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(en) Britain, Anarchist Class War Cambridgeshire trouble-making rag FEN TIGER page 8 - Reviews: PUTTING THE CLASS INTO CLASS WAR + Antifa

Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 12:55:03 +0300

Report & Reflections on the 2009 UK Ford-Visteon Dispute by Past Tense (56a Infoshop: London, 2009) ---- A Ford Motor company spin-off called Visteon announced it was closing three factories in the UK and sacking six-hundred and ten workers on the 31st March, 2009. The same day angry and determined workers in the Belfast factory occupied their workplace, fought off security and were joined by hundreds of people from the local community. It was class war! ---- This excellent pamphlet, from the Past Tense/56a Infoshop collective whoâve also done great pamphlets on subjects ranging from the Maoist/peasant insurgency in Nepal to the Bangladeshi garment workers revolt in 2006, looks at how the flames of class struggle spread from Blefast, Ireland, to the other Ford-Visteon factories in England. The brave stand by these workers was one of the first real signs that in England and Ireland Working Class people werenât going to take the battering of the bossesâ and bankersâ economic crisis lying down.

It was only a day before the Basildon
(Essex) and Enfield (North London) factories
were occupied as well. This pamphlet is
mainly an account of the Enfield factory
occupation because thatâs where the
authors were involved as supporters.

The pamphlet tells how trade union
bureaucrats undermined the occupation,
telling workers to stop the occupation
and go home while they would negotiate
with the company. In fact in the end the
bureaucrats from the Unite union were
successful and managed to persaude
the workers to rely on them rather than
act directly themselves. The occupations
ended. So even though there was a
limited victory with Ford-Visteon agreeing
to better redundancy conditions it was
VERY bittersweet. The struggle had been
successfully managed by the trade union
bureaucracy who are only interested in
class peace (or âpartnershipâ as they call it)
not class war which is the only
hope for finally destroying the basis of all
the social problems we face - class society.

But we disagree with Past Tenseâs
view that trade unions are inherently
reactionary and are, in their words, only
ever âmediators and defenders of capitalist
exploitation.â We see a strong rank n file
and shop stewards movement in the trade
unions as essential for winning the class
war. (See All Power to the Imagination by
Dave Douglass, published by the Class War
Federation, for more about Working Class
politics and trade unionism). Letâs just get
rid of the bureaucracy who are parasiting
off our unions, taking our money to give to
the fucking Labour Party for attacking us,
stabbing us in the back and acting as the
bossesâ soft cop.

occupation was inspiring, an example of
how people can take direct action to sort
stuff out. And how weâd all be better off not
listening to self-appointed leaders whether
from the trade unions or some political

To get a copy for free/donation write
to 56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton Street, London
SE17 OAE or visit www.56a.org.uk


Notes from the Borderland (Issue 9, 2009-10) (Larry OâHara: London, 2009)

Britainâs premier investigative magazine,which looks into the darker side of politics,has recently published itâs ninth issue anditâs hard-hitting stuff! Issue nineâs contentsinclude an interesting debate on theIslamicist bombing (âOr was it government?âthe magazine editorial collectiveâsnemesis the J7 Truth Campaign asks) inLondon on July 7, 2005; journo-cops areexposed; rumours about an imminentfascist bombing campaign are examined;the 9/11 Truth Campaign is criticised;thereâs an article by a member of ClassWar Cambridgeshire on misinformationabout the Irish republican movement; andthere are several excellent book reviews.Paul Stottâs review of Sandra Uttleyâsbook Dunblane Unburied is particularlyiteresting, pointing to how the shootingtragedy was used by the State to disarmthe people in a climate of fear about gunownership.

But itâs worth shelling out the cashfor Notes From the Borderland just forLarry OâHaraâs extremely in-depth and spoton analysis of the British National Partyâs
2009 election success and
an anti-fascist strategy.
OâHaraâs conclusion is that
the mainstream political
establishment, particularly
the Labour Party, have sectionalised
politics (e.g. multiculturalism) and the
BNP have been partly successful in âfilling
the voidâ left by New Labourâs desertion
of even pretending to stand for (white)
Working Class communities. OâHara notes
that the answer for radicals is providing an
alternative to the policies of the BNP - ânot
just displacing, but replacing the BNP.â

On issues like jobs, housing,
immigration and anti-social behaviour
Class War believe there are better
solutions for Working Class communities
- solutions to unite people, not divide us.
Unfortunately, as the analysis in Notes
From the Borderland shows, liberal anti-
fascists like Hope Not Hate (a Labour Party
front) and Unite Against Fascism (a Socialist
Workers Party front) do not offer anything
to the majority of Working Class people.
Hope Not Hate asks people to stop the BNP
by voting for the bastards who caused the
problems in the first place - the âLabourâ
Party! UAF, like other Communist front
groups, is just
used to recruit
university students to
wave lollipops, buy
the party paper
and chant whatever
the party line is. We aim to be part of a
movement to fill the political space the
BNP try to occupy. And if they get in the
way, let the boots do the talking!

Notes From the Borderland is
stuffed with top notch news and analysis
and is essential reading! Get your copy for
Â4 by writing to BM Box 4769, London WCIN
3XX or online at www.borderland.co.uk (or at
any good bookshop).

Coping With the Economic Downturn, by the Trade Union Congress/Citizens Advice Bureau (TUC: London, 2009)

When the going gets tough the tough get going. And the Totally Useless Cunts of
the TUC (also known as the Trade Union Congress) sit in the corner, hum and twiddle their fat thumbs.

This little pamphlet lets you know how to âcopeâ with everything from losing your job,
signing onto the dole and getting up to your ears in debt. It is, apparently, a
âpractical guide for working people and
their families.â Terms like âfighting backâ
or âworking class actionâ are not in their
There is no discussion of how people

can fight job losses and cuts to our public
services. Absolutely sweet sod all about
how to stop becoming a victim of the
Bankersâ and Bossesâ economic crisis. Just
how to grin and bear it like a loyal slave
while TUC General Secretary Brendan
âBastardâ Barber stuffs his face with money,
hob nobs with politicians and Big Business
bigwhigs and laughs at the Working Class
heâs betrayed. With friends like the TUC
bureaucrats we donât need enemies!

So if you want to âcopeâ with the
social problems caused by the insane
profiteering Capitalist system, go ahead
and good luck with that. But otherwise,
letâs join together to build a better world.
People like Brendan Barber are scared of
an independent people rising up to fight
for self-empowerment and self-direction
without them, without the Labour Party
and the Left, without all the parasites on
the back of the Working Class!

Not recommended. . .

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