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(en) Austria, Kautzen, Anarchist Summer Camp: 30.07.2010 - 08.08.2010

Date Fri, 16 Jul 2010 09:01:12 +0300

Kautzen, Northern part of lower Austria, First of all what is the A-Camp -- The anarchist summer camp 2010 in Austria shall gather people from different places and regions sharing different experiences and backgrounds to try to live liberated life. ---- Everybody, who identifies her/himselves with ideas which are emancipatory and out-of-authority, is invited to take part on the camp. You don't have to be familiar with theories or be active in political groups or collectives. What this camp is going to be like, depends on what you are doing and what will develop spontaneously at the camp. That's why there's no precast programm. It's rather important to participate in any kind, activating workshops and discussions on-site. The whole cycle of the camp reflects the means of all people attending the camp. As well as we all together are responsible for things, that keep the camp growing and alive. If many people do littel things it could it could lead to something great.

If you want to join the organisation of the A-Camp, write an e-mail.
If you donÂ’t want to join the organisation but get informations what
has happened in the organisation, what will happen and if we need
help, we can put your e-mail-adress on the newsletter.

Everybody who joins the organisation expands the ressources!

Handling sexualised assaults

We want to try to create a life without authority and leadership, to
get known to each other and to achieve our visions of a life in
freedom, concerning the issues of everyday life, as well as in
discussions or workshops.

The basic requirement for that is, that patterns of discrimination of
every kind are not tolerated at the camp, and that everyone feels
responsible for that. That means to be show attention, to intervene
and to highlight attitudes of every discriminating kind - looking at
others and at ourself. Everbody defines his_her individual border. To
live without hierarchy it is necessary to respect these borderlines.

It is important, that everybody on the Camp feels safe. Thats why no
form of sexualised assault on the camp will be tolerated. If someone
names a behavior as sexualised assault, neither the term "sexualised"
nor the term "assault" will be contested. The essential thing is, to
act solidary and conform to her requirements. Basically, all assaults
(aggressive, sexualised,...) are to handle very sensible and we all
should care for the necessities of everyone who is concerned by

You can find textes to different concepts to handle with sexualised
assaults here:

If you know websites which should be mentioned here please write us an e-mail!

How to get there:

* By Car/Bike from Waidhofen/Thaya (Wien):

Go through Thaya, Niederedlitz, Merkengersch, Dobersberg and
Tiefenbach heading for Kautzen. Between Tiefenbach and Kautzen there
is a dirt road after the first big bent in the forest to the camp

* By Car from East Germany or Czech Republic:

Go through Praha and Tabor on E49 to Austria, there through Schrems,
Heidenreichstein, Ruders, Weißenbach, Kautzen heading for Tiefenbach,
Dobersberg. Between Kautzen and Tiefenbach on the left side there is a
dirt track to the camp side.

* By Car from West or South Germany:

Deoending on how southern go through Nürnberg, Regensburg, Passau or
through Augsburg, München, Salzburg. In Austria you go through Linz,
Freistadt, Sandl, Bad Großpertholz, Weitra, Gmünd and Schrems. From
Schrems to Kautzen see above.

* Parking:

To bring your stuff you can go down to the camp side with your car.
After that please park your car outside of the camp side (beside the
street or in Kautzen), because at the camp side should be space to
park the cars which will be needed for transportation.

* By train:

When there are trains going to Waidhofen/Thaya you can find on
http://www.oebb.at/en/. There will be Shuttles from the train station
to the camp side for the trains arriving at 14:44 and 19:04. Please
try to come by those to make shuttling easier. Tell us till about one
hour before when and with how many people you will arrive. If you
don't arrive at the planed Shuttle-times please tell us as soon as you
know your arrival. If you are planing your journey forward exactly,
you can write us your arrival time and the amount of people per mail
latest till 19:00 of the day before.

* Come together:

In Austria you can get a group-ticket for the "Regional"-trains called
"Einfach-Raus-Ticket" at the ticket-automat. It's 28€ and you can use
it with 2-5 people. If you are surching for company for going by train
or car you can look for it here: Mitfahrgelegenheiten_Lifts 2010


Cars and Caravans

It is not possible to park cars at the camp-site, but there are places
in the surroundings. Only caravans, which are used for habitation can
be parked directly at the site (the place is not big). To avoid severe
damage at the surface, the caravans have to stay at their place for
the period of your visit and shall not be moved.
If this place is full, caravans can also only be parked around the camp-site./p>
Come together!

In Austria there is a ticket for the train called
"Einfach-Raus-Ticket" you can use to go by train in groups of two to
five people for 28€. If you are searching for passengers or drivers
you can do so on the Wiki, which will be soon installed.
What comes along? What stays at home?

Please bring beside your tent, sleeping bag, blankets, etc. also your
own dishes with you, because on the camp-site, there won't be enough.
As it could get cold at night, 'though it was warm during the day,
warm clothes and rain shield are advised. A bike will help you,
getting to the lake or into the village near the camp-site. Dogs are
an important accompanist for many of us. Some participators felt
uncomfortable with dogs at the camp-site. To consider the other camp
participators and the dogs: DonÂ’t bring dogs to the camp!

Infrastructur and Costs

The campsite contains a group of meadows and trees, bushes, a little
creek and in the surroundings, there is a small lake to swim. As there
is enough place to build up your tents, there also is a lot of
There are sanitary facillities, dry rooms, a kitchen, computers with
internet access and even, if all else fails, a few beds. It would also
be great, if people raising up children can feel free, to visit the
camp. The area offers sufficient place and possibilities to let off
steam. There will be room, where the young and the old can meet, play
and learn from each other. If there are people, who are willing to
deal with the kids, their parents, as well as the children, have the
possibility to arrange their time more individually. There will be a
womyn- and transgender-tent again, if someone wants to retreat.
Further there will be a relationship room for reflecting, discussing
and deepening relationships.

Basic food are included in the camp fee. Additional there will be a
"Kiosk" where you will get things like beer or club-mate for the cost
of sales.

Calculating 8€ per person and day, the expenses are covered -
including the costs for the camp-site, infrastructure and food. If you
can't pay these costs, that won't be a problem. If you can pay more,
than these costs, please feel free and solidary to do it.

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