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(en) France, Le Monde Libertaire Special issue No. 39 of July 15, to September 8, 2010

Date Sun, 18 Jul 2010 10:58:18 +0300

"A society that abolishes adventure makes the abolition of this company the only adventure. "- Jerry Rubin -- Summary -- Starving, the broom! Fabrice, page 3 -- Regal bankers, A. Somiador, page 4 -- Kill your boss remixed by JP Levaray, page 7 --Weakening labor, by U.S.. Vilain, page 10 ---- Enforceable right, by O. Tarda, page 15 -- Companies against the State, U.S.. Black, page 19 ---- Widespread civil disobedience, by A. Bernard, page 21 ---- Ideology catastrophic, P. Pelletier, page 23 ---- Fresco World designers lib ', page 24 ---- The patriarchal power, by T. Lancelot and S. Gerardin, page 28 ---- Participatory democracy, by JP Garnier, page 31 ---- Learning the non-power over his life, by L. Ott, page 34 ---- The expert and the citizen, by P. Mignard, page 36
New Scots, T. Perissé, page 37
What I think I know the power, by N. Baillargeon, page 39
Imagination and Power, R. Dadoun, page 41
List of groups of the Anarchist Federation, page 45
The grid of Radio, page 47

Anarchist Federation

The Anarchist Federation is a group of political activists
organized on the principle of open federalism (that is to say the free
Association) to ensure groups and individuals who compose the
greater autonomy to enable the pluralism of ideas and
actions in the context of a voluntary pact that we call our "
principles "(available on request).

It is our tool of struggle that must be functional and rational. We
indeed reject any fetishism of organization. No hierarchy, so
no leaders among us! It all activists that
is to advance their organization. We recognize
not the division leaders / performers, the effective participation of
Activists for collective structures of the organization is
a principle of ethics and solidarity.

These federal structures are: the World libertarian Weekly Radio
libertarian Paris yesterday, now global, and the bookstore
Libertarian world, also in Paris. In addition to these federal works,
groups also have local bookstores often, edit
journals, leading their own business locally.

The goals of the FA

We stand for a radical revolution and become global, economic,
social and political order to destroy the society based on ownership
private and state the means of production and consumption for
elimination of all forms of exploitation, hierarchy,
authority. This phase of destruction is necessary and probably
why some do not see or want to see the anarchists
as fanatical supporters of the disorder. Let them look around them
and they tell us how to do worse!

Anarchists are, on the contrary, supporters of organized society
a much more rational and logical that the jungle
capitalist or Marxist-Leninist dictatorship. It is in
part of a libertarian society, not to govern men, but
administer things to benefit the entire community. We
want to build a free society without classes or states, or stateless
borders, with the following objectives: empowerment of individuals, equal
social, economic and political freedom of creation, justice;
libertarian education and permanent social organization on the basis
of the free federation of producers and consumers (self)
; Direct democracy, an economy geared towards meeting
needs and the abolition of wage labor, ecology, the free union of
individuals or populations, freedom of expression, freedom of
movement of individuals.

That in a nutshell an overview of what want to build the
activists of the Anarchist Federation. Enable
building a social order based on mutual assistance, solidarity, on
absolute respect for the physical and moral integrity of the individual, that
the ideal that inspires us and we wish to share with the greatest
number for a better world.

Article from World Libertarian Special issue No. 39 of July 15, 2010 at
September 8, 2010:

Sweep the starving

"In France as elsewhere, the big bosses do not hide even more,
they lead a real class war against the world of work and
make every effort to win with the active complicity of States
. This is the introduction of the motion adopted at the 67th Social
Congress of the Anarchist Federation and 22.23 last May 24 at Rennes.
There is not much to add in a few words to describe the
context that we are bound.

In France, the reform focus of all this is that the symbol
and key financial issues is that of pensions. If it passes, the
TER social regression, with a few stops from time to time, be
transform the TGV in 2011. Everything, absolutely everything happen, history
give assurances to markets just before the presidential election of 2012.
The challenge is therefore important and should fully understand all aspects.
We will not dwell on the holdup of the state and employers on the
Social Security. It is sufficient that the tens of billions of euros
exemptions employers (our deferred wages so our dough) are
returned safely to finance the return to annuities to 37.5
all the substantial increase of all social minimum and
100% reimbursement of medical expenses.

Similarly, the scam is to pretend that the reform "fits
increasing life expectancy "should be removed. Studies the
more serious on the subject (though lower profile, who knows
why ...) lead to the following correlation table between the age
of retirement and the average age at death: If one stops
work 50 years you can expect to live 86 years, if one starts at 55
years we can expect to reach 83 years, 60 years on the hope lies
just under 77 years old but with a pension at age 65 one can hope
take up to 2 years! markets speculate therefore indeed on
reducing our life expectancy.

In short, we play our skin and in these cases, it is better to know how and
with whom we can fight and resist.

How? Surely not in all cases with protests from month to month with the
sole purpose is to gather more people than the previous demo ... A
this game, the only result provided at the end it is exhausted,
fragmentation, as the bitterness 2003.Qu there to be had in the world
Street June 24 last, is a fact and it is a good thing because it
shows that the union leaders have not yet succeeded in disgusting the
employees but it is equally undeniable that it did not move
or of a millimeter or Fillon Woerth despite his mess ... This device
days 'action' is a real losing machine patented
Chérèque and Thibault. If an ultimatum is not clearly launched in
Government with preparation of the strike, which announces that the true
from the beginning not the end of the movement, one that does everything to block
especially the productive, telling stories like SOUTH, which
speaks to any strike will be renewed but for months in
the Inter-aligned CFDT.

With whom? With Chérèque, the pope of the CFDT, one who has betrayed in 2003
Full fight over pensions with some ... Fillon, Minister
work. At the time, he had justified his nickname because of betrayal
"Advanced" on the question of how arduous and long careers.

Well, well, two themes that recur again at each
interventions and on which Sarkozy has just declared that the door was
not closed ... we can see the scam emerge. We swallow 99% of the
reform and negotiate for the retention of some employees retiring at 60
years claiming victory!

The unit is not an end in itself, it only makes sense on the basis of a
clear claim, namely the simple withdrawal of the project
legislation. Otherwise we take the employees into the wall to better explain
than they probably just have to vote well in 2012.

"Given the consensus that political union is trying to lock everything the
Anarchist Federation firmly committed to fight with anyone
who want to reclaim their struggle "said the almost concluded

It is our ambition to end the FA an even more
effectively for those who struggle leaving only want
talk ... Discourse.

For thousands of supporters anarchists, with thousands of readers "
Libertarian World, "with tens of thousands of radio listeners
libertarian, we ask the question a little solemnly: Is it not
time to unite, to organize effectively to weigh all the
difference? See you in the struggle.

The social group Rennes

Like every summer, your World Weekly libertarian takes a deserved rest.
You can find it on September 9 at the newsagents
best provided. As, alas, they are not the most numerous, we
report a handy little tool, developed by Presstalis, our
Broadcaster: trouverlapresse.com website which will show the
outlets supplied closest to you. Given the monopoly
Press money and arms dealers, we always need
support from our readers!


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