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(en) Palestine-Israel, The struggle escalate with the joint struggle not deterred by state repression

Date Mon, 22 Mar 2010 22:49:36 +0200

In addition to the usual Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Maasara, and the recently added Nabi Saleh and Sheikh Jarrah, we had Beit Jalla, Budrus and Beit Omar that were very militant years ago. In addition to these joint struggles the anarchists against the wall participated in, there were additional locations of struggle with Internationals or just local Palestinians. It seems that because of media (public) protests, the state forces refrained from blocking our way to the joint struggle in Bil'in, and were unusually restrained in the confrontation with the stone throwing youngsters.


Sunday demo in Beit Jalla was held a day after Israeli forces murdered 2 youths in Iraq Burin during a demonstration against the settlements and occupation. It was also marking the seventh anniversary of the murder of Rachel Corrie in Gaza by an IOF D9 bulldozer.

Around 50 Palestinians and their international and Israeli supporters marched through the road that leads to the construction of the apartheid wall in Beit Jalla. Just a few dozen meters of march were stopped by about 20 IOF soldiers and a larger-than-usual barbed wire that they installed to block the protesters from marching on. Chants and speeches were held in Arabic, English and Hebrew, stressing Palestinians rights of movement and on their land and calling the soldiers to refuse to take part in an occupying and oppressing army. Despite the demo being peaceful, the soldiers and their commanders were showing great anxiety and kept threating to use violence. Protesters than sat on the ground, to ease the soldiers' tension. After a while the demo ended peacefully and protesters went swiftly away from the soldiers.

In spite of being asked by many not to do so, few kids went forward and threw a couple of stones to the soldiers' direction. The soldiers than shot tear gas canisters at the already distant protesters and the city street was filled with gas. The clashes did not repeat as Palestinian police in the area blocked people from entering the street.

Sunday demo in Beit Jalla was held a day after Israeli forces murdered 2 youths in Iraq Burin during a demonstration against the settlements and occupation. It was also marking the seventh anniversary of the murder of Rachel Corrie in Gaza by an IOF D9 bulldozer.

Pictures: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2010/03/21/18642338.php

Or: http://www.flickr.com/photos/activestills/4451072128/in/set-72157623571453356/


video of last week demonstration (13.3.10) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIYG71GwH_8

Beit Ommar Marches In Solidarity With Jerusalem

Report by: Palestine Solidarity Project

At 13:25 Friday afternoon 8 Military jeeps and personnel carriers invaded Beit Ommar in force firing dozens of rounds of rubber coated steel bullets, stun grenades and at least 40 tear gas grenades. The town youth forced the army and Border Police to retreat to the outskirts of the town with a constant barrage of stones.

In a co-ordinated series of non-violent protests across the West Bank today thousands of Palestinians protested peacefully against the Israeli restrictions imposed on access to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, part of a week-long clampdown on Palestinians in Jerusalem which began when the Israeli government announced the construction of 1500 new housing units in East Jerusalem.

In Beit Ommar over 100 residents marched down the main street after midday prayers to demonstrate the strength of feeling against the further violations of their freedom of movement and freedom of worship. They were met by an incursion into the town by 8 military vehicles carrying more than 35 heavily armed soldiers who attempted to disperse the protest using stun grenades and tear gas. A large number of youths began throwing stones at the vehicles and the army responded by sending 2 squads of soldiers towards the centre of the town, breaking into houses as they advanced. From behind the safety of their vehicles other soldiers launched gas grenades and fired rubber coated steel bullets at the youths. After a standoff for several hours the soldiers retreated to the watch tower at the entrance to the town firing rubber coated bullets and tear gas as they went. The situation remains tense in the town tonight with a3 military vehicles stationed at the entrance to the town and large numbers of youths gathered ready to defend against another invasion.

Popular Struggle Continues, Dozens Injured 21/03/2010


Friday 19.3.2010 Concerned about the attempt to crush demonstrations with a highly publicized closed military zone warrant, almost 50 Israelis and over 25 internationals joined the local Palestinians for the weekly demonstration against the apartheid and land grab wall in Bil'in. Despite the facts that the warrant is not new and that warrants issued for the purpose of preventing demonstrations were declared illegal by the Israeli courts in the past, the army's publicizing of the warrants made demonstrators wonder whether they should prepare for mass arrests. Looking forward to finding out the answer in person, the demonstrators marched to the wall chanting and singing, and reached the gate, where they chanted some more, removed the closed military zone sign, and shook the fence, tearing down one of its poles. To the demonstrators' amazement, the soldiers stood by, hurling at them nothing but threats throughout the peaceful demo.

The shabab kept away from the main demonstration and protested in their own way, reciprocating stones for the gas bestowed upon them further along the fence. After the demonstration was declared over a small group of soldiers invaded the village, escalating the response of the local youth and spreading more gas along their trail. But soon enough they turned back, and all demonstrators left the scene. We are yet to see if the army's relatively "moderate" response is a new policy, a reaction to media presence on their side, or an attempt to catch demonstrators off guard next week.
David video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOVWRMge98o
Haithem video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvVN5fRnDkk


Five Palestinians were injured, eight others detained when Israeli troops attacked an anti wall protest at the village of Budrus, near Ramallah city, central West Bank.

Villagers, along with their international and Israeli supporters, marched from the village towards their lands taken by Israel to build the wall. Israeli soldiers used tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets and sound bombs to stop the protest.

Five residents were injured by rubber-coated steel bullets. Troops chased the people back to the village and detained eight of them. Among those detained, were two Palestinian journalists working for the Palestinian state TV.

The protest today was organized after the army informed the residents of Budrus, on Thursday, that more lands will be taken to build a watch tower for soldiers on villagers’ lands. The village lost land for the wall back in 2004.

Photo by: Shachaf Polakow/Activestills.org
Demonstration against the wall, Budros, Palestine 19/03/2010 by activestills.
On Friday March 19th 2010 around 200 demonstrators marched against the Israeli wall and Occupation.
Tear gas canister being shot by the Israeli forces.


No to the Settlement in Silwan!

Come support the residents of Silwan against the radical right that is taking over their village!

On Sunday March 21st, a radical right wing march will take place in the village. It will be led by Itamar Ben Gvir, Baruch Marzel, and MK Michael Ben Ari, and escorted by the police.

The march is a violent act, that is a direct continuation of the ongoing violence of the "City of David" settlers over the last two decades. By taking over Palestinian property, carrying out dangerous digs that often lead to collapses, and taking over the public space using armed thugs, the settlers are attempting to force the Silwan residents to leave and Judaize the village.

Starting Thursday we will hold protest vigils against the settlement and the march in the village.

To sign up for a protest vigil on Thursday, Friday or Sunday, please contact M

Sheikh Jarrah

Last Friday after the march we tried to hold a legal protest vigil which does not require a permit near the Hannoun family house. The police ignored recent court decisions and forbade us from going near the houses, claiming we would cause public disorder. Police forces violently attempted to disperse us and arrested 8 protestors. An hour later the police permitted the settlers to enter the street. The settlers threw stones at the Palestinian residents and injured a few of them. Come protest the settler terror and the police compliance with it!

The march will start Friday at 14:00

from the Mashbir plaza, on the corner of King George and Ben Yehudah

To a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah

that will begin at 15:30

For further information- justjerusalem@gmail.com, S

Because the police notified us at the last minute that we do not have a permit to march from west Jerusalem tomorrow, we will meet in Sheikh Jarrah at 15:30


video from al Aa'asara 12.03.2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsrJHHuMAVk

Friday 19.3.10 The demonstration that came out from the village of Ma’asra, was in mark of the anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie, who was murdered in Gaza, when hit by an IDF bulldozer while trying to prevent demolition of a house. Relatively little procession included 20 Palestinians and 20 Israeli and international activists. Occupation soldiers were waiting for the demonstrators inside the village area, and placed a wire to prevent the passage toward the village's land.
Speeches in Arabic, English and Hebrew were given. Eventually the wire breached by a herd of sheep that went out to pasture. From that moment protesters were mingled among soldiers and after a while going back, promising to continue the struggle.

A strange night raid in Bil'in http://www.youtube.com/user/haithmkatib#p/a/u/0/4J9LdZykj38


IDF vs. democracy and freedom of speech By Haaretz Editorial 18/03/2010 11:37

The Israel Defense Forces decision to declare the Palestinian villages Bil'in and Na'alin closed military zones on Fridays for the next six months is a serious anti-democratic move. The order issued by the GOC Central Command implementing this restriction is an act against the freedom to demonstrate.

The fact that the army issued such a sweeping order, and that it is supposed to be in effect for such a long period, requires an immediate petition to the High Court of Justice asking it to block this dangerous and damaging move, which lacks any justification. The freedom to demonstrate is a basic right and an extension of freedom of expression.

In recent years, the two villages have come to symbolize the struggle against the separation fence that separates the villagers from their lands. The struggle is legitimate. It contributed substantially to the High Court order to alter the route of the fence near Bil'in, a decision that the IDF has yet to implement - which is also a blatant anti-democratic failing.

The residents of the villages and their supporters - Jews, Arabs and foreign activists - must be given the right to protest and fight for their rights.

During the years of demonstrations in the two villages, 23 demonstrators have been killed, half of them minors; no Israeli soldiers have been killed.

The demonstrations themselves have mostly been non-violent, and it was the IDF and Border Police that often exercised excessive and unnecessary force. In spite of the inconvenience, the IDF must permit this protest. The alternative could be terrorism.

The IDF decision is grave from another perspective as well: There has never been such a radical move against rightist demonstrations or settlers in the territories. While settlers run amok, burning fields and uprooting trees, damaging property and spreading terror as part of their criminal "price tag" policy, the IDF and the police stand idly by. When the left wants to protest and demonstrate, the IDF declares the area to be a closed military zone.

In this the IDF harms not only one of the basic values of democratic rule, the freedom to demonstrate, but also discriminates in its policy, granting excessive liberty to lawless settlers while being heavy-handed with leftist protesters.

The IDF order is therefore a revolting and ridiculous act, and the defense minister, who commands the IDF, must take immediate action to void it.


3 Arrested and Dozens Injured in Nabi Saleh, as IOF Attacks Village, Demonstration

This Friday in Nabi Saleh saw yet another escalation in the army's violence towards protesters and its collective punishment criminal strategy against the entire village, including confined targeting of non-protesters and non-violent protesters. 3 Palestinians were arrested, one of them carrying foreign/Israeli passport. The other 2 are expected to remain in custody and to face a hearing within a week in the military tribunal of the apartheid regime. Over 20 people were injured, mostly from rubber-coated metal bullets. One of the injured was shot at his forehead. Another person broke her arm from a bullet. They were evacuated to a nearby hospital.

Around 80 Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians and Israeli and international supporters participated in this week's demonstration against the crippling occupation and the Halamish settlement's annexation and destruction of a growing amount of land and resources from the village. This time protesters took a different route than the usual march through the village, and marched towards the closest open area, to avoid attack on the village's main street. This helped only a little as army jeeps immediately invaded the village to confront the protesters while other soldiers approached on foot from a different direction. The area was soon covered with tear gas, pushing the protesters back into the village's built area. With extensive shooting the army managed the all time to confine the protesters close by to the village's houses, thereby attacking many non-protesting residents as well. Five times did the army use its jeep-installed cannon to shot barrages of tear gas canisters on the entire village.

Around 5:30 PM IOF soldiers invaded the village's main street on foot. In this incursion they have shot onto one of the houses, smashing its windows and roof water tank. Two of the shots also hit one of the inhabitants while staying in his house. He then showed the damage to protesters and photographers. Eye-witnesses estimate the attack is a result of confined targeting of non-protesters, aimed at dividing and repressing the village's community.

Even after sunset protesters refused to disperse and re-gathered again and again in protest, some of them throwing stones to ward off the army incursion, others just standing peacefully against the armed-to-the-top soldiers, documenting, or taking care of the many wounded from the army's aggression.

The shabab kept away from the main demonstration and protested in their own way, reciprocating stones for the gas bestowed upon them further along the fence. After the demonstration was declared over a small group of soldiers invaded the village, escalating the response of the local youth and spreading more gas along their trail. But soon enough they turned back, and all demonstrators left the scene. We are yet to see if the army's relatively "moderate" response is a new policy, a reaction to media presence on their side, or an attempt to catch demonstrators off guard next week.


On Friday, villagers conducted midday prayers at lands close to the wall then marched towards it. Israeli troops were heavily deployed at the gate of the wall separating farmers from their lands.

The protesters instead went to a nearby location and managed to hang a Palestinian flag on the wall itself. Later, soldiers used tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets to disperse the crowd. Dozens suffered from the effects of tear gas inhalation.

The nonviolent weekly protest ended with clashes between local youths and troops. Early on Friday the army sealed off Nil‘in village and did not allow international and Israeli supporters, along with journalists, to access the village. People had to use an alternative farming road to get into the village to reach the protest site.


Our comrade Samieh Jabbarin was arrested today by the evil police force in occupied Yaffa
Samiech was arrested at the end of a protest organized in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle in al quds. they falsely accuse him of organizing an illegal demonstration
you are all invited to come to his hearing tomorrow at 9 am at the "hashalom" court on waitzman street in tel aviv

After a whole day in the courthouse and under it, Samieh was released of custody but was restrained from Jaffa, where he lives and works, for 15 days.

Guest workers children

The police refused to allow us to demonstrate on Thursday,The Demonstration is postponed to this Saturday The moment we fought for has arrived!The committee that will decide about the children started to work and will come to a decision in days Demonstrating: No to the deportation of children - yes to permanent legal status!This Saturday, March 20th19:00 pm, Levinsky Garden-because the ending timing is set by the police - please be on time. This is the moment to act about the children, don't leave them alone! please spread the word about the postpone as much as you can If you have already published this event on your web site, please correct the publishing.facebook:http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=387736364668
ISRAELI CHILDREN ----- Israeli-children.org.il
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