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(en) Britain, HEREFORD Anarchist Federation GROUP - Hereford Solidarity League Heckler #11 .....

Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 11:52:17 +0200

BARCLAYS: BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS ---- Brighton's Smash EDO campaign (of the `On the verge'
film fame) has called for autonomous protests against Barclays Bank to force them to stop
providing `market maker' services for the arms company EDO/ITT Corporation. ---- Companies
like EDO/ITT do not work in isolation but require banks and institutional investors to
provide a service, for a tidy profit, for the buying and selling of shares to enable the
stability of the company's market position. ---- Essentially Barclays acts as a middle man
for EDO/ITT. Barclays are the largest UK investor in the global arms trade. Since the
call-out, a variety of protests against Barclays have taken place across the country
including Brighton, Hastings, Cambridge, Wrexham and Truro.

EDO/ITT manufactures missiles components
that indiscriminately kill civilians, in wars waged
by leaders for strategic land, oil and on religious
grounds. If you don't like companies profiting
from human suffering there is something you
can do: stop investment, convince Barclays
to stop supporting the arms trade. If you have
money in Barclays consider moving it to a
different bank with an ethically guided policy
and tell them why you've done so.
Smash EDO continues their weekly noise
demos. A `Remember Gaza' demo will also
take place in Brighton on 18th January 2010.
Visit www.smashedo.org.uk for more info.


"The old boys' club"
Friday 13th November

After attending the It's Our City lobby,
Hereford Solidarity League went to the
following council meeting that was due to
discuss the suspension of the ESG project.
The meeting was just for show; it is obvious
that many of these decisions are essentially
made behind closed doors.
Many of the councillors were stuffy
businessmen and women or wealthy
andowners whose lives showed little
resemblance to that of most Herefordians.
With one or two exceptions, they appeared
to be representing the views of their
political party instead of their constituents.
What we witnessed was anything but
democracy in action.
Questions for specific cabinet members
came from fellow councillors and members
of the public. They were seen to with
impressive skill: "I'm sorry, I'll have to get
back to you on that one;" "It appears I don't
have those figures on me at this time." So
when the motion was put forward to suspend
the ESG development it was of little surprise
the ruling Tory group would completely
ignore the 10,000 names on the petition and
vote overwhelmingly to carry on with the
project as though there were no objections
Herefordshire's councillors operate more
like an old boys' club than any democratic
institution. They certainly have no interest in
representing the views of their constituents.
But we don't think the answer is to vote them
out and replace them with new blood. This
problem needs more than just a changing of
the guard. What we need is an entirely different
system that allows no one person a position of
power but gives all the people of Herefordshire
an equal say in decision-making.
Herefordshire Council is a waste of space--
it's time the councillors were kicked out.



All I want for Christmas is my two front
teeth ... oh, and a couple of brains for
two Hereford lads as well please.
Ross Murdoch and Daniel Sisson, both
of Richmond Street, Hereford, were
asked to leave the Jalsagor restaurant
after bothering other diners and kicking
staff. The pair later returned to threaten
waiters with a broken glass bottle
and meat cleaver whilst hurling racist
abuse. They were later convicted in
court. What scumbags!
It's only a skin colour and an accent boys,
we've all got to be born somewhere.
Now lie still and we can fit these brains
inside your head. You'll just feel a little
intelligence, it's nothing to worry about.
More crime, but this time I'm gonna
turn a blind eye. In fact, I think I might go
and get some photos for my scrapbook.
Plucky little vandals have been
spraying anti-cop graffiti round Ross-
on-Wye. But why? The police are always
so fair and tolerant, never heavy handed,
obnoxious or violent. I mean, you only
have to look to Copenhagen to find a
model police force that would never even
dream of arresting 968 people just for
attending a rally! That would be madness!
A complete breakdown of democracy!
Don't forget kids, all coppers are bas...
ically nice people ;)
Still in Ross, the BNP fundraiser at the
Chase Hotel went far from swimmingly
due to a powerful show of defiance by
local people demonstrating outside.
Of course, like the smell of manure,
Jesse Norman was never far away, as he
checked in to show his hatred for fascism
... for about five minutes before leaving
as soon as the cameras did. Still, he
needed to get home and have an early
night I suppose. After all, it sure is tiring
jumping on all those bandwagons.
Kisses under the mistletoe,
Helen xx

Free movement for all
UK Border Agency staff raided a Hereford
restaurant in November, arresting six workers
for failing to have official papers.
The Taste of Raj restaurant on St
Owen Street were found to be employing
workers without the required stamp in their
passports--working `illegally'--all of whom
now face deportation to Bangladesh. We feel
this raises some important questions.
Why is it illegal to leave your own country
to work as a waiter in Hereford? Yet it is OK
for Primark and Tesco to pay Bangladeshi
garment workers as little as 14p an hour to
work an 18-hour day? We are happy to allow
cheap goods into this country but people
coming here to find a better life are called
`illegal immigrants'.
We believe it's not immigration that's
wrong, it's the immigration laws. Immigration
is a subject that politicians of all parties and
the media use to cover up the cracks in
the system we live under. But every person
affected by these laws is an individual, and
we feel every individual should have the right
to choose exactly where they live and work.
No Borders is an international network of
groups that advocates the free movement and
equality of people. They "struggle in solidarity
with migrants to work towards a world without
borders, capitalism or the state", and in light
of what's happened to the six Taste of Raj
workers, we fully support No Borders and
there work.
In a world that has free movement of goods
and money, surely people should also be
afforded that same right.
Visit www.noborders.org.uk

Villagers battle to saVe pub

Little Birch campaigners were recently
threatened with prosecution from
Herefordshire Council for having protest
signs in their own garden!
Planning staff said the signs contravened
advertising laws and the residents would
have to pay a fee of £95 per sign before
proper consent could be given.
The villagers are campaigning against the
closure of their local pub, The Castle Inn,
which closed doors in October.
Save the Castle Campaign chair, Elaine
Godding, said that they wished to protect
the pub which had been at the heart of the
community for almost 200 years. A 500-
signature petition has previously been handed
to Little Birch Parish Council, and public
meetings have been held with local councillors
with representatives from the Campaign for
Real Ale in attendance. A meeting updating
residents on the situation is due to be held at
a later date.
We at Heckler HQ give the SCC campaigners
our full support; pubs are a vital part of community
life that are increasingly under threat, especially
in rural areas. Post offices and village schools
are being closed, and small shops are being
put out of business by big supermarkets, often
with detrimental effects on the communities that
they once served. It is important that we protect
these community pubs before they all disappear.
Support your local!



On Boxing Day 1920 a football match took
place at Goodison Park, Liverpool in front of
53,000 people, with another 10,000 locked
out of the ground. What makes this fixture so
special is that it was played between Dick,
Kerr Ladies and St Helens Ladies and still
stands as a record attendance for a women's
football match in England.
So, you may ask, what happened to the
popularity of women's football in England?
We have to go back to before this
momentous game to find the route of what
happened. Women had always participated in
the `mob style' village games that preceded
what we now know as football. When the
game became more organised and controlled
during the 19th century there was an effort
to exclude women, but it wasn't long before
women only games were played, the first in
Britain was officially during 1895.
Women's football increased in popularity
during the first decade of the 1900s, in part due
to the Suffragette movement. During World
War One, with most of the male players off at
the front, many women's charity matches took
place. The success of the game continued to
grow and in 1919 the most successful team,
Dick, Kerr Ladies played the first international
against a French side, loosing 2­0. The peak
of the women's game came a year later with
that local derby at Goodison. The attendance
that day was much higher than for most
men's games at the time. And that is where
everything went wrong. The all male Football
Association was not prepared to have the
popularity of the women's game threaten the
profits from the men's professional league.
On the 5th December 1921, in a shameless
act of sexism, the FA banned women's football
from all FA clubs, effectively all grounds in
the country. One of the official reason was
"football is quite unsuitable for females and
ought not to be encouraged". The ban lasted
for 50 years, eventually being lifted in 1973.
Thankfully the last 30 years has seen a
resurgence of the women's game, but the
game in England has a lot of catching up to
do. The popularity in the US and China was
clear to see when 90,185 people attended the
final of the women's world cup in 1999.
We have in Hereford two West Midlands
Premier Division teams in Pegasus Ladies
and Hereford Phoenix. So go and support
them and help to right a wrong that was dealt
on a sport that used to be one of the most
popular in the country.
This article heavily referenced Anarchist Football
(Soccer) Manual by AAP Collective (2006)


fooTball Club joins fighT To save jobs

Football fans have long felt disconnected
from the clubs they support. Inflated wages,
multi-million pound transfers and celebrity
lifestyles have all added to the growing sense
of them and us.
One professional football club is going some
way to challenge this. With the impending
closure of the giant Corus steelworks
in Teesside, and the loss of 1,700 jobs,
Middlesbrough FC have joined the campaign
to `save our steel'.
Before the match against Cardiff City on the
13th December, Community union members and
families marched around the pitch, supported
by players wearing campaign t-shirts. A
representative for the club said "the closure would
rip the heart out of the Teesside community".
Tata, the multinational firm that owns the
steel works, saw their profits rise by 114%
last year to $2.47 billion!
Source www.freedompress.org.uk


You can now
find us on
Join the `Hereford Heckler'
group and keep up to date
with the latest news.

Hereford's radical History

We'd like to hear from anyone who
has experience or memories of radical
movements in Herefordshire. Were you
involved with a local socialist, communist
or anarchist group? Did you take part in
a memorable strike, protest or march?
Did your trade union hold a lot of power
and influence or did you help achieve
improvements for its members?
Were you involved with a miners' support
group or did you help organise opposition
to the poll tax?
If you have a story, we'd love to hear
from you. Please get in touch with us by
emailing kay.bulstreet@hotmail.co.uk


As Hereford United fans we are all aware
that Cheltenham Town struggle to grasp the
concept of football, but the reasons why are
now becoming clear.
Back in October Cheltenham manager
Martin Allen was suspended by the club--and
has since resigned--over allegations that he
racially abused a bouncer outside the Thirteen
Degrees nightclub.
After being refused entry he aimed a
barrage of "you black bastard" at bouncer
Garry Saintil. Inevitably the `we're not
institutionally racist' police decided not to
press charges. But scientists are said to be
intrigued to find out how this bigot has been
able to impersonate a football club manager
while clearly having no brain.


Hereford solidarity League works to build a society based on the ideas of freedom,
equality and community n Anti-fascism is an important part of
our politics, but we believe that all politicians, including those of fascist parties like
the BNP, maintain a system of inequality, privilege and control that divides
communities n Real change does not happen at the ballot box and can only come about by
independent working class action; that is, people looking out for
each other and organising themselves to deal with the problems that they experience on a
day to day basis n Our aim is to increase the fighting spirit and self-
confidence of working class people to change things for themselves n
www.herefordheckler.wordpress.com kay.bulstreet@hotmail.co.uk
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