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(en) Canada, Montrealers arrested in Toronto ahead of G20 protest + THE SPOKE Issue 9

Date Sat, 26 Jun 2010 21:45:06 +0300

Between 11 and 14 people from Montreal were arrested by police this morning in Toronto. No information has been released yet about why they were arrested or if charges have actually been laid. All of those stopped were Montreal community organisers. No names have been released. ---- The arrests came after Toronto police also confronted members of the Quebec-based Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) as they arrived in buses to the city. Fifteen minutes after four buses organised by CLAC arrived at the gynm where they would be staying, 50 police showed up and aggressively confronted them. ---- "It was clearly an attempt to intimidate people," said CLAC member Jaggi SIngh. "This is just a drop in the bucket of the billon dollar police state." ---- There were also raids on at least two Toronto houses, with multiple arrests. In total, approximately two dozen people have been arrested since last night.

A press conference is beginning soon. Watch a live stream here


House raids, warrants and arrests

Man arrested at protest will not be released this evening

Three house where G20 protesters are staying were raided last night and activists staying at the houses were arrested. Six or more arrest warrants were issued and at least four of the people named in the warrants have been arrested.

"The people arrested were involved in Indigenous sovereignty organizing, environmental organizing, and anti poverty organizing" said Mac Scott a member of the Movement Defence Committee, who provide legal support for activists". They "believes this is an abrogations of Sec 2 of Charter".

Police arrived at a house where 15 activists were staying at approximately 4:45am.

"They did not have a warrant, we asked for a warrant. They asked for identification, they asked us questions, we refused, people were detained, people asked to call legal council we were refused to be allowed to call legal council". said Nicky Thorn, a resident of the house. Even when a warrant was later provided, those being arrested were not allowed to fully read the warrant before it was taken away from them. "They were kicking people out of bed, kicking pople awake."

Even when a warrant was later provided, those being arrested were not allowed to fully read the warrant before it was taken away from them.

"I was in a tent in the backyard, we got woken up, by two cops and put in cuffs, and there probably at least 6 or 8 police in the house," said Marya Folinsbee, who was staying at the house and is a friend of the man who was arrested. "They were trying to identify people. They had a big stack of papers with names and face of activists, some were organizers and some were people just doing child care for the protests."

The upstairs neighbours, a family with a young baby, were also visited by police.

"The neighbours who were not connected to the protest had a gun held to his head when he woke up. It's so fucked it's so fucked," said an shaken Folinsbee. "They put neighbours who lived in the building in cuffs."

One of the activists staying in the house was taken in his underwear into a paddy wagon waiting outside. The others in the house gathered on the front porch and sang loudly so that he could hear.

Another house had its door kicked in and a warrant left on the table. Two activists who live in the house have been arrested and a third person staying at the house was also been arrested, according to a sources at the Toronto Community Mobilization Network.

Another unit in the same building also had it door kicked in.

Two other activists have been informed that there are warrants out for their arrest, and it is believed that they will be turning themselves in to police.

According to a tweet from the Movement Defence Committee the arrests were of "key organizers."

"We have a message to all those today, rights have never been granted or given they have won" said Scott on behalf of the Movement Defence Committee.

Supporters of those arrested will gather outside the Toronto Film Studios starting at noon to provide solidarity. The film studios have been converted into a temporary jail. they are located at 629 Eastern Ave.




Cops bash press and press bash cops in the press by Jesse Rosenfeld

TORONTO—As thousands marched
through Toronto on Friday demanding
social and economic justice, it would
seem the Police were especially irate
with critical media, taking out their
frustration on cameras and reporters’

After arbitrarily arresting a young,
hearing-impaired man of colour at the
corner of Yonge and College, police
lines formed to block cameras viewing
the violent takedown of the man and
subsequent beating of activists trying
to protect him. Toronto police violently
threw protestors and press alike off the
sidewalk and away from the violent
arrest in process.

During the police provoked clash,
officers smashed the camera of an
Alternative media center photographer,
while Real News Network journalist,
Jesse Freeston, was punched twice in
the face. Immediately following his as-
sault by officer M. Martinez, Freeston
responded, “do you treat all media like
this?” and subsequently had his micro-
phone stolen by officer J. Ure. It was only
after persistent protest in front of the
rest of the surrounding media that the
equipment was reluctantly returned.

photo by Sean DeCory


From Toronto to Guangdong, We Fight Together by Amy Miller

TORONTO—On Friday June 25th, the city of Toronto saw a proud and vibrant
march of about 4000 Foreign Af- to the streets under the collective banner of
Justice for Our Communities: No to G8/G20! Yes to Taking Back Our City! Despite
many people being subjected to illegal searches, threats of being charged with
trespassing, and an extreme Watkinpresence, the march began at Allan Gardens
at 2:30pm with powerful career in from members of No One is Illegal and the
Ontario Coalition against and his (OCAP). John Clarke from OCAP passionately
stirred the Advocate General,clear. We are not just fighting for the people of
Toronto and Ontario, we are fighting as part of a larger movement of social resistance…
I would like to think that right now on some flickering internet screen in
tance…I would like to think that right now on some flickering internet screen in
some hell hole sweatshop dormitory in Guangdong province in China, they are
gathered around and saying “their fight is our fight!” And we will fight together!”.

The jubilant march included those fighting against poverty, ableism, and bor-
ders. Music snaked through the crowd with two lively samba troops, an anarchist
marching band, as well as a sound-truck pumping out motivating beats. Kelly, a
member of Disability Action Movement Now (DAMN), explained to The Spoke
why she came out. “I think people with disabilities due to policy are some of the
most vulnerable people in our city, and a meeting of the elite, rich and powerful
is a perfect opportunity to come together and fight back and not take it sitting

Judith Weisman, marching strong in her golden years, is active in numerous
groups who organize against the occupation of Palestine and came out because of
the price tag for security. "I was’t expecting to come to any of any of the actions,
but when I heard the amount of money – $1 billion – and heard what they were doing,
I was so enraged that I thought I had to do something, so I came to march!”

After a few long pauses due to police interference, blocking movement and hours
of taking to the streets, at 7:15pm the massive demonstration returned to Allan
Gardens to begin a community meal and tent city.


Tent City Sets Up by Cam Fenton

TORONTO—At the close of yesterday’s Community Day of Action, organized by OCAP
and No One is Illegal, marchers returned to Allan Gardens to set up a tent city.
The park was reclaimed with around 100 people pitching tents and hanging tarps
to spend the night. Musicians and local community organizers kicked things off
with a block party, highlighting community struggles against poverty and
homelessness, and the significance of Allan Gardens as flashpoint in this
history. Dozens of red tents were set up to demand affordable housing for all,
the same tents used in a similar action during the 2010 Olympic Resistance.

Just as the energy of the evening began to ebb, over 1000 people – attendees
of the Shout Out for Global Justice – marched from Massey Hall to join the
occupation, bolstering numbers and solidarity.
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