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(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle worry the Israeli state and its repression back-fire

Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 10:15:10 +0200

The weekend activity expand in spite of increased repression by state forces. Increased repression in Bil'in and She Nabi Saleh did not deter the joint struggle as it did not succeeded in Ni'ilin. In Sheikh Jarrah the transfer/eviction of Palestinian families replacing them by settlers resulted in protracted struggle in the week days for months and expanding demonstrations on Fridays. The efforts of police to put end to the Friday demonstrations back fired and even the more radical circles of the Zionist left joined us this Friday.


Only 15 activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall succeeded to come to the joint Friday demonstration. The rest were detained for too long at the Ni'ilin road block. These and the majority of those arrived continued after the demo to the big Friday demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah.

Bil'in weekly demo 22.01.2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBkPep1f1O4
Bil'in 22-1-2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrlrQTj49c4


Following security agents attack on local Palestinian inhabitants on the slope to the sea - the AAtW was invited to send delegate to a meeting of activists to contemplate future activity.


Ma'asara video 15.1.10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV7FX_qS0Bw

This weeks Friday demonstration in Ma'asara celebrated the Palestinian Day of the Tree. Some 70 demonstrators, Palestinian, Israeli and international, marched from the center of the village towards the route of the Apartheid fence, carrying young olive trees to be planted in the lands near the fence. Amongst the demonstrators were Palestinian Minister of Agriculture Ismail Du'eik and other officials from the Bethlehem area.

Shortly before reaching the soldiers who awaited the demonstration demonstrators stopped to watch the minister plant two olive trees at the end of the built area in the village. The march then proceeded to meet with the larger than usual number of border policemen and soldiers, some of whom had taken over the rooftops of nearby houses, aiming guns at the demonstration. The minister and other demonstrators gave speeches in Arabic and Hebrew, and left two plants near the fence. The demonstration ended peacefully.

About an hour later, soldiers arrested one of the Palestinian demonstrators inside the village. The grounds for the arrest are still unclear, and the activist was released later that evening. Army jeeps patrolled the village for a good few hours following the arrest.

Another take:

"today, no report, but I'll forward you the Imemc article below. Today, before the demo, we had a useful and interesting workshop with a lawyer and activist, who briefed us on our rights in case of detention. He also explained that often, one tactic is to arrest (often younger) people from a village and interrogate them using pressure, informants, etc., and then collect information on the leaders of the popular resistance.

Today, after the demo - which might have been too short for the soldiers' taste as they appear to have prepared for more - soldiers kidnapped Saeed al-Brijiah. Saeed had participated at the demo, and as all returned back to the village, Saeed entered a building at the beginning of the village to by chicken. On the top of this building, soldiers had at first hidden and come into view at the end of the demo as people were working past the house.

The soldiers walked down and came out of this building just as Saeed was in the shop, and they "detained" him there. Saeed is the father of eight.

Right now, at least two military jeeps have entered the village and are seen near the house of one of the members of the Popular Committee.
We urgently ask internationals to volunteer to stay in the village at night - we still need people for the night.

And still another take:

Local Organizer Arrested Following Weekly Protest in al-Ma'sara

Today in al-Maâsara, near Bethlehem, the weekly non-violent demonstration started at the village mosque and marched towards the land where Israel is building their separation wall. This wall is built on land owned by the villagers and annexes further territory.

Peaceful Protest in Front of Israeli Soldiers in al-Ma'sara

The protests have taken place for 3 years and the villagers are joined, in support, by anti-Zionist Israelis and internationals.

The Israeli military had blockaded the road with a barbwire barricade and as the protesters peacefully tried to pass the soldiers forced them back, using their rifle butts and batons. No injuries were reported.

In addition to the blockade, the Israeli military occupied the rooftops of houses along the protest route. This recent escalation in tactics has come in the New Year, following a warning issued to the leaders of the Popular Committee against the Wall & Settlement Construction, that protests would not be tolerated in 2010.

After the protest ended peacefully, the Israeli military entered the village and kidnapped Saeed Ibrejiah from the local the Popular Committee against the Wall & Settlement Construction.

Palestinian minister for agriculture, Ismael Daik, joined the demonstration today, to show his support for the village and stand in solidarity.
category Bethlehem | non-violent action


This week after the demo in Nabi Saleh there will be a women's meeting to think about women's action/s.
Please let me know if you want to join. Thanks - E.

nebi salah video 21/01/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7A34Y8kLrM


The usual Friday demonstration with media report on 70 to 170 participants and one soldier injured.


Join us this Friday to make this week's demonstration the largest in the history of the struggle in Sheikh Jarrah

Unfortunately, due to the refusal of the police to grant a permit for the weekly march from the Mashbir Plaza to Sheikh Jarrah, we will not be able to march this Friday. The arbitrary and illegal conduct of the police highlights the need to increase the protest.

Instead of the march, we will gather in Sheikh Jarrah at 15:00 And hold a legal protest watch without a permit


In Sheikh Jarrah this week the demonstration of about 500 was even bigger than those of previous weeks (including nearly 200 from the sea shore region). Few hundreds demonstrators, (Media: much more than 400) amongst them radical dignitaries: former minister and Knesset Chair Avraham Burg, former minister Yossi Sarid, MK Muhamad Barak'e, former MK Uri Avneri, and chairman of the Peace Now movement) gathered in a park near the neighborhood to protest the racist evictions taking place there in spite of intensifying police oppression of the struggle (see last week's report). Two demonstrators offered the police officer in charge, Avi Cohen, a big bouquet of flowers, thanking him for helping the struggle gain nationwide attention by arresting about 20 activists every week. Cohen refused to accept the flowers and they were left at his feet.

After about an hour of demonstrating in a tense atmosphere, demonstrators started marching towards the street where the settlers replaced evicted Palestinians families. Border and Riot policemen stopped the march, while still allowing settlers and visitors of the Shimon Hat'sadik Tomb through. After a quarter of an hour police attacked the demonstration, arresting about 12 people and beating on others. The demonstration continued for another two and half hours, with police occasionally beating people and shoving them back, but attempting to avoid too many more arrests. The day ended with 18 arrested.

During the demonstration it became apparent that settlers were attacking Palestinians inside the neighborhood, and two residents required medial care. At the same time police raided Palestinian homes and arrested people who participated in the demonstration and then went home. The demonstrators' protests outside against the police's siding with the violent settlers were met with yet more police brutality.

Shikh Jarah 22-1-2010 videos and articles from friday at SJ

Over the last month and a half over 90 demonstrators were arrested in Sheikh jarrah - thanks to them and to the hundreds of demonstrators Sheikh Jarrah is becoming the symbol of the struggle against the occupation and against oppression


"Tonight we will also support the arrestees during their hearing to join transportation from Tel Aviv- L."

As in previous Saturday nights few hundreds came to solidarity demonstrations till the arrestees released.
At the night court session the police asked for extended arrest time of 6 participants till end of cases.
They asked to ban the others till end of cases: from Sheikh Jarrah for these living in Jerusalem and from Jerusalem to these from out of town.

At the end of hearing all were released and are to appear in court for trial on the coming Tuesday.

Media covered the Friday demonstration and on Sunday articles can be seen in http://haaretz.com:

18 held at rally over eviction of Arabs in East Jerusalemhttp://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1144647.html

Jerusalem is starting to resemble Tehran By Yossi Sarid


Activists of the AAtW join other initiatives at the region during the week and on this Saturday too.

In the Saturday action two of the activist were treated locally for injuries from short rang stone throwing of settlers. Another comrade was taken to Hadasa hospital in Jerusalem for few hours treatment.

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 6:23 PM, http://news.walla.co.il/?w=//1635285&m=1&mid=82705
Leftists videotape settler stone-throwing near Hebron

Peace activists attacked by hooded settlers while documenting what they say is illegal Jewish construction in south Mount Hebron; leftist, activist injured in altercation. 'This was a lynch attempt,' leftist says

A left-wing activist and a settler were injured Saturday during a clash near the Hill 18 outpost in the West Bank's south Mount Hebron area.

The leftists videotaped the event, saying their footage proves the settlers attacked them without provocation. The peace activists arrived at the site to document what they claim is illegal Jewish construction in the area.

Link to Video at: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3838541,00.html

Left-wing activist Keren Shalom of the Ta'ayush (AAtW really) organization was struck in the head by a stone and evacuated to the hospital with mild injuries. "I arrived at Hill 18 to document illegal construction. As I was leaving hooded settlers came out of one of the structures and began throwing stones at us. A huge stone hit me in the head," she told Ynet.

"I was shocked that they did it with so much hatred. Thirteen of us arrived there, and we were attacked by four people, who were urged on by others," said Shalom, adding that security forces were late arriving at the scene, allowing the settlers to flee.

Leftist Yehuda Igus filed a complaint with the police. "They called us traitors, murderers and sons of bitches," he said, "We continued to walk without responding. Part of our ideology is not to resort to violence, and we pay a price for this."

Settlers throw stones http://www.ynetnews.com/PicServer2/17112009/2379105/3_wa.jpg

Igus, who has been involved in several clashes with settlers, said, "This incident was the most frightening so far. Luckily, it ended without serious injuries â Keren was lucky. It's been a while since I've witnessed such a lynch attempt."

See previous reports at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com
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