heads against the torturers-human guards, reacting to the conditions prevailing in the storehouses of souls, fighters against their mental and physical extermination claimed to be treated as human beings. This is the new doctrine of law and order but Greek in prisons.

However, the management of prisons is no different from the state management of the rest of society. The state manages the health crisis in its favorite way: by imposing bans, normalizing surveillance and repression, and exacerbating oppression and exploitation. He bombards us every day through the funded media and the "objective" scientists with "individual responsibility" passing on his own responsibility for the methodical understaffing, underfunding and devaluation of the health system for years. The deterioration of the health system is accompanied by the upgrading of the repressive forces, as managers of even the pandemic.

The management of covid-19 is another field of class policy that most emphatically demonstrates the murderous and anti-social nature of the state's biopolitics. While presenting the ban on gatherings and crowds as protection measures against covid-19, at the same time stacking workers in labor schemes and MMMs and continuing to build soul depots, modern immigrant concentration camps / three, while the slogan "stay home" does not apply to drug addicts and the homeless. The state is the greatest paradox of the modern age.While ostensibly shouldering the protection of public health and various social groups, it is the state itself that constructs social outcasts and scapegoats: the poor, the illegal immigrants, the young people in the squares, the prisoners.

The state and capital seek to use covid-19 to accelerate their plans for the new dystopian regularity they want to establish in our societies. They seize the opportunity to launch another attack on the bottom-up with a series of anti-labor-anti-social measures (teleworking-out-of-work-dismissals-multi-bill on education-environmental law-banning demonstrations), while with the new Bankruptcy Law Cancel The Right To Housing.

At the same time, they target any social and class resistance to state and capitalist plans. They target militants who oppose exploitation and oppression. They aim at the struggle for life itself, health and freedom. They aim at all the social, class, political struggles of yesterday, today and tomorrow to impose a permanent state of emergency.

In this reality, the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas sends his own fighting signal through the prisons of Domokos, starting once again a hunger strike. A move that is part of the struggles of the oppressed and the exploited against the attempt to establish a permanent state of emergency on the occasion of the management of covid-19. Continuation of yesterday's struggles, another stepping stone in building today's collective struggles to overthrow the dystopia imposed by state and capital.

"The document of the ministry that was communicated to me yesterday, reveals his unprecedented method against me, as, according to this, in the one and a half hour that my transfer from Kassavetia to Domoko lasted, where and as the domestic Family demanded, it seems that I was transferred and in Korydallos, to show that what was required by the photographic law for the agricultural ones, which they made to displace me from them, was observed.

After all the overt and cynical revelations in the war against me, the hunger strike is now a matter of personal consistency and individual dignity.

Since they insist on the law that was so provocatively engineered, they must apply it, at least this one, and bring me back to the basement of Korydallos, to the special wing built by the Minister of Repression himself, M. Chrysochoidis, to bury the 17N, and where I spent 16 of the 18 years I am in prison. "

Dimitris Koufontinas, Domokou Prison, January 8, 2021

The fighter Dimitris Koufontinas once again puts his body as a roadblock to revenge, oppression, submission and arrogance of power. A power that can not tolerate its challenge as it knows that the slightest gesture that defies its omnipotence can grow if it is not struck at birth.

It is not just that they are afraid of a man, it is not that someone took a gun, nor that they are mourning for their dead (Wales, Mallios, Petrou, Tsantes, Bakogiannis etc.). We are not convinced by the tearful statements, nor the online memorials against terrorism, nor their supposedly humanitarian rhetoric about the sanctuary of human life. After all, the management of covid-19 is another proof that they are not interested in health and life at all. In the face of Dimitris Koufontinas they see someone who challenged their dominance and somehow even for a moment the fear changed camp. It is a reminder that those below can and must attack them.That someone does not bow his head. That a fighter does not apologize because he turned against the "strong" of this world. This is what they are trying to bury deeper and deeper, in an increasingly dark cell. Because for the state and the capital, the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas symbolizes all that they can not understand and that they are afraid of. That is why they are trying to kill him by any means.

Let us stand by the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas and fight from our own base for the overthrow of state and capitalist barbarism. To fight for the demolition of every prison. Against poverty, exploitation, oppression and death to fight for a world of equality, solidarity, justice and freedom.

anarchic collectivity Vogliamo tutto e per tutti

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