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(en) federacao anarquista gaucha FAG/CAB: What if the crisis with the armed forces was armed? (ca, de, it, pt)[machine translation]

Date Fri, 9 Apr 2021 09:08:06 +0300

Readings and hypothesis of the "civil-military crises" that involve March 31, 2021 ---- This is no longer a great "thesis" of left-wing intellectuals, nor does it intend to explain and exhaust the analysis of the situation. If there is a certainty in this historical block that touches us to live and face, it is that the reality as it has been presented is unstable, fast, relentless, which requires us to be constantly updated. But some recurrences and repetitions assist us in reading the events and in the challenging task of not being engulfed by the (purposeful?) Whirlwind of events (especially those mediatized), shooting information and knocking over rights.

The concept of "hybrid war" has been used a lot to explain the new (unconventional) modalities of military "intervention" (or not) in politics. One problem is the fraying of this concept via "total spectrum dominance", which practically precludes any form of resisting and intervening in the direction of events. However, although problematizing the concept, we believe that there are some important variables to be observed and used. One of them concerns the "OpPsi" (Psychological Operations), which seem to be in frank political use in the days that anticipate and succeed this 03/31/2021.

Just as it has been happening since at least 2016, in different "key moments" of political life in Brazil, military (from "reserve" or "active", in quotation marks to emphasize that this difference is only in perspective with regard to public impact that they generate or that they intend to generate) assume the active role of political actors in the scene, whether via "tributes to torturers", "warning twitters" for the Institutions (of which they are an integral part and claim to be the main pillars and guardians), threatening lectures in "Masonic lodges", invested in education, nostalgia for the civil-military dictatorship (1964-1985) of the most varied nuances and intensities...

It is important to note that here we are starting from the understanding that the "coup de 2016" event (along the historical lines) was carried out that year via a fraudulent process resulting from a political agreement (parliamentary - legal - media) that had been in place since at least 2009/2010 broad sectors of the State, especially and above all, by the Armed Forces. From this "event" of the 2016 coup, there was a "model transition" via the "Bridge to the Future" project, publicly built by the "unsuspected" Michel Temer and his PMDB. Process "operated" closely by military personnel such as Eduardo Villas-Boas and Sérgio Etchegoyen and their "Law and Order Guarantee Operations" ("OpPsi" trials?) That brought confusion, fear and tension to the order of the day and to the "event" "2018 Election", of which the result is there "for the living to see".

You don't need a lot to set up a scenario, just look back (from the 2018 election here) and observe the movements of this government: permanent ideological work; exchange exchange of ministers; threats of "closing the regime", "authoritarian ruptures" (all "operated" from time to time and strategically in the face of events); political fights produced ("crisis ministers of education", crisis "general Santos Cruz", "crisis ministerial meeting", "crisis Sergio Moro", "crisis with governors", etc., PERMANENT CRISIS , CRISIS AS A MODEL OF GOVERNMENT!). Everything oiled up by government measures via MP (Provisional Measures), penetration (subtle or wide-open) in every state apparatus, thousands of positions held by military personnel "from the reserve" and "active duty", benefits and privileges on an extraordinary and absurd scale up to for standards of "uniformed republics", agreements, "centão", "crises", "disgruntled businessmen", "yellow-green militia in the streets", "crises", "threats of rupture", bombastic news in the press... Every day a "Crisis", a "threat". There's a recipe. A recipe that has been working, just look at the "disillusionment" and the "general and unrestricted" stunning.

And the military? Fine thanks! Operating, from the comfort of the picanha watered with condensed milk and 12-year-old whiskey, the coup without tank and still figuring as "defenders of the constitution and democratic institutions". And the other sectors of the elites forging this narrative and preparing the ground to follow the dance of the spoils of life. Including the media. What you can't lose sight of is that they (military) ARE the institutions.

Another element to consider is also the contribution of the electoral left (or, to expand, a sector called "progressive", come on). This left does not act in the conjuncture except to defend institutionality, an ardent fan who is of false elections, notes of repudiation and judicialization of life. It becomes even easier to get into this mess and endorse the discourse that the institutions are working.

There is evidence to affirm that these movements that precede and must succeed the 03/31/2021 are thought, planned and executed in order to put the "crisis on the street", to divert the focus of the pandemic and the more than 300 thousand dead. At the same time, it operates a "stop still" in the discontent of the businessmen of the financial elite who recently launched a letter / manifesto thinking they would wall the government. It puts the "centão" under tension (for fear of rupture and its consequences) while "clearing the bar" (deviating the focus) from the responsibility of a "active" military man (Eduardo Pazuello) in the "management" of (one more ) "Pandemic crisis" (just a coincidence that the pandemic continues to be fueled and advances ferociously to the worst health / humanitarian crisis in the country's history). "OpPsi" makes its "operators" excellent creators and managers of "windmills". In the same way, competent operators of "public opinion" (published!?). That is why the importance of observing the broader scenario (in addition to the "produced obviousities") and not only the facts of the immediate that are operated via "OpPsi" and other "hybrid war" tools.

As in "pandemic management", there is a type of " management via permanent crisis " method in full swing in these events of 03/31/2021 . As soon as the agents of the "2016 coup" have been operating via the government, due to the "total crisis" and the "domination of the institutions" of which they are part. Every day a "bomb" (semi-optic!?). It is evident that there is a level of surprise in the effects that each one will generate as the pieces move in the "conjuncture board", but a permanent state of tension, confusion, informational war and emptying of the meaning of the word is necessary.

To get an idea of the direct and indirect effects of this "model", of this "method" of permanent tension, it is enough to observe with some distancing the messages that circulated in the headlines of the "newspapers", in the "left and right" portals. , in the "whats groups", in the analysis of "renowned intellectuals", among honest and / or selfless activists... Now imagine in the general population. There is a project, there is a method. And he, among other things, operated via permanent tension, fear, confusion.

In this sense, it is important to broaden our idea of a coup a little, which cannot be restricted to the image of tanks on the streets and an abrupt change of regime. In order to know how to act in this scenario, it is worth exploring a little better the different elements that make up the business, political and military elite of that country. To observe the upstairs from our interpretation key, that we live under a State of Police Adjustment, not as a closed concept in itself, but as a tool to understand the permanent process of upsurge in State violence at all levels. The situation is unstable and requires an update of analysis all the time, but understanding the process, as we seek to do here, is a necessary task in order not to be at the mercy of those who dominate and homogenize the discourse in the media,

It is never too much to say: Dictatorship never again! We do not forget or forgive!

By Malvina, a militant fagista

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