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(en) Greece, APO, Land and freedom - Pasamontaña: against the pandemic state policy, for social resistance [Traduction automatique]

Date Thu, 26 Aug 2021 08:54:44 +0300

AGAINST THE POLICY OF DEATH -- WIN SOLIDARITY, LIFE, DIGNITY! ---- The Assembly of the Self-Managed Social Space of Pasamontaña from March 2020 took a stand against the pandemic and state management by proposing collective risk management, social self-defense and the struggle against the criminal sacrifice of the people for the sake of capitalist gain. ---- 1.5 years later, WE, the lower classes and the base of society are in a much worse position: 13,000 dead (not counting those who have died from other diseases that are not adequately treated due to the collapse of the health system), thousands injured by the virus, inadequate hospitalization and the long-term effects of Covid-19 and an entire society immersed in fear and anxiety for tomorrow.

The tragically experienced and universally confirmed experience of the dangerous disease of Covid-19 leaves no room for acquittal or justification of the crime of power, but also no room for questioning, underestimating or denying the reality.

As a society, as neighborhoods, as working classes, we must see how we can deal with the open war we are accepting:

1. the pandemic that does not even concern only the elderly or the "vulnerable groups" as they deliberately implied and that mainly affects our Class, the working masses suffering from work and living conditions, the poor and the excluded. Now that we have before us a 4th wave that if it becomes uncontrollable - due to the combination of the determined not to lose capital gains again and the "fatigue" of the world - will be catastrophic.

2. The leveling of those social and labor acquis left over from the struggles of the past and the growing authoritarianism of state repression, as power is fortified and prepared to face the effects of the pandemic and deep crisis that magnifies the system's impasse leading to new crises, wars, natural disasters of all kinds.

3. The fascist far right that is trying to take to the streets again to play its historical role: the disorientation and disintegration of every social-class unit, the legitimation and deepening of the implemented state policy that destroys the social majority.


Every step in the management of the pandemic is dictated by the basic capitalist rule: preservation of the existence and ideological dominance of the system & the smooth operation of the production, distribution & consumption chains.

The only "protection" offered by the state is the one needed to function and not to dismantle the system and basic social cohesion. If it were otherwise we would have neither a minimum wage nor schools, hospitals and other social achievements. All the "welfare" structures created under the pressure of movements, uprisings and revolutions are just such structures and not some kindness to the working classes. So yes, the state does not "care for our good" but always takes care not to upset the current social balance which, if broken, will risk being destroyed by a victorious social revolution.

The initial strategy of deliberate devaluation of Sars-Cov-2 (January 2020) brought the system to a state of emergency, facing the millions of dead in the capitalist center (Northern Italy, New York, Great Britain, etc.). The spread of the epidemic in Asia and the West proved to be unmanageable, destructive to production and with uncontrollable social dimensions. Since then (March - April 2020) the "rational" trend of capital prevailed with the so-called lockdowns (some restrictions in sectors of the economy and social activity), precisely to avoid a total shutdown of the economy and all the costly moves that had to be made to tackle the pandemic early and definitively.
Finally the so-called "accordion" method / strategy (the controlled opening - closing of sectors of the economy when the epidemic gets out of control) and the "we live with the virus" strategy (ie that "we must digest the thousands of losses for the sake of capitalist profitability") ) have so far led to over 4 million deaths worldwide, 13,000 in Greece and the end of the pandemic is nowhere to be seen.


The power of wealth, having as its main goal the restoration of capitalist normality at the lowest possible cost , invested in finding effective vaccines. Indeed, the rapid decoding of Sars-Cov-2, global scientific collaboration, and the investment of billions in research and production have yielded rapid positive results, while opening up new avenues and opportunities in medical science.

Mass vaccination, which is objectively a powerful and effective weapon in preventing and dealing with epidemics, was declared the only magic solution, precisely because it was considered the most advantageous way out of the pandemic without the need for all those structural changes that would result in loss of profit and acknowledgment of the criminal nature of the system (cessation of looting of nature, change of structure and direction of the economy, changes in work, MMM, schools, comprehensive epidemiological surveillance and strong upgrading of public health with new structures and recruitment).

At the same time, the insurmountable structural irrationality and irrationality of power is emerging, as the profits and rivalries of the pharmaceutical industry but especially the need to preserve the ideological hegemony of the free market, make the opening of vaccine patents prohibitive (although part of the chapter proposes it knowing that it is the only solution) leading to the catastrophic delay of their mass production and distribution.

Production delays and transnational competition are responsible for the communication backlash, confusion and misinformation of last spring (see AstraZeneca vaccine) but also for the class distribution of vaccines, the shortage in third world countries and the delay in mass vaccination. West. Today only 15% of the world's population is fully vaccinated while in the poorest countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America even 2% have not received the first dose.

From our point of view, from the point of view of the masses and the strugglers , this premise of the capitalists about vaccines meant that we had to look twice at the scientific data on their effectiveness and safety. This is the initial source of suspicion of a section of the popular class against the new vaccines.

Today, after 8 months of vaccinations in the West, after multiple cross-studies in real life (1.5 billion fully vaccinated worldwide) and the public positions of all struggling doctors and scientists, we have all the data against organized misinformation and conspiracy theories and there is no doubt that vaccination can be safe and effective when done quickly, en masse and combined with other pandemic strategies.

At a time when the rich and privileged are rushing to be vaccinated first and foremost to protect their lives and health, the popular classes are once again trapped in the pseudo-dilemmas and communication tactics of the states as well as the organized misinformation and spread of extremism. centers of power.

Unfortunately, various self-proclaimed activists also contribute to the misinformation, who in the confusion and lack of basic dialectical and analytical ability have come to reproduce and be guided by patriotic or liberal professors, alternative pseudo-doctors and extreme right-wingers. Confusing masks with handcuffs and mass tests with biopolitics harm the working class at the time of assassination, dispelling confusion and individualistic logics.


We take a clear stand in favor of the need for universal vaccination as another means of overcoming the pandemic. We have a class and social obligation to take an active part in collective self-protection against the virus that strikes us and our neighbors, the poor and the excluded. As we do from the beginning of the pandemic without expecting any State - Father to force or prevent us from the social and class duty to save the people so that alive and standing so they can fight for a life with dignity.

In the face of state "individual responsibility" and petty bourgeois indifference to the whole, let us all take on the responsibility that falls to us, collectively overcoming any logical or irrational fears that everyone may have. The infinitesimal probability of a serious side effect that can be prevented and treated, can not even be compared to the collective tragedy.

In the face of the tragedy we are experiencing as a people, no one - and especially not in the name of social class struggles - can invoke "themselves" and capitalist individual "liberties" by making inaccurate and dangerous comparisons with Nazi atrocities, as if they were medical experiment. Especially those who fight for social liberation must - as their history requires - to highlight by their example the values of self-denial and militant solidarity against the phobic fortification behind individualistic logics and irrational fantasies.

The state uses stupid advertising campaigns, exchanges and sanctions because a state knows no other way but to impose, the whip and the carrot. He constantly raises the issue of "compulsory vaccination" to pressure but also to point out those who are not vaccinated as the only culprits for the ongoing pandemic and to shake off the responsibilities. But the fact that the state promotes vaccination in order to restore capitalist normalcy does not mean that the people must commit suicide for a sterile supposed opposition .

The self-evident opposition and aversion to state obligations and blackmail will be neither an excuse for anti-social practices, nor a push for the fascist far right which builds on the "compulsory vaccination" the denial of vaccines and the pandemic that destroys our order.

In the new reality shaped by the deep economic crisis and the ongoing pandemic of Covid19 (which even when it becomes an endemic disease will require an upgraded health system to deal with it), the strugglers and society must not lose our bearings.

We continue to fight against the state and employers for the labor and social rights of all, as always without exception. The need for vaccination can not be used as a tool against workers in any way.

We continue to fight with the struggling health workers for the immediate strengthening and upgrading of the public health system as a whole, for the private sector to have safe access to vaccines and the high level of treatment - treatment we deserve, for full , objective scientific information and medical advice on measures to protect workers from exposure to the virus.

We continue to fight for a science and technology that will be weapons in the hands of society for the betterment of our lives and work, and not in the service of the state and capitalism for the profits of the rich and the control of the peoples.


In order to legitimize the criminal management of the pandemic, it is necessary to systematically devalue it and to relativize the social damage of the millions of people who lose their lives while they could live.

Without the deniers of the pandemic, without the constant supply of "sprayed" conspiracy theories, there could be no criminal management, millions of dead, contradictory half-measures and sold-out scientific committees. Without all of them constantly shifting the public debate, thought, and energy of society and movements, the people and the organized forces would wait "with a finger in the trigger" for every criminal act of political power that costs tens of thousands of dead of the Order. us, people who die on the ranch "like a dog in the vineyard" due to non-existent pandemic control measures and abandonment of public health.

Next to the ideological line of the state that says "what can we do, the economy must work", stands the deepest darkness that declares that "there is no pandemic". Alongside the state line that says "to return to normalcy with all the dead needed to save the system", the fascist "I live to die" is resurrected so as not to disturb the miserable regularity that they call freedom.

The denial of the pandemic is the point at which the fascist extreme right is formed worldwide by taking to the streets as a supposed opposition using conspiracy theories and misinformation. It is promoted by powerful sections of the capital with the first preachers being the political puppets Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro and others. Organized misinformation is structured by specific "scientists" who often take a step in the mainstream media. and spreads from classic far-right conspiracy theories to various "artists" for a fee.

The organizers of the rallies and the staged conflicts, from the American Capitol to Syntagma Square, are the vanguard of capital trying to reorganize the "organized" fascists and the multitude of petty bourgeois crushed by the modern capitalist world and .The descent into the streets and squares of all these idiots, fascists and religious people is not a spontaneous popular reaction that we must listen to but the response of capital to the social-class demands for public health and social-labor rights, which unfolded in breaking the bans: from the mobilizations of the struggling health workers, last May 1, on the 17th, 26th of November and the 6th of December to the mobilizations of solidarity with the fighter D. Koufontina which turned into mass marches against the state authoritarianism .

The historical experience (which was tragically reaffirmed in the country and our neighborhoods culminating in the murders of migrant worker Sahzat Lukman and anti-fascist worker and musician Pavlos Fyssas) shows again and again that fascism is the extension of state policy and not the opposite. as he wants it to appear . This crowd will be against the workers and will demand mandatory measures and "apartheid" for the Roma, the homosexuals, the anti-fascists, the communists and the anarchists.

In the face of fascism, we need to confront the substance as a whole and the real issues at stake. There is no anti-state and anti-fascist struggle without a total confrontation with the political ideology of the state, capital and fascism. In order not to gain social space, fascism needs a strong class movement that fights for social problems and needs and not the adoption of its positions and goals.When fascism was formed around anti-immigrant hysteria, the anti-fascist movement did not say "indeed, there are many immigrants", or that "indeed, some immigrants are criminals" but defended the speech and the way of migrant workers as a subject who accepts state and transnational violence. It does not mean accepting or justifying the contents of fascist rallies or even worse presence as various left nationalists do by giving an alibi and paving the way for fascism.


In the new era that opens before us, environmental crises and natural disasters will be more and more part of normalcy, as a result of the catastrophic looting of Nature and the zero preparation against them. The vicious circle of exploitation of natural wealth and natural disasters will not be broken no matter what measures are taken, unless there is a revolutionary change in the way production, work and life as a whole are organized. The only realistic way out of the structural contradictions of capitalism that plunge it into constant recession, the only objective solution that will prevent the destruction of us all is the total revolutionary exit from the existing system.

The pandemic does not simply accelerate the ongoing capitalist crisis but leads to the eruption of the structural impasses of capitalism, which is constantly confronted with its insurmountable internal and self-destructive contradictions.

Society must first and foremost get out of the pandemic and standing up means having the least possible losses so that the collective trauma does not grow and we get used to death, and with collective solidarity and socio-class consciousness to claim the life we deserve. .

The worst result of the pandemic - worse than the millions of dead - will be the prevailing neoliberal perception that we are sacrificing those needed in order not to dismantle the economy and the wealth of the bosses. It will be the emergence of a new fascism that is formed and reproduced in society around the countless conspiracies, the denial of reality and the massacre in the name of a supposed "freedom". It will be to accept the tragedy of the unworthy death and the miserable conditions of care and hospitalization in a disbanded hospital and a life worth only as it produces the profits of the rich while at the same time becoming increasingly intolerant of working hours and working conditions, the commercialization of everything. , the transnational war conflicts.

As a society and as fighters for individual and social liberation, let us fight in an organized way for the conditions of our lives and for us, the producers of wealth, to make the decisions in our hands so that there will be no more poverty, death, destruction.

A walk in the streets of the misery of the homeless, the beggars, the poor, in the neighborhoods of the broken health of the workers is enough to answer: Health and Life for all! Death to death!






Self-managed Social Space


August 2021

Republished from the assembly page

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