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(en) Poland, ozzip: Swift translations of the ZKZL. The doormen are still waiting for money [Traduction automatique]

Date Mon, 9 Aug 2021 10:42:27 +0300

The case of Poznan doormen and doormen is not only about the victims themselves, but also about the quality of public institutions and the transparency of public money management mechanisms. Society deserves to know all the circumstances of this case, not just the twisted translations of the HMPM. ---- On July 30, 2021, a short press release was published on the WTK website, entitled "Porters are fighting for outstanding wages. ZKZL: 'We are not the party to the conflict' . The content of the article also includes a link to the footage which is the report of WTK journalists from the protest organized in front of the Poznan City Hall by the Polish Workers' Initiative Trade Union.
In the aforementioned report, the journalists of WTK asked for comments on the demands of porters and doormen and the OZZ Inicjatywa Pracowniczej spokesman for the Board of Municipal Housing Resources - Lukasz Kubiak. In the short statement of the ZKZL press spokesman, there were numerous inaccuracies and statements so unfounded in facts that they seem to be a deliberate and planned disinformation action. We argue that misleading the public as to the basis of the claims of doormen and doormen, the background of the entire conflict and the role of the HRM itself in the organized systematic violation of employee rights, is a deliberate "crisis management" strategy chosen by the municipal company.

The Management Board of ZKZL, instead of admitting that it had made a mistake and sitting down to talk with the aggrieved parties, decided to mislead journalists and the public, probably in the hope that a properly selected media strategy combined with a quite (admittedly) sophisticated mechanism of exploitation would make the responsibility of ZKZL will blur, and journalists' interest in this subject will sooner or later burn out. The hope of the management board of ZKZL is to some extent justified, because this strategy has been effectively and consistently used by them for 3 years - so many deceived doormen wait for the payment of outstanding remuneration. Let's take a look at the statements of Lukasz Kubiak:

1. "We are not a party to this conflict"

The Board of Communal Resources for Housing has been a party to this conflict from the very beginning, because it was ZKZL that the injured employees asked for help. Employees counted on the help of ZKZL, because the company has the tools to recover at least some of the outstanding wages from a dishonest contractor. Each of the dozen or so contracts concluded with the contractor provided for a contractual penalty of PLN 5,000 for each identified case of non-employee employment. The injured employees, with the help of OZZ Inicjatywa Pracowniczej, sued dishonest subcontractors (formally employing them) and obtained 27 final judgments confirming the existence of an employment relationship. Each of these judgments is the basis for ZKZL's claim against the contractor for the payment of a contractual penalty (27 x PLN 5,000). Unfortunately,

The above-mentioned attitude of the ZKZL confirmed the aggrieved parties that, contrary to the declarations of President Tomasz Lewandowski, the company is not really their ally in this matter. Therefore, the attorney of the victims on May 20, 2021, submitted to the ZKZL administration office the final pre-trial requests for payment of amounts due resulting from damage caused by numerous omissions of the ZKZL during the performance of the contract with the contractor. In addition, on their behalf, the attorney of the victims filed a summons to the Poznan-Grunwald and Jezyce District Court for a settlement attempt. The case has already been given a reference number and we are waiting for the date of the court hearing in this case.

Formatting this conflict by the ZKZL spokesman in such a way that the opponent of doormen is not a municipal company, but a pole company, which has never run any business, and its president is most likely a homeless person from Kiev, whose ID card was also used to set up numerous other blown company is, of course, very convenient. Which does not change the fact that ZKZL is formally a party to this dispute.

2. "This party to the conflict are aggrieved porters and an unreliable contractor who did not meet the terms of the contract, and above all, did not pay the outstanding money"

The spokesperson for ZKZL does not understand, or does not want to understand, that the subject of the dispute is not mainly (or even primarily) unpaid wages, although they were most often mentioned. Anyway, even before the salaries for October and November 2018 were not paid, in a letter of September 14, 2018 addressed to ZKZL, the Employee Initiative indicated a number of irregularities, including: non-compliance with the provisions on the minimum wage, employment under civil law contracts, violation of working time standards, on delays in payment of wages, etc. The subject of the dispute is, first of all, the fact that employees are not employed on the basis of employment contracts. This allowed the dishonest contractor to cheat workers by not paying night and overtime allowances, compensation for unused vacation and much lower hourly wages. The contractor also submitted false declarations to the Social Insurance Institution as to the basis for the amount of contributions. Failure to pay remuneration for the last two months, which is mentioned by the spokesman for ZKZL, is only one of the threads in this case. The real problem was the systematic cheating of employees and violating employee rights during several months of cooperation between the contractor and the HCM - which was possible only because the ZKZL (contrary to its obligation) did not check the credibility of the contractor or whether he was hiring on the basis of employment contracts.

3. "We immediately learned about the irregularities in the contract and at the same time the failure to meet the tender conditions, so we automatically terminated the contract with this employer "

First, not right away, but after two months. Secondly, the problem is that he signed the first contract with the contractor ZKZL on June 22, 2017. The contract contained a provision according to which the contractor, BEFORE commencing the performance of the service, would present a declaration of employment of all employees under an employment contract. Despite the failure to submit this statement, the HRM started cooperation with the contractor and only after the intervention of trade unions at the end of October 2018 did it ask the contractor to submit such a statement. ZKZL was not interested in the basis and conditions of employment for 1.5 years. In other words, throughout this period, they / they were systematically deceived every month,

Incidentally, let us add that ZKZL did not find out about the breach of the contract as a result of its own control, but thanks to the information provided by the employees themselves and the Employee Initiative trade union.

4. "We use social clauses in tenders. The first clause says that these employees must be hired under a contract of employment, and the second is the clause that the company will get more points in the tender and have a better chance of winning if it proposes a higher hourly wage for employees. So it's hard to say here that ZKZL wants the exploitation of workers "

Mr. spokesman, once again: the problem in this case is not whether the contracts with the contractor contained social clauses or not. The ZKZL offense consists in the fact that for a period of 1.5 years no one from the municipal company has bothered to check whether the low prices offered by the contractor may be due to the fact that the employees were employed on "rubbish". A simple calculation indicated that keeping the social clauses would be a fiction, because the contractor would have to incur constant and significant losses for several months. Ultimately, the lack of control benefited ZKZL and the contractor.

5. "It is difficult to say what the Employee Initiative is accusing us of for taking companies at non-market prices"

This is actually very easy to calculate. At the offered price, the contractor would lose several thousand zlotys per year on each of the six protected real estates (if he actually employed under employment contracts). At the same time, we are talking only about personnel costs, and where is the cost of uniforms and the intervention group, which the contractor was also supposed to provide? Where are the general costs, such as accounting, administration, etc.? And finally where is the contractor's profit? Where is the subcontractor's profit? In ZKZL, someone believed very much that some lame companies with minimal share capital, with seats in "virtual offices" and with presidents whom no one had ever seen before, could afford to use dumping prices for several months.

The quality of the public debate and elementary decency impose on all of us the obligation to immediately straighten out statements that are as far from the truth as that of the spokesperson of ZKZL. The case concerns not only the victims themselves, but also the quality of public institutions and the transparency of public money management mechanisms. Public opinion deserves to know all the circumstances of this case, not just a portion of the disinformation served to us by Lukasz Kubiak.

Poznan Inter-Enterprise Commission OZZ Employee Initiative

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