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(en) Canada, Collectif Emma Goldman - To read: The useful idiot, the newspaper of a certain left (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

Date Sun, 28 Feb 2021 09:29:25 +0200

Last week when I opened my mailbox, I found a copy of the French edition of The Epoch Times newspaper. I was first surprised to note that this publication went all the way to Saguenay. For once living in a peripheral region would have had a certain advantage. Well no, the Sino-American pro-Trump conspiracies have not forgotten us (1). This newspaper stirs up old nauseating feelings including the yellow peril, a fear fueled since the end of the 19th century, and brandishes the good old communist scarecrow. I was subsequently amazed at the means available to this kind of intoxication. You might say that I shouldn't... after all, the conspiracy activists of La Belle Province have managed to stretch nearly half a million dollars for a bogus foundation and some influencers manage to make a living with that kind of thing. 'nonsense.
We're not stopping the conspiracy industry. After flat earth, reptiles, Elvis, 5G and Q, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is believed to be largely responsible for the current pandemic. After reading a few lines of this cabbage leaf, I remembered that I had a copy of The Useful Idiot that I hadn't finished reading yet.

"The newspaper of a certain left"

As the team of L'idiot useful wrote, namely that " one should relativize the importance of a regular publication ", it should not be too rigorous if I speak about the edition of Fall 2020 only in February 2021 So here we are ...

" Conspiratorial and far-right a long love story " De Montréal antifasicte

You might have found the conspirators to be funny when they made aluminum hats for themselves, but it's a whole different thing when they spawn with brown vermin (see far right) and they and by their actions they jeopardize the right to life of the most vulnerable people. Indeed, several headliners of the conspiracy and anti-sanitary measures movement have made their debut in Islamophobic and xenophobic groups such as La Meute, Storm Alliance or the micro-party Citizens in power. They have now put away their wolf t-shirts to embrace the defense of rights and freedoms. But as Montreal-antifascist points out:

"[...]this sudden existential concern for rights and freedoms is much less pronounced when it comes to showing solidarity with certain indigenous communities who live in the most abject poverty, with certain racialized communities which are chronically struggling with police brutality and structural racism or with people without status[...]"

Ultimately, " one of the most serious problems with conspiracy reasoning is that it serves to obscure various more fundamental mechanisms of power and oppression, such as class domination, racism, sexism, national oppression, etc. ., by proposing false versions of history and simplistic solutions, "Montreal-antifascist rightly affirms.

"Intervention (Normand, we have to talk to each other)" by Anne Archet

It is true that everyone can claim to be an anarchist. The catch is that some people with a lot of media exposure can say one thing and its opposite, see anything. This is the case in France with Michel Onfray who today has more affinities with brown shirts than with black blocs. In Quebec, this is also the case for Professor Baillargeon. In her text, Anne Archet wonders how far the teacher's slippage will take him.

"[...]Your fierce defense of the right to the expression of hateful ideas recently led you to relay mainly... hateful ideas. It's one thing to say that Rhéa Jean has the right to give homophobic conferences at UQAM. It is one thing to say that Nadia-El-Mabrouk must be able to hold Islamophobic speeches in a conference of teachers. It's another thing to associate with these people, to support PDF (see For the rights of women, an association advocating the white feminist, transphobia and the repression of sex work) to call for donations to the MLQ (the Mouvement laïque québécois, which is in the midst of an Islamophobic slippage) and even what an irony for an anarchist to support law 21 freedom. "

She ends with the following statement: " Normand, you have become the useful idiot of the far right. "

"Define that to me as hell!" By Alexandre Popovic

Following the shooting that led to the death of a young woman in Montreal, several commentators affirmed on state radio that the definition of the police was not a serious proposition, or on the contrary , the police should have even more resources. Worse, some commentators have called for even more repression and profiling. But the Camara affair (2) clearly shows us where this profiling leads: abuse, stigmatization and contempt. Alexandre Popovic reminds us that the salaries and social benefits of police officers represent between 80 and 90% of the police budget.

" What justifies such a generous payroll?»Asks the author of the text. " Certainly not the three years of CEGEP in police techniques and the fifteen weeks of training at the National Police School of Quebec... Certainly not because of its performance... barely a third of criminal offenses were officially reported to the police. And the police resolution rate for reported crimes stood at a paltry 41.4% in Canada in 2017 ".

In fact part of the answer can be found in the indispensable role that the police play with power.

When we speak of definancing, "for the moment it is a question of reducing the size of a constabulary force which has taken an inordinate place in society. We don't need to have 15,000 cops in the streets of Quebec. Because there is not so much violence to fight.[...]We do not need officials armed with the legal power to kill to tackle offenses which[the vast majority]are carried out in non-violence[...]"

As a conclusion

Sadly, it seems easier to stumble upon a copy of The Epoch Times than a copy of The Helpful Idiot. This says a lot about our time.

You can always order your copies of The Useful Idiot online at their website: https://idiotutile.com/


(1) https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1701028/malaise-distribution-gratuite-journal

(2) A visible minority man was wrongly charged with attempted murder of a police officer and was jailed for 6 days.

by Collectif Emma Goldman

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