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(en) korankejora: Anarchism and the Liberation of West Papua - Morning Newspaper

Date Fri, 8 Jan 2021 11:50:27 +0200

Why are the Anarchists who are anti-state and want to destroy the country to the root of supporting West Papua's independence? Why does anti-state anarchism actually support the process of creating a new state? ---- Anarchism is the concept of an ideal social order in which the existence of the state and capitalism and various forms of domination are abolished, the history of anarchism itself has been running for hundreds of years from parts of Europe and North America to the outskirts of the African continent. In achieving their goals, Anarchist groups legalize and even advocate for the use of violence as a method of struggle. ---- In its history, we can see that anarchists have been involved in various struggles for National Liberation even though the majority group in the region does not and does not even have anarchist tendencies at all, Anarchists have been involved in the struggle for the liberation of Sicily from Italy, Catalan and Basque from Spain, and Ireland from British Empire, even the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) from the Netherlands. Why are Anarchists involved in all these struggles?

The answer to that question can be answered if we look briefly at the definition of anarchism above, "... and various forms of domination being abolished". Anarchism is a struggle for liberation from various dominations, that domination can take the form of racism, sexism, homophobia, and also COLONIALISM. Anarchists must be the opposition to colonialism, because it is a form of domination of one person over another as well as one nation over another nation.

Colonialism will also inevitably lead to other forms of domination such as racism, sexism and exploitation of nature. West Papua is one of the independent territories that was forcibly annexed by the Sukarno Regime on May 1, 1963, the fake People's Opinion Determination (PEPERA) was held by the Indonesian state at gunpoint and death threats. After this forced annexation a nightmare started on the land of Cendrawasih, the killing of hundreds or even thousands of indigenous West Papuans by the Indonesian colonial apparatus, the exploitation of West Papua's natural resources by large corporations, and the massive migration of non-West Papuan people who made OAP (Orang Asli Papua) left out. This colonialism also brings racism to West Papuans, West Papuans are stigmatized as primitive humans, forest people, lazy people, and many other derogatory insults.

Anarchists have many reasons to be involved in the struggle for National Liberation, whether it is to fight for the slightest possibility of Anarchy, to stem the influence of the right wing in the struggle for National Liberation, or simply solidarity for people who are oppressed, Anarchists do not have the same position. between individuals because Anarchism means decentralization and the rejection of a single authority. Anarchists distinguish between what is meant by state and homeland, indigenous peoples are used to loving and respecting their homeland, their nation, a sacred entity that will be defended with all their lives, while the state is a man-made entity that wants power, control and domination over the community.

Quoting Kroptokin, an anarchist theorist from Russia, "Real internationalism will not be achieved unless all nations are independent. If we say no to the government, how can we turn out to be letting go of the colonial rule of the colonial government?" A free society could not be established on colony, the freedom that it resulted was apparent freedom, because this freedom might liberate the main society, but oppress the colony community.

Anarchists are already attached to the decolonization movement and indigenous peoples, in North, South America, Australia and New Zealand, Anarchists are involved in the indigenous peoples resistance movement and the Land Back movement (a movement demanding the restoration of rights to land belonging to indigenous peoples from settlers. comer). Anarchism is definitely about self-determination, including the self-determination of indigenous peoples from state domination, let alone a colonial state. West Papua is a culturally naturalized nation, while the country it is fighting is a man-made entity.

Anarchists are different from other Pseudo-left groups who always see the world in only two choices, Anarchists see the world in a broad view, Anarchists can fight colonialism and imperialism in West Papua without pushing their national political figures. We can move in solidarity with the people of West Papua who are oppressed by colonialism and imperialism. Anarchist support for the national liberation of West Papua does not mean support for the formation of a new West Papua state, but Anarchists are in solidarity while offering other alternatives to the formation of a state to the oppressed people of West Papua. Anarchism supports self-determination for colonized societies, even though these societies may believe that the formation of a new state is the solution to their oppression.

Further reading:

- "Anarchism and National Liberation" by Alfredo Bonanno https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/alfredo-m-bonanno-anarchism-and-the-national-liberation-struggle

- "What Is Anarchism? An Introduction"


- www.anarkis.org

- "Indonesian racism in Papua: the face of colonialism" by comrade Koker https://korankejora.blogspot.com/2019/10/melawan-kolonialism-rasisme-indonesia.html

- Documentation of anarchist solidarity action for the liberation of West Papua.


- "Anarchism Thinkers, Who Are They?"


Author's Note: Ameyuri Ringo, the author is an individual Queer Anarchist who is interested in the Ocultism tradition and the Indigenous Peoples movement

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