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(en) Greece, APO: Bill for joint supervision: the revenge of the patriarchal world[machine translation]

Date Thu, 1 Apr 2021 09:23:02 +0300

Announcement of the Women's Initiative Against the Patriarchate regarding the bill for child custody that was recently submitted to the parliament. On Saturday at 11 in the morning the Initiative will carry out a counter-information intervention on the issue, in Georgiou Square (Esperos) ---- Details of what they report: ---- "For a year now, in the midst of a pandemic and state bans, the attack on the exploited and oppressed, of which women are a part, has intensified. This is because the state and capitalist system of organization of society, which already condemns millions of people to death from starvation, disease and war, seeks to preserve and perpetuate its privileges and power, in conditions of acute social, health and financial crisis.

The response of the state and capital to the spread of the crown was and is the invocation of individual responsibility and the obligatory confinement of people in their homes, in addition to fulfilling their basic "obligations" such as work, for which overcrowding is allowed. It is clear that the goal is not to eliminate the pandemic, since no substantial health measures have been taken all these months, but discipline, repression and total control of the population. The very state that for years has completely degraded public health, is what today invokes our individual responsibility for the spread of the virus.

As a consequence of state bans, forced confinement at home has become a nightmare for thousands of women, children and LGBT people + who experience domestic - sexual, physical and verbal - violence. These phenomena have increased significantly during the Lockdown period and this is evidenced by the rapid increase in telephone calls to the respective helplines, as well as the introduction of similar cases in hospitals.

At this very moment and in the midst of this suffocating situation for women facing domestic violence, the bill on compulsory child custody is being passed, a bill that forces thousands of women and children to be forcibly trapped in an abusive living condition, in which whether there is indeed violence in order to remove the obligation of custody will be brought to justice. Nowadays, thousands of divorces result from a woman's great effort to get out of a prison house, often saving her child as well as herself. An effort that today, with this bill, falls into the void, as the woman is forced to have neither this way out and the child is forced to live equally with both parents, with all that that may entail.

More specifically:

Even if the mother invokes violence, it must be proven. To be proved by whom? From the civil court, the main pillar of a system that breeds violence, that reproduces violence and especially patriarchal? And psychological violence? How does it turn out? But even if the violence is finally proven in a first instance decision or a court of appeals decision, again a father who abuses his wife or child will be able to continue to do so until the irrevocable court decision.
In addition, court costs in such a case can be unbearable for a woman who is also in charge of child care.
Also, this bill paves the way for the abolition of alimony. In a patriarchal society with predetermined gender roles, in which the family for years was built on a model in which the wife is directly financially dependent on the husband in charge of household chores and raising children, something that to a lesser extent continues to be valid until today. Moreover, even at the employment level, there is by no means wage equality.
Finally, this bill is supposed to try to force irresponsible fathers to take responsibility for their children but nothing obliges them, in fact, since if they ask for less time to communicate and care for the children, they can have it. . And what is the point, after all, of enforcing the care and custody of the child through civil law? Relationships between people (rather than parents-children) should be essential love relationships and not imposed and mediated by law.

In other words, this bill seems to clearly target all those cases of women and children, not to provide a solution and a way out of their problems, but to trap them even more. Besides, joint custody is also provided by the current legal framework in case of divorce. However, mutual agreement between the two parents is required. So, the new bill for co-custody, comes to take revenge of the patriarchal world towards women, "correcting" the positive attitude shown even by the bourgeois system towards the mother-woman, in the case of child custody. after divorce. It is the same system that at the same time, hypocritically and vulgarly, sets up hotlines and websites in support of abused women, once again seeking to incorporate every voice that can be heard, while preparing this bill, which obviously burdens the very lives of women and their children. In short, he comes to impose and perpetuate patriarchal, domestic violence, to punish and imprison women once again.

Of course, this does not impress us aspatriarchy is a cornerstone of the world of power and a key element of its social reproduction . It exists, is cultivated and is imposed at every level of social organization. In modern state-capitalist societies, the hierarchically structured relations that de facto produce inequality and freedom divide people based on their class status, ethnic origin, skin color, gender, sexual preference. Capitalism encompasses individual forms of power that aim to divide and disperse them from below, aiming at cultivating and reproducing their fear and exclusion from all fields.

In addition, an indication of the concept promoted by the bill is who the main supporters of this bill are: fascist and extremist conservative groups of dads, while the main representative of the ruling party and its defender, the Minister of Justice Tsiara, has sexist and racist) statements. They are all those who reproduce a conception of the family by recognizing the "mother-father-child" as an acceptable family model, arguing that children who grow up with the physical presence of both parents, namely both predominantly recognized and imposed sexes, are children with fewer psychological problems and fewer "deviations" than the "others".

In other words, they reserve for us a sterile, fully defined and controlled future that will smell of death and hatred. But all of us who struggle, all of us who carry within us a new world, we take care to build it day by day. We envision a society of equality and freedom, where family and relationships will not be prisons, where people and emotions will be blackmailed, a society where children will not be the property of parents but products of the free union of free and equal people and will be nurtured in order to decide for themselves, a society free from property, violence, power, exploitation and oppression.

"Ah, my son, ah! Whatever you give birth to, their bat will rise
above your head;
for you the earth is a tomb, which for their own good
they have opened in front of you.


B. Brecht (Lullabies,IV )

We are resisting, with all our might, the modern totalitarianism, which is already here. From Poland, where the abortion ban was passed, to the European Parliament, where an anti-abortion resolution was tabled, and from Turkey's withdrawal from the Istanbul Treaty, which set the framework for countries to institutionalize violence against women so far. It is obvious that the world of patriarchy, the state and capital does not fit us. We collect, we organize, we fight as women side by side with our partners against what oppresses us every day in order to overthrow any bill that comes to make our lives difficult until the final overthrow of the state and capital.



Women initiative against patriarchy

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