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(en) Anarkismo.net: Interview with Anarchist Black Cross (CNA) of Mexico City [machine translation] (ca)

Date Sun, 21 Mar 2010 17:37:19 +0200

Interview received via ALB ---- What year and in what context CNA born DF? Why has based its constitution? ---- The current ANC Initiative was formed in September 2007, being its first meeting in the Social Library Resurrecting the 5th. In anarchist meetings conducted in the summer, both in Mexico City (anarchist meeting in Mexico) in the table of abolitionism and in the galactic anarchist meeting discussed several individualities the need to coordinate work on inmates and against prison . Although at that time were not that many anarchist prisoners because of their actions if they had young anarchists in prison by reason of being just that, young and have different ideas. The most famous case was that of Carlos Estrada "the skin" but remember "The Kills" or "The didi" young prisoners by virtue of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and not have the money to buy justice.

At first this fact prompted a number of us to get involved. Still others did from the repression in Guadalajara in 2004 where the anarchist movement was severely beaten and several of its members imprisoned. Some more after the events in Atenco was that we fully repressive anti-labor. We think that rather than being a specific group of solidarity with prisoners are a forum for coordinating work and proposals against prisons. We are a collective, if not the sum of efforts of men and women on ending interesadxs the prison system.

It is not our intention to be the only anti-prison effort, however, suggests that every organization, group, or individual people in their struggles incorporate freedom of prisoners and the destruction of the prison system.

What is your current assessment of the city's society?

The Society of Ontario, at present, seems asleep, apathetic, steeped in capitalism imposes conformity, alienated by the work, the desire for luxuries, and illusions that capitalism implanted to maintain control of society. However, we doubt that this illusion is breaking. On the streets is common to hear comments from fed against the State, against employers, against politicians and their parties, even against the leaders. This society lives in the remnants of the illusion conformist, but is like a pressure cooker about to explode, so, the media and campaigns to make great containment and governments are constantly equipping police with modern equipment showy. It is "normal" as seen on the streets detention vans and large groups of police, this in order that people get used to these images and quell fed by fear.

The Society of the federal district is experiencing a social satiation finds no way out of hand by which it slows the blast, generating a feeling that there is nothing to do. It is here important to enter a task groups, collectives and individuals libertarians, or other ways of thinking, it would have to show in the streets that we can build another option and that these might be welcomed by the neighborhoods. Then the men and women in the neighborhoods would note that it is everyone's responsibility to build these other options and would no longer wait for someone with a new option. People in the neighborhoods of this city not so far from the ideas of solidarity and struggle, just a matter of work. People have demonstrated in more than one occasion that they live in solidarity, but we need for this immense work of those who seek to build other forms of company and relationship.

Currently there are 6 criminal anarchist prisoners in the City, what is the work you are doing about it?

While not new to the DF government to pursue policies and judicialice anarchists (since the PRD took power in Mexico City have been increasing arrests in marches and acts of provocation libertarian) long was not the case Anarchist prisoners were that 6 out of a mass arrest in some mobilization. Beside that is the case of Oscar Chavez Castillo [i], anarchist arrested in Guadalajara in 2004 and currently free on bail and a trial, but lives in Mexico City every month and moved to Jalisco to sign.

In all these cases we have made a joint commitment to accompany the situation, support the various committees were formed as in the case of Victor Hernandez Govea [ii] and Emmanuel Hernandez Hernandez [iii], attending hearings and pending the their situation.

In the case of imprisoned anarchists echo our work has been the diffusion of the cases, regardless of being or disagree with the actions of colleagues. We think it is us who would say that playing action is or is not valid in a context of social struggle. We would like to dwell for a moment in the case of three detainees Abraham, Fermin and Carlos [iv]. Around this event has generated many rumors and uncertain information has been disseminated, if not false, and part of the work we have done with this case is trying to stop this. From the beginning various libertarian groups spread the word that one of the detainees had collaborated with the police giving names, prompting a tense atmosphere and full of mistrust. Then spread it was Carlos who gave names, do not recognize that fact excluded groups Carlos of their activities for freedom of the anarchist prisoners. Weeks later we learned that now stands accused of being Fermin who helped him. We do not intend to repeat in this space all the rumors, if not do a review of what has prevented us, as a libertarian movement, the power to make a more effective campaign for the freedom of our prisoners. It has given more strength to rumors, which we think that come directly from police forces (not saying that the groups that the police are disseminated, EYE), which libertarian solidarity. That solidarity that does not care if someone is innocent or guilty, that does not condition its presence about anything that is effective because it is real. We think it is us who belongs to any clarification or correction about these rumors. Our solidarity remains for all three as it was from the beginning. We have been attending hearings, sending letters, supporting their families whenever possible, conducted lectures and discussions, rallies in juvenile court where there are Fermin and Abraham and building opposite the City Government to demand their immediate release.

In the case of Adrian Magdaleno Gonzalez [v] we are just gathering information and trying to establish direct contact, but all we could hear the case, the partner was arrested trying to enter the subway, not on wagons. He was arrested following a review to enter the station. These revisions were implemented after an incident in the subway and have served as a pretext for increasing police presence in subway stations. The companion is now accused of terrorism by the alleged events of February 4, besides which he is accused of having participated in an attack against a bank branch in November.

Sexual torture against women in Mexico remains a corporate tool to undermine the integrity of social networks struggle to preventive level "what can be done?

Unfortunately the use of sexual torture in Mexico has become a constant. There are many known cases where women were tortured in this way, but using this method is not exclusively against women, in some cases men have been attacked too. Sexual torture, often addressed as collateral damage to womanhood and not as a measure of political control emanating from the patriarchal system which expresses an action of victory and humiliation against the "enemy" is that social movements, groups or organizations. Since this speech is a misogynistic attack on the most "vulnerable and weak," a community or group of women.

One effect of the sexual torture is to hide the very fact that is very little reported, therefore not be addressed collectively and face its consequences, we risk that it becomes a powerful weapon for the unfailing state. In fact, avoid repression is almost "impossible" as a fact that is beyond our control, yet know the purpose of political repression, deepening a collective reflection about its effects and consequences, will enable us to develop specific coping strategies to our conditions, it is to minimize the damage we may cause, socializing potential vulnerabilities, fears and allow us to visualize in an extreme situation and imagine how to respond and we would assume that tasks in these contexts.

What the recent legislative reforms intended to shield access to information from the prisoners of "maximum security"?

In Mexico, the so-called maximum-security prison are three, the Highlands in the state of Mexico, western Jalisco and Matamoros in Tamaulipas. These prisons are full to the principle of prisons "modern", to break the individual as a person, punishing the soul via the body lock, crush the human spirit, as, among others, says Foucault. The conditions in these criminal proceedings, or "extermination centers" as they have been called the Comité Cerezo, are extremely harsh. Isolation, limited access to books, most of the day locked in cells with artificial light, control and constant watch on every movement of the prisoner, limited visits, etc.. http://espora.org/vientodelibertad/spip.php?article341

In recent months by order of the Institute for Access to Information, Public Security Secretary Federal agency charged with administering these penalties, it reserves the right to report on the conditions of prisoners, even if they have been moved or dead. The latter is rare in these criminal, then precisely because of the extremely oppressive atmosphere in which "lives", are few inmates who commit suicide, as well as those who die for lack of medical attention, because despite having all the control and monitoring devices can imagine many of them do not have an efficient medical service. In these prisons are those prisoners whom the government has described as highly dangerous individuals, as is the case of Ignacio del Valle, Felipe Álvarez and Héctor Galindo FPDT Atenco activists, or at the time Jacobo Silva Nogales, ERPI commander or Cerezo brothers who were taken from the penalty spot on several occasions, seeking thereby to create in the inmate's sense of helplessness and difficult for his teammates and family visit.

What is the role of international organizations related to exert pressure on the different levels of government in Mexico in the areas of political imprisonment?

For nosotrxs international solidarity is something very important. Through it get to build this new world we carry within our hearts. Knowing that what happens there affects us here and vice versa, the ability to get around nuestrxs hermanxs other latitudes, knowing that their fate is ours, so we understand international solidarity. Specifically in the area of prison policy, international solidarity plays the role of conveying a message to the incarcerated and their environment: "There are solxs. In a scene of struggle for freedom of presxs not prioritize any particular strategy. The choice of how to fight, how to express this solidarity is the decision of each organization, group, individual or village. Instruments from the diplomatic, presxs lxs letters, briefings, letters of demands on governments, charitable events, etc.. We think that the important thing is to not let show solidarity.

While the political prisoners are claimed and visibly supported, what is the existing situation in cases of forced disappearances and political exile?

As political detention, enforced disappearances remain a tool of power against the whole social movement. Since the so-called "dirty war" in the 70's the disappearance of social activists of all persuasions have not ceased. Peasants, trade unionists, students, environmentalists, guerrillas, communists, democrats, socialists, and so on. have been disappeared, either directly by military or paramilitary groups. In recent years there have been taking place with the participation of groups linked to drug trafficking. We can not fail to mention also as a tool of power executions of those who oppose him, as the case of "Comandante Ramiro" the ERPI. Edmundo Reyes Amaya and Gabriel Alberto Cruz Sánchez, the EPR are the cases of enforced disappearance in recent years have been more in the spotlight, but unfortunately, being a consistent practice of the army is unable to specify the number of cases.

There are organizations and groups whose main application is the presentation of the disappeared, as children, or the Committee of Mothers of political disappearances of Chihuahua, whose work has been important in the sense of not forgetting to leave lxs desaparecidxs, reclaiming their names and their stories. We also thought it was important the attitude of several of these organizations in relation to "punishment to the guilty." Many, though not relent in its demand for presentation also understood that not be the same state institutions who give them a solution. Only through political mobilization and collective organization will build this, along with other forms of justice.

Due to the intense repression that lives muchxs compañerxs have decided to leave the country by the constant threats against ellxs, their organizations and their families. There are many comrades who have been forced to abandon all their friends, their families, their lives here and trying to avoid being jailed, beaten or killed. Nosotrxs your friends and colleagues will not stop fighting for his return.

What is your analysis of the escalating paramilitary who lives in these weeks in Chiapas against the Zapatista communities?

In Mexico, the State and the holders of power and money, as in many other parts of the world are making use of paramilitary groups to attack organized peoples movements and trying to beat this publicly without their being linked with conflict , making them appear local conflicts between neighborhoods, villages or organizations, giving the impression that the government has no responsibility for the attacks.

The paramilitary escalation is taking place in various parts of the country, not just in Chiapas against the Zapatista communities, where there are movements that threaten the "stability" that the system imposes ... In Oaxaca, Guerrero and elsewhere might makes use of organizations related to their parties to attack dissidents.

In Chiapas paramilitary escalation is more public and also is giving a more strong for to power, federal and local right-left, you must constantly attack the Zapatista support bases and the EZLN itself. It is widespread violence trying to weaken and wear down the Zapatista communities and pave the way for major attacks, creating the pretext of conflicts between communities for public input forces without looking like an act of repression. It is a strategy to not stop attacking the Zapatistas, encircling them with the unofficial forces, attacking them for "underwater" that the Zapatista communities seeking to respond to provocation and thus have the official reason for inroads against them.

What stage is currently the national and international campaign "Our First Pres @ s" and what is expected in the medium term?

While some members of this initiative involved in this campaign from its collective or individual level, the ANC does not participate in it. Notwithstanding this, we welcome initiatives like this exist; presxs fight for the anti-capitalist perspective. We wish them every success to the organizations, collectives and individuals that drive this campaign and we are ellxs those indicated to answer this question.

[i] On 28 May 2004 meeting in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Heads of State and Government of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, to review how they were going to continue plundering the natural wealth of the Latin countries for European multinational companies. One of the points of their agenda was social cohesion, ie the need for all this calm so as not to disturb the big cities. Several social organizations and groups were willing to go these days to the streets to shout and show that they were unhappy that another road is possible for this world. A new world we carry in our hearts. One of the largest and most militant contingent was the anarchist, libertarian people consisted primarily of Jalisco, Mexico City, Oaxaca and Monterrey. On reaching the center of the city began a crackdown by the police state, of what the libertarian contingent formed a security fence to avoid being repressed and trying to protect the last contingent of the march, however, when they finished shift the burden of policing was too much to resist repression unleashed strong. Results 110 people were detained her, all of whom were tortured. 49 of them were flown to the prison in Puente Grande. To date none of them is still in prison, most have already been sentenced for crimes such as injury or theft. However, several still in the midst of a criminal tortuous, elongated and fixed from power. Unfortunately, for various reasons we could not maintain contact with all detainees and defendants now less than with one who is accused of "Mutiny", "Injuries" and "gang members." Residing in Mexico City, the partner is forced to travel to Guadalajara each month to review how your process.

[ii] On October 2009 was suppressed commemorative march for the slaughter of students in government-ordered 1968.Ese day they were detained 26 people, plus several more were beaten. It is the first year that the GDF represses the march, and in particular the anarchist contingent. Proceeds of this repression were consigned to South Remand prison, Joaquin Lopez Ochoa 40, Miguel Angel Martínez Ortiz, 23 years of age and the young libertarian Govea Victor Herrera, 21, accused of theft and damage to property aggravating "gang" and Jaime Cortes Funes, 22, accused of damaging property and is an advocate gang to court appointed counsel, who has already expressed his unwillingness to perform his job efficiently. Today, James is free on bail and the other three detainees, including our friend Victor, still under process. Victor recent hearings have been postponed, which has been delaying the process. Victor is a young anarchist committed to fighting for the freedom of prisoners. At the time of his arrest was active in The Other encampment by the prisoners of Atenco. For more information consult http://vsencapsulamiento.wordpress.com

You can financially support the Account number: 6149732357 HSBC Account holder: Govea Eduviges del Carmen Lugo.

To write letters to Victor can do to e: contraencapsulamientos@gmail.com, libertadavictor@gmail.com, presos2deoctubre@hotmail.com

[iii]. On November 23, 2009 Emanuel was arrested on companion around 12 noon, leaving the home of his companion, in the direction of Sante Fe.El companion was arrested for alleged policemen PGJDF, by an order of rearrest for the judicial process that is carried against him by the authorities of the Federal and Federal arrondissement by the events in the context of the mobilization against the World Water Forum was held in Mexico City in the year 2006.

On that occasion several young companions were arrested before, during and after mobilization, accused of carrying bombs Molotov cocktails and other charges. One was precisely Emanuel Hernandez Hernandez, who was initially charged with carrying of objects suitable for aggression to later change the charge to Violation of federal weapons and explosives. Emmanuel Hernandez Hernandez's partner is in the North Remand prison of Mexico City. Last December, our colleague was sentenced to 4 years in prison, ruling that reaches the bond, which is 6 600 pesos. This has not been deposited since the Public Ministry appealed the judge's ruling that the sentence be looking harder. To write letters to Emmanuel this e libertademmanuel@gmail.com

For financial support can be deposited into the account of Banco Azteca 43361337639372 in the name of Rosa Elena Osorio Martinez.


[iv] On Tuesday 15 December at 6 am, were arrested Abraham López Martínez, Fermín Gómez Trejo, minors and Carlos Silva Orozco accused of throwing Molotov cocktails against several cars parked in a neighborhood south Mexico City. The arrests were made after residents of the area alerted police of the facts and a patrol car crossed the paths of the three youths. Abraham's family said they learned of the arrests was nearly one o'clock, when elements of the judicial police came to his home to notify them. Detainees were not allowed to use the phone to alert family. They are currently imprisoned on charges of damaging property and conspiracy, the two younger children in the Community located in col. Narvarte and Carlos in the prison East. We could not have direct contact with any of them, but I do know that they were tortured for two hours after his arrest, being forced to sign documents and testify against themselves and their peers. These statements have caused a lot of rumors within the anarchist movement, not only in Mexico, whether colleagues had collaborated with police. This has prevented the more coordinated actions to perform for their freedom, as some others have excluded Carlos Fermin their claims.

[v] On Friday, February 12, 2010 we learned of the arrest of another anarchist in Mexico City. Adrian Magdaleno Gonzalez 21, accused of trying to detonate homemade explosives inside a subway car a week earlier, on February 4. We do not know whether the partner is trying to do and we want to know. What we do know is that the capital's police is conducting a witch hunt against the anarchist movement in its different tendencies. When partner is trying to link with other explosions that occurred months ago in this city. Currently, the partner is a prisoner in the prison north.
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